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Gintama 691

Pure White

+ posted by kewl0210 as translation on Jul 20, 2018 05:55 | Go to Gintama

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[Gintama 691 Translation by Kewl0210]
Page 1:
Author: Sorachi HIdeaki
Title: Lesson 691 Pure White
Insert: Those that look down on Edo from the heavens...
Someone: Our target is the Edo Terminal.
Seirei Gate launch preparations.
Infiltration unit, hurry into formation.
Insert Middle: ☆The newest, Jump Comics Volume 74 goes on sale August 3rd (Fri.)!!
Someone: As soon as we land, we will begin carrying out the plan.
Middle Insert: ☆The long awaited 2nd ship full of mud!! The live-action Movie 'Gintama 2' finally hits theaters August 17th (Fri.)!!
Someone: I can hardly believe that there is someone besides us
targeting Earth's Altana.
They are most likely nothing warranting any real concern.
The new government installed in Edo rid itself of old traditions. They are pushing reforms and there are forces opposed to them, I've heard.
This is nothing but them cannibalizing each other.

Page 2:
Tendou: .........
So unaware that their own country is being targeted by outsiders, they're nonchalantly fighting amongst each other, are they? Foolish.
But we cannot not make use of this.
If we take advantage of this confusion, we should be able to accomplish our goal without much effort.
That country already fell to ruin in the war two years ago.
Isn't it ironic by performing the the last rites to a country of the dead, what we will obtain is immortality?
Someone: We are now declaring martial law in Edo!!
Along with guiding citizens to shelter,
we are creating a line of defense around the Terminal!
Please do not allo anyone outside the infiltration unit to enter!

Page 3:
Soyo: In any situation, the first priority should always be the peoples' safety.
I hope you'll all lend me your strength in order to protect the people and the country.
Nobume: Princess Soyo.
About the situation with Katsura...
Soyo: Not right now.
I cannot allow myself to be overcome with sadness at the moment.
No matter how fast we try, I'm not sure we can find a replacement for that man's post.
So for now, please just let me face forward...
Nobume: ..........
Then all the more reason for you to listen to me.

Page 4:
Soyo: Katsura-san's corpse
Nobume: I had heard that his death was confirmed,
but after that, intel cuts off. We don't even know where his corpse is now.
Despite information getting obfuscated in all this confusion, that is unarguably strange.
Nonetheless, via some transmission, that death was broadcast all over the country in no time.
Soyo: So then...
Nobu: That's not all that's strange. The explosion at the Terminal as well.
It seems that before the explosion occurred,
something unusual was happening over there.
Due to some usual discovery, emergency procedures were underway inside the Terminal facility.
In other words, the people were cleared out before the explosion occurred.
And it was 5 kilometers around the Terminal.
It was quite a large scale evacuation.

Page 5:
Soyo: Th-Then when that explosion happened...
Nobume: We don't know the full picture of the damage yet, but if that's all true...
it may be only the Terminal itself that was harmed.
Soyo: Then what was the point of the terrorism...?
Who in the world...?
Matsudai: Takasugi Shinsuke.
This fiendish act was done by a radical Joui patriot that maneuvered in secret in order to overthrow the government
is what it was meant to look like, but that's a bit of a stretch.
No matter how crazy that guy is,
there's no way he's got the clout to mobilize this many people.
The only person that could do something like that...
is someone of the level of the Prime Minister himself.
Soyo: ...........
You don't mean...

Page 6:
Soyo: There's an accomplice?
Someone who has the power
to destroy the Terminal and assassinate Katsura-san...
Sougo: You guys didn't forget, right?
The fact that in this country
there's still a Joui Patriot
even more dangerous
than Takasugi.
Or that there's a bastard out there
that was able to do what all the other Joui Patriots couldn't,
take the country.
That that man...

Page 7:
Sougo: Katsura Kotarou is here.
Zura: Gintoki,
You need to take good care of important things, and keep them deep in your pocket.
There's a possibility of someone launching a surprise attack to steal it away from you at any given moment.
Isn't that right, Takasugi?

