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Gintama 696

Cheap Booze.

+ posted by Bomber D Rufi as translation on Sep 7, 2018 15:52 | Go to Gintama

-> RTS Page for Gintama 696

I've learned that I need a drinking buddy....

Hi wa mata noboru only.

Also I have a plurk now, so feel free to friend me there and stuff.

(Side text- Banana uncontrolled! Enemy Fleet sunk!! Symbol of culture destroyed!!)
Announcer: A large space vessel has...
rammed into the terminal –the symbol of our country's culture.
Announcer: And even now a mystery fleet wages war...
in the skies of Edo.
(Side text- It's a superstar beyond our wildest expectations! The second LA movie “Gintama 2” is in theaters!!)
Announcer: Just what is going on in Edo?!
We can probably assume that this is an act of terror...
That caused the explosion in the terminal and furthermore ended with the Prime Minister's assassination.
(Middling text- The TV Anime Gintama: Silver soul arc airs every week at 1:35AM on TV Tokyo and it's affiliates!)
Announcer: So now the ones responsible for terrorism around the universe have extended their reach to earth too?
Oh, excuse me..
It would seem that there is something ocurring as we speak and one of our reporters is on the scene.
Hanano Ana.
Hanano: Yes, Hanano here. Thank you for your patience.

Hanano: That man has finally stepped up to the plate..
The hero who protected the people of Edo two years ago in that horrible war..
(Sfx- Zaahh sffft)
Hanano: The Last Samurai who swore to us all that...
Should Edo be threatened he would once more take up his blade...
Madao –or Hasegawa Taizo...
Has finally come prepared for battle!
(Side text- Three chapters until the finale!)
Lesson 696: Cheap Booze.
(Side text- Volume 75 hits stores October 4th (Thursday)! At long last the time to have everything together may be coming..?)
Hanano: Madao-san would you mind commenting on your current thoughts at this moment?

Dudes: What's there to say?!
Madao is here so Edo's saved!!
(Sfx- Madao, Madao, Madao!!)
Dudes: No matter what enemy he comes up against his sword the Joblesscaliber will make mincemeat of 'em!!
(Bottom text- The official Gintama app is now up for download! Manga, novels, and anime are all up for purchase using coins!!)
Hanano: You certainly are popular Madao-san.
But how likely is it that you'll be able to live up to these expectations? How confident are you?
Hasegawa: Well...about that.
I didn't think Edo would actually face another crisis, much less this soon.
I think I might have miscalculated....nah, I've been waiting for this.
Been forging the Neetcaliber for this very occasion.
Hanano: Don't you mean the Joblesscaliber?
Hasegawa: Either way I'm a dude who loves the thrill of the fight!!
I wanna get in there and rumble as soon as possible!
(Sfx- Pan pan thk thok)
Hanano: That puts me at ease!
Hasegawa: It's just today is kinda...well..y'know.
Hanano: What's wrong?
Hasegawa: Oh it's no biggie, just an old wound of mine....a cursed flame is flaring up and it hurts like the dickens.
Hanano: Cursed flame? Ah so that's what you mean about an old injury...
Hasegawa: Yeah.
It's thanks to this cursed flame in my mouth that I haven't been eating properly.
Hanano: Wait that isn't an ulcer of the mouth is it?
Hasegawa: I haven't eaten in about two or three days.
Actually maybe it's been about five days since I put it in?

Hasegawa: So I kind of wonder if I've got the ability to fight to the best of my abilities...
Dude: What the hell are you doing there?!
This is an evacuation zone!!
No civilians allowed! Now leave this place at once and take refuge!
Hasegawa: Ah! That's how it is...this is an evacuation zone!! Damn, well then I'm out of options.
Even if I am a hero I am first and foremost a civilian! An ordinary joe with mouth ulcers!
Damitaaaaalll! I wanna help fight!!
Dude: W—wait, hold on is that him?
It is! It's Madao!!
Who knew THE Madao would be here to help us out?!
Wa...wait a sec, was Madao one who always had a chin like that?
But look, the great sword on his back...
(Sfx- Fun hngh)
(Sfx- Mogiii crackle)
Dude: Ah! The great sword broke!! it's nothing but styrofoam!!
I knew it, that's not him!
(Sfx- Kuwaaaah)
Dude: The civilians!!
What are you doing?!
You can't get in Madao's way!
He's the only one who can save Edo!!
We'll hold them back...
So you have to go now Madao!!

