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Translations: One Piece 923 by cnet128 , Gintama 698 (2)

Gintama 686

Even bad guys have things that are okay and not okay to do.

+ posted by Bomber D Rufi as translation on Jun 16, 2018 06:10 | Go to Gintama

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Things translators should and should not do...work so long on catching up, I guess would be one thing.

Hi wa mata noboru only

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(Side text- The TV anime resumes on TV Tokyo and affiliates Sunday July 8th!! Volume 73 and the novel “Ginpachi Sensei” both have new volumes out at stores everywhere!!)
(Side text- Where has Gin-san the hentai mask gone?!)
Hijikata: Damn.
I've completely lost him.
I know they brought him around this way....
Yeah, just get yer ass out here immediately. I'll tell you exactly where I am then.
Geez, did countryside life dull my tracking senses?
Still...this place...Yoshiwara is...
???: Yo, mister! Lookin' for somethin?
If you're lookin' for some babes I can hook you up with a few.

Hijikata: I'm looking for a one eyed woman, a woman with a scarred face, a perverted kunoichi and a female gorilla.
???: Not much I can do fer you there, boss.
(Sign- Yoshiwara guide)
Hijikata: They're all manly types that ordinary men can't handle.
They'll shake you down for everything you've got and pluck you clean –including all of your ass hair.
???: That sounds sceeery.
Hijikata: On that note, how old are you to be working here kid?
???: H—huuuh? I ain't no kid, bub!
And Yoshiwara ain't that shady a place anyway!
And ya shouldn't be flashin' yer badge around here anyway!!
How shameless are ya? Huuh? Bet the ladies don't think much of---
(Sfx- Gooohhh thuuud)
???: What are you doing raising a ruckus in the middle of the street?
For goodness sake...
You're the one who's being shameless enough to ruin this town's image...

Seita: Ow! That hurt...
???: Yoshiwara Shangrila...
Once an underground city who's existence was covered up by the country...
Is now recognized by the government as a tourist spot.
Two years ago, Yoshiwara was a place where those who could not fight were evacuated to so that they may seek refuge from the flames of war.
If this is our reward it is an ironic one, no?
The ceiling overhead that kept the sun's light from us is what in turn lead us to where the sun was.
But whether it's beneath the sun or night's depths...
Men and women's positions aren't so ready to change.

(Sfx- Dooohhh fwhoom)
Tsukuyo: Then our role ain't changed none either.
Even within the warmth of the sunshine, the Hyakka is still women's allies.
...is our current position.
So Hinowa who used to be the face of this city...
Has retired and now lives a dignified life...
As the one who keeps the order in Yoshiwara.

Tsukuyo: And now as both the Shinigami Dayuu...
and the Heavenly Dayuu...
The woman who once was the protector of the city of night....
Is now running wild under the light of the sun.
Don't be mistaken...before that scar,
One cannot belittle or underestimate women.
Because if they do, then...
They will be dragged into a place without day or night.
(Side text- This is Gin-san.)
Lesson 686: Even bad guys have things that are okay and not okay to do.

Tsukuyo: Anyone who's an enemy to woman is Yoshiwara's enemy.
And exterminatin' people like that is our mission.
Tae: Isn't that great Kyuu-chan? They're getting revenge for your underwear!
Ayame: Hm? So those are your panties?
And here I was thinking you wore a fundoishi or something, but they're fairly ordinary, huh.
But that's good isn't it? They're stain free so that means you change them every day.
Hm? But what's this? I see some hair stuck on them...
Tae: No, those are obviously the hairs from the guy sticking out?
Ayame: Oh? But there's something red here.
Tae: From when we lynched him probably.
Kyuubee: How long are you going to keep those?!
(Sfx- Zuriiih ssshhht)
Tae: He looks like he just doesn't give a damn about anything at all.
His name is Takasugi, right? From what I remember he did seem to have a “final boss” kind of vibe when he showed up for the first time.
Ayame: I'm surprised as well. I wonder what happened to him? Perhaps he fell off course somewhere along the way?
Tae: It all started when he started wearing panties as a hat.
Even bad guys have things that are okay to do, and things that aren't.
Wearing panties on one's head is the same as abdicating your last boss status.
Ayame: Or in this case maybe it's because he lost his status as last boss that he put those on?

