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Translations: Gintama 701 by kewl0210 , One Piece 930 by cnet128

History's Strongest Disciple Kenichi 482

+ posted by molokidan as translation on Sep 11, 2012 02:58 | Go to History's Strongest Disciple Kenichi

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tl by molokidan

1: The aquarium, eh? It's one of the top 10 in the 100 places I'd like to take Miu-san on a date.
2: Really, someday she and I will...
3: Hmmm?
4: Ohh!
side: Kenichi goes to meet an old friend and member of YOMI, Ryuuto...

1: Kenichi-san!
BATTLE482 - Secret Meeting at the Aquarium

1: M-Miu-san! Why are you taking a route like that? Is it a shortcut?
slanted: Sometimes men have to do things alone.
2: Everyone at Ryouzanpaku told me I should spread my wings once in a while. I'm a bit late, though...
3: I thought I'd join the Shinpaku Alliance gathering.
4: What about you, Kenichi-san? I thought you were going to spend this day with your family?
5: Yeah, about that...

1: ...I doubt Ryuuto-kun would do such a thing, but I don't want to take Miu-san anywhere where there could be danger.
2: But...
3: I don't want to hide anything else from her...
4: Huh? What is it?
5: I love secrets!!
6: The truth is...
7: I got a call from Ryuuto-kun.
8: Huh?
9: I'm going to meet him at the Dokokano Aquarium.

1: Are you going to be alright? Asamiya Ryuuto is an ex-Ragnarok and member of YOMI!!
2: Yeah.
3: And a good friend of mine since I was a kid!!
4: I promised him, so I'm going alone.
5: I don't want to make you worry any more, Miu-san...
6: But I didn't want to hide anything from you...
7: OK.
8: If you've thought that much about it, then I have nothing to say.

1: Be careful.
2: OK.
3(2b): I won't tell the Shinpaku Alliance. Otherwise who knows what'd happen.

1: Ukyaaaa!! Found another profitable piece of idiocy!!!
2: Kekeke! Looks like even YOMI has idiots that spill out secret information!!
3: Mark the hell out of this blog!!
4: I already did, captain!!
5: To think she'd post pictures on her blog...
6: Woah! Opuh!!
7: Atlanta from YOMi, Kokorone Rimi...what a frightening woman.

1: Sorry I'm late, everyone!
2: Hey, honey! I'd wait as long as you need to me to!
3: Dosukoi!
4: What's going on?
5(2b): Ahh, Fuurinji-san, the truth is, Atlanta from YOMI has some blog, we discovered.
6: What?!
7: The problem is who this "R-sama" she really really really loves is.
8: This R guy really appears a lot!!
9: R-sama?
10: Yeah, apparently she has a secret meeting with him tonight at the aquarium.
11: What?! The aquarium?!

1: It couldn't be?!
2: There he is...so he's got a meeting at this aquarium.
3: Shpah!
4: Ryuuto-sama said he was going to meet Shirahama Kenichi...
5: But for some reason, before that, the way he said Fuurinji Miu stuck in my head...
6: It really seems like Ryuuto-sama has no interest in women...
7: But there was something echoing when he said "Fuurinji Miu." Rimi's intuition is sharp!

1: Ah, oh no!
2: Huh? It felt like someone was just there...?
3: Was it just me?
4: It's night, but it's open.
5: Ryuuto-kun must have kept it open to meet with me? YOMI's power is really scary.

1: He really did come alone.
2: Was Rimi overthinking things?
3: The aquarium at night...
4: is pretty creepy.
5: A scaredy-cat as usual.

1: Ryuuto...

1: This is it.
2(2b): Sorry, Kenichi-san. I told you I'd let you go alone, but...
3(2b): The "I'm gonna follow him secretly" part in Atlanta's blog is suspicious. If R-sama is Ryuuto-san, then that means Kenichi-san would have to face two people...and this may not end with only talking.
4: I left without telling the Shinpaku Alliance guys. I hope they'll invite me again...
5: Huh? Honey?
6: What the?
7: This is...the aquarium at night...
8: Wait...
9: this is an aquarium?!

1: It's my first ever trip to the aquarium!!
2: Aquariums at night are so nice!
3: It feels like I'm walking alone on the ocean floor!
4: Ohhh! Here's the mola mola that saved me when I was out at sea.
5: I need to keep swimming until grandpa finds me.
6: Thanks so much!!
7: A cat? A fish?
sign: Redtail Cat
Found: Amazon River, etc.
Size: 1m~
Eats: small fish
Notes: It's friendly
small sign: Red
8: No, I'm just a catfish.

1: Atlanta from YOMI!!
2: I knew it.

1: Ahhh! Fuurinji Miu!!
2: Ryuuto-sama hid the fact that you were coming from Rimi...

1: Just what are you...
2: to Ryuuto-sama?!
3: Uuuu...
4: What are these passionate feelings...anger? Bloodlust? ...or?
side: Rimi's love for R blasts her into battle mode!

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