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Translations: Gintama 616 (2) , One Piece 847 by cnet128

Bleach 571

A Devilish Perspective

+ posted by cnet128 as translation on Mar 9, 2014 02:24 | Go to Bleach

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[Side text: An attack from an enemy who “disappears” from your mind...!!]
Isane: Huh? // Ah! // Lieutenant Kusajishi?! // What happened to you?! / Your nose is bleeding!!
Yachiru: Mm...
Isane: Did you bump into something?!
Yachiru: Mm...

Yachiru: I don’t know...
Gwenael: Quite right... // Quite right... // You don’t know, do you?
Isane: ?!

Isane: .........Ehm... / Would you be one of the... // ...Sternritter...?
Gwenael: That’s right, / that’s right. / I don’t know how many times I’m going to have to say this before we’re done... / ...but let me just say, it’s a pleasure to make your acquaintance. // I am Sternritter “V”... // ...Gwenael Lee the “Vanishing Point”. // And I’m afraid... // ...you will not be able... // ...to see... // ...feel... // ...or even...

Gwenael: ...remember... // ...my existence.
[Bleach 571]
[a Devilish Perspective]
[Side text: His existence vanishes once more into the darkness...]

Yachiru: ?? / That’s weird... // I was sure my punch hit...
Gwenael: (That’s right... // That’s right... // There are three separate versions to my power. // Version 1 causes my “appearance” to vanish. // Version 2 causes my very “existence” to vanish. / When I just used Version 2, as soon as my form began to disappear... // ...my existence was no longer in that place at all... // ...and so you were left with nothing but the illusion... / ...of having “punched” the afterimage left in your vision.)

Gwenael: (And now... // ...if I return from Version 2 to Version 1...)
Isane: ! / Lieutenant Kusajishi?! // Where did that wound suddenly come from...?!
Gwenael: (...I am able to attack my opponent while remaining invisible. // What is more...)

Gwenael: (I can move freely between Versions 1 and 2 in an instant. // Even if you deduce my location from the direction of my attack and respond with an immediate counterattack... / ...my existence will already have vanished from that place. // In this one-sided game, I am invincible. // Ah, so fun... // So fun... // So much fun~~~~! // Oopsie-daisy... // It looks like your reactions have started to become quite speedy. // It seems about time for...)

Gwenael: (Version 3. // In Version 3, my existence vanishes even from within the minds of others. // In other words, they forget I ever existed.) // Now then... / It’s a pleasure... // ...to make your acquaintance again.

Yachiru: Huh? // He disappeared... // I was sure my punch hit him...
Gwenael: (Wh............ // What the heck is this girl~~~~?! // That wasn’t a decisive act or judgement... / She attacked me out of pure reflex!! // Even though we had never even “met”!!!)
Isane: Hey...!

Isane: Hold on, Lieutenant Kusajishi! / What was that all about?!! // You can’t just jump out and punch someone before we even know if they’re friend or foe...!
Gwenael: (Quite right, quite right! // That’s quite unheard-of!!)
Yachiru: Mm... / But he’s probably an enemy.
Gwenael: Whaaat?! / “Probably”?! What do you mean, “probably”?!!
Isane: What do you mean, “probably”?! / You can’t just attack someone on a hunch!
Gwenael: Quite right, quite right! / I’m happy to see at least the larger of these two girls has some common sense in her! / You’re a promising one, missy!)
Yachiru: Mm... / But...
Gwenael: (What now?! / If you have some reason why you thought I was an enemy, come out and say it! // I might take it into consideration!)
Yachiru: I had a funny feeling when I saw him!
Gwenael: (Ehhh?!)

Gwenael: (The heck is that?! // You call that a reason?! That’s not a reason!! // I see... It’s instinct... // Her instincts drove her to attack me... / My attacks up until now, though gone from her conscious memory, must have left a mark on her instincts... // Come to think of it, the colour of her hair is rather more wild than befits a young lady... // And there’s an untamed look to her face, like a savage monkey... // What a beast of a girl! // I must finish this hunt before she truly awakens her animal instincts!)
Yachiru: Funny feelings like this... // ...are pretty important, you know!

Isane: Funny feelings...? Like a shiver down the spine, you mean? / You felt like something bad would happen?
Yachiru: Mmmm... // You know, just a feeling. // The kind of feeling... / That’s kind of cold, kind of hot, kind of happy... // That sort of feeling. // Ken-chan always says when he finds someone who gives him that feeling... // ...he can’t help but slice them down without thinking. // But Ken-chan’s not here right now. / So he won’t mind... // ...if I slice this one down instead, right?

Gwenael: (I’ll kill her!!! // “Slice this one down”, she says?!! // Don’t get so cocky, you little brat!! // You may have the instinct to attack me... / But it’s not worth a thing if your attacks don’t land!! // Die!!!)

Gwenael: (Heheh... // I told you, that’s not going to...) // Wh... // Whaaaat?!

Gwenael: Impossible! / I dodged her blade perfectly!! // It didn’t strike me, I’m sure of it! / It can’t have done!!
Yachiru: Yep, you’re right!
Gwenael: !
Yachiru: Y’see, my sword... // ...hits its mark whether you dodge it or not.
Gwenael: What... // ...did you say...?!
Yachiru: Thing is, my sword... / It’s a bit of a copycat. / Right in front of it, and right behind... / ...there’s always someone copying what it does. // That’s why... / The more you think you know where it’s going... / ...the more it catches you out and hits you. // All right! // Come on out now...

Yachiru: “Sanpo Kenjuu”!
[TN: “Three-Step Sword Beasts”]

Gwenael: Wh...... // What the heck is thaaaaaaaaat?!!
[Insert text: A trinity of strikes!!]

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