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tsukimitsu ochi

  1. Kaoz

    Character USA - Japan Team Parallels

    So after learning the names of the remaining ones, I was looking at this image of the US reps again: And while doing that, I was thinking to myself "Man, this Jackson dude is pretty tall. I wonder if he's taller than Ochi (probably not, but that's not the point). He also has a pretty calm...
  2. ChinkyCandie

    Character G10 in Middle School

    Continuation from the Spoiler thread. Theory time: What do you think G10 was doing during MS? We know Byodoin was travelling the world during MS. He was aiming for the world, not the top of one country. We know Mouri was skipping practice because he was that good. What are everyone else's...
  3. Character The high schoolers 3 years ago

    What would they be relative to the current middle schoolers? The current generation of middle schoolers is said to be a once in a decade talent so it's hard to see that 3 years ago the overall talent was higher, so we can assume even their seemingly impossible talents is considered normal in 3...
  4. ybr99

    Match Genius 10 vs. middle schoolers

    What lineup of japan middle schoolers (not tezuka or ryoma) can beat the japanese high schoolers if they use the same lineup as before with tokugawa taking ryoga's spot. The middle schoolers must win 4 out of the 7 matches to win. RULES No assuming they get upgrades ONLY as they are now...
  5. Kaoz

    Final Beach Volleyball Tournament - Ochi/Oishi vs Tokugawa/Kadowaki

    Finals - Ochi/Oishi vs Tokugawa/Kadowaki Ochi serves first. Please make sure you've read the rules before posting. This round ends in 48 hours on Thursday, September 18 Friday, September 19 at 12:30 PM GMT.
  6. Kaoz

    Semifinal Beach Volleyball Tournament - Nakagauchi/Tooyama vs Ochi/Oishi

    Semifinals - Nakagauchi/Tooyama vs Ochi/Oishi Tooyama serves first. Please make sure you've read the rules before posting. This round ends in 48 hours on Sunday, September 14 at 12:20 PM GMT.
  7. Kaoz

    Beach Volleyball Tournament - Ochi/Oishi vs Kimijima/Mizuki

    Round 1 - Ochi/Oishi vs Kimijima/Mizuki Mizuki serves first. Please make sure you've read the rules before posting. This round ends in 48 hours on Wednesday, September 10 at 12:20 PM GMT.
  8. Kaoz

    Match Tohno/Ochi vs Tezuka/Chitose

    Been ages since I made one of these. For reference: This is a 3 set match. Please consider Ten'imuhou to be banned. Discuss, vote etc. Also, I guess this is as good of an opportunity as any to mention that the Unvote option is now enabled for all polls in this subforum.
  9. Kaoz

    Theory Kaoz' Random Theories

    Basically at some point a few weeks ago, while going through the manga and discussing some aspects, I started theorizing that some additional parts were planned, but removed from the final product for whatever reason, but hints as to what could have been there still exist. There are two (major)...
  10. Kaoz

    [Bonus Round] Singles 1

    Determine the strongest Singles 1 player of the tournament. The bonus round ends on Thursday, October 25th 8 PM GMT. Cast your vote and discuss (logically) why you voted for who you voted for. Have fun, but keep it clean!
  11. Kaoz

    [Round 1 - Team 7 vs Team 9 Singles 1] Ochi vs Tooyama

    Singles 1Ochi TsukimitsuTooyama KintarouTitleMental AssassinSuper Rookie of the WestSchoolHigh School 3rd YearShitenhouji 1st YearHeight226 cm151 cmWeight???52 kgDominant HandRightRightPlaystyleCounter PuncherAggressive BaselinerTechniquesMachSuper Megaton Wonder Deluxe Yama Funka Serve Super...
  12. sisco

    Theory battle vs the top ten high schoolers match order/outcome prediction

    my predication of the matches look something like this doubles 3 #9 ochi/#10 mouri vs niou/atobe = niou/atobe win doubles 2 #8 tohno/#7kimijima vs marui/kite = tohno/kimiijima win (to me it's hinted slightly that tohno and kimijima might be doubles partners. i REALLY hope kimijima isn't...