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Kanpachi 1


+ posted by StruckByLightning as translation on May 3, 2010 00:07 | Go to Kanpachi

-> RTS Page for Kanpachi 1

Here is the scanslation: http://tateyakusha.blogspot.com/


"Kanpachi" is Japanese for 'Great Amberjack,' a type of fish.

第1幕 Chapter 1

"'Crazy' Seriola Dumerili" is Latin for "’Crazy' Great Amberjack."

結城心一先生 待望の新連載スタート! 。。。なんだけど、なんだこのちっこいのは!? Text on cover: Shinichi Yuuki-sensei here. Let the long awaited serialization begin! But what's up with the small one?

Page 1

結城心一先生が「かんなぎ」を原作としたギャク漫画で帰ってきたYO!! Shinichi Yuuki-sensei has come back with an spin-off manga to Kannagi!!

キラ キラ SFX: Shine.

切り身とナギの不思議な出会い。 Nagi's mysterious encounter with a piece of fish.

じ。。。仁 この新鮮な神饌はいったい。。。 J...Jin, what the hell is this fresh offering...

お お お O-o-o.

あぁ その切り身?Ah, you mean that piece of fish?

つぐみん家が なんかたくさん魚もらったらしいから 
It seems Tsugumi's family got too much fish.

ウチじゃ食べきれなくってー We couldn't finish eating it-

ずっ しり SFX: Shake.

おすそ分けもらったんだよ So she's sharing some with us.

なんの魚じゃろう白身だから鯛かのう I wonder what type of fish it is. Since it's white meat, maybe a sea bream.

早よ食べて調べねばのう Let's hurry up and eat it and we'll see what type it is.

Page 2

いただきまぁ Let's ea-

待てよ切るから Wait, we have to cut it.

ピシッ SFX: Crack.

カッ SFX: Light.

ボガァンッ SFX: Explosion.

ゲホッ *Cough*

き *Gasp*

ボッ SFX: Gazey.

切り身が爆発した。。。? The piece of fish exploded...?

ゴゴゴゴゴ SFX: Rumble.

ぷはぁ *Aaah*

Page 3

すと SFX: Land.

釣りあげられたうえ 切り分けられたトキは どうなるコトかと思うだが I wondered what would happen the time I was caught in addition to being cut up.

ナギ Nagi.

なんとか顕現できて何より何よりジャ ワラワ 安 I somehow manifested. But above all, I am rel-

くるり SFX: Spin.

心 -ieved.

ごむっ SFX: Whack.

ブッ SFX: Exhale.

魚の切り身から何かが顕現などするものか!! Like something could manifest from a piece of fish!!

お前 自分の存在を否定してないか You don't deny your own existence.

しかも可憐な 妾の姿をパクるなど悪意ある行動としか思えん!! Furthermore, I can only consider ripping off my lovely figure as a malicious act!!

何よりシンシンを台無しにおって。。。(シンシン=新鮮な神饌) Above all, the offering is destroyed...

このような輩は- Someone like this-

ケガレと相場は決まっておるわー!! I'm certain is an impurity-!!

バシッ SFX: Whack.

違 N-.

いや No.

ワラワはそのような I'm not.

ケガレは根こそぎ許さんのじゃー I do not allow any impurities.

Page 4

「切り身」が「タタキ」になってしもうた I made the "sliced" piece of fish become a "minced" piece of fish.

はぁ はぁ *Ha-* *Ha-*

切り身になって骨がないおかげで助かった I was saved thanks to being a boneless piece of fish.

ぐに ぐに SFX: Wobble.

そういうもんなのか I see.

オオヌサで こんだけ叩いても平気(?)なんだからケガレってことはないんじゃないのか Doesn't it mean that she's not impure since she's unaffected after you beat her with your wand.

ぐに ぐに SFX: Wobble.

そもとおり I agree.

ワラワは大海を往くカンパチの神 I am the kanpachi deity who travels the great sea.

貴方様に再びまみえるため陸に揚がったのでありマス I have come to the surface for the sake of meeting you again.

ぐに ぐに SFX: Wobble.

へ? 妾に? 再び? Huh? Me? Again?

