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  1. Petrit Zeneli

    Theory Arima a possible double agent

    I've been re-reading the manga for several times each time corrected by fellow forumees and I'm glad because now I can see certain matters clearly, but something had been bugging me and I've been somewhat intrigued by Kishou Arima's...and I'd like to ask all of you for some clarity please...
  2. Dragoon

    Theory Early hint at ccg's top brass belonging to V

    So as most of us TG fans tend to do I re-read TG (part 1) and at the beginning of the Anteiku raid I thought to myself "could this have been a hint of the top brass of ccg belonging to V?" Now keep in mind this is meant to be taken with a grain of salt (it isn't even that momentous an event if...
  3. Qixus

    Question What have they been feeding Haise?

    It's Pretty obvious that Haise doesn't eat normal-people food. It's hinted at subtly in the manga from time to time. The doctor explains this He then worries he has offended Haise. We also see that Haise doesn't eat while others are eating as you can see here: So it's pretty obvious that...
  4. Discussion kaneki has no where to go if he leaves ccg?

    I commonly hear people say kaneki cannot leave the ccg because he will have no where to go because the ccg knows his face and everything about him...... but so what none of that matters. I'll explain why. Sachi has been in the ghoul prison and they already know his face and he has been exposed...
  5. Theory A Shot in the Dark About TG History and Kaneki's Role

    Overview of the parties in this chess game: CCG: Founded by Washuu clan back in 1890 or something. They've been hunting ghouls for a long time and continue to do so in the name of public safety. Keeps experimenting with turning humans into ghouls. Recently unveiled successful Quinx surgery...
  6. Byron

    Discussion A way to lure out all the ghouls?

    So it's preety simple actually. In order for Ghouls to blend into humans's society they need to be added to humans' records, to acquire ID and in gerenal to be in a situation that would allow them to do transtactions with humans. Therefore, if CCG was making a law to use the RC detectors on...
  7. Byron

    Question Why Quinx Squad does not use their scenting abilities?

    Like seriously. We know that Hinami as well as the Ghouls can differentiate humans from Ghouls by their scent. Therefore, since the Quinx Squal have a strong scenting ability, would that allow the CCG to use them as Beagles?
  8. TheLuffySmile

    Theory Arata Kirishima - Ayato's goal?

    Arata Kirishima, dead... Or victimized? What do we really know about him? We know that he was out scavenging for food to feed his family when he was attacked and subsequently defeated by CCG investigators Shinohara Yukinori and Kureo Mado. It was and has not yet been confirmed that Arata...
  9. Nii

    Discussion Aogiri Tree

    The big group dominating the second half of the manga. We've seen them a lot, yet we hardly know what they're after. Why did they free a bunch of highly dangerous ghouls from the CCG's prison Kokuria? And why did they go to the length of getting Yoshimura? And has everyone inside of Aogiri Tree...