Hasegawa: I'm sorry citizens of Edo...
It's as you said –I can't back down here!!
Just be patient...I will bring peace back to Edo...
Right after I'm finished tying my shoe laces!!
In order to really get the maximum efficiency out of my Nikes, I have to tie them just right!!
Dude: Um...pretty sure those are sandals.
Hasegawa: Dammit, my hands are shaking so much I can't tie 'em! Don't get in my way cursed flame!!
Dude: Yeah, uh, not seeing the connection between this and mouth ulcers...
Hasegawa: Nikes, grant me your strength!!
Hanano: Um, Madao-san if you don't do something fast, everyone's sympathy is going to...
(Sfx- Chuunn pluck)
Hasegawa: Dang, my lace broke...
Geez, that's a bad sign. Maybe I shouldn't do this today...
(Sfx- Oooooooh)

???: Infiltration unit, charge into the unit immediately...
and capture it.
(Sfx- Kuwaaaaah roaaaaar)
???: The ships surrounding the perimeter will widen their scope and eliminate anyone who approaches.

???: The Kuyou might have been sunk but we still have plan to execute.
We will seize the terminal and take the Altana directly.
And once we offer that power to our god...Utsuro..
he will be restored and revived to his true form...
And it is then that our greatest desire...
Will be realized by all living things in the universe.

Sakamoto: Hey idiot trio!
That god o' yours has fallen down to earth.
So even you guys should be able to reach him now.
Best get movin.

Sakamoto: Can't say if what you find there is gonna be a God to be destroyed...
Or a master to be saved...
One thing I can say is...
No matter what path you guys take..
You got allies behind you.
No matter what you lose,
Or gain...
That's something that'll remain unchangin'.
Never forget that.

Sakamoto: This isn't just your fight...
But all of ours.
Okita: Gimmie a break!
Maybe bringing God down to earth was a good thing, but he brought all of his believers down with him.
Kondo: Can't say I fully understand this situation...
But ultimately we gotta kick those guys asses and go to the Terminal.
And then that guy –Gintoki is headed there too, uho?
Okita: Oh isn't this great Hijikata-san? Seems he's retained some of his humanity after all.
Although that mission statement is as primitive as it gets, but that's just how the Shinsengumi is.

Hijikata: We might be reviving a monster that can destroy the world...
But hey, it could be a fun time for all too.
Kondo: Maan...
It sure is nostalgic though.
More than living in a peaceful world,
Shielding ourselves from a deluge of bullets feels more like our speed. We've had one hell of a life, huh?
What the heck were we even fighting for over the last two years?
Okita: Oh? Someone's finally figured it out.
(Sfx- Kachaa clack)
Okita: We're....
the worst sorta folks to be deputized as police protecting the peace.
(Sfx- Dooooon boooom)
Okita: But it's a little early to be waxing nostalgic.
If it's a fight you're looking forward to...
The strongest opponent here hasn't come back yet.
(Sfx- Dooohh whoooom)
(Sfx- Kuwaaah Roaaar)
Hijikata: Nah, they're back all right.

Hijikata: It appears that we weren't needed here.
They just get people going by silently being there...
But you aren't wrong...
looking upon those backs is nostalgic.
Announcer: This is footage from a secrity camera.
From what we can see they are ronin fighting with an army clad in black!
Just who are they!?
With Madao killed in action, could they be the new saviors that have inherited his will?
(Sfx- Zazaaa szzzzt)

(Sfx- Dododdododo thoththothooom)
Hanano: Don't cut transmission like that, we're still very much alive thank you very much!
We're currently being hunted down by the mystery group that came from that ship!!!
Announcer: Oh? Is that all. Well, it does appear you'll be shuffling off that mortal coil soon so I send you my regards toward your hard work.
The hero Madao is here with me! I'm sure he'll save us somehow!!
Hanano: We've come this far so we're going to keep going with you! We'll capture your brave exploits on camera!!
Hasegawa: Uhhh that's...kind of an issue for me. If you guys are here I uh, um...
I can't show my true power! You'd end up getting involved in the fight!
Once I flip my switch and get serious I'm nothing more than a mindless killing machine!!
If you're next to me, death isn't a possibility but a certainty! I can't help you, and if I'm to be honest, you might even find more safety if you hide with the enemy!
Hanano: ….Just what kind of hero are you supposed to be?

