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Gintama 691

Pure White.

+ posted by Bomber D Rufi as translation on Aug 19, 2018 00:11 | Go to Gintama

-> RTS Page for Gintama 691

What can I say, a numerical value assigned to the end of my suffering really motivates me.

Also I have a plurk now, so feel free to friend me there and stuff.

Hi wa mata noboru only

Lesson 691: Pure White.
(Side text- Those who look down at Edo from the heavens are....)
???: The target is Edo's termal.
Prepare Seirei gate launch modules.
Infiltration squad, prepare for deployment.
(Under panel: The newest volume of the manga #74 will be in stores everywhere August 3rd! (Friday)
???: We will commence with the plan upon landing.
(Under panel: The anticipated 2nd muddy ship “Gintama 2” will hit theaters August 17th (Friday)!!)
???: It's unfathomable that someone other than us...
Would be targeting Earth's altana.
I'd wager they're nothing deserving of real concern, however.
Edo is a country who's government has rid itself of tradition and now undergoes reform. IT would see, that there are parties who opposed to this, I've heard.
So essentially they are eating each other alive.

Dude: So in short they have no idea they're being targeted by a third party as they casually snap and snarl at each other? How foolish.
However that isn't to say we can't take advantage of this.
We can slip in while they're confused and accomplish what we must without expending much effort.
The country has already been sent into ruin due to war two years ago.
The irony that laying an already dead country to rest will result in our immorality is not lost on me.
Starting now, Edo is under martial law!!
We will be leading civilians to refuge,
And creating a wall of defense around the terminal!
Any entry beyond this point is forbidden!

Soyo: No matter what happens, the safety of the civilians is your number one priority.
I hope for your cooperation in protecting the people and the country.
Nobume: Princess Soyo.
About Katsura's situation....
Soyo: I can't right now.
I can't allow myself a moment even for sadness.
Even if we push at break limit speeds we cannot find someone to replace him.
So please just let me move forward for now...
Nobume: If that's your intention then it's even more imperative you hear this.

Soyo: Katsura-san's remains...
have vanished?
Nobume: I had heard reports that his death was confirmed, however...
after this confirmation there's no other information. We don't even know where his body is now.
It's odd enough that the information has been scrambled in the confusion but that is clearly suspicous.
Still, even with that in mind the information was broadcast nationwide without a hitch.
Soyo: That's...
Nobume: That isn't the only thing that's strange....there's the explosion at the terminal...
Even before the explosion happened....
There were strange things going on.
There was something unusual found in the terminal which lead to them engaging emergency protocol.
In short people were already evacuated before the explosion occurred.
And the circumference of the evacuation efforts was five kilo around the terminal.
Rather huge, wouldn't you say?

Soyo: Then when the explosion occurred...
Nobume: We're still getting the information in regard to how much damage we're looking at but if this holds true...
Then the only casualty here was the Terminal itself.
Soyo: Then why would they attempt terrorism in the first place...
And who is behind this?
Matsudaira: Takasugi Shinsuke.
An act of terrorism by a joui patriot who acted in the shadows in order to overthrow the government...
That's how it's supposed to look but that's suspending disbelief to hell and back.
No matter how much of a troublemaker that guy is...
There's no way he's got enough cred to get this many people to make a move.
Now if we're talking about someone sitting in the Prime Minister's seat...
Then we have a story that holds some water.
Soyo: You couldn't mean...

Soyo: There are accomplises?!
Someone who has enough power to....
Destroy the Terminal and assassinate Katsura-san?
Okita: I hope you guys didn't go forgetting....
That there's a patriot in this country...
That's more dangerous than Takasugi.
Or that there's an idiot out there...
Who was able to do what every other Joui patriot could only dream of...
Which is,
To actually seize the country.
And the one man who did it...

Okita: Katsura Kotaro is here.
Katsura: Gintoki,
You'd do best to keep important things deep in your pocket.
After all there are those out there who would launch a sneak attack and take it from you at any moment.
Right, Takasugi?

Katsura: Saying that now however matters not.
Because I have no intention of giving this heart to either one of you savages, and will keep it mys--
(Sfx- Katsuh sffht)
(Sfx- Gotushhh thk)
(Sfx- Dooohhh whoooom)
Gintoki: So you were the one behind that terrorist attack, for crap's saaaaaaaake?!
Were you two working together??!

