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Detective Conan 732


+ posted by sheetz as translation on Apr 25, 2010 11:25 | Go to Detective Conan

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File 732
Caption: What does he mean by, "clean up"?

Sidetext: A "cleaning riddle" from the Kid was delivered...
Reporter: Please observe...

Reporter: this long line of people!!

Reporter: Having heard the Kid's announced time to be tomorrow at 8pm...
--one after another, Kid's fans are descending on the Suzuki Grand Museum in spite of it being just after closing!

Reporter: Will the Kid be able to return Sakamoto Ryouma's letter, sake cup, and pistol as he announced?
--And, will he be inclined to steal Ryouma's gunbelt as a reward?

Reporter: In addition, what is the true motive behind his sudden public announcement of the time!?
--Will everything be made clear tomorrow!?

Nakamori: What!?

Nakamori: You're saying Kid waited until it was going to rain before choosing his arrival time!?
Conan: Yeah! It's about to rain any minute now...and rain is forecast for tomorrow as well!

Suzuki: But how does he intend to utilize the rain?
Nakamori: Does he think to break through the ceiling of this exhibition room?

Suzuki: No...Every day before we open my staff inspects it so he won't be able to set bombs or anything like that!
Sonoko: What about the visitors' clothing?

Sonoko: If it's raining they'll be lots of people wearing raincoats...
Ran: That's right! If he's wearing rain gear it'll be easy to blend into the crowd!

Nakamori: Hmph! If Kid was waiting for it to rain for a lame reason like that...
--Then we should do what I said and halt the Ryouma exhibition and turn away the visitors tomorrow.

Nakamori: That way, when Kid comes waltzing into this exhibition room to return those three items we'll be the only ones guarding the place and he'll find himself in a bind...
--It'll be the perfect situation in which to secure him!!

Suzuki: But every time it's like that he disguises himself as you or your subordinates, or uses sleeping gas to knock everyone out...
Nakamori: Well...this time if we'll equip everyone with gas masks and make sure to check each other's passwords it'll be fine!

Nakamori: With the visitors out of the way we'll be sure to nab him...
Hanamura: I'm afraid we cannot endorse such a plan...

Tarumi: I did go through the trouble to gather the items related to Sakamto Ryouma and organize the exhibition after all...
Box: Tarumi Shishihiko (58) Ryouma Exhibition Organizer
Hanamura: How would it look if you blockaded the exhibition for an entire day simply because of a single thief?
Box: Hanamura Masanosuke (63) Appraiser

Nakamori: Well...
Hanamura: Furthermore, during the "teleportation case"...I understand he attempted to suspend the crime because the guests were locked out...

Tarumi: Isn't he coming to return those 3 items stolen from me 20 years ago?
--I'd be quite upset if it were suspended.

Tarumi: Anyway, please allow the guests to enter as usual tomorrow!
Hanamura: Whether the Kid is caught or not depends on your own competence!
--There is something we'd like you to guard carefully, however...

Hanamura: I've heard rumors that after Kid returns those 3 items he intends to take aim at something else as collateral...

Hanamura: This gunbelt from Ryouma, the exhibition's crown jewel...

Hanamura: Well, we have faith...
Tarumi: In you police officers...

Nakamori: If you had faith in us you'd cooperate!

Suzuki: That's bothersome...
--With all the visitors it'll be easy to return the 3 items...
Conan: But there's one way to stop him!

Conan: It's written there, on the advance notice you received!
Suzuki: Let's see..."Tomorrow at 8pm closing, I'll bring the pistol along with the other items. In the name of the Bakumatsu patriot, Sakamoto Ryouma, I'll once again clean up."

Suzuki: On this?
Conan: I mean, this time Kid's not stealing but is instead returning things, one of them being a pistol!

Conan: So if we install metal detecting gates like they have at the airports and check everyone we'll expose him right away!
--Because the one carrying the pistol will be the Kid!

Sonoko: Th-that's right...
Ran: Conan-kun is smart!
Nakamori: Hmph! The police were going to do that but we were ordered not to from upstairs!

Sonoko: Eh?
Nakamori: They told us, "If we were guarding something then we'd place them at the entrance to the museum, but if he sees them before entering he won't come to return the items."

Conan: What if we don't place them at the entrance, but instead put them right in front of the Ryouma Exhibition room?
--We'll put a lot of them so the visitors won't feel confined!
Nakamori: Well...
Suzuki: That's a good idea!
--And while we're at it, if we can set up X-ray machines to scan the contents of the handbags it'll be perfect!

Nakamori: Hey, Kid's coming tomorrow, right?
--You're saying you can have those things prepared by then?
Suzuki: Of course, with the power of my Suzuki Financial Group it'll be no problem!

Suzuki: With those gates we'll capture him!
--If anybody turns back at the gates quivering with fear then he'll be the Kid!!

Suzuki: Alright! I want you to start setting up the gates immediately!!
--You have half a day to turn this museum into a gigantic, anti-Kid mousetrap!!
Men: Yessir!!

Nakamori: As you'd expect, rich men always have to make a show of everything they do...

Nakamori: There's also a possibility Kid brought the pistol into the museum ahead of time!
--Use metal detectors to check every nook and cranny of the place!
Men: Yessir!

Conan: But the catch is that he purposely wrote he'd be "bringing the pistol along with the other items."
--If he wrote that, you can predict to a certain extent that's what he'll do...

Conan: And I still haven't figured out how he means to use the rain...
--Or the meaning of his last line, "Once again I will clean up."

Conan: Was he just being witty by using Ryouma's words?
--Or is there something he truly intends to "clean up"?

Ran: Wow, this is amazing!

Ran: It really is just like an airport terminal!

Ran: There are even 3 gates...
Sonoko: That's Uncle for you!!

