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Translations: One Piece 927 by cnet128 , Gintama 698 (2)

One Piece 836

The Vivre Card from Lola

+ posted by cnet128 as translation on Aug 26, 2016 20:04 | Go to One Piece

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One Piece
Chapter 836: The Vivre Card from Lola
From Shipdecks Around the World - The 500 Million Beli Man
Vol 23: Aokiji on a Certain Island

[Insert text: Could it be...?!!]
Nami: You have a daughter who ran away... / ...by the name of Lola...?
Flashback!Purin: There was one of my big sisters who I really loved... / She fled this place and set out to sea. // On a journey to find a husband of her own free will!!
Pound: Cracker-kun!! Let me go!! / I just want to see Lola... I just want to see Chiffon...!! // All I want is to see my daughters!!!
Luffy: .........!!
Nami: Lola...?
Flashback!Lola: You see, my Mama is a pirate............!! // Here, have this. It's my mother's "Vivre Card". It's special, you know?

Flashback!Lola: So take it, Namizou, as proof of our bond!
Flashback!Dude: Whooooa!! That's awesome! Cap'n Lola's Mama's a real great pirate, you know?!! / You want to be takin' care of that! It's sure to come in useful!
Nami: ......... // Could it be...?!! / Lola’s Mama... / ...is Big Mam?!!
Luffy: Hm?
Flashback!Lola: I was born in the New World!
Nami: ...And this person is...... // Lola’s father?!
Pound: ?! // Eh?!

Luffy: Hm?
Crane: Tsuuuuu~~~~~~!! // Ruuuuu~~~~~~~~~!!!
Luffy: Ah...
Crane: Tsuruuuuuu~~~~~~~~~~~~~!!!
Luffy: They’re back for more... // That bunny and crane!!
Nami: They can fly!

Cracker: Stop right there, Randolph~~~~~~~~!!!
People: ?!! // ...............!!
Trees: Whooooaahhhh~~~!! // !!!
People: ?!!
Luffy: Haki?! ......No, that’s not it.
Nami: They just wilted out of fear?!

Trees: Wh... What’s one of the Three Stars doing in these woods...?!!
Cracker: What, are you saying I’m not allowed here?!!!
Trees: We’re so sorry, Cracker-sama!! / Aaaahhhh~~~~~~~~~!!!
Cracker: To think you’d have the nerve... // ...to interfere in my business!! Since when were you such a big shot, Randolph?!!
Randolph: ...............!! // My apologies, it was this one who insisted we come.
Crane: You liar!! You’re the one who wanted to come!!
Luffy: ...............!!
Nami: It talked! // Is he some kind of big shot?
Luffy: He’s strong, that’s for sure.

Cracker: Our Mama is always one step ahead of the game......!! / And Straw Hat Luffy is the man who ousted Doflamingo. // She figured he might be too much for Brulee to handle... / So she sent me.
Brulee: I can’t let that one slide, dear brother!!!
Luffy: !
Brulee: How very rude!!!
Kingbaum: Indeed-ju, indeed-ju!!
Brulee: If I were ordered to kill him... / I’d kill him in an instant!!!
Kingbaum: Quite right-ju!!!
Luffy: !! / Whoaaa!! A tree monster!!
Nami: Ahh!! That woman......!!
Cracker: !

Kingbaum: We of the Seducing Woods team... / ...have never permitted a single target to leave this place alive-ju!!
[Box: Master of the Seducing Woods / Kingbaum]
Cracker: That’s all very well, but this is no time to be playing around.
Kingbaum: !
Cracker: At noon tomorrow, the Vinsmoke siblings... // ...will all be assembled in Wholecake Chateau. // This union with the House of Vinsmoke... // ...is an event Mama has long awaited. / Soon, the Germa 66’s military forces and scientific expertise will be ours!
Brulee: I know that well enough!
Animals: RUff ruff!!! // Meooow!
Luffy: !! / Ahh! They turned into animals!!
Nami: .........!!
Owl: Hooooot!!

Luffy: But why’s that one branch up there talking?!
Brulee: I am no branch!!! Take a look at this!! Straw Hat!!
Chopper: Ahh!! Luffy!!
Carrot: Luffy! Nami! Help us~~~~~!!
Luffy: Ehhhhh~~?! What happened to you guys?!! / How did you end up in there?!!
Chopper: She put us inside her “mirror world”!!! / This woman uses “mirror” powers!! Be careful!!
Brulee: Wi wi wi~~~~~~~~~~!! // How do you like that, Cracker-niisan?! // These fools’ lives are already at my mercy!!
Luffy: Ahhhhhh~~~~~~~~~!!! // Hey, Chopper!! Carrot!!
Chopper: Don’t worry!! It wasn’t us that were smashed!! // Luffy! Listen!
Luffy: Hm?

Cracker: ...No matter. First, I will take care of this loose-lipped fool. / Mama has given me permission to eliminate him...
Pound: Ehhhh~~~~?! Linlin said that~~~~~~?! // Think about this for a moment, please!! You are talking about a man who is essentially your father!!
Cracker: Once, perhaps!! But not any more!
Pound: ?!
Cracker: Mama no longer considers any one of her 43 former husbands...
Pound: !!
Cracker: ...to have any connection to this family whatsoever!!
Pound: No way...!! But you can’t deny my connection to my daughters! // We’re related by blood!! Please, stop this!!!
People: ?!! // ?!!

People: !!!
Cracker: ...............!! // You pity him?
Pound: *pant*... *pant*... / Thank you!! Thank you...!!
Luffy: I’ve bumped into him dozens of times by now. / Of course I feel a little attached!!!

Homies: Ohhhh, this doesn’t look good~~~~~~~~~!!! // Aaaghhh~~~~~~!! // Cracker-sama’s gonna start a fight right here, right now!!!
Nami: Let’s get out of here!! What’s your name?!
Pound: Oh, I’m Pound. Did I hear you say Lola’s name a moment ago?
Brulee: Don’t let them escape, Homies!! // Catch them all and let’s finish this!!!
Homies: We’ll gladly handle those ones!!! // Haaaaaahhhhh~~!!!
Nami: Hold on a second... Where was it......?!! // There!

Homies: Guoooohhhhhh!!! // !!!
Nami: Look here! // This is the Vivre Card of my friend Lola’s Mama! / But I can’t be sure whether that’s actually Big Mam or...
Brulee: What are you doing?! // What’s wrong with you all?!!! // Even you, Kingbaum?!! Whatever is the matter?!!
Kingbaum: .........!! // It’s no use-ju!! Brulee, we Homies cannot oppose that girl-ju!!
Brulee: Ehhh?!
Kingbaum: I can feel Mama’s soul strongly from her-ju...!!!
Nami: Huh?

Luffy: Aaahhhh!!
Pound: You!!
Nami: Luffy?!! // !!
Pound: C... Cracker-kun!!
Luffy: ...............!! // Dammit......!!
Cracker: One tap, and it becomes two... // Another tap, and it becomes three. // Don’t bother dream of defeating me. // I will not allow anyone to disrupt Mama’s Tea Party!!!
[Text: Big Mam Pirates Yonkou Crew / One of the Three Sweet Stars / Thousand-Arms Cracker / Bounty / 860 Million Beli]
Nami: Luffy, don’t!!! You mustn’t go all out on him!! He’s not what we’re here for!! // We have to get out of these woods as fast as possible and find Sanji-kun -
Luffy: Going all out... // ...is the way kind of fighting I know!!!
Nami: !!!
[Insert text: A furious battle looms?! A Yonkou’s top officer!!!]

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