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Translations: One Piece 927 by cnet128 , Gintama 698 (2)

One Piece 837

Luffy VS Cracker of the Three Stars

+ posted by cnet128 as translation on Sep 2, 2016 23:22 | Go to One Piece

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One Piece
Chapter 837: Luffy VS Cracker of the Three Stars
From Shipdecks Around the World - The 500 Million Beli Man
Vol 24: A Certain Ruined Island - The Red Hair Pirates

[Insert text: They clash!! Luffy faces a Yonkou’s officer - an 800 million bounty head!!]
Cracker: I am the Biscuit Knight, Cracker!! / My sword’s name is Pretzel!! // It is a great blade, matched by none other in the world!!
Nami: Why have his limbs multiplied?! / And that supposedly-unique sword, too!!
Cracker: I will teach you the ways of the New World!!!
Nami: We should run for now, Luffy!! This guy’s a top class officer!!!
Cracker: .........
Luffy: I don’t wanna!!!

Luffy: Gear Third!!!
Cracker: !
Luffy: Gomu Gomu no...
Cracker: There is no escape for you...!!!
Luffy: Elephant Gun!!!
Cracker: !!!

Cracker: !!!
Luffy: Uerghh......!!! // !!! // !!! // Dammit!!! // Whoaahh!!!

Cracker: Roll!!! // Pretzel!!!
Luffy: Guehh!!
Homies: Aaaghhhh! // Guoohh!

Nami: .........
Brulee: Wi wi!! // Wi wi...
Kingbaum: ...!!
Nami: .........!!
Cracker: .........
Nami: This is bad...

Flashback!Chopper: We’re up against the crew of a Yonkou!! / We’re the ones who were taking them too lightly!!
Nami: Even Luffy’s being completely outmatched by her subordinates...!! // Luffy!!! Run~~~~~!!!
Brulee: Wi wi wi! Hold it!! Your opponent is me, if you don’t mind!!
Kingbaum: And me too-ju!!
Nami: !!
Brulee: Oh, I understand. You’ve suddenly become overcome with fright, haven’t you?! // Wi wi... The “Terrible Generation”?! What’s so terrible about you?!! I’ve seen countless crews like yours, thinking they were big stuff just because they had a little success in the first half of the Grand Line...!! // Boldly proclaiming that their Captain would be the next Pirate King......!!
Nami: .........
Brulee: Only to collapse in despair as they realised the truth!! // Oh yes, plenty of your lot have wandered into our Mama’s territory in these past two years!!!
Nami: !!
Brulee: “Captain” Kidd!! “Ocean’s Roar” Apoo!! “Gang” Bege!! “Demon Monk” Urouge!!

Brulee: And aside from Bege, who was quick to realise his own position and join our Mama’s fleet... // Every one of them was sent packing before they even got a glimpse of her face!! Before they even heard her voice!! // The one who made the best effort was Demon Monk Urouge!! / He had the nerve to actually defeat one of our Sweet Stars...!! // They were called the Four Sweet Stars not that long ago, you know! Wi wi!
Nami: !
Brulee: But that was as far as he got!! He made our Mama angry, and my darling brother Cracker crushed him good!! / There’s no escape at that point!! He’ll have perished by now, one way or another!! // You get it?!! This is where your New World dreams end!!!
Nami: ?!!
Brulee: Fighting against the Yonkou?! That’s the stuff of fantasy!! / You won’t even be able to reach our Mama!!! // Infiltrating her Tea Party?! Stopping the wedding?! // Taking back your crewmate?!
Nami: !
Brulee: Not in your wildest dreams!!!

Brulee: You’re all going to die here in these woods...
Nami: Aaahhh!!
Brulee: ...without even gazing on our Mama’s face!!! // Now, join your friends in my Mirroworld......!!
Nami: No!!
Brulee: I’ll take my time tearing your face and body apart on the other side...
Nami: Pound-chan!!
Pound: Get away from her, Brulee~~~~~~~!!!
Nami: Ahh!
Brulee: Ngooohhhh~~~~!!!

Nami: ...............!! // Thanks!!
Brulee: Dearest Father...no, Pound!! // I do believe this qualifies as rebellion against our Mama!!!
Pound: ......!!
Brulee: You’re done for, now! // There’s no saving you...!!
Nami: Thunderbolt... // TEMPO!!
Brulee: ?!! // Aaaaagghhhhhh!!!

Pound: ...............!!
Brulee: Wi... / Wi...
Homies: ......
Pound: Brulee will be back... / She can appear from anywhere there’s a mirror...!!
Nami: I’m so sorry to get you mixed up in this!
Pound: That’s all right... Seems like my former wife had already told them... / ...that they could kill me, anyway... Ahh... // Tell me...!! Are you friends with Lola?!
Nami: Yep!! There’s no doubt about it!! / Lola’s Mama must have been Big Mam! // The way the trees in these woods fear this Vivre Card is proof!! / I’ll make good use of your gift, Lola!!

Homies: Oh, crap~~~~~~!! Cracker-sama, this is bad~~~!! // Hey!! Don’t scatter too far and forget your mission as part of the Seducing Woods!!! // Running is all very well... // But these woods must never have an exit!! // Right!!
Luffy: *cough*!! // Gomu Gomu no...!! // Hawk Gatling!!! // *pant*... *pant*...

Cracker: Hard Biscuit!!!
Luffy: !!! // ............Damn it!!! // This guy’s Armament Haki... It’s so tough...!!! // !!! // ...............!! // *cough* // *pant* *pant* // *pant*... *pant*......

Cracker: If you consider Vinsmoke Sanji a friend, you would do well to leave him alone. // He is the Prince of a great nation. His position is far above yours...!! // He will marry a noble lady, and live a happy life...
Luffy: !!
Cracker: Here where he belongs!! // Must you think only of taking back your crewmate, without considering his happiness...?!
Luffy: Ughh............!!
Cracker: Why, even if you were to reach him, that noble prince would surely look down upon his selfish one-time Captain and say... // “Leave this place, you miserable lowly pirate......!!!”
Luffy: !!!
Homies: ......Pfft!! // Hahah!! // ?!
Luffy: Gomu Gomu no...!!!
Cracker: ......?!

Luffy: KONG GUN!!!
Cracker: ?!!! // ...............!!!
Homies: .........!!! // C... // Cracker-samaaaa~~~!!
Cracker: .................. // Urrghh......!!
Luffy: Don’t you dare talk crap about Sanji!!! Even if he was happy and didn’t want to come back... // He would never talk about us that way!!!
[Insert text: Gear Fourth turns the tables!!!]

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