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Translations: One Piece 923 by cnet128 , Gintama 698 (2)

Gintama 686

Even for Villains, There Are Things That Are Okay to Do and Things That Are Not Okay to Do

+ posted by kewl0210 as translation on Jun 15, 2018 06:00 | Go to Gintama

-> RTS Page for Gintama 686

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I'm gonna die

[Gintama 686 Translation by Kewl0210]
Page 1:
Top Left Insert: ☆The TV Anime resumes on TV Tokyo and affiliates on July 8th (Sun.)!!
☆Jump Comic Volume 73 and the 'Ginpachi-sensei' novel are now on sale with great fanfare!!
Left Insert: Where has Gin-san (Pervery Mask) gone...?
Title: 'Gintama'
Hiji: Damn.
I've totally lost him.
I know they brought him this way...
Yeah, meet me here on the double. I'll give you the exact location later.
Did being stationed in the country throw off my tailing intuitions?
Still, this place, Yoshiwara, is so...
Guy: Sir, are you looking for something?
Maybe while you're out looking for cute girls, I could introduce you to a quality shop.

Page 2:
Hiji: I'm looking for a woman with an eyepatch, a woman with a scar on her face, a pervert kunoichi, and a female gorilla.
Sign: Yoshiwara Guide
Guy: Can't help ya there, sir.
Hiji: They're all unruly women that no ordinary man can handle.
They'll rip you off for all you've got, including ripping out all your ass hairs.
Guy: That sure sounds terrifying.
Hiji: Speaking of which, given how terrifying the city is and you're working in it, how old are you, kid?
Guy: Wh-What?! I ain't no kid!
'N anyhow, Yoshiwara ain't that unseemly a town!
Also you might not wanna be showin' off a notebook like that around here!
How uncouth can ya get?! I'll bet the ladies don't think you're-
Woman: What's all that noise you're making right in the middle of foot traffic?
You're the one so uncouth that it'll bring this town's reputation down,

Page 3:
Setia: Hey, that hurt,
Someone: The Shangri-la that is Yoshiwara.
Once an underground city that was covered up by the country,
is now officially recognized by the government as a tourist city.
Two years ago, Yoshiwara was a place that sheltered those that could not fight to shield them from the flames of war.
I suppose you could call this our reward... Ironic, isn't it?
That ceiling that obstructed the light of the sun is what guided this town out to where the sun shines.
But whether we're in the sunshine or in the dark of night,
the positions of men and women don't change all that easily.

Page 4:
Tsuku: Then what we gotta do ain't changed either.
Even in the sunshine, the Hyakka's still an ally ta women.
...So, that's our current outlook.
So now even Hinowa, the person that was once the face of the town,
has retired to live a relaxed, dignified life.
The one keeping all the order in Yoshiwara now is her.

Page 5:
Tsukuyu: The Shinigami Tayuu
as well as the Heavenly Tayuu, Tsukuyo.
The woman that once protected the town of the night,
is now rampaging under the light of the sun.
With that scar before you,
no one can be careless with women.
Because they'll be brought to a world
where there is no afternoon nor night.
Insert: This is Gin-san. [A right-pointing arrow on top]
Title: Lesson 686
Even for Villains, There Are Things That Are Okay to Do and Things That Are Not Okay to Do
Author: Sorachi Hideaki

Page 6:
Someone: An enemy 'a women is 'n enemy 'a Yoshiwara.
Eliminatin' such people is our mission.
Tae: You must be relieved. They're getting revenge for your panties, after all.
Sa: Huh? Those were your panties? ["your" in italics]
I thought he had a loincloth or something on. So it's the classic panties, huh?
But you should be proud. There are no stains or anything on them. You're making sure to change your panties every day then, it looks like.
Huh? But there seems to be some hair stuck to it, isn't there?
Someone: Uh, those are the guy's hair spilling out.
Sa: Huh? But there's a red something there...
Someone: That's from when we lynched him.
Kyuu: How long are you gonna keep those on, anyhoooow?!!
Not the daiper!
Tae: He's really taken a 'so-what' attitude.
His name is Takasugi, yes? If I recall correctly, he used to have a "final boss" sort of feel to him when he first appeared, didn't he?
Sa: It really is a surprise. I do wonder what happened. Maybe his sense of direction got thrown off somewhere along the line.
Somoene: That must've been when he put the panties on his head.
No matter how much of a villain you are, there are things that are okay to do and things that are not okay to do.
If you stick panties on your head, you lose your status as the final boss.
No, maybe he put the panties on his head because he'd lost his status as final boss. ["because" in italics]

