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Desire 38


+ posted by StrangerAtaru as translation on Oct 18, 2009 03:04 | Go to Desire

-> RTS Page for Desire 38

The following script is approved only for English usage by "tarahbee scans". Any other usage must have approval by the translator and can not be done without such.

Everyone has a dirty little secret in their lives, which particularly can come in handy if needed! When Takashi gets his hands on a deal regarding an encounter, it may work to his advantage when he discovers her true nature...



Shunji: I don't believe this! She took off her clothes when she went to Harvard U. A talented, popular caster was nude in her younger days. It's a 6-page surging Graveure where her private parts were completely on view!!
Shunji: It's even called "Mysterious Mole"! I found this in a dirty little hotel in New York. Since it wasn't from a major publisher, it hardly wasn't around domestically.
Takashi: You can't be using this for your work.........
Shunji: Fufu...

Shunji: I was thinking of that too but...that really isn't in my nature. That's wy I'll be a poor writer for all eternity.
Junko: The Nature Party Today opposed the Selfish Party on peace reform. It was to a connected law on reclaiming credit with it's base from the opposition leader......
(TN: No, I didn't make it up: the two parties in this scenario are the "Nature Party" and the "Selfish Party")
Shunji: Well, that's what I'm giving to forgive the five-hundred thousand I borrowed. Tomorrow, I'm holding an interview with her. If I can get that signed, that will be a super-premium item.
Shunji: That will forgive it......
Takashi: New Wave Airline's first plane, whose price collapsed with it's first flight, was flying between Tokyo & Hakata tomorrow morning. With Impac TV in charge of advertising, we decided that we would take the first plane there and have the interview with SJ TV at Hakata Airport.

Caption: AM 9:30: Arrival in Hakata
Junko: New Wave Airlines has called this "The Flying Billboard", but
Junko: Isn't is clearly bigger to chance by risking this over the merit of being the advertising sponsor presently who doesn't completely stand by the forecasts of management?
Takashi: An appearance of consolidating and safety is a greater cost for other companies; it's greater to have the honor to have touched a project that hits on the old dispositions of the aviation industry over the risk.
Takashi: Clearly this was an interview where she didn't mince matters. This too may be one matter of her popularity.

Takashi: And while in the interview, within my head
Takashi: It overlapped with the Graveure woman who smiled with her daring pose.
Man: Horie-kun, hold on!
Man: Don't you recognize that foreigner?
Junko: That's president Harrier, called the revolutionary of the English aviation industry!! He's observing this in secret!!
Junko: This could be an unplanned big harvest. I have to interview him!!

Man: Well~~~~you've saved us. Thanks to you, we can get a good picture of president Harrier. She was being cut apart in her mind but......a public Marubishi man isn't a match for her.
Takashi: Pardon.
Takashi: I"m actually a fan. Can you sign this?
Junko: ........
Junko: I don't do those.........!!
Junko: What, you spacing out!! We're heading for the airport lobby!!
Takashi: .........
Takashi: She's going too far...

Takashi: Finishing my report with the Hakata branch, I headed back on the first flight that afternoon.
(TN: "Superseat class" is a special class just above regular class on a Japanese airline, similar to a "First Class" seat on an international flight)
Junko: .........!!
Takashi: She's on the same flight......in some way, that settled my mood...
Takashi: As it was, her anger was unsettled......

Junko: So Marubishi is in a fine condition to use Superseats on a domestic flight.
Takashi: Ah.
Junko: Are you alright if I intrude for a moment?
Takashi: Thanks for earlier.
Junko: You knew that I graduated from Harvard. You're certainly in a good mood for having your pride hurt, Elite-san!

Takashi: Those intentions are...if you're in a bad mood, I'll apologize...I'm sorry.
Junko: I'm sick of seeing men who put on airs of being elite businessmen!!
Takashi: .........
Junko: I'm suspicious now of your firm's future. The swaggering of Marubishi is just for now!!
Takashi: Understood......we should close up our hearts.
Junko: Are you planning to keep going with your gentlemanly mask? If you're speaking to me without realizing your stupidity, then you're a castrated dog or cat!!

Takashi: You say that I'm an elite; a gentleman, but you've overestimated.
Takashi: I've also brought with this magazine.
Junko: ......?
Takashi: It's particularly irresistable to look at these sorts of pages.
Junko: ......!!
Junko: Wh...where did you get that...!!
Takashi: From your fluster, this is something that you wouldn't want seen by strangers. If you make an uproar, we'll be watched by the other passengers.

