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Blue Dragon: Ral Ω Grado 29

Blue Dragon RalΩGrad Ch. 029 (Final)

+ posted by Alkador as translation on Jul 8, 2007 16:41 | Go to Blue Dragon: Ral Ω Grado

-> RTS Page for Blue Dragon: Ral Ω Grado 29

Yes, all good things must come to an end. I must say I’m quite sad myself that this manga is finishing, as it was one of the things I really found myself looking forward to, translating it to English even before I would get a chance to read it. Well, it was worth the trip and I hope you enjoyed the series. Hmmm, what series do I translate next…?

Blue Dragon: Chapter 29 (Final)

Page 1
Obscuria: It’s just as Biyon said. You either don’t know what you’re doing or you’re just a complete fool!
SFX: *stomp stomp stomp*

Sidetext: The Rhinoceros and the Human…A plan to defeat them surely is…

Obscuria: The Demon of Fury is said to be the strongest of all shadows!! You look pitiful, Blue Dragon!
SFX: *charge*

Page 2+3
Sidetext: The final Blue Flame!! Light and Darkness, fates divided!!
Suns: He did it! The black Rhino is done for!
SFX: *rumble*
Kafka: But if uses that, Grad will…
Shadows: Bira-sama, he beat the Rhino!
He beat it!
Obscuria: Quit yelling. I’ve just seen the Blue Flame before me.

Page 4+5
Ral: Get out here Obscuria!
Obscuria: I’ll say that you’ve done well to make it this far.
SFX: *grab*
Obscuria: Using the Blue Flame requires you use to the power within your host, except…
Obscuria: Seems like I can go on for a bit longer!
SFX: *rise*
Ganette: Obscuria!
Ral: She has…
Others: Obscuria!
Obscuria: It’s been a while Blue Dragon!
SFX: *stare*

Page 6
Obscuria: !
Others: !
Obscuria: WHY!?

Page 7
Dragon: Even if I look like this, I’m a human.
Mio: !
Ral is…
Kafka: What’s wrong Mio?
Ganette: Ral’s gone!?
Obscuria: !!
Obscuria: Impossible! Did you turn into a Second…!?
SFX: *rumble*

Page 8
Grad: Wrong. I am human who has who has completely fused with the shadow, Grad.
I am the Human Ral. No, I am Ral Grad.

Page 9
Others: …completely…fused…
Ral Grad: Of course. The dragon’s mind is in my body too.
If I achieve fusion, I must live in Noir when it is restored.
SFX: *rumble*
Ral Grad: We share one body and exist in the world of light as a human form.
When Noir is restored, we will exist as a shadow. That is complete fusion.
Obscuria: F…Fool! Such a thing is…!
Kafka: Existing as a shadow in Noir when it’s restored!?
Mio: Ral…

Page 10
Mio: Ral!? Is that you!?
What do you mean, saying you’ll live in Noir?
I don’t understand…
Ral Grad: It’s the only way I can beat Obscuria and the Black Rhinoceros
Ral Grad: It’s over Obscuria. I’m going to destroy your castle.
I will put an end to you. You may be able to escape a blade, but you cannot run away from the Blue Flame.
Ganette: SHOOT RAL!
Obscuria: FOOL…NO…
Mio: RAL…

Page 11
Obscuria: GYAAARRGH!

Page 12
SFX: *crumble*
SFX: *zoom*
Grad: Ral, that Black Crystal is proof of Obscuria. If you put your shadow in, Noir will return.
Ral: Got it.
Others: It’s over.
The end of Obscuria…
SFX: *rumble*

Page 13
Ral Grad: If I cut into this Black Crystal with my shadow, it will all end.
Is there anyone else who wants to do this?
Mio: Ral.
Mio: Are you really going back to Noir?
Ral Grad: …
Mio: We don’t have to fear the shadows anymore! Stay in this world Ral!
Ral Grad: I can’t do that Mio-Sensei. I made a promise with Grad.
Ral Grad: And Grad has no intention in staying behind in this world.
Ganette: The aren’t many girl shadows. What’ll you do?
SFX: *flash*

Page 14
Phoenix: The Black Crystal calls me.
SFX: *swirl*
Others: The Phoenix!
Mio: The Phoenix is a girl…
Phoenix: Obscuria is dead and I can move freely from this child.
Kafka: I was worried which one of you it was there.
Ganette: Well if he has her, he wouldn’t consider disturbing this world.
Voice: Very well.
SFX: *roar*

Page 15
Ganette: Gaira!
Suns: Gunsui!
Aya: Kuru Kuru!
Voice: Look, the shadows at all returning to Noir.
SFX: *zoom*

Page 16
Mio: Ral, wait…
Ral Grad: Mio-Sensei…
Ral Grad: Thank you for helping me out, Mio-Sensei.
Mio: Don’t go Ral…
Mio: If you have to go…
Take me with you!
Mio: Yes! Let me join the Phoenix! I’ll fuse!
If I do that, then I can go to Noir with…

Page 17
Ral Grad: It won’t work Mio-Sensei. Even if a shadow in Friend Form tries to enter another human, it’s not possible to form a connection.
If you turned into a Phoenix, you’d have no breasts, wouldn’t you? That doesn’t matter anyway. I can’t complain about the breasts in your peaceful world.
Ral: Mio-Sensei, everyone. It was fun being in the World of Light, even if it was for just a bit.
I’m really happy that everyone helped me to protect the World of Light.
Ral: Seeya.

Page 18
Kafka: He’s gone…
Aya: Yeah.
Ganette: Adios. Gaira, Grad, Corey, other shadows, and…
Mio (thinking): Thank you Ral.

Page 19
Grad: Are you really happy about this?
Ral: Ah,
It was tough leaving Mio-Sensei, but,
I’ve been thinking about the Phoenix since that fight.
Grad: ?
Ral: For me,
If there’s one thing I don’t want to leave, it has to be the Friend I’ve been with since I was born.

Sidetext: Thank you very much for reading this manga.
We hope that you read the future works of Takano and Obata-Sensei.

Translator’s note: Hope you enjoyed it. =)

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#1. by Magical Poof (Registered User)
Posted on Jul 8, 2007
Thanks for the translation!
#2. by kirios (Banned)
Posted on Jul 8, 2007
thankx for the translation
#3. by ryusuke_ (Scanlator)
Posted on Jul 8, 2007
thanks alkador :D

hope somebody use your trans and scan it quickly ^^
#4. by shrimpy (Translator)
Posted on Jul 8, 2007
i still can't stand that this series is over.
Disgraceful!! But i stand by obata-sensei all the way!
#5. by DeepEyes (Intl Translator)
Posted on Jul 8, 2007
Excellent Trans! Thx a lot Alkador! n_n...

#6. by blazingsora (Registered User)
Posted on Jul 8, 2007
awesome thx for trans
#7. by juUnior (Intl Translator)
Posted on Jul 15, 2007
thx Alkador for the last trans of Blue Dragon : ( .. :D

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