Page 7:
Sa: Though, it's difficult to say what to do here.
That man surely came here to Edo with Gin-san.
But he won't seem to open his mouth.
Maybe while we're chastizing him, we can get him to cough up where Gin-san is.
Somoene: Gin-san is... in Edo?
Really? Then why won't he show himself to us?
...I don't know.
But he didn't say anything when he left, either, after all... He may have some kind of reason.
Hiji: Uh, he's right there with panties on his head.
Looks like you've finally been cornered, Nisesugi.
It may be time to pay the piper.
Gin: Hmph, listen up, women.
No matter how you may try to embarrass me, you're just wasting your time.
Sa: Um, you've just been doing all the embarrassing things on your own.
Taka: And that is because I am a being who at once Takasugi, and not Takasugi.
So no matter how you humiliate Takasugi Shinsuke, I will not feel a twinge of...
Hey... Hold on. I wasn't finished yGEH!

Page 8:
Gin: Hey, hey... That hurts, damiiit!!
Hyakka: Oh, so it does hurt.
Gin: No, not like that! I meant in like a spiritual way!
Somone: Um, we don't quire understand what you're saying.
I think it's because you keep spouting those all-atmosphere edgelord lines that you got replaced as the final boss.
Gin: Now that's going too faaar!
Don't insult Takasugi like thaaaat!!
Hiji: Uh, you're the one that should be apologizing.
Gin: Fine then, do it! I'll take whatever torture you can dish out!
Go ahead just try to twist my arm with whatever violent act you've got!
But if you do that, you'll be turning yourselves into more of an aberration than I am!!
You'll be disgraces lower than a terrorist wearing a diaper and panties on his head!! You'll be scum, you bunch 'a idiots!!
What's wrong?
Don't tell me you strung me up here not even prepared to do that?
Tsuku: Sorry, but
Yoshiwara is not a place for torture.
Hyakka: This is a red-light district.
We show men hospitality 'ere, we don't make 'em suffer.
Gin: You're lying through your teeth! You're seriously using water torture...?
Someone: That's not water.
Gin: !!

Page 9:
Gin: Lotio-
Women: Welco~~me
Gin: !!
Tsuku: Women of Yoshiwara,
tha guest of honor is comin' through.
Use all your well-honed wiles
to give 'im a proper welcome.
Gin: Hey, hold on!! What is this?!!
Women: Oh, what a good man!
Gin: Hey, grannies, what're you lookin' at?! Stop it, that's creepy...
AH... Hey... That's...
Sa: ...Huh? Tsukky, why're you doing over there?
Tsuku: This is how we do things in Yoshiwara now.
When men whose lust brings them to do bad things,
we drown them in women.
Handwritten: Welco~~~me
Tsuku: Enough so that they don't want to ever look at a woman again.
Handwritten: Welcome back, master!
Sa: Uh, Tsukky, are those women?

Page 10:
Tsuku: ANd what awaits them at the end of that sea of lust is...
Hinowa: Ah, he's back.
Gin: What was it
that made boobs sexy again?
Why are there two of them?
Hinowa: He understands.
He's been released of all worldy desires and is beginning to reach enlightenment.
Gin: Hm...? What's this scrap of cloth doing here? Get it off.
Kyuu: How could you!!
Tsuku: Hey, did you get some 'a those wicked thoughts purged?
So then gimme an honest answer. Is it true that ya were travellin' with Gintoki?
Gin: Hmph. As I am now, both that and boobs are futile things not even worth constructing a sentence for.
Speaking of constructing, why are boobs always constructed in pairs?
Sa: I think that enlightenment caused him to lose interest in everything. Like, all he's talking about is boobs now.

Page 11:
Guys: I don't think he got quite to nirvana.
Maybe we should send him through one more time and he'll forget about boobs all together.
Sure, send him around again. One time for each boob.
Somoene: ...A god?
Gin: I am none. I am empty.
I have no interest in breasts whatsoever.
Guys: Uh, he seems to be talking without using speech bubbles. I think we kinda really overdid it.
Maybe two boobs' worth really was too much. We really should've left him at one boob.
Ya know, maybe he's still stuck on boobs.