Ayame: But it's hard to know what to do with him.
He's come here to earth with Gin-san for sure....
but he won't say anything about that.
Maybe while we're punishing him we can get him to tell us where Gin-san is..
???: Gin-san is in Edo?
Then why won't he come here and tell us himself?
I don't know...
But he didn't tell anyone when he left either, so he probably has reasons of his own.
{Uh, I hate to tell you this, but he's the guy there with panties on his head.}
{Nisesugi, it looks like the jig is up.}
{Best to cash your chips in now before things get worse.}
Gintoki: Listen up ladies...
No matter how much you embarrass me, it's a waste of time.
Ayame: We really didn't do anything though, you've done a bang up job of embarrassing yourself.
Gintoki: And is because I am simultaneously Takasugi and not Takasugi.
So no matter how much you embarrass Takasugi Shinsuke, I feel nothin--
Hey hold on a sec, let me finshgh.
(Sfx- Dosuh zaatsuh goohh thook thooom thkk)

Gintoki: Ouch, dammit! That hurts!!
Hyakka: Oh so you do feel things.
Gintoki: That's not what I meant, dammit –I was speaking on a emotional, spiritual level!!
???: I uh, don't get what that means.
Ayame: Ah, it makes sense. It's because you spout middle-school edgelord lines that you got replaced as the final boss.
Hijikata: I think it is in fact YOU who should apologize.
Gintoki: Fine then! Do whatever you want! I can take whatever torture you've got!
Use all of the violence in your system or whatever on me!
But I warn you, we'll find out who the true monsters are if you do so!
You'll be the scum lower than a terrorist wearing panties on his him, you dumbbrains!!
You didn't hang me up here without that much resolve did you?
Tsukuyo: Sorry but...
Yoshiwara ain't the sorta place where people get tortured.
This is the red-light district.
Men are shown a good time here so there ain't no place for sufferin'.
(Sfx- Dopaaaahhh blooorsh)
Gintoki: Liar!! Isn't this clearly water torture?!
(Sfx- Goppaphh bloorsh)
Tsukuyo: That ain't water.

(Sfx- Zubooohhh bloooop)
Gintoki: Lotio---
Women: Weeelcome....
Tsukuyo: Women of Yoshiwara....
We got us a guest of honor here.
Use all all of yer polished charms...
To give him a warm welcome.
Gintoki: Wait! What the hell is this?!
Ladies: Oooh, what a hunk....~
Gintoki: wait what are you old hags touching!? That's creepy! Stop it!!
Ah wait, that's...
Ayame: Um...Tsukky, what are you doing there?
Tsukuyo: This is how we do things in Yoshiwara now.
When a man's lust makes them do terrible things....
We drown 'em in women.
(Handwritten- Welllllcome!)
(Sfx- Auuuuuuuuuuuughhhhhh!!!)
Tsukuyo: So much so that they never want to look at a woman again.
(Handwritten- Welcome back masterrr!)
Ayame: No, what I mean, is who are these women Tsukky?

Tsukuyo: And after they've had their tryst on the ocean of lust...
Tae: Oh, he's back?
(Sfx- Uiiiin veeeeen)
(Sfx- Gashiiin clank)
Gintoki: Hey...
What's so sexy....about boobs?
And why do there have to be two of 'em?
{He's had an Epiphany...}
{He's been freed from his worldly thoughts and now seeks enlightenment.}
Gintoki: What the hell is this nonsense? Get it off of me, it's in the way.
(Sfx- Peshhtsuh thk)
Kyuubee: Ah! How cruel!
Tsukuyo: So, did you get some of them wicked thoughts of yours purged?
If so, then just answer us honestly. Is it true that you've been traveling with Gintoki?
Gintoki: Hmph. Right now the answer to that and boobs are things that aren't even worth making up a sentence for.
Speaking of which why are boobs made in pairs?
Ayame: Some Epiphany. He's basically only interested in boobs now.

Tae: I don't think he's been through enough to have reached Nirvana.
Ayame: Maybe one more time around might do the trick? At least maybe it'll do something to help him forget his new fondness for boobs.
Sure, one more time around...in fact make it twice. Once for each boob.
(Sfx- Aagggghhhhhh!!!)
{They're talking about reaching nirvana, but all I can hear is piercing screams of pain...}
Ayame: It makes sense if one goes through hell three times that their heart should be completely reformed.
Tsukuyo: Don't call it hell, Sarutobi.
(Sfx- Veeeeen viiiiin)
Tae: Ah, looks like he's making the pilgrimage back.
Tsukuyo: don't call it a pilgrimage Otae.
(Sfx- Viiiiiin veeeeen)
{Is that you God?}
{I am nothingness, I am emptiness.}
{I have no interest in boobs of any kind at all.}
Ayame: Um...he's not even using speech bubbles to speak anymore. I think we went a step or three too far.
Tae: Maybe doing it one for each boob was overkill? One was probably enough.
Someone: Hey!
Hyakka: Um...it still seems like he's rather focused on boobs, though.