以前 出雲の地にて貴方様をお見かけして以来 すっかりファンになってしまい Before, ever since I saw you at Izumo, I have become a thorough admirer.

好きだ! I love you!

声をマネ 姿をマネ そして ようやくそっくりな姿になったのデス I copied your voice and you figure to become the spitting image of you.

これからは妹として扱っていただきたく。。。 From now on, I would like for you to treat me as a little sister...

きゃ Agh.

ストー神じゃー! Stalker deity-!

パチと呼んでくれると ワラワうれしい I would be delighted- if you'd call me "Pachi."


あら Huh.

妙な気配を感じて来てみれば I'm sensing a strange presence.

けん けん ごう ごう SFX: Clamor of noises.

仁くんの家が騒がしい。。。 Jin's house is noisy...

出てケーっ Get out-

ぷいっ SFX: Turn away.

な Wh-

ね 姉さま!? N- Nagi!?

なんです その姿。。。は。。。 What's with...

ひーっ ひー ひー ひ *Ha-ha-ha-ha*

。。。て てっきり大きいねんどろいどかと。。。 ...I thought you were a big nendroid* or something... *Small figures usually made in Chibi style of anime/manga characters.

し 神性が下がるとまともな人型すら 保てなくなるんですね A-apparently when a deity falls down, it can't keep the appearance of a human being.

ひーっ お腹イタイ *Ha-* My stomach hurts.


しかし 何をどうすれば ほんのちょっと見ない間で そんなことになるんです? But, how did you get like this? What happened while I wasn't here?

姉さま? Nagi?

むくり SFX: Wobble.

。。。。。。誰ジャ .......Who are you?

は? Huh?

ふざけるのは姿だけにしてくれません? Even like this, you can still joke around?

このざんげちゃんがわからないとかおもしろくもなんとも。。。 I don't find it funny that you don't recognize your sister Zange-chan...

ざんげちゃん。。。 Zange-chan...

ヘンな名前 That's a weird name.

プッ Hmph-.

あぁ あの栄養たっぷり煮込みスープの Ah. That is the name of a nutritious boiled soup.

ざんげちゃんの 街かどクッキンダコーナ!! Zange-chan's- Street Cooking Corner!!

ビクッ SFX: Surprise.

まずお鍋に 高麗ニンジンを入れ First, put some ginseng into the pot.

ぐっ ぐっ SFX: Sizzle.

煮込みまーす <3 Then mix it together.

次に Next.

ぎゅっ SFX: Squeeze.

お肉の足をしばって Tie the legs of the meat and-


お鍋へ Into the pot.

ドーン *Impact*

ばっ しゃぁ SFX: Splash.

それは 「サムゲタン」!! It's "Samgyetang!!*" *Korean chicken ginseng soup.


え まさか。。。? Huh. It couldn't be...?

本当に...? Really...?

そんな。。。 ねんどろもどきな姿になったうえに最低限の記憶すらなくすなんて なんて可哀相な姉さま。。。 Such a terrible thing... In addition to being turned into a nendroid like figure, you seem to have lost all of your memories. Poor Nagi...

これでこの町アイドルの座は私だけのものですね With this, the town's role as idol is mine alone.

さようなら姉さま あーっ はっはっはっはっは Goodbye Nagi. A- ha ha ha ha ha.

は。。。 Ha...

くずっ くずっ SFX: Whine.

ひーく SFX: Twitch.


おーい パチー H-ey. Pachi-

やり方はどうあれ お前を慕って はるばる来た奴を追い出すなんて However she did it, Pachi traveled all this way. I wouldn't have thought you would throw her out. She adores you.

だからそこは反省しておると言うとるじゃろうが Didn't I say I made a mistake.

どこへ行ってしもうたのじゃパチの奴 Where did you go, Pachi.

ケガレらに襲われておらねばよいのじゃが I hope she hasn't been attacked by impurities.

がッ がッ SFX: Crunch.

ムシャ ムシャ SFX: Munch.

姉さまが醜態をさらしすぎれば 巡り巡って妹である私の評判にも影響が出かねないですからね! If Nagi does excessively shameful behavior, they'll think I'm responsible and my reputation will affected as a result!