Junko: If this became public, I'll be thrown out at caster with the Knights Group...!!
Takashi: Mysterious Mole......
Junko: Huh...!?
Junko: Ho...hold it, what are you...!!
Takashi: You shouldn't disturb them...!
Junko: .........
Takashi: I should see if it's real.

Takashi: Move with my hand...
Junko: ......!!
Junko: He's...using a woman's weakness........what a coward!

Junko: Ah...
Junko: Pl...please, don't do any more......
Takashi: She returned to her seat afterwards. We departed without speaking a word of conversation.

Caption: PM 7:00
Person: Horie-kun, we have a manuscript of questions regarding the debt at the former JNR but
(TN: This is actually sort of tied to an incident that was nearly cleared up by this point. Basically, the Japanese National Railways (JNR) had a massive debt, upon which another company, the JNR Settlement Corporation, was set up to handle once JNR was split into JR. In October 1998, the company was finally dissolved and the debt was moved into the "Japan Railway Construction Public Corporation and ultimately became part of the national debt of the Japanese government)
Voice: HO-RI-E
Junko: Y...yes?
Man: Whats with your lagged expression? You've been strange since returning.
Junko: I'm sorry.
Junko: .........
Junko: Forget about what I said on the airplane......I had trouble calling you, but can you come over to the station?

SFX: Knock Knock
SFX: Click
Junko: It may be a trite saying, but that nude was an error of my youthful impulses.........
Junko: I don't want to lose my current post over the worth of insignificant nudes...I want to personally dispose of them!!
Junko: Pl...please...

Takashi: Here! I think it would be better to hold on to the memory without throwing them away. You won't worry since you don't have to copy it.
Takashi: What......!? She was frank on it?
Takashi: Then, I'll be going.
SFX: Click
Junko: Hold on.........
Junko: You're going back immediately directly giving this back to me on a childish errand? Aren't you different from the dangerous man I met on the plane.
Takashi: .........

Person 1: Hey, where did Horie-kun go to!?
Person 2: She looked bad somehow and wanted to break in her dressing room.
Person 1: She's not some office lady around here. We're 40 minutes before the broadcast. Look for her for a bit!!
Person 2: Ye...yes.
Takashi: Are you "give and take"?
Junko: No.........Give me heaven or give me death!

Junko: Doing this at......at...the station...is so thrilling!!
Man: Horie-sa---n, how do you feel---?

Junko: I'm fine......I'll...be going soon!!
Junko: AH...AAH......
Takashi: AAH...
Man: ---somehow she seemed quite pained but...that's expected of a pro.
Takashi: Here's how I really feel...it's a treasure I can't give up, I want to hold on to it with care.

Takashi: ?
Junko: Here! I believe you, Fujii-san.
Junko: Our topic is New Wave Airlines, which is becoming novel in the internal airline industry for hoisting advertising for a satellite broadcaster on it's body; it's first commission was between Tokyo and Hakata this morning at 8.

TN: A lot of times, whenever Takashi has one of his 'revenge' chapters, it always turns out weird or stupid (sort of like "Secretary" or...uh..."Tandem"). But for once, I think he did the right thing to try and pacify someone who really wasn't the best of people to put up with in his own weird way. When Takashi used Junko's old pics from Harvard to break through her hard exterior, I think he was in the right to do so. She treated him like a jerk, so it was his turn to do the same. Maybe the whole part with him touching her in the middle of the plane was weird, but it's Desire so it's sort of something you have to take for granted by now. I think in a way it was also noble that Takashi and Junko came to terms on the magazine considering it could have gone either way. If Junko kept it, it's out of anyone else's hands. But with Takashi keeping it, he knows how to protect things regarding all those girls he ends up with...it's who he is. A couple weird notes for the chapter: first of all, why would Takashi's company need to use "Star Wars" to advertise their agency? Did they have some sort of deal with Lucas to do that...forget it. Secondly...it really isn't that noticable until later, but this really is the last chapter with Shunji and...well, they get rid of him so easily by just having him give Takashi the Junko spread as payment for his debt. Shunji really didn't do that much and has been replaced essentially by Kazuki, but considering it's because of him we got "Witch's Spring"...well, maybe that's both good and bad. (bad: did we need all those men in that chapter, good: I did like the female lead in it regardless...)

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