Page 12:
Tsuku: Hey, where's Gintoki?
Gin: Lust empty. Lust empty.
Tsuku: This ain't good. We ain't got anythin' ta latch on to.
Gin: I am none. I am empty. Breasts are two.
Tsuku: Yeah, his brain's totally full 'a boob.
Sa: I suppose there's no choice. Let's stimulate him with worldly desires and get him a little back to normal.
Tsukky, go stand in the old ladies' place and let him touch your boobs.
Tsuku: How'd you get ta that?
Sa: I can't do it, I'm not married to him yet.
Also I think Kyuubei-san getting touched by a man at all is out of the question.
Tae: Sarutobi-san, why didn't you consider me in your calculations?
Gin: Tae has none. Breasts zero.
Tae: Hey, you. A minute ago you couldn't remember if there were two boobs or not. What's that zero mean?
Okay, now I'm mad. It looks like I'll have to take care of this.
Kyuu: Wait, Tae-chan!!
Tae: Don't stop me. I have my pride as a woman, too!
Kyuu: Not that, I just wanted to say I'm ready on standby if you need me!
Sa: How can we just have him grope you like that?!
Sa: Kyuubei-san, you may be having a marriage interview, but you really haven't changed at all, have you.
Kyuu: But we can't let a pervert like that get his grubby paws on Tae-cha-
Tsuku: All right!
You got a point. This...
is my job.
Tae: Tsukuyo-san.
Gin: Why.
Gin: Why is there a need to go so far.
Breast Tayuu?
Tsuku: Who tha hell's Breast Tayuu?

Page 13:
Hinowa: Is that right?
I understand.
You are free to do as you wish.
you really are quite an idiot, little miss.
Ever since I sent you into that war,
it's seemed to me that the Shinigami Tayuu was already dead.
I really wish
you'd followed after him.
Tsuku: Hinowa,
Now that Yoshiwara's under tha sunlight,
before long all traces of it's former self are gonna be gone
and it'll end up just like a regular town.

Page 14:
Tsuku: Nah, it's not just Yoshiwara.
Now that we're meetin' this new era, the country 'n the people 're all takin' a different form than they had before.
That might be cause for rejoicin', it might be totally necessary,
it makes me feel a bit lonely.
Livin' my life seein' things I'm familiar with chanin' 'n goin' away
and seein' ones we were suppose ta walk tagether with ta the future
movin' on alone, is just...
But that's why I gotta see this through.
'Cause the things that're endin' 'n the things that're bein' born
I've gotta use as steppin' stones ta move forward towards tha future.
And someday when that guy gets back,
I wanna tell him that.
Then I think he'll
walk with everyone on the same path to the future again.

Page 15:
Tae: So, tell me.
Where'd he go?
What's he seein' now?
Is it
tha past
'er is it tha future?
Gin: ...I
have no need for breasts.
Guys: .........
He voluntarily went for another round.
Sa: Maybe our feelings go through to him.
Like maybe he went to firm his resolve to tell us everything.
Tsuku: Ah, he's back.

Page 16:
Guys: The hell kinda way 'a reaching nivana is that?!
Are you trying to open your mind to nirvana or open a K*C restaurant?!
Maybe we aught to toss you into a pressure cooker and get you brown and crispy?!
Huh... Hey, hang on. I feel like I've seen this colon*l somewhere before.
Hiji: You incompetent half-wit!! I told you to keep watch!! Where the hell did he go?!!
Kyuu: ...Huh?
Someone: Hijikata-san, I'm sorry.
I was pretending to be an inanimate object and was keeping watch over there.
But then I ended up really inanimate
and was used as a substitute.

Page 17:
Zaki: He got away.
Gin: Man, that was close.
A little more and I would've reached nirvana and spilled all the beans.
Gin: GUoh.
After those old grannies sucked out all my life force, my body won't do what I tell it to do.
Tae: But still, that man may have wanted to see it, too.
You in a wedding dress, Kyuu-chan.
Sa: I will not hand Sakata Gintoki over to you.
That man's home is right here.
Tsu: Then I think he'll
walk with everyone on the same path to the future again.
Gin: ...Shit.

Page 18:
Gin: What the hell
am I doing?
Someone: Yorozuya-san.
Thank you so very much.
Im... If anything else happens, is it okay if we consult you?
Shin: Yes. If you're okay with me.
Okay, see you later.

Page 19:
Insert: Those feelings as he passes by----
Bottom: Gintama
...Lesson 686
/ End

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