Tsukuyo: So where's Gintoki?
{I am without lust, without lust.}
Tsukuyo: Not good, we can't get a read on this guy anymore.
Gintoki: I am empty. I am nothingness. Boobs come in twos.
Tsukuyo: Yup, this guy's got nothing but boobs on the brain.
Ayame: Well then, if we can't do anything else, let's try to stimulate him back to normal with worldly desires.
Tsukky go stand in for the old ladies and allow him full contact with your boobs.
Tsukuyo: And...how didya get to that conclusion?
Ayame: I can't do anything as I'm engaged to be engaged to Gin-san.
Also I think Kyuubee-san being touched by a man is a no go.
Tae: Sarutobi-san, why was I not included in your deductions there?
{Tae is nothingness, she possesses zero boobage.}
Tae: Excuse me, but a minute ago you were having trouble keeping up with two boobs, so where do you get off declaring who's got zero?
Now I'm mad. I guess I'll have to take care of this myself.
Kyuubee: Wait, Tae-chan!!
Tae: You can't stop me, I've also got my pride as a woman!
Kyuubee: Not that, But I'm on standby if you need me!
Ayame: And what would groping you fix?!
You might be having an arranged marriage interview, but you're still exactly the same, huh Kyuubee.
Kyuubee: But we can't allow a sicko like that to touch Tae-chan...
Tsukuyo: I get it, all right?
You do have a point...
This is my role after all.
Tae: Tsukuyo-san....
(Sfx- Zaatshhh Sfft)
{Why is there a need for you to do so much, Boob Daiyuu?}
Tsukuyo: Who the hell are you callin' boob daiyuu?

Hinowa: Is that so?
I understand...
You should do whatever it is you desire.
You really are quite a foolish girl.
Ever since I had you go into war back then...
The Shinigami Daiyuu seemed to have already died.
I think you should have...
Gone after him.
Tsukuyo: Hinowa...
Now that Yoshiwara is bathed in sunlight...
What was left of it's former self will disappear.
And it'll be just another town.

Tsukuyo: Actually, no. It ain't just Yoshiwara...
Now that we're comin' into a new era, everyone...the folks and the country itself are all actin' different than they were before.
And that might be cause for happiness, perhaps...
As necessary as it might, be I can't help but feel a lil' lonely.
Seein' the things that I'm familiar with changin' as I live my life...
And the ones I was supposed to walk along with into the future...
Movin' on without me....
It's why I wanna see this all the way through.
Because what's ending, and what's bein' born in it's place...
Are the steppin' stones I want to use to reach the future.
And someday when he comes back...
I wanna say that to 'im.
Maybe then he'll wanna...
Join us all as we walk on the same path to the future.

Tsukuyo: So tell me...
Where is he...
And what is he lookin' at now?
Is it...
The past...
Or tha future?
(Sfx- uiiiii veeeeen)
{Do not need breasts.}
Tae: Did he just....go around again on his own accord?
Ayame: Maybe our thoughts reached him after all.
Perhaps he's going around again to steel himself to tell us everything.
Tsukuyo: Ah, he's back.
(Sfx- Uiiiiin Veeeeen)

(Sfx- uiiiin veeeeen)
(Sfx- Dogoooohhh thooooom)
Rather than lotion, let's toss this guy into a vat of oil and then a pressure cooker!!
Tae: Wait, I feel like I've seen this col*nel somewhere before...
(Sfx- Gasu gosoh gassh thook thok thak)
Hijikata: You idiot!! I thought I told you to keep watch over that guy! So where is he?!
Kyuubee: Hm?
Yamazaki: Hijikata-san, sorry...
I was pretending to be an object so I could keep watch here...
But then I ended up really being used as an object...
And thus being used as a replacement.

Yamazaki: And he made a run for it.
{Damn that was close.}
{If I had stuck there a bit longer and I probably would have reached a higher state and started blabbing.}
(Sfx- Buchihhh blllrsh)
Gintoki: Ngh.
{Dammit, after those old chrones sucked out my life force, my body stopped listening to me.}
(Sfx- Pasaaah fwap)
{But I'm sure he would have liked to see it...}
{Kyuu-chan as a bride...In a beautiful wedding dress...}
{I won't allow Sakata Gintoki to fall in league with the likes of you.}
{His home is here.}
{Maybe then he'll wanna...}
{Join us all as we walk on the same path to the future}

{Just what the hell....}
{Am I doing, anyway?}
???: Yorozuya-san...
Thank you so much.
Um, if we need anything else, may we ask for you again?
???: That's fine, if you're fine with my help.
See you again.

(Side text- Those feelings as they pass....)
GINTAMA Lesson 686.................END.

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