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World Trigger 44

Large-Scale Invasion

+ posted by vinceled as translation on Dec 18, 2013 12:04 | Go to World Trigger

-> RTS Page for World Trigger 44

World Trigger - Ashihara Daisuke

Reserved for PowerManga

World Trigger - [Chapter 44 : Large-Scale Invasion]

Nice chapter explaining the basic situation of the beginning of the war. We finally learn more unit's names, see some B-Class and there is a nice twist at the end too.

PS : If you like the series check out the awesome work done there : http://worldtrigger.wikia.com/wiki/Main_Page
It's really detailed and well done so check it out!!

Announcer : Gate Generation, Gate Generation.
Large-Scale generation of gates have been confirmed.
[World Trigger]
Text Left : Gates opening one after the other on the battlefield!!

Announcer : All people in the vicinity of the Danger Zone
Are to take shelter at once.
Chapter Title : [Chapter 44 - Large-Scale Invasion]
Text Right : The battle is now starting——
Pupil : What’s that…!
The area towards the Base is pitch-dark…!!
Author : Ashihara Daisuke

Osamu : Madam!
Mizunuma : Yes, Mikumo?
Osamu : I received a summons so I have to go there!
Please have all the students in the school take shelter as far from the Base as possible!
Mizunuma : Understood.
Student : Mikumo!
Is it dangerous?! This whole situation…!
Osamu : The number of Neighbors has probably breached the precautionary line.
Cooperate with the teacher to have everyone take shelter.
I’m counting on you.
Student : U…Understood!
Girl : Be careful, alright…!

Osamu : Chika,
Take shelter with everyone else,
Don’t ever get close to the Danger Zone.
When needed, don’t hesitate to use your trigger
And help everyone.
Chika : Yes, got it.
Osamu : Natsume,
I leave Chika in your care.
Natsume : Roger, Mister four eyes!
Osamu : Kuga.
Yuuma : Yeah?
Osamu : Come with me,
Let’s hold back the Trion Soldiers.
Yuuma : I knew you’d say this.

Yuuma : Chika, I’m giving you a small Replica too.
Call me when you’re in trouble
And me or Osamu will definitely come to your help.
Chika : Alright…!
Osamu : Let’s go!!
Trigger On!!

??? : The Trion Soldiers having split into several groups
Are heading for the town areas in each directions!

Sawamura Kyouko : Looking at it from Headquarters Base point of view,
Kyouko : There are 5 directions : West, North-West, East, South, South-West!
Box : General Manager Assistant - Sawamura Kyouko.
Shinoda thinking : So they split up…?
What a bother,
Let’s decentralize the forces there too then.
Box : Border General Manager - Shinoda Masafumi.
Shinoda thinking : Still, we won’t have time
To crush them all only by going on their pursuit.
Shinoda : Divide the units at the scene in three groups,
And send them to meet the enemies to the East, South and South-West!
Kyouko : Roger!

Netsuki : N-not so fast, General Manager!
What about West and North-West?!
Box : Media Countermeasures Chief - Netsuki Eizou
Shinoda : No need to worry about these.
After all, for West and North-West
I already have Jin and Amou heading over there.

Shinoda : There shouldn’t be any problem in leaving it to those two.
Netsuki : Indeed…! They’re quite trustworthy at those times…!
Shinoda : The other three directions are quite problematic though.
It’s not impossible the Trion soldiers will manage to enter the town area before the Defense Units catch up with them.
Headquarters Development Chief, Kinuta.
Kinuta : I get it,
I’ve already arranged countermeasures with Fuyushima’s Unit.
Box : Headquarters Development Chief - Kinuta Motokichi.

No Text

Kyouko : Trap Activation!
Trion Soldiers have been captured!
Kinuta : We can always bombard them from the Base if it comes to the crunch but,
If the members don’t arrive quickly, the Base’s Trion will become stone broke.
Shinoda : No, it’s enough,
The units have just arrived.

??? : Suwa’s Unit has arrived on site!
Let’s eliminate Neighbors!
Box : B-Class Rank 10 - Suwa’s Unit.
??? : Suzunari Daiichi, has arrived on site!
Commencing fighting!
Box : B-Class Rank 8 - Suzunari Daiichi (Kuruma’s Unit)

Azuma : Azuma’s Unit, arrived.
Commencing the offensive.
Kyouko : Kazama’s Unit, Arashiyama’s Unit,
Arafune’s Unit, Kakizaki’s Unit as well as Chano’s Unit
Are also heading towards the Trion Soldiers elimination point!
Shinoda : Great,
Make them meet up quickly,
Cooperate and focus on defence.

Replica : Hostilities have started between Border and the Trion Soldiers.
Osamu : What’s the situation?!
Replica : In numbers, the Trion Soldiers are overwhelming us but
For some reason, the enemy is decentralising its forces.
If the Pursuing Unit and Off Duty Unit hasten,
This war will then turn to Border’s advantage.
Using preparations and foresight, we largely captured the enemy’s initial response.
Osamu : Then that means…
Yuuma : No, it’s not over yet.
If coming to attack us now
Are the same folks that cause the disturbances Rad before
Then they’ve definitely estimated Border forces would at least be of this much.

Yuuma : Yet, the fact they came to wage war means
They believe they have their chances to win.
Don’t lose focus, Osamu.
Fundamentally in battle,
The side with the larger numbers has the advantage.

??? : Mr Azuma,
I disposed of the last one of them!
Azuma : Great, then let’s go assist the other units.

Azuma : What the heck is that thing…?

Yuuma : The facts they have decentralized their forces means
They definitely have some kind of aim.
Left Text : Unknown Trion Soldier?!
World Trigger …Chapter 44 / The End.

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#1. by DinoTaur ()
Posted on Jan 1, 2014
Oooh, thanks for mentioning the wiki! Your translations are really important to us! Keep up the great work!

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