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Translations: One Piece 923 by cnet128 , Gintama 698 (2)

Gintama 682

The World's Enemy

+ posted by kewl0210 as translation on May 18, 2018 03:53 | Go to Gintama

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[Gintama 682 Translation by Kewl0210]
Page 1:
Insert: All or nothing----!!
Title: Lesson 682
The World's Enemy
Author: Sorachi Hideaki
Taka: Lend me your strength,
senior disciple.

Page 2:
Taka: It won't
repeat anymore.
I won't
let it repeat anymore.
Just a little.
I just need a little bit.
Give me
Give me power
so I can
save our Master...!!!

Page 3:
Taka: ...There was no guarantee
whether or not Oboro's remains
still had the power of immortality left in them.
Or what effect
they would have on my body.
The Tendoushuu
and the group of soldiers that sought that blood
were no longer there.
I felt no impatience nor hesitation.

Page 4:
Taka: My senior disciple, Oboro,
Sensei's blood,
had allowed me to stand up there once again.
I knew that was what
it had meant.

Page 5:
Gin: Takasugi,
that body of yours...
has Oboro's...
Taka: As you can see,
this body is a far cry from anything you could call immortal.
Oboro undeniably received immortal blood from Sensei.
But that was only just enough to keep him alive when he was on the verge of death.
The truth of the matter is every time one crosses over the line of death, his blood loses power.
And in the end, he was all dried out and that body rotted away.
I took in not his blood, but his bones.
The fact that that was enough to save my life was nothing short of a miracle.

Page 6:
Taka: That was the kind of disgraceful act it was. I did nothing but temporarily postpone death.
This body already cannot regenerate, and is starting to weaken and rot away.
I don't have
all that much time left, but...
thanks to that time, I can be just a bit honest
in doing what I really want to do.
The ones that took the Tendoushuu's,
took Utsuro's blood,
were nothing more than ordinary people.
A group of people who lost everything in the war and lost all hope
who sought out Utsuro's blood in hops of finding immortality.

Page 7:
Taka: With that blood, they may be able to get back the things they lost.
If they can manipulate life at their will, then maybe they can do everything over.
Such delusions have driven this people to mania.
They're now close to once again repeat mistakes that have been repeated for a long time.
In order to stop them,
I've been chasing them for these past two years.
Chasing Utsuro's blood that's been scattered all over the world.
In order to root out
every last element of Utsuro.
But the seeds have already start to bud...

Page 8:
Taka: They have begun to learn how
to manipulate the blood.
Shijaku: The bodies of the remnants of the Tendoushuu were once destroyed by Utsuro's blood,
but they found a way to control it.
Along with restoring their bodies, they have used that blood as bait
to take over Tengenism
in order to rapidly expand their power.
They say that if you believe them and do what they say,
they will grant you immortality.

Page 9:
Shijaku: At this point 'immortality' is no longer
something that belongs only to mutants.
That forbidden door
is now in a place that anyone can reach.
the last key for opening that door
ist he resurrected Utsuro, is it?

Page 10:
Taka: ----By getting their hands on Utsuro,
they intend to use his body to find a means of creating perfect 'immortality'.
And that heart you have is the cornerstone of that research.
In order to establish perfect immortality, they require the perfect test subject.
...These past two years,
you and I have been acting towards the same goal in different locations.
What does saving Sensei mean?
Making that wish come true? Ending that existence?
We've worried and hesitated
and in the end... couldn't change anything.
But... that's the end of it.
That's far more than enough.
and you
have already suffered plenty.
If you want to save him, go ahead and do it.

Page 11:
Taka: As we are now,
we can do it.
The thing we could not save back then,
let's now
go save it.
From them,
from that cursed fate,
let's rescue Sensei.
This time

Page 12:
Taka: whether it's Utsuro or it's Sensei,
we'll decide what to do next once we get there.
What's most important is that neither me nor you
have any time for hesitation.
Gin: ..........
Where is it?
Shouyou's body,
where is it now?
Where's this boat headed?
Taka: Edo.
Their next terrorism target
is Edo.

Page 13:
Taka: !!
Shijaku: What was that?!!
There was an explosion in the direction of the cemetery entrance...!!
Zura: Shijaku, run!!
Shi: Katsura, do you think this could be...
Zura: Well, I'm being targeted by quite a number of groups right now, so we can't say for sure, but there's a possibility it's...
Shi: The Tengenists?!
Zura: The reason they've been committing acts of terror to gather Altana from on all these different planets
is because they need a vast amount of Altana to establish their technology for immortality.
It wouldn't be surprising to me if they eventually set their sights on Earth.
And above all, now that they have Utsuro's body, they're sure to want Earth's Altana.
But I never thought I would be first on their list.
Shi: Katsura... you were able to investigate that much...?!!

Page 14:
Zura: The reason I was able to gain such inordinate status
was in part so I could rebuild a collapsed country and lay the foundations for a new one,
but it was also get a grip on the key members of the government and to spread a net out to the edges of this country
so I could learn of and prepare for any actions involving Utsuro.
I have my own way
of holding on to my ideals.
But maybe this is as far as that method will work.
Shijaku, you should run in a different direction.
If you get away from me, you may be able to escape the pursuers.
And if I don't come back,
I'm counting on you and Princess Soyo to take care of the new government.
This country is still one that can't stand on its own without foreign countries propping it up.
So please, support her and the others for me.

Page 15:
Shi: Katsura, wait!!
ZUra: Hmph.
Do not worry,
Zura: Nobunobu.
Zura: Having a Prime Minister's grave next to a shogun's grave doesn't sound too bad,
but if it's next to the grave of a country, I doubt we'd sleep soundly.
When I die, the country dies as well.
Zura: Did you think I could succeed you shoguns without having that much resolve?!
Watch on from heaven, the power of this country and its Prime MInister!

Page 16:
Zura: Let's go, Tengen...
Okita: KA~~TSURAaaaaaAA!!
Shi: Wait,
who is thaaaaaaaaaat?!!
We had the enemy pinned all wrong!! And what's more
most of them are heading my waaaay!!
Shi: Is this how you do thiiiings?!!

Page 17:
Kagu: Pattsan.
What are you planning to do?
He said Utsuro... is alive.
And they need Gin-chan's help,
so they want us to lend them a hand.
But even we have no idea where Gin-chan is.
Shin: We won't have to do much of anything on that front.
If Utsuro is alive,
then I'm sure Gin-san has been on the move to deal with it for some time now.
No, actually,
that's probably why he left Edo in the first place.

Page 18:
Kagu: To defeat Utsuro again?
Shin: ...I don't know.
may not have known either.
That's why he went alone.
Because if he tried to save the person that once nearly destroyed the world,
he might turn the whole world into his enemy.
---If it were me...
If it were me, what would I do?
Someone important to me.
If someone important to me
made the whole world their enemy...

Page 19:
Shin: could I still fight to protect the world?
Could make the world my enemy and keep believing?
I don't know.
But there's one thing I'm sure of,
I'd still
want to see them again.
Insert: Back to the place where it began----
Bottom: Gintama
...Lesson 682
/ End

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