Hasegawa: In any case I can't stop until every single one of them is dead so you'd better skedaddle--
(Sfx- Fuhhh sfft)
Hanano: Oh no! They're coming from the front?!
(Sfx- Kuwaaaaah)
(Sfx- Doooon Thoooom)
Hanano: Ah! Madao leaped into the air!
And now..
(Sfx- Dogiiiishaaa thuuuud)
Hasegawa: I'm soooooorrry!!!
Hanano: Huh...
A cowt--

(Sfx- Dooooon Thoooom)
Hanano: An exploooosion?!
The very second Madao got on his knees to beg for his life the enemy was involved in a massive explosion!!
Just what's going on...?
(Sfx- Kuwaaaah roaaaar)
Hasegawa: I'm sorry I acted like a big shot hero...
Please forgive meeeee!!!
(Sfx- Doooooonnn boooom)

Hanano: Wh—wha? Another explosion?
Whenever Madao-san apologizes, the enemy goes up in flames!!
What on earth is happening?
{Wh—What on earth indeed...}
Hasegawa: Okay, so it might look like I'm kneeling on the ground and begging to be saved..
It's a, uh, technique where the mouth ulcers take shape and travel through the ground exploding at my enemy's feet.
Hanano: Can mouth ulcers really do that?! If you ask me, it looks as if you were just begging to be saved!
Hasegawa: I wasn't begging for forgiveness but allowing them to be forgiven with my “Isorryforgiveth” spell...
(Sfx- Gacha gacha clack clack)
Hasegawa: GAHHHHH!!
There are enemies all over!!
Hanano: Heeey! Don't use me as a shield!!
Hasegawa: Isowwyforgiveth!
Hanano: This is basically you apologizing!!
Kyaaaah! Don't come any closer!!
(Sfx- Buuunn wffff)
I'm sorry, I'm sorry!! Someone save---

(Sfx- Kaaah thoooom)
Hanano: Whoa, I can use Isowwyforgiveth too!!
Hasegawa: Uh no, that was probably my Isowwyforgiveth, but it somehow infected you so now you've got my mouth ulcers.
Hanano: Eww! Please don't say disgusting stuff like that! I think I'm better off just believing I can use Isowwyforgiveth, then!
Hasegawa: I'm sorry...!!
I'm sorry!!
(Sfx-- Doonn dokaaan Booom Booom)
{Whoa, I've...really awakened...}
Hanano: Th—this is amazing, is this the power of a hero?
I'm sorry I ever doubted you.
I though that perhaps even with a hero's reputation that you were in fact not all that great.
But you really are...
Hasegawa: No, you're right.
I didn't do anything of note in the war.
The guys who were really amazing didn't do it for the glory or reputation, and once one war was won, they immediately launched the offensive into another more personal one right after.
I took all of their glory....I'm just a fraud.

Hasegawa: Even getting treated to all of the spoils a hero gets...
Women, booze aplenty and...
all the food I could stuff myself with...
I really wasn't having any more fun...
then I had been beforehand.
I wonder what was up with that?
Ultimately I had only lost a drinking pal, yeah?
That's why I'm here.
Even if all I could do was run around helplessly and toss away this heroic title...
I wanted to...
Enjoy some cheap booze with that guy.
Maybe God blessed me with these abilities...
Cause he saw my feelings from on above.
But, I did lie so I have to apologize to you.
I'm sorry.

(Sfx- Doooon boooom)
(Sfx- Bushaaan craaaaash)
Hata: Outta the way old fart! I missed because of you!
Jii: And who's problem is that?! There are more than enough enemies –if you didn't suck you could fire anywhere and hit one!
Hata: Oh geez, did I hit a human? Was there someone there?
Ah...then I guess it wouldn't hurt to say it...
(Side text- End of one idiot, beginning of another.)
GINTAMA LESSON 696...................END.

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