Conan: And ahead of the pathway through the gates...

Conan: There's a wall blocking the way...
--So it appears in order to get into the Ryouma Exhibition one has to pass through the gates...

Conan: In between there are only the restrooms...

Conan: Inside the restrooms...

Conan: There are bars on the window so noone can break in from the outside...

Conan: Bringing a pistol inside seems impossible, but...
Ran: Conan-kun, we're going in!

Sonoko: Whoa!
--Look at all the people!

Man: Please limit your viewing of the Ryouma Exhibition to only 10 minutes!
Sonoko: Hah, no matter what he says it seems almost nobody's going to leave...

Sonoko: It's still two hours from the announced time, but maybe the Kid is already here!
Ran: But with the gates he can't sneak the pistol in...

Ran: Besides, he said he was coming today to return things that another thief stole...
--Maybe he'll just give up?
Conan: Eh? Another thief?

Sonoko: That's right! The 3 items Kid's returning this time: Ryouma's last letter, his blood stained sake cup, and the pistol in his pocket when he was assassinated...
--Are all items stolen 20 years ago by the mysterious female thief, the Phantom Lady!

Conan: Ph-Phantom Lady?
Sonoko: Yes! She was a great thief they called, "Showa's Lady of 20 Countenances." She wore horror makeup, and was extremely popular for only targeting large companies and very rich individuals with unscrupulous earnings!

Sonoko: Well, she loses to my Kid-sama, of course!
Conan: But why are that lady thief's stolen goods being returned by Kid?

Sonoko: How should I know? Maybe they know each other!
Ran: They're similar thieves, aren't they?
Conan: Hmm...

Conan: Hey, I have to use the toilet again so you go in first!
Ran: Uh, OK...

Ran: It's really crowded in here...
Sonoko: Just like a bargain sale...

Sonoko: Kyaa!

Conan: Phantom Lady...
--Phantom Lady...

Conan: There!
--It looks like she really was the one who stole those 3 items 20 years ago...

Conan: But why did she suddenly cease all her criminal activities afterwards?
--No, after that there was another advance notice of a crime and evidence of a forced entry, but nothing was stolen...

Conan: Let's see, the pistol belonging to Ryouma taken at her last heist was a S&W Model 1 1/2 first issue!
--32 caliber, 5 shots, length approximately 17 cm...

Conan: 17cm...
--That's about...

Kid: Roughly this size?

Conan: Eh?
Kid: It even appeared in a letter written by Ryouma addressed to his elder sister on the 24th day of the 6th month in the year Keiou 3...[TN: Keiou 3 corresponds roughly with 1867 on the Western calendar.]

Kid: "The length measures 6 ’sun’ [TN: 1 sun is approx. 3 cm], and contains 5 shots. It's smaller than a dagger...
--But by firing it I can kill a man from a distance of 50 'ken'." [TN: 1 ken is approx. 1.8 m]

Kid: Is what he wrote.
Conan: K-Kid!?

Conan: What the...?
--The door won't open!

Conan: Dammit! He attached something to prevent the door from opening!!

Conan: How did you bring the gun!?
--Did you pass through the gates!?

Kid: Yes! If you remove the lead from inside the grip you can go right on through!
--It becomes extremely light...
--Well, being that numbers are only numbers, what I was carrying was a skeleton!

Conan: The lead from the grip?
--Numbers are only numbers?
--What's he saying?

Kid: As I said so before...this time I've only come to return the stolen items...
--You won't get in my way, great detective!

Kid: See ya!
Conan: W-Wait...

Conan: A second!!

Conan: Damn!

Tarumi: Hey...Will it really be alright?

Tarumi: Suppose Kid's caught by the police...
Hanamura: It'll be fine! Let's have faith in our elusive gentleman...After he's able to make his magnificent escape we'll once again make a huge profit...

Tarumi: B-But...he's coming to return those items!
Hanamura: There is nothing to fear...

Hanamura: I've worked it all out...

Conan:  Hey, what happened to your finger?
Tarumi: Eh?
Hanamura: Yes, well...
--Th-This morning I was appraising a Japanese sword and accidentally cut my finger...

Conan: Hmm...

Conan: Damn!
--Is he still at the exhibition?

Conan: Where is he!?
--Where did he go!?

Conan: Eh?

Conan: Hey!

Conan: R-Ran-neechan!?
Ran: Sorry...I was worried you'd get crushed in the crowd, Conan-kun...

Sonoko: And to think it'll get even worse at the announced time...
Ran: Look, there's something on your right arm...

Sonoko: Are you kidding?
Ran: It appears to be writing...

Ran: Tetsu no hitotsu...? [TN: Reading the symbols vertically, Ran thinks it says, "tetsu no hitotsu/てつの一つ,"meaning "a single iron," but English speakers will likely think the symbols resemble partially obscured letters.]

Sonoko: A single iron?
Ran: Is it some kind of code?
Conan: Hey, did you bump into anything inside the exhibition?

Sonoko: Yeah...Someone pushed me into the gunbelt display case...

Conan: No way...
--He really is using the rainy weather...

Conan: In order to clean up...
--This dirty exhibition!

Sidetext: Conan realizes the intent of the advance notice. Next time, Kid's cleaning show begins!!

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#1. by FrencH-FrieS ()
Posted on Apr 25, 2010
Wow... you're really cool, sheetz! Where's you get raw for this chapter? did you bought it by yourself?
#2. by sheetz ()
Posted on Apr 25, 2010
The RAW is available from DCTP.ws
#3. by FrencH-FrieS ()
Posted on Apr 26, 2010
It wasn't there when you released this translation.
Maybe it's just me who don't know where to find it ^^'
#4. by sheetz ()
Posted on Apr 26, 2010
The RAWs are posted in the forum section at DCTP.ws.

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