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Translations: One Piece 929 by cnet128 , Gintama 699 by kewl0210

Gintama 682

The world's enemy.

+ posted by Bomber D Rufi as translation on May 19, 2018 05:27 | Go to Gintama

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One Gintama a day, except when I'm caught up like now.

Hi wa mata noboru only.

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(Side text- It's all or nothing!!)
Lesson 682: The world's enemy.
{Lend me your strength...}
{My senior disciple.}

{It won't...}
{Repeat ever again.}
{Because I won't...}
{Allow it to repeat itself.}
{Just a little....}
{A little more is all I need.}
{I need...}
{Enough so that I can...}
{Save our master....}
{I need power...!!!}

Takasugi: I had no guarantee....
That Oboro's bones....
Still had any immortality left in them.
Or, barring that...
What effect they'd have on me.
The Tendoushuu...
And the soldiers who gathered and sought that blood...
Were no longer there.
I was neither impatient or hesitant.

Takasugi: Oboro's...
and sensei's blood....
Had allowed me to stand up once again.
And I knew exactly...
What that meant.

Gintoki: Takasugi...
Your body has...
Takasugi: As you can see...
This body is anything but immortal.
Oboro did receive the blood of an immortal from Sensei...
But that was merely enough to keep him alive when he was at death's door.
And the reality of things is that every time he steps into death's territory the blood loses power.
In the end he withered and his body eroded.
I took in his bones, and not his blood...
So considering that fact, it's miraculous I was able to survive on this alone.

Takasugi: I realize how pathetic it was –scrambling around to kick death aside only temporarily...
This body can no longer regenerate, and is already weakening and rotting.
I don't have much....
Time left.
However it's that limitation that has made it possible for me
to be straightforward in my focus.
The Tendoushuu who...
accepted Utsuro's blood...
Are nothing more than ordinary folk,
a group who lost everything in the war including hope....
And took in Utsuro's blood in hopes that they could perhaps gain immortality.

Takasugi: With that blood it might be possible for them to recover what they lost.
If they can take life and bend it to their will, then perhaps they can start anew.
It's chasing illusions like these that have driven them insane.
And it won't be long until they once again repeat the same mistakes that have continued for ages.
I've been in pursuit of them over the last two years....
In order to stop them,
and root out all traces of Utsuro's blood that has spread around the world.
And every last part of him...
Before they take root...
but it seems that some of them already started to bud.

Takasugi: They have already...
Begun to figure out how to manipulate that blood.
???: The bodies of the remaining Tendoushuu members were once ransacked and destroyed by Utsuro's blood...
But it seems they found the means necessary to control it.
And along with restoring their bodies, they've used that immortal blood as bait...
To take over the Tengen Church...
And rapidly expand their influence.
All by promising immorality....
If you submit to them.

Shijaku: And now “immorality” isn't something...
That only the abnormal can obtain...
But a pandora's box –the door of which,
Has been placed in an inconspicuous place for anyone to open.
And now the final key to opening that door....
Katsura: Is Utsuro's revival, huh?

Takasugi: By getting Utsuro's body....
They intend to use him to find a way to create a “perfect” Immorality.
And the heart you possess is the lynchpin of that research.
In order for them to create a perfect immorality, they require the ultimate test subject.
These two years....
The two of us have been struggling toward the same goal in different ways and different locations.
What exactly does it mean to save Sensei?
Does it mean granting his desire and ending his existence?
We've meandered and been anxious over it...
But at the end of it all we couldn't change a thing.
But that's enough....
We've done more than enough.
And Sensei...
Have suffered more than enough.
If we want to save him, we should just do it.

Takasugi: As of now....
We can do it.
The thing we were unable to save back then...
Let's go now and save it.
From those fools....
a cursed fate....
let's save sensei from all of them.
This time we'll do it.

