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Translations: One Piece 927 by cnet128 , Gintama 698 (2)

One Piece 847

Luffy and Big Mam

+ posted by cnet128 as translation on Dec 3, 2016 01:27 | Go to One Piece

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One Piece
Chapter 847: Luffy and Big Mam
Cover Page Request
“Rebecca and the Tontatta Tribe Celebrate Kyros’ Birthday”
Pen-name Dakki, from Tochigi-ken

[Insert text: Carrot in big trouble?!!]
[Box: Mirroworld - Brulee’s House]
Carrot: Bropper~~~~~~~!! // Heeeelp~~~!! It’s really hot~~~!!!
Brulee: Enough of your noisy whining, girl!!!
Carrot: Waaaahhh! Don’t eat me~~!!
Croc: I don’t eat humans… / But I wouldn’t mind trying a Mink.
Chopper: Get your hands off Carrot, Brulee!!!

Chopper: She’s not a real rabbit, you idiot!! / Of course she won’t taste any good!!
Croc: Huh… You think so? / Maybe I won’t bother, then…
Brulee: Shut your little trap, you freak reindeer!! You’re going to be joining… / …our Mama’s collection of rare beasts!!
Chopper: ……………!! // (……All right…!! I managed to make it this far…!! // She chained me up in Heavy Point, so if I transform, I can get free from these in an instant…!! // It’s been six hours since I used it yesterday, so I can use Monster Point now, as well!!)
Carrot: I wound up causing trouble~~~! Pedro’s gonna be angry with me~~~!
Brulee: I’ll brew up a tasty soup, and then in you go!♪
Chopper: (This is my chance!!)

[Box: Wholecake Island // Capital: Sweet City // Wholecake Chateau / In the Library]
BigMam: The beautiful thing about books… / …is that endless worlds lie hidden within their pages! // You see here? / This is a most unusual beast - a man-eating lion with a human face… // Known as the “Manticore”, it escaped from Impel Down…
Manticore: Fundoshi fundoshi.
People: ……
BigMam: …during the Blackbeard Attack Incident two years ago.

BigMam: Ah, now this one I’m quite proud of! / A unicorn!! Beautiful, isn’t it?
Reiju: That’s a little off… And yet… / They’re alive inside the book……!!
BigMam: Everyone I store inside my books will never age. / Well, of course they wouldn’t! Whoever heard of a book that changes each time you open it…?!!
Voices: Help…
BigMam: The books in this library contain sealed-away creatures from all around the world!!
People: That’s awesome!!!
Voices: Help… // Grrrrrr…!!
BigMam: This is my boy Mont-d’Or’s ability.
People: …………

BigMam: Recently I obtained this Centaur from Punk Hazard…
Voices: Let me out…
Yonji: ……
BigMam: …and this Gryphon from South Blue.
Voices: Waaaark!!
BigMam: Oh, and this one is fabulous!! It’s a half-breed between the Longarm and Longleg races…
Reiju: ……
BigMam: A “Longlimb Human”…!!
Voices: Help meeee!!
Niji: Even humans…?!!
Judge: Big Mam… Since arriving in this country, / I have seen people from a great many different races…
BigMam: Well, of course you have!! That’s the ideal… / …that Totland was founded…
Judge: But I found it quite strange that there was one race missing. One that would certainly stand out if they were present… // I speak of the Giants…!!
BigMam: !!! // ………………
Judge: Though you speak of creating a land for all races to live together, I have yet to see a single Giant here… // Nothing beyond a few larger-than-average humans.

BigMam: Hmph… Is that right? / Perhaps you just overlooked them…
SomeGuy: Mama!!
People: ?!
SomeGuy: M… M-Mama……!! W-we have br… We’ve br-brought th-the two you a-asked for!!
BigMam: ……Well then, I must apologise… / …but I’m quite busy today. // The weather could be better…but have a lovely afternoon…!!
BigMam: …What’s the problem?
SomeGuy: O…Oh, I was just…nervous…
BigMam: ………………
SomeGuy: I was taken aback by the sheer coolness of the real-life Germa 66! / Especially Ichiji-sama and Reiju-sama……!♡
BigMam: Oh, be quiet……!! You are a fool. / Don’t let those fanciful tales influence you… // It’s not what’s on the surface that matters…!!

[Box: Wholecake Chateau - Library of Prisoners]
Montd’or: Oh, I went and closed it… // Let’s see, what page did we put them in?
Perospero: Page 55. // Ah!! So these are the ones. What wonderful expressions they have. // La-lick!♪
Nami: What the heck is this room?!! Let us out!! / Where’s the shower?!
Montd’or: Found them.
Nami: We’re all covered in sticky candy goop!!
Perospero: Heeheehee!! Well, doesn’t that sound delicious!♪ / My sweet little candy!
[Text: Eldest Son of the House of Charlotte / Perospero]
Nami: !!
Someone: Mama has arrived.
Luffy: !