(Sfx- Dattshhh thok)
Katsura: Don't you dare smear my sterling reputation!!
Who would besmirch themselves working for that supervillian?
We simply schemed to use each other because we both wanted to crush that religion!!
(Sfx- Dobushaaa craaaaash)
Gintoki: You're the supervillian, asshole! What kind of Prime Minister are you supposed to be?!
You not only fooled your constituents, but blew up a facility essential to the city!!
Once a terrorist always a terrorist huh?!
(Sfx- Gashiiinn craaaash)
Katsura: I....
(Sfx- Gyuuun wfhoom)
Katsura: Do not recall accepting the position of Prime Minister!!
(Sfx- Geshiihhh ththoood)

Katsura: And on that subject...
I don't recall ever saying I was a terrorist either!
(Sfx- Dokaaaahhh ththoooom)
Katsura: Then and now....
Nothing has changed.....
I have always been Yoshida Shouyou's student!!
(Sfx- Dokaaaaaah crraaaaash)

Katsura: However as Sensei's student....
and as your ally...
I've done some shameful things!!
(Sfx- Gooohh thoook)
Takasugi: Is that so?
Then you should know full well what it is you can do now.

Takasugi: The civilians have left.
The bait has been spread for the enemy to feed on...
And all of the wartime preperations....
have been prepared.
The only thing left to do now...
Is to sit back, twiddle your thumbs and watch me work!!
(Sfx- Dooohh fwhooom)

(Sfx- Gashii grab)
Both: That sounds like....
(Sfx- Buoooohhh whooooom)
(Sfx- Gogaaaaaahhhh whaaaaam)

Matsudaira: From the start his intention was to die.
The country torn apart by war needed restoration.
However there are those who oppose change who would hinder the shift from the old to the new.
He took the role of lighting rod and stood in the center taking the brunt of the opposition to the reforms.
While standing and being struck from all sides by hatred, he enacted reform and thus created the foothold for a new country to step forth.

Matsudaira: And thus he exited stage right with his job complete –with a little help of assassination.
If the person who symbolized reform were to disappear then those who grew to hate them would also be mollified.
Ultimately his goal was to give those –the next generation what they needed to start a new government.
Okita: Actually assassinating him was our job,
But it seems that the situation changed up.
Who'd have thought that he'd get a flashy sendoff like that one with Takasugi's terrorism at the helm?
Shinpachi: Okita-san, then you all are...
We were trying to assassinate Katsura to keep him from really getting assassinated.
So instead of trying to put the kibosh on the opposition, we joined them and became the center focus,
in order to control their movements.
Dissolving the Shinsengumi was done in order to accompany this.
{This is as scheme to grant a new country a fighting chance.}
{In order for this to work, we need to prepare to act as a foothold.}
{So are you willing...}
{To die along with me and the era...}
{For this grand cause?}

{How about we...}
{Make a country of which...}
{We can turn to the new generation proudly...}
{And tell them everything about it.}
Okita: And so we...
Scrounged up a mountain of rubble...
And upon it built a crappy country.
Eventually it ended up getting this far...
But it seems...

Okita: Before we can give it to you...
There's still one last thing we gotta do.
(Sfx- Bishaaahh dsshhhh)
Katsura: Gintoki.
How has Edo been to you?
Have you found the answer as to how to use this?

Katsura: Even if it means the destruction of everything you saw here....
Would you still choose to save Utsuro? Do you have that resolve?
Or would you rather cut him down?
I'm...the same as you two.
I tried in my own way to find a way to save Sensei on my own over these last two years..
It's hard to say that it's been very successful.
We all feel the same way but...
How we've gone at it couldn't be any more different.
Gintoki: Heh..
Have we ever been able to agree on anything?
Zura, if you told me that you wanted to cut Utsuro down then...
I'd probably want to save him.
Gintoki: But if Takasugi said he wanted to save Utsuro...
Then I'd slice the guy down without hesitation.
You get it? Whatever you guys wanna do, I'm gonna do the opposite.
We can't let any possibility go by.
It's because we're so completely scattered that we can choose every path right?

Gintoki: I'm sure that whatever you guys choose that it'll be right.
So in turn I can choose whatever I want.
And I choose a path of pure whiteness.
(Sfx- Pashii grab)
Katsura: Then...shall we wager?
On that...
White of yours.
And believe in finding a path...
that will save both Sensei and the world.
(Side text- Because there isn't an “answer” then....)
GINTAMA LESSON 691............END.

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