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haise sasaki

  1. Tweezers

    Discussion Haise or Kaneki

    Who is better? Can they even be compared? Are they even different? I love the discussion between the two, because so many perspectives can be brought up. I personally love where Tokyo ghoul is going with Re: and am a big fan of Haise. As lovable as Kaneki is, tortured soul and all, Haise brings...
  2. Theory A Shot in the Dark About TG History and Kaneki's Role

    Overview of the parties in this chess game: CCG: Founded by Washuu clan back in 1890 or something. They've been hunting ghouls for a long time and continue to do so in the name of public safety. Keeps experimenting with turning humans into ghouls. Recently unveiled successful Quinx surgery...
  3. Byron

    Discussion The name Haise: a german alliteration?

    So I started learning german today and I came across an interesting fact. There is a verb, the " heißen" which when used for first person, like " eg. I play", it's written as "heiße" and it's pronounced very if not completely similar to Haise! Now, the interesting thing about this verb is that...
  4. Byron

    Discussion Will Sasaki defeat Arima?

    I came across a little theory today: "From the one-shot: Shinohara gets a cut on his cheek and then follows up with a counter to Kaneki's offense. Also note that he compliments Kaneki : "Truly a Ghoul's strength." Then, A few pages later: Tables turned - Shinohara dead. From chapter...
  5. Kaoz

    Theory Haise's Hair Colour

    So let's talk a bit about Haise's hair colour, or rather how it changes between black and white/grey. From my understanding the predominant theory is that it gets whiter the more stressed Haise is. But considering the past couple chapters, isn't that weird? His hair is almost more black than...
  6. Byron

    Discussion If Shu has the chance to eat Haise, would he do it?

    Shu's obsession with Haise- Kaneki has become apparent so I was wondering if he were to actually eat him had he been given the chance. For me I don't really know anymore. I'm beginning to think that their relationship has become something similar to Joker vs Batman. Kaneki is what motivates Shu...
  7. Byron

    Theory Does Matsuri know about Haise's lie?

    It's clear that Matsuri had cameras all over the place and so he could know what was going on on multiple occasions. When Akira asked him who was Haise's enemy, he didn't answer but he kept silent while looking at the screens of the computers in front of him. Another clue that strengthens the...
  8. Byron

    Discussion Is Ishida trolling us for good?

    I mean for real! Last chapter was sentimental and deep but the truth is that Haise has no idea what he's talking about. He may think that he's no longer Kaneki but last time I checked, when he fought against Nishiki, he automatically told his name even though he didn't know it. That being said...
  9. Nii

    Discussion Kaneki = Haise?

    The major question of the sequel manga. What are your thoughts on this matter? We got a lot of hints here and there, but is Ishida fooling us on purpose or is it exactly as obvious as it seems? Voice your speculations and arguments for and against Kaneki being Haise!