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Translations: One Piece 923 by cnet128 , Gintama 698 (2)

Gintama 681


+ posted by kewl0210 as translation on May 11, 2018 04:14 | Go to Gintama

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[Gintama 681 Translation by Kewl0210]
Page 1:
Taka: Sorry.
Insert: Inside the crumbling ship...
Title: Lesson 681
Author: Sorachi Hideaki
Taka: It looks like I'm not going to be able
to return your bones to the grounds of Shouka Sonjuku.
But before I die,
there's one more thing I need to do.
I can't let
it end like this.
They must be...

Page 2:
[No text]

Page 3:

Page 4:
Tendoushuu: There's still one...
that would look at us Tendoushuu
with such eyes?
But... most likely
we will not be able... to comply with your wishes.
As we are now, we have no power.
Not only is there no value in killing us, there is no meaning in us dying.
Taka: ...So what?
I don't care in the least about what you bastards have ended up as.
My left eye
It knows what you did.
And what I must do.

Page 5:
Taka: I haven't changed.
If you don't know how to die, then allow me to teach you.
When I die
I'm taking all of you with me.
Utsuro: Quite a cruel thing to say.
They are no more than pawns.
The one that dragged you disciples into such a fate
was me, was it not?

Page 6:
Utsuro: If you want to kill someone, then go ahead and kill me.
along with that blood, elements of me
are already being scattered all over this country.
With you dying so soon,
will you be able to nip every bud?
This is
the path you all chose.
The suffering will not end.
The sadness will not end.

Page 7:
Utsu: You humans made another mistake.
Ten: Do you still not understand?
Your enemy is no longer me.

Page 8:
Ten: It is you humans.

Page 9:
Kujaku: ---Does this planet
have a custom of not visiting graves after nightfall?
Zura: It's not a strictly decided,
but since time immemorial, come nightfall
Zura: you are said to take them out.
Kujaku: Take what out?
Zura: Well...

Page 10:
Kujaku: ...I see.
Then perfect.
Then including that man, why don't we exchange some old stories,
my friends from Earth.
Grave: Tokugawa Nobunobu

Page 11:
Kujaku: It's been 2 years since then.
You did well to create this out of that mountain of rubble...
I am endlessly surprised by the strength of you earthlings.
Taka: No, we would have been helpless alone.
Shijaku, if it were not for your help, the Edo of today would never have materialized.
We cannot thank you enough for taking responsibility for cleaning up after the war in Enshou's place.
If you hadn't made clear where responsibility for the war laid and called on foreign countries to send reparations and aid to out planet,
this country would undoubtedly have fallen.
Kujaku: You call it cooperation...? It pains me to disagree,
but what we did was nothing short of atonement.
As the ones that started that war, as the ones that could not stop those mistakes, we spent these past two years thinking of nothing but what was in our power to repair.

Page 12:
Kujaku: We will not repeat that mistake again.
It is for that end that we have poured all we have into these two years.
But my earth friend...
somewhere among that huge mistake, we may have already
overlooked them.
The seeds of a mistake
that connect to today.
Someone: It happened again?
On both planets Hourai and Tenkai, there have been large-scale acts of terrorism targeting the gates.

Page 13:
Kujaku: And without exception,
a large amount of Altana was stolen from the planets.
These make 13 countries in total.
We still haven't the slightest idea how they did it,
or what the organization is that is carrying out these acts of terrorism spanning across multiple planets.
The people of those planets that committed the crimes
had no connection to each other at all. They just suddenly formed a cabal one day, carried out the terrorism, and committed suicide.
Or, that's what we thought.
But while searching for their true identity and for the missing Altana, we found something.
Zura: Would that
be this?
Kujaku: !!
Katsura, is that...?
Zura: If you know you'll history, you should know.

Page 14:
Zura: In times of war, disaster, famine, and chaos in the world, the thing humans always depend on
is religion.
But religion misleads people as well.
T/N: Tengen = Heaven Source/Origin
Ku: All of the ones that carried out those acts of terror were follows of that religion.
I'd heard the original organization was a religion of remote planets that worships the power of planets, 'Altana'.
But spanning many planets, it absorbed several other religions, and transformed into something completely different. Though that's not important right now.
What's important is that idol they worship.
That thing that appears to be a bird clad in flames.
Zura: It is known as, a divine beast which, oddly enough,
holds the holds the same meaning in our country.

Page 15:
Zura: A phoenix.
In other words, 'undying'.
...Shijaku, the reason these Tengenists that are committing these acts of terror all over
and gathering Altana is because what they worship is
isn't it?

Page 16:
Shijaku: So you already put together that much...? But then, as I'm sure you're aware...
Zura: Yes. Tengenism is spreading to Edo as well.
Ku: The reason propagation of Tengenism has been so explosive is all the war that's occurred.
All of the universe-scale battles that have happened over the past few years due to Utsuro took people from many.
They want to take back their lost families, friends, and loved ones.
If there's anyone that can make those hopes come true, they'll embrace anyone.
What drew them in was a belief in 'immortality'. The being called Utsuro.
The impetus for it was that event two years ago.
The incident where part of the Liberation Army rebelled under the veil of secrecy,
and walked off with the captured Tendoushuu,
the immortal blood of Utsuro.

Page 17:
Someone: That power
cannot be allowed to remain.
That blood
is not something that humans can handle.
Do they intend
for it to repeat again?
Do they intend
to make Sensei keep suffering?

Page 18:
Taka: Am I not able
to save Sensei again?
Please, just give me
a little time.
I... can't
drop dead just yet...

Page 19:
Taka: It's all
or nothing.
Lend me your strength,
senior disciple.
Taka: For our
Insert: Even throwing away his humanity---!!
Bottom: Gintama
...Lesson 681
/ End

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