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power level

  1. BluePegasus

    Discussion S-Class Ranking

    I was wondering in which way the S-Class Wizards from Fairy Tail should be ranked. Now, there are five S-Class Wizards in Fairy Tail which are: Gildarts Laxus Erza Mirajane Mystogan What is your top 5 S-Class Wizards ranked from the strongest to the weakest? This is mine: 1. Gildarts 2...
  2. Canas and Laxus' ranking in FT

    I have been think what ranking canna and luxus stend in ft guild as for luxus we know that he is considered among the strongest of fairy tail but don't you canna is quite underrated (with their powers i am also counting canna's fairy glitter and luxus's fairy law)
  3. Kiki

    Discussion Erza Scarlet Thread

    This thread is for discussing Erza Scarlet generally. Feel free to discuss about Titania!
  4. Character Best non top tier MSer

    Who is the strongest non top tier MSer? I guess first we have to define what is 'not top tier'. I will define it as not including anyone who can be recognized at the national level. For example it is said that everyone on Rikkidai is considered 'national (Tezuka) class player' so every one of...
  5. -Ken-

    Discussion Power Level Comparision (Schools)

    What school do you think will win? Feel free to make your own line-up, or used line-up from the manga. This include Shitenhouji Singles 3: Shiraishi Doubles 2: Konjiki-Hitouji Singles 2: Gin Doubles 1: Kenya or Chitose-Zaizen Singles 1: Kintarou Singles 3: Kintarou Doubles 2...
  6. Fuji Shusuke

    Special Move PoT and SPoT Technique Tier List

    Hello forumers. I have grouped all of the Prince of Tennis and New Prince of Tennis moves and techs into different ranks. These are from BOTH ANIME AND MANGA. Please comment on any mistakes and if you think a move shouldn't be that rank just say it. I will take any opinion into account. Note...
  7. FrostyMouse

    Singles Tier List

    Singles Tier List Only characters that had at least one match (or currently have one) are to be ranked. For Doubles, only players that played together before may be ranked. Concerning the Tier Lists for Prefecturals, Tokyo, Kanto and Nationals, the above criteria apply to the given time...
  8. Jyten

    Character Complete Tier List

    I figured we had a fan league and I was curious how everyone thinks all players stack up in the tier list... I already know we already have a tier list but I don't know if that one will continue...and it's a bit of an old thread...either way, I included the main info from Antres...I just want...
  9. Sherlock Holmes

    Character How much will the tier list change in Shin Pot?

    We have been given some blatant foreshadowing for a while now, so who do you think is going to get stronger/weaker? Those are my guesses: Seigaku: Momo and Kaidoh are going to have some godlike development. Momo became Oni's rival, and assuming he is going to beat the man who defeated...
  10. Jyten

    Character Doubles Tier List

    This list is currently under construction. Latest update:
  11. Character PoT Character Tier List (please give input and help as the list is far from completion)

    Okay, first thing first, i'm no expert about Prince of Tennis, simply because i couldn't remember all the character names, skills and matches, so inputs are very welcome, and i really hope we can create the list together. I'm going to put a few names and a quick description first, starting...
  12. Fayte

    Character Prince of Tennis Character Tier List.

    Before the U-17 camp. Nationals skill level. (Character only) ------------------- Unranked ------------------- Nanjiroh Echizen Kabaji Akutsu ---------------- Rank SS ---------------- 1)Yukimura 2)Sanada --------------- Rank S --------------- 3)Tezuka --------------- Rank A...