がッ がッ SFX: Munch.

元に戻るまではここにいてもらいます! Until you can go back home, I want you to stay here!

あの。。。白亜 Um...Hakua.

あぁもう! 姉さまこぼしてる! Ah-! Nagi, you're spilling your food!


ピプー プー ピプー Z-z-z.

ーなりゆきとはいえまさか姉さまと同居することになろうとは -I can't believe that something has happened that lead me to live with my sister.

ピー プピー Z-z-z.

こんな状態になって仁くんにも愛想尽かされて追い出されたんでしょうけど Jin was probably fed up with her and threw her out. This could be the reason the way things are.

ピー Z-z-z.

結果 こちらとしても好都合 As a result, this seems to be beneficial for me.

姉さまには このまま引きこもってもらって I hope things with Nagi stay like this so I can get her to withdraw from competing with me for idol.

この間に姉さまのファンの人気もまるっと私がいただいちゃいましょう Meanwhile, Nagi's fans will almost all at once come around and become mine.

ウフフ これからはずっと私のターンですね A ha ha. It's going to my turn for a very long time.

明日からさっそく学校での人気を取り返すとしましょうか。。。 Will I immediately start to regain my popularity at school from tomorrow on...

お休みなさい姉さまー Good night Nagi-


ーなるほど そんな方法でファンの新規開拓を図るというわけですか -I see. You plan on getting new fans this way.

奇抜だけど おもしろい戦法ね さすがは It's out there, but an interesting strategy. As one would expect from-

ナギ様 <3 Nagi-sama.

もっちゃ もっちゃ SFX: Munch.

食パン Bread.

どんな方法でこうなったかわからないけど ちっちゃかわいくてこれはこれでいいわぁー I don't know how this came to be, but she's tiny and cute so it's fine.

もっちゃ もっちゃ SFX: Munch.

絵を描く場所なのに 食べ物があって いい所なのジャ Despite this being a place you draw pictures, there's food here. What a nice place.

それは絵を消すために使うのよー It is used to erase mistakes on pictures-.

もっちゃ もっちゃ SFX: Munch.


かッ かッ かッ SFX: Footsteps.

なんで学校来てるんです!! Why did you come to school!!

出かけたらどこ行くのかとも思うて When you left, I wondered where you were going.

もっちゃ もっちゃ SFX: Munch.

そもそも そんな姿になった理由どうやって みんなに説明するんですか!! To start off, how are you going to explain to everyone the reason you became like this!!

え イメチェンでしょ? Huh. An image change right?

最近キャラをSD化させるのが また流行りつつあるんで Lately, it's becoming popular again for people to change themselves into SD (Super Deformed).

悪くないと思いますよ I think it's not bad personally.

あれ この人たちって結構。。。 Huh. These people are quite...

あらーナギ様 Ah-, Nagi-sama.

絵描こうだなんて珍しい It's rare for you to be drawing a picture.

構図がなかなか決まれんのジャ I can't quite decide on the composition.


このモデルのタコ なかなかじっとしてくれん This model octopus just won't stay still.

しかもなんか ちゅーとハンパに黒い汚れがついておる Besides, there's some black stuff on it for some reason.

食パンで落ちるかのう Maybe I can remove it with this bread.

ゴシ ゴシ SFX: Wipe.

それは木炭しか落とせないのよー It can only work when only rubbing out charcoal-.

それちゃんと、ちぎってねって使ってね Make sure you tear and knead it before you use it.

。。。だ ...Who-

誰が。。。 Who's doing that...

ぐ SFX: Anger.

タコで汚れだぁー!!! Who's the octopus and who's impure-!!!

ばぁ SFX: Surprise.

あぁっ 禿島先生!? Ah, Hageshima-sensei!?

だから俺の性は芳賀島だと My name's Hagashima*. *Hageshima is a pun on his name using the word "hage" which means "bald" instead of "Haga."

禿島先生がこんな大ゴマで登場だなんて We wouldn't have thought Hageshima-sensei would appear in a huge comic frame all of a sudden.

本当嫌いだよ生徒たちって I really hate you students.


