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Translations: One Piece 894 by cnet128 , Gintama 671 by kewl0210

Gintama 662

A thing without an end.

+ posted by Bomber D Rufi as translation on Dec 2, 2017 22:32 | Go to Gintama

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At this point it might just be easier to admit that this onslaught of Gintama only TL's is also a thing without an end for the time being.

Also I have a plurk now, so feel free to friend me there and stuff.

Hi wa mata noboru

(Top text – Volume 71 of the manga will hit stores December 4th!! The Anime “Porori arc” airs on TV Tokyo and it's late night Sundays at 1:35~ onward!)
(Sfx- GOGOGOGO rmmmble)
(Side text- The flames of despair burn furiously...)
Abuto: N—no way....
Umibozu was....
Utsuro: A shame...
The one man who was able to drive me into a corner over my long life...
Had the misfortune of being on the very same planet that grants me an unlimited life force.
And was –in an instant blown away like garbage.

Lesson 662: A thing without an end.
Utsuro: It really does seem that...
Only I can kill myself.
(Side text- The moment of the end approaches...)
(Sfx- Doooon fwhooom)

{I can't move...}
(Sfx- Dogoooohhh fhwooom)
{My body....}
{And soul...}

{Are entangled by....}
{the chains of resignation...}
(Sfx- Godoooonn thoooom)
(Sfx- Dogaaaah fwooom)
Abuto: Boss!!

(Sfx- Doonn tok)
(Sfx- Dooohhh thokk)
Kagura: Ka...

Abuto: Bosss!!
Let 'im have it!!
(Sfx- Doddodododo thoomthoomthoom)
{Is fighting desperately....}

{They're too injured to move anymore.}
Hijikata: Ko...ndo...
(Sfx- Zuzuuhh dshhhh)
(Sfx- Dooohh fwhoom)

(Sfx- Dohhh thooom)
(Sfx- Zazaaaah dsshhhh)
Gintoki: Hurry and stand up, dammmit!!
{Neither anger...}
{Or sadness are welling up within me...}

Someone: I---
I can't believe this...
Before the world or anything else...
comes to an end...
We're the ones who are going to be annihilated...
By one monster...

{No, we've realized it now...}
{That isn't something one can struggle against.}
{Nor is it something we can merely reject.}
{From the moment they are born have the end decided for them.}
{There's no one who can escape from this truth.}
{That man...}
{Is truth itself....}
{The truth of Death itself has taken human form and appeared before us.}

Utsuro: Oh at long last some good expressions among you lot...
This is good...this is how it should be.
You all are living to die.
Struggling against what is natural isn't something you can do.
When the time comes and you're old and the end creeps near...
Is close your eyes...
And gently let sleep embrace you.
Just throw that sword and accept me...

???: A Samurai's katana....isn't something to be kept in a scabbard.
It is something sheathed in one's soul.
The eras may have shifted where Samurai are no longer needed...
But no matter how the times change...
have things that they won't forget.
Even if the time where you must cast aside your sword comes...
The sword in your souls...

???: That straightforward true sword must never be lost.
{Our father's last words...}
{Were to never abandon...}
{our swords, no matter what.}
{He died....}
{With his eyes open...}
{Even facing the end that is death....}
{In his final moments...}
{That man was...}
{still looking for it.}

{We do not live to die.}
{Even if I lost my father...}
{Even if this body should be destroyed...}

{For that which doesn't end...}
{For that which doesn't change...}
{I live...}
{Here and now.}

{Until my final moments as well...}
{Without closing my eyes...}
{Or letting go of my sword....}

{Father, your blade...}
{Will continue to live on within me...}
(Sfx- Doooothhhh slassh)
Utsuro: Your first swing was quite a masterful one.

(Sfx- Kararaaan clatter)
(Sfx- Mishi mishii Grdsshhh)
Utsuro: This is....
(Sfx- Potaaah drip)

(Sfx- Gopooohhh blooorsh)
Utsuro: No way...
It can't be...
The dragon's pulse....
has disappeared.
(Side text- A single strand of light has...?!)
GINTAMA LESSON 662..............END.

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