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gray fullbuster

  1. Brandish μ

    Fantasy Gray vs Gajeel (w/power ups)

    This is the second Gray vs Gajeel thread, but have changed some of the conditions. The original one is here. Location: Hargeon (DiMaria vs Sky Sisters) Starting distance: 10m Intent: to kill/win Powers: Both start in base. They can demonise or enter dragon force at will, but keep in mind how...
  2. Arjuna

    Fantasy Laxus vs Gray

    Participant 1 Laxus Dreyar Participant 2 Bloodlusted Darkness Gray as seen in chapter 504 Location Hargeon No restrictions Who wins?
  3. Nemispelled

    Discussion Proven Slayers vs. False Slayers (Official Character Profiles) [UPDATED w/ New Poll]

    ** List easily subjected to change ***I do not own any of the images, credit goes to their owners Official Slayer Character Profiles Proven Slayers Slayer #1: Acnologia Type: 1st Generation Dragon Title: Proven Dragon Slayer Status: Accomplished Reason: Proven worthy of being called...
  4. Ice devil slayer

    Canon Gray vs silver

    Participant 1 : Gray fullbuster Ice make Ice devil slayer magic Participant 2 : Silver fullbuster Ice devil slayer magic Scenario 1 : Pre time skip devil slayer gray vs silver Scenario 2 : Current gray vs Silver Who wins ?
  5. goldb

    Team Gray and Ultear vs Silver and Lyon

    Estimated time: 5 minutes The battle ends if one of team member can't continue because badly injured Team 1: Gray Fullbuster Ice make magic Ice devil slaying magic Ultear Milkovich Ice make magic Lost magic: Arc of time Telekinesis Great at hand-to-hand combatant Team 2: Silver Fullbuster (as...
  6. Arjuna

    Team Natsu and Lucy vs Gray and Juvia

    The Battle of Two Ships Natsu Fire Dragon Slaying Magic DF FDKM Lfd Lucy Celestial Spirit Magic Star Dress Gray Ice Magic Ice Devil Slayer Juvia Water Magic No Restrictions Apart from Igneel's power and CSK All In Their Current Powerlevel Natsu can use Fire Dragon King Spells(Note This is...
  7. Mirage

    Team Gray and Rogue vs. Erza and Wendy

    Location: Grass plains Distance: 100 meters Knowledge: Full Intent: To kill Restrictions: None - Pre 2nd TS Who wins?
  8. Ice devil slayer

    Fantasy Gray vs Invel

    Participant 1 : Gray fullbuster Ice devil slayer magic Ice make Participant 2 : Invel Ice magic maybe an ice god slayer ? Who wins ?
  9. Ice devil slayer

    Conditional Gray vs Erza

    Take places in the alvarez arc Restrictions : Pof and Pis Who wins ?
  10. Ice devil slayer

    The shadow would control gray

    I think it can happens in two ways Gray learn that natsu is End then goes completely insane and the shadow take the control of his body . Or two : He gets beaten badly by a spriggan (neinheart maybe ? ) and the shadow step in and control him . After defeated neinheart he's always out of...
  11. Ice devil slayer

    Fantasy Gray Fullbuster vs Wahl Icht

    Gray fullbuster Devil slayer magic Ice make magi Whal icht Canon Weakness Super long distance anti material Hype is allowed for gray Who wins ?
  12. Coné

    Fantasy Sting vs Gray

    Combatant 1: Sting Powers: White Dragon Slaying Magic, Dragon Force Combatant 2: Gray Powers: Ice Make, Ice Demon Slaying Magic Location: GMG Arena Intel: Full intel for both characters Mood: Bloodlusted Starting Distance: 50 meters Restrictions: PiS, CiS, hype, feats against demons, anime...
  13. Mystic Mistral

    Team Mirajane and Gray vs Ogra and Cheria

    A battle between Demons and God's . Takes place in the Alvarez arc . Which team takes the win ?:)
  14. Mystic Mistral

    Team Gray and Ur vs Natsu and Gildarts

    A battle of mentors and students (somewhat:)) All are Alvarez arc level . Which team takes the fight ??
  15. Vasgoko

    Fantasy Gajeel Redfox vs. Gray Fullbuster

    Alright, for you @Coné. :derp Let's see if you can persuade me, cuz I know you can't. The logic behind this fight is in my domain. :hee Time period: Current Restrictions: PoF, Nakama Power, PiS, CiS, Hype, Iced Shell (otherwise itd be tied) Location: Ruins of Tartaros Battlefield Starting...
  16. Brandish μ

    Discussion Gray Fullbuster Thread

    Just wanted to see what people are predicting or expecting of Gray in this arc. 1) How strong is Gray right now? My pure guess is he's probably at Erza's level right now with DeS mastery. He froze Ajeel's sand monster showing off a huge AoE feat with typical DeS instant freeze speed. He is...
  17. Predictions How Gray's story ends

    Gray will kill natsu at the end of this series either that or he will sacrifise himself playing the bad guy so gray can get his revenge he wanted
  18. Vasgoko

    Team [Fantasy] Raven Team (Gray and Kagura) vs. Reddish-Pinkish Team (Natsu and Erza)

    Basically you got two sides. Gray Fullbuster and Kagura Mikazuchi vs. Natsu Dragneel and Erza Scarlet. Not really any restrictions, so feel free to argue the way you want. All feats can be used. No time limit. Takes place in Ruins of Tartaros Battlefield. Starting position/length...
  19. Natsu vs Gray?

    i know this isnt going to happen for a while but i think gray is going to try to defeat natsu as soon as he finds out hes END