タコが人の姿に化けおった The octopus has disguised itself as a human.

ウフフおかしい H- ha ha. How strange.

プッ *Hmph*

俺は元々人間だ!! I'm human to begin with!!

してハゲダコとやらがなんの用ジャ Well, what business do you have with me, bald octopus.

名誉毀損も大概にしないと 生徒といえど訴えるぞ!! If you don’t stop slandering me, though you're one of our students, I'll sue you!!

前から怪しいと思ってたが小さくなるなんて非常識にもほどがある!! I thought you were suspicious before, but it's lacks common sense for someone to become small.

今日こそ君の本性を暴いてやるからな!! Today is the day I'll expose your true self!!

。。。何を怒っているかワカラヌが ...I don't understand what you're mad about.

それに どいつもこいつも俺の頭のことばかり Moreover, all anyone talks about is my head.

すっ *Inhale*

ふむ *Hmph*

ホントにキライだよ 生徒たちって I really hate you students.

ぺかー SFX: Shining light.

コヌサ Small purification wand.

!!またそんなオモチャ持ち出して! You brought that toy again!

いいから生徒指導質にくるんだ! Listen up, you're coming to student counseling!

ぐッ SFX: Anger.

フフ *Ha ha*

あせらずともおヌシの望みはわかっておる I get it. You don't have to be in such a hurry.

そぉれ That-

ばっ SFX: Surprise.

うぁあっ。。。 Uahh-...


ドサッ SFX: Fall.

カラッ SFX: Door opening.

あのー今日は仁が Um- today, since-

昨日徹夜で探し物したから疲れて学校休むって。。。 Jin was up all night searching for something yesterday, he got tired and missed school.

きゃーっ なんかイヤなデジャヴが Aghhhh- This is like bad deja vu.

ナギさん!? 裸!? 小っちゃく!? Nagi-san!? Naked?! Tiny?!

BGM: MOTTO 派手にね BGM: Motto hade ni ne.


このモノがワラワの本当の姿を見たいと申しまたのジャ This man said he wanted to see my true figure.

ヒトデ Starfish.

ホタテ Scallop.

しかし乙女の大事なトコロはコヌサで守る However, my precious place is protected with a small purification wand.

これがいわゆる コヌさ*デ*モード This is the so called, "Small Purification Wand De Mode."

申してない 申してない I didn't mean it. I didn't mean it.

禿島先生が。。。 そんなひとだったなんて。。。 I didn't know Hageshima-sensei was that kind of person...

あ か か か か か SFX: Embarrassing blush.

だから芳賀島でそんなじゃなくて。。。 I'm telling you, I'm not that kind of person...

あぁん もう Agh, enough.

カッ SFX: Light.

!?うあ まぶしっ Uwa, it's so bright.

ピカ ピカ ピカ SFX: Shine.

いきなり禿島先生の頭が光り輝いて!? Hageshima-sensei's head is shining suddenly!?

うわー まぶしー Uwa- it's so bright.

あぁ まぶしかった。。。 Ah, that was so bright...

あら? ナギ様!? どこへ行ったのー!? Huh? Nagi-sama!? Where did you go!?

カチャ カチャ SFX: Click.


ずいぶんと探し回らせおって。。。 You made me search a great deal to find you...

学校にまで入りこむとはなんと大胆な奴じゃ You're pretty bold to go as far entering school.

はるばる遠くより訪ねてきた そちを追い出すなど妾も器が小さかったの You came to visit me from some far off place and I just threw you out. I was heartless.

器がでっかい分、胸のあたりがこころもとないんですよ。きっと。 Because of her huge heart, perhaps it's necessary for her chest to stay small. Surely.

。。。いろいろ 許してつかわす I'll forgive your various wrongdoings...

好きなだけ この地におるがよいぞ And if you like, you should stay in the area.

。。。ナギ様すごいクマ ...Nagi-sama, that cloud looks like a great bear.

誰のせいだと思っとるんじゃー!! Whose fault do you think this is anyway-!!

アオーン SFX: Howling.

あぁん もう 姉さま! Agh, enough already. Nagi!

どこに行ちゃったんですー!? Where did you go-!?

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