Takasugi: Whether what we end up with is Utsuro or Sensei....
We can cross that bridge when we get to it.
The important thing here is that we do not have....
The luxury to hesitate anymore.
Gintoki: Where?
Where is Shoyou's body...
Right now?
Where is this ship headed?
Takasugi: Edo.
The next target for a terrorist attack....
Is Edo.

(Sfx- Dooooon booooom)
Shijaku: What was that?!
I think I heard an explosion at the entrance of the cemetery!!
Katsura: Run, Shijaku!!
Shijaku: Katsura, it couldn't be....
Katsura: Well, there are several groups who are out for my head, so I can't say who it is for sure but...there is a chance it could be...
Shijaku: The Tengen Church?
Katsura: The Tengen Church has been attacking planets with acts of terror for one reason....
And that's because they need massive quantities of Altana to create their technology for immorality.
So it isn't at all surprising that they'd eventually want to sink their fangs into Earth.
And they have Utsuro's body so they'd want Earth's Altana more than anything.
I just never thought that they'd come directly for me first.
Shijaku: Katsura, you researched that much?!

Katsura: The reason why I was able to obtain the seat of prime minister...
Was so that I could rebuild this tattered country and lay down the foundations for a new one.
But my secondary priority was influencing key members of the government and having an information network that spreads throughout the country...
So I could ascertain what I need to do next in regard to Utsuro.
I too have my ways of...
keeping my ideals.
However it might be that even my methods have their limits.
Shijaku, I'd recommend you'd run in another direction and keep your distance.
If you do so you may be able to escape those who pursue us.
And if I shouldn't return....
Then I'm leaving the Government in your and Princess Soyo's care.
This country cannot yet retain it's balance without the aid of foreign nations...
So please be there to support her and everyone else.

Shijaku: Katsura Wait!!
Katsura: Heh....
Worry not.
(Sfx- Zazazaaa dsshshh)
Katsura: Nobunobu...
(Sfx- Zazazaaa dsssssh)
Katsura: Having a Prime Minister's grave near one of the Shogun isn't such a bad deal...
but if we're sharing a lot with the grave of the country, that'd make for some sleepless nights.
When I die, so does this country.
(Sfx- Basaaah fwaaaap)
Katsura: Did you think I'd be able to succeed your noble deeds without that much resolution?
(Sfx- Dotshhh thooom)
Katsura: So watch from the heavens above –this is the power of this country and its Prime Minister!!
(Sfx- Dooohh fwhooom)

(Sfx- Dooooh fwhoooom)
Katsura: Bring it on Tengen....
Okita: Ka~tsuraaaaaaaaaaaaaaah!!!
(Sfx- Doooohh doooom)
Shijaku: W—whaaaat? Hold on...
We totally got the wrong enemy!?
And why the hell are most of them following meeeeee?!
(Sfx- Waaaaahhhh roaaaaar)
Shijaku: Is this how you do thiiiiings?!

Kagura: Pattsan...
What are you going to do?
Utsuro....is alive, or so he says.
And they need Gin-chan's help
So they want us to help out too.
But even we don't know where Gin-chan is right now.
Shinpachi: I don't think there's much for us to do there, honestly.
If Utsuro really is alive....
Then Gin-san's probably long since been looking for a way to deal with him.
No, that's probably...
The reason why he left Edo in the first place.

Kagura: To defeat Utsuro again?
Shinpachi: I don't know.
If I had to take a guess....
Even Gin-san wasn't sure either.
That's probably why he left to do this on his own.
Because saving the person who doomed the entire planet....
Would probably make him public enemy number one of the entire planet.
{If it were me....}
{If I were in his shoes what would I do?}
{If a person I treasured...}
{From the bottom of my heart....}
{Were to become the enemy of the world...}

{Would I still fight to protect the planet?}
{Or would I choose to believe in them and become the world's enemy too?}
{I don't know the answer to that...}
{But I do know one thing...}
{I'd still want to....}
{See that person again.}
(Side text- To the place where it all started.)
GINTAMA LESSON 682..................END.

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