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Translations: One Piece 908 by cnet128 , Gintama 687 (2)

History's Strongest Disciple Kenichi 482

Battle 482: secret meeting at the aquarium


-> RTS Page for History's Strongest Disciple Kenichi 482

Battle 482: secret meeting at the aquarium\\
Side text: kenichi is heading toward a secret meeting with his old friend ryuuto of yomi…\\
Ken: the aquarium huh~~ it is in the top 10 of the 100 places I would chose for a date with miu-san.\\
Ken: I wonder when I will go on a date with her…\\
Ken: eh?\\
Miu: oh!\\
miu: kenichi-san\\
inserted text: there are times when a man must do things by himself.\\
ken: m-miu-san, why are you passing through that route, is it some kind of shortcut to go somewhere?\\
miu: the masters of ryouzanpaku told be that I should take a break from time to time, so I thought about going to the shinpaku alliance’s meeting…\\
miu: even if maybe it is a little late now.\\
miu: and you? Didn’t you decided to spend the day with your family after so much time?\\
ken: ah, about that…\\
ken: … even considering that we are talking about ryuuto and nothing should happen, I don’t want to bring miu-san in a somewhat dangerous place.\\
ken: but…\\
ken: I don’t want to hide something to miu-san either…\\
miu: eh? What is it?\\
miu: I love secret talk!!\\
ken: well…\\
ken: to be honest I received a call from ryuuto.\\
miu: eh?\\
ken: and now I’m going to meet him in a “certain aquarium somewhere”.\\
miu: will you be fine? Asamiya ryuuto not only is the former first fist of ragnarok but also is one of the members of yomi!!\\
ken: that’s right.\\
ken: and he is also my best friend since we were kids!!\\
ken: I promised him to go alone, and I want to keep that promise.\\
ken: I didn’t want to make worry you anymore, but…\\
ken: I didn’t want to hide things from you either, so…\\
TLN: liar…\\
miu: I see.\\
miu: I cannot say anything to you if you already thought about this thoroughly .\\
miu: be careful, ok?\\
ken: yes.\\
miu: I don’t have to tell this to anyone of the shinpaku alliance,\\ otherwise it will cause an uproar\\
niji: ukyaaah!! I discovered this exploitable idiot once again!!!\\
niji: kekekeke even if it is yomi, there is a intelligence leak because of this insider idiot among them!!\\
niji: let’ analyse this blog thoroughly!!\\
flag: there is no need to tell me that, general commander!!\\
freya: anyway, I never imagined that she would make public her pictures through a blog…\\
ukita: wow~~~ obuh!\\
kisara: yomi’s Atlantis , kokorone rimi… she is frightening.\\
miu: sorry, I’m late everyone!\\
takeda: hey honey, don’t worry, I will always wait for you\\
thor: dosukoi.\\
miu: ?\\ why are you in such an uproar?\\
sieg: well fuurinji-san\\ the truth is that we just discovered that Atlantis of yomi had a blog all along.\\
miu: eeh!?\\
blonde: the problem is the identity of this “so so so loved R-sama”\\
flag: she always talks about this R-sama!!\\
miu: R-sama?\\
sieg; yes, and it seems that this person named R-sama will have a secret meeting at the aquarium tonight.\\
miu: eh!? the aquarium!!\\
miu: could it be…!?\\
rimi: I’m here after all… so ryuuto-sama will meet him in this aquarium huh.\\
rimi: shupaah\\
rimi: ryuuto-sama said that he would meet shirahama kenichi, but…\\
rimi: I have the feeling that just before saying that he mentioned the name of fuurinji miu…\\
rimi: I have the feeling that it is like ryuuto-sama doesn’t have any interest in women, but…\\
rimi: I also have the feeling that the name “fuurinji miu” has some kind of effect on him. And rimi’s perception is sharp.\\
rimi: ah, I have to hide!\\
ken: eh? I thought that someone was here…\\
ken: maybe it was just my imagination…\\
ken: it’s late in the night, but it’s open.\\
ken: could it be that ryuuto-kun made them open it just for our appointment? yomi’s power is frightening.\\
rimi: so this man is the only one here after all.\\
rimi: could it be that rimi was over-thinking about this?\\
ken: anyway the aquarium during the night…\\
ken: is quite frightening…\\
ryuuto: you are the same old scaredy cat as always huh.\\
ken: ryuuto…\\
miu: this is the place.\\
miu: I’m sorry kenichi-san.\\ I ended up coming here too even if I told you that I would let you go alone, …\\
miu: but the entry in Atlantis’s blog that said “maybe I should follow him~~~” really worried me!\\ if R-sama is ryuuto-san, then kenichi would be against two opponents… and it could not end with just a little friendly chat.\\
miu: however I went away from the shinpaku alliance’s meeting without telling anything to them, I wonder if they will invite me again…\\
takeda: eh? Where is honey?\\
kisara: eh?\\
miu: this is the aquarium during the night…\\
miu: that is…\\
miu: this is an aquarium!!?\\
miu: this is the first time in my life that I’m in an aquarium!!\\
miu: the aquarium during the night is fabulous~~~\\
miu: I feel like I’m alone on the bottom of the sea~~~\\
miu: oooh, this is the same ocean fish-san that helped me when I was drifting in the sea.\\
past miu: I have to continue floating until grandfather finds me\\
miu: thank you for that time!!\\
miu: eh, cat?\\
on the board:{
red tail cat\\
habitat : amazon river\\
adult fish size: generally 1 meter\\
food: all the small aquatic creatures\\
note: this is a lovely pet and(it is interrupted)\\
near the arrow pointing to the cat: red\\
fish: no no, I’m like a catfish.\\
miu: Atlantis of yomi!!\\
miu: just as I expected.\\
rimi: aaah!! Fuurinji miu!!\\
rimi: ryuuto-sama was hiding to rimi that you would come here…\\
rimi: what are you…\\
rimi: to ryuuto-sama!!?\\
miu: urgh…\\
miu: what is this furious emotion…? Anger? Killing intent? … or something else?\\
side text: ryuuto-love rimi in full battle mode!?\\

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