Page 8:
Zura: So that being said,
this heart will not go to either of you coarse buffoons, but to m-
Gin: The one that tricked me
was you, dammi~~~~t!!
Gin: You're the one that did that terror atta~~ck?!!
You guys were accomplices?!!

Page 9:
Someone: Don't say things that would tarnish my reputation!!
Who the hell would work with that villain?!!
We just used each other because we had the same goal of crushing that religion!!
Gin: You're the villain!! What kinda Prime Minister is that?!!
Not only did you deceive your people, you also destroyed an important facility!!
Nothing's changed about you from your terrorist days at all, has it?!!
Zura: I
Zura: don't remember ever becoming any Prime Minister!!

Page 10:
Zura: And while we're at it,
I don't remember being a terrorist, either.
Zura: Both now and in the old days
I have been simply
a disciple of Yoshida Shouyou!!

Page 11:
Zura: It's just that as Sensei's disciple,
and as a comrade to all of you,
I did some rather shameful things!!
Taka: Is that right?
Then you know what it is you two can do now, right?

Page 12:
Taka: Bystanders have all been cleared out,
and the bait has been laid for the enemy.
all the preparations for war
are set.
So all that's left
is to stand and watch with a dumb look on your faces!!

Page 13:
Guys: Why don't

Page 14:
Matsu: He planned on dying from the beginning.
Reforms were needed in order to restore the country that was devastated in the war.
But if one expects to get rid of the old and begin the new, one cannot escape opposition.
By standing at the center of it, he could take the brunt of the discord that arose from the reforms.
And while letting every sort of hatred pour down on him, he enforced reforms, and created the foundation for a new country.

Page 15:
Matsu: And his final task was to exit the stage via assassination.
If he, the symbol of reforms, disappeared, then the hatred born from them will also be purified.
His goal was to allow the next generation that allowed him to carry out this purification ceremony to take over the new government.
Okita: Though actually pulling off that assassination had been our job,
looks like the situation changed.
I sure didn't expect him to get that flashy exit with Takasugi and setting up that huge terror act.
Shin: Okita-san! Then you all are...!!
Okita: We were trying to assassinate Katsura in order to protect him from real assassination.
Rather than trying to crack down on opposition forces, we integrated into them and became their core.
That way we knew and could control their movements.
The dissolving of the Shinsengumi was also done to corroborate that.
Zura: In order to build the stepping stone for a new country,
you need the resolve to make yourself into that stepping stone.
So alongside me,
alongside the era,
will you die for the cause?

Page 16:
Zura: A country where we can hold heads high
when we talk to the next generation about it.
What do you say we
make a country like that?
Okita: And we
crawled onto the top of that pile of rubble
and on top of it, we build a cruddy country.
And then somehow or other, it got built up this far.
But it seems

Page 17:
Okita: before we can entrust it to you all,
there's still one last thing we've gotta do.
Zura: Gintoki,
how've you found Edo?
Did you find the answer of how to use this thing?

Page 18:
Zura: Even if it means it'll destroy what you saw in Edo,
do you have the resolve to save Utsuro?
Or perhaps the resolve to cut Utsuro down?
I'm... just like the both of you.
In these two years, I searched for a means of saving Sensei in my own way. But...
I can't say it went all that well.
Even if we have the same feelings at heart,
the actions we've taken couldn't be more scattered.
Gin: Hah.
Have we ever not been totally scattered?
Zura, if you wanna cut down Utsuro,
then I'm gonna save him.
But if Takasugi over there saves Utsuro,
then I'm gonna chop Utsuro in half.
I'll choose whatever choice you guys didn't chose.
We won't let any single possibility slip by.
It's because we're so scattered that explore every single path, ain't it?

Page 19:
Gin: Whatever paths you both chose, I'm sure neither one is wrong.
So I'm able to set out on any path,
I'll go pure white.
Zura: All right, then let's make a bet.
On your
And trust in finding a path
that saves both Sensei and the world.
Insert: There is no 'answer'. So----
Bottom: Gintama
...Lesson 691
/ End

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