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Translations: One Piece 929 by cnet128 , Gintama 699 by kewl0210

Gintama 681


+ posted by Bomber D Rufi as translation on May 18, 2018 20:07 | Go to Gintama

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Not gonna lie, Kind of wondering if I should drop this and quit bothering...

Hi wa mata noboru only.

Also I have a plurk now, so feel free to friend me there and stuff.

Lesson 681: Phoenix.
(Side text- Inside the crumbling ship...)
Takasugi: I'm sorry, but...
It appears I won't be able to bury your bones...
Back at the Shouka Sonjuku as I promised.
But before I kick the bucket...
There's one last thing...
I have to do...
Because I can't let things end like this.
Those guys...
It's just them I....


(Sfx- Dooooon thoooom)
(Sfx- Bishyaaaahh blooosh)

???: So...
There is still someone who'd look at the Tendoushuu...
With that expression?
Though it's likely....
Your desires will go unanswered.
Right now, we have no power.
There's not only no meaning in killing us, but us dying is meaningless too.
Takasugi: And? Your point is?
I really don't give a rats ass in regard to what you became.
My left eye...
Knows what it is you all did..
And is telling me what I must do.

Takasugi: I haven't changed...
And if you're unsure on how to die, I'm more than happy to teach you.
Because when I die...
I'm taking all of you with me.
Tendoushuu: How cruel of you.
They're nothing but pawns you see...
The one who dragged you –my loyal students, into this wrenched fate was....
I, Utsuro was it not?

Utsuro: But if you want to kill me, go ahead and do it.
But along with my blood,
My genes are being scattered all around the country.
I wonder if you who is at death's door...
Will really be able to stop each and every one of them?
This is....
The path you all chose.
The suffering will not end.
The pain will not end.

Utsuro: Humanity has made yet another mistake.
Tendoushuu: Do you understand now?
I am no longer your enemy.

(Sfx- Dodoooohhh ththoooom)
Tendoushuu: Your enemy is humanity itself.

???: Doesn't this planet...
Have a thing against visiting graves after nightfall?
???: It's not a rule written in stone....
But since ancient times....it's said it's at a place like this at night...
That one is supposed to take them out.
???: What's that?
???: That is....

???: I see....
That's perfectly fitting...
Then along with that man, why don't we tell some stories of old?
My earthling friends?

Shijaku: It's been two years...
You've come a long way since then, from a mountain of debris to this...
I'm constantly surprised at the resilience of Earthlings.
Katsura: No, without your assistance we would have been lost on our own...
Shijaku it's thanks to your cooperation that Edo stands today.
Especially taking over in the place of Enshou to take care of the post war cleanup...we can't thank you enough for that.
If it weren't for your actions making it clear where responsibility for the war fell and calling on foreign countries to aid us with reparations and aid the planet's recovery....
There's no doubt that this country would have been annihilated.
Shijaku: You're calling that assistance?
To me it was merely atonement.
We were the ones who started that war, couldn't stop mistakes from being made and as such went above and beyond tirelessly repairing what we could.

Shijaku: And it is because we do not want to repeat that same mistake....
That we have done everything we could over these last two years.
However, my earthling comrade...
Somewhere in the dregs of that error.....
We may have already overlooked something...
A mistake that ties into....
present day.
Katsura: It happened again?
Shijaku: Yes...
On the planets Hourai and Tenkai there have been acts of terrorism that targeted the gates.

Shijaku: And without exceptions...
Massive quantities of Altana were stolen from these planets.
That makes 13 countries in total.
And we still haven't the foggiest idea of how they pulled this off.
Or the name of the organization behind these large scale acts of terrorism spread amongst the stars.
The citizens of these planets that committed these acts.....
Were not in cahoots or anything of the sort. They just gathered together, formed a faction, committed terrorist acts and then killed themselves off.
Is what we believed at first...
But then on further investigation in regard to their true identities and the stolen Altana, we discovered something.
Katsura: Would it have been...
Shijaku: Katsura....it couldn't be, you...
Katsura: If you know about history then you should understand.

Katsura: In times of war, disaster, famine and when the world is in a state of unease, people without question believe in one thing....
However Religion can also lead to more unrest.
The Tengen Church.
(TN- Tengen means something like “Heaven's origin.”.)
Katsura: The acts of terrorism were all committed by devotees of that church.
From what I've heard, The church was formed by a cluster of remote planets that worships the power of the planets --”Altana”....
However it absorbed other religions and spread amongst other planets, in the meantime transforming into something rather different, but that is beside the point.
The key point here is what they worship...
Which is this thing here...a bird in flames.
Interestingly enough this divine beast....
Has the same meaning in our country as well.

Katsura: A Phoenix.
In short “immorality”.
Shijaku, the reason why the Tengen church has turned to terroism,
And is plundering Altana all around the universe is because...
They worship....
Utsuro, am I right?

Shijaku: So you've figured that much out have you? Then you must know...
Katsura: Yes, The church has spread it's influence to Edo as well.
Shijaku: The reason why the growth of the Tengen church has exploded is due to influence of all the war we've experienced.
All of the large scale wars that have occurred over recent years due to Utsuro's influence took their toll on many.
They want their loved ones, friends and families back.
And want to take them back despite the cost. If anything or anyone can make these desires a reality, they'll look to them without fail.
What caused them to buy into this mentality was the “immortality” of the being known as Utsuro.
This all started from two years ago....
Where part of the Liberation front rebelled in the shadows....
And absconded with the imprisoned Tendoushuu,
who possessed the immortal Utsuro's blood.

{That power....}
{Cannot be allowed to exist.}
{Immortal blood is not....}
{Something Humans can handle.}
{Do they plan...}
{On letting that happen again?}
{Do they plan...}
{To cause Sensei more suffering?}

{Am I once again....}
{Going to be unable to save Sensei?}
{I'm begging for just...}
{Just a bit more time....}
{I can't yet....}
{Drop dead.}
(Sfx- don tok)

{All....or nothing.}
{Let me your strength....}
{My senior disciple.}
(Sfx- Dokuuunnn thtroooob)
{All for the sake....}
{Of our master.}
(Side text- To even abandon his humanity....!!)
GINTAMA LESSON 681..............END.

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