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Translations: Gintama 704 by kewl0210 , One Piece 930 by cnet128
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Hell Teacher Nube 247

A Soul Dutiful to Humans

+ posted by StrangerAtaru as translation on Jan 29, 2012 21:01 | Go to Hell Teacher Nube

-> RTS Page for Hell Teacher Nube 247

#247: A Soul Dutiful to Humans

Minki: Next is gonna be Vol. 29---!
(TN: You know with as many complaints one can make about Minki...proportions isn't one of them. She is hot, as annoying as she can get.)

(Title page...not much to say except we have Nube essentially walking to doom just to save Tamamo!)

Nube: Here is the mansion of the nine-tail fox...
Tamamo: Ah...ah...ah...
Nube: I'll absolutely save you, Tamamo.
SFX: Giiii...

Nube: ---I thought he wasn't going to meet us easily, but he seems to be readily meetable.
Tsuwabukimaru: You...you don't understand. The terror of Kyuubi-sama.
SFX: Gata gata gata
Tsuwabukimaru: The nine-tail fox is a youkai who is smart and has power. You'll understand when you talk to it.
Nube: !

SFX: Ooooooh......

Nube: Th...that's the nine-tailed fox? Isn't that a weak, old fool?
(TN: I know it really sounds slightly an insult from how Nube refers to the Kyuubi, but the two terms that he uses mostly ends up translating as such. The first he uses is "Yoboyobo", which is an onomotopeia for "weak from old age", while "oibara" is "dotage" or "a senile old man". I decided to try and make it work but I don't think it was that successful)
SFX: Sasa
Nube: It's not impossible...in any case, it has lived for over 3,000 years...even its youki has come to be almost gone. With that, the power to save Tamamo is...
"Voice": ...Human...
Nube: Ye...yes.
Kyuubi: The reason you have come here is...cough cough...understood...you...want to save that youko who has become an invalid...
SFX: Yoro...yoro...
Nube: Ye...yes, I do...
Tsuwabukimaru: Hold your head high.
Kyuubi: My...nine tails...they are nine souls...if you had one of them, he would return to the original youko...
Nube: ! Re...really?
Kyuubi: Fuu...it is true. However

Kyuubi: This youko, Tamamo, was researching human love and will regain his human heart...Humans are roughly ugly creatures...with that, he'll be a youko who is getting closer to those beings...I won't come to save that...
Nube: ...In truth, there is also an ugly side to humans. But there is a good side. That is what Tamamo was...
Kyuubi: Silence, humans are ugly!
Nube: That's one-sided.
Kyuubi: Do you defy me?
Nube: Tamamo isn't' becoming an invalid due to these trivial beings that you've spoken of.

Tsuwabukimaru: N...no, angering Kyuubi-sama is
Nube: Fu, it's feeble and just mouth. I can't fear it.
Kyuubi: Cough cough, If so, let's test you.
Kyuubi: If you can prove that humans are not ugly, I will grant your wish.
Nube: OK.
SFX: Don!

Nube: Uh...
Nube: N?
Kyouko: Nube!
Nube: Where am I...?
Yukime: Teacher! You're safe, that's good!
Kyouko: Because you were late, Nube, we were relaxing in a nearby forest.
Hiroshi: Look, here, we found chestnuts!
Nube: Chi, that nine-tailed fox, it saw it couldn't bear with me and threw me out.
Hiroshi: Let's go get more.
SFX: Gasa gasa
Miki: Let's go, let's go

Hiroshi: !
SFX: Zazazaza
Miki: Kyaaaa----
Nube: Huh...a youkai!?
Miki: Kya---
Hiroshi: Uwa---
Nube: Ha!

Nube: Is that a subordinate of the nine-tailed fox too...? Are you alright, everyone?
SFX: Shuuuu
Hiroshi: Owowow...didn't I get a scratch!
Kyouko: Really, you were late in saving him. It's because you're a dunce...!
Nube: Th...that isn't the way to say it...I did save him...
Hiroshi: Who said you saved me?
Kyouko: Right---is there a reason you want us to give gratitude?
"Hiroshi": Really---that's condescending...what's your intention? Ge.
"Katsuya": It's natural for a teacher to save his students, stu--pid.
"Makoto": Hihihi...
SFX: Muka muka muka
"Miki": No one was thinking of giving thanks---cal--lus!
"Kyouko": Kyahahaha

"Kyouko": Kukuku...you take offense if you don't triumph over us?
SFX: Goki goki goki
"Kyouko": Egotistical
Nube: Haa...haa...haa...
"Youkai": Giee~~~
SFX: Doga
Nube: Guwa
Nube: Damn...there was another one?
Hiroshi & Kyouko: Waaa~~

"Voice": Ha!
SFX: Dokaa
"Oni no Te Man": Are you alright, children?
Hiroshi: Wow--it's our new teacher, Hanagatami-sensei.
(TN: Weirdly "Hanagatami" translates into "appears to be a star actor")
Kyouko: He's cool---!
Miki: He has Oni no Te on both hands---!
Hiroshi: We don't need that Nube anymore.
Kyouko: Right right, Hanagatami-sensei is a strong one.
Yukime: ...He's dreamy (heart)

"Hanagatami": Fu...you envy those who are greater than yourself. Jealousy.
Yukime: Gyaa---
Kyouko: Kyaaaa~~~~

Nube: Hi...Hiroshi! Kyouko! Yukime---everyone---
SFX: Zaku zaku zaku
SFX: Dan Dota
Nube: Ah...ah...ah...ah
Nube: Uwaaa~~~

Nube: Haa...haa...haa...
Kyuubi: Ugly...you're ugly. Hatred.

Nube: Shut up! It took my students...
Kyuubi: Therefore you say you were correct? But look closer: what you killed first was a youkai mother...next, a father...
Kyuubi: And finally, you killed a child youkai whose parents were killed and was in a fit of anger. You killed all of the youkai, parents and child, who were living in peace...Furthermore, if you go to the beginning, the cause of this was your students entering and breaking into those youkai's forest.
Kyuubi: And even so, you say you were correct?
Nube: Uh...uh...
Nube: Sh...shut up! My...my students...they killed my students!

Nube: Does someone like you understand~~~~my feelings~~~~
Kyuubi: Ugly. A mass of ego.
Nube: Shut up.

SFX: Bashuuu...
Nube: Haa haa haa
Tsuwabukimaru: Nu...Nueno-sensei...
Tsuwabukimaru: Kyuubi-sama completely knows the weakness of humans...it saw through your heart.
Nube: An...an illusion...?
Kyuubi: Foolish...but humans ultimately are that.
Kyuubi: I won't grant your wish...die...
SFX: Paaaa...

(Yeah...this is one nasty, evil, powerful Kyuubi...)

Nube: Th...this is the nine-tailed fox...Th...this is earth-shattering youki. My body is cowering and I can't move...
Kyuubi: You saw my initial form and made fun of it. Vulgar human who judges beings by just outward appearance...
Tsuwabukimaru: There is nothing more we can do.
Kyuubi: Die!
SFX: Katsu

Nube: Waaa...
SFX: Batsu
Nube: !!
Kyuubi: !! This being...even though he should be a cast-off soul...!?
(End of Vol. 28)

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