Luffy: What?!
BigMam: So, we meet again, Straw Hat Luffy…!! // May I congratulate you on making it this far.
Luffy: Big Mam?!! Is that you?!!
Nami: A Den-Den Mushi……?!
Luffy: Let us out of here!!! I have to go back to where I was!!! / I’m leaving even if I have to destroy this whole place to do it!!!
BigMam: Mamamamah… Well, you have more spirit left in you than I expected! // When you didn’t bring your whole crew with you… / I thought you might have forgotten our little promise from Fishman Island!
Luffy: …Oh, I’m still gonna kick your ass someday!! / But right now!! I’m just here to get Sanji back!!!

Luffy: If it’s a fight you’re after, come out and face me, Big Mam!!! // I’ll take you on right here!!!
BigMam: ………………Hahahah… // Don’t get too cocky, you rookie who only just made it to the New World…
Montd’or: ……
People: Hahaha…
BigMam: You’ve got some nerve, demanding an audience with me…!! / I could take your life right now without even visiting you in person. // If you agree to give up on Sanji, I’m willing to send you home without taking your life.
Luffy: !!
BigMam: Sanji and Purin’s wedding holds a special significance for me……!!
Luffy: ………!!
BigMam: So until everything’s been taken care of… / You can sit tight right where you are. If you do anything to spoil my fun…

BigMam: Then I really WON’T… // …let you get away with it!!! // You remember back on Fishman Island?
Luffy: ……………!!
BigMam: After eating all that candy that was supposed to be an offering to me…… // You were kind enough to give me… / …all the treasure you received from King Neptune.
Luffy: …………
Flashback!Luffy: You can have it all!!! That should make up for the sweets!!!
BigMam: Mamamamah… Now what do you think I found in that treasure horde? / Hahahahah… It’s no use asking for it back now!

BigMam: I found the legendary treasure-box passed down for generations on Fishman Island… / The Tamatebako!!! // I can’t fathom what possessed Neptune to let that thing go! // It’s the very definition of a national treasure!! And who knows what might lie inside?!! // Now, there’s not many things I love more than treasure chests… So I’m not going to hold you accountable for the candy any more. / I’m planning to open that thing at the tea party tomorrow, in front of everyone!!! It’ll be such fun!!
Luffy: You’re not gonna be having any fun……!!
BigMam: ……
Luffy: Because Sanji’s NOT getting married!!! // ……!! Oh, yeah!! / Let us see Purin!! I wanna talk to her!! She’s our friend!!
Nami: Luffy!! You shouldn’t say…
BigMam: ……Your friend? Hahahah… // Don’t make me laugh. Why would the bride be friends with you?

BigMam: …By the way, girl……
Nami: !
BigMam: A little birdie told me you killed Lola, hmm?
Nami: !! // What are you talking about?! / Lola is my friend!! She gave me that Vivre Card as a mark of our friendship!!!
Flashback!Lola: If you ever run into any troubles, you just follow this and ask my Mama to help you out, okay? // And tell her that I'm okay, while you're at it!
Nami: Lola’s doing just fine. / That’s all she asked me to tell you!! // I’d heard that her mother was a pirate… But I never dreamed it was the Yonkou Big Mam! // Lola told me you would help me if I showed you that card……!!
BigMam: DON’T YOU DARE SCREW WITH ME~~~~~~~~~~~~~!!!!
Nami: ?!!

BigMam: You think I care that she’s fine?!!! She’d be better off dead!!!
Nami: Wha…?! …!!
BigMam: If you know where she is, then tell me!! I’ll send an assassin to finish her off right now!! / I’m shocked she still even considers me her mother!! // Now I see why they say a child never appreciates how their parents feel! // That swine of a girl had the nerve to run away from the biggest political marriage I ever set up!!!
Nami: Wha…
BigMam: I will never forgive her!!!
Flashback!Lola: You may take me as your bride!!! // You especially!! Would you marry me?! // I will make Absalom my groom~~~~~!!!
Flashback!Nami: You’re such a good match for each other!! I was thinking I want to support you!!!
Flashback!Lola: Huh?! Really?!

Flashback!Lola: I came here to help you!! / My friend!!
Flashback!Nami: Lola! // Lola!!! // Lola!! It's great to see you again!!
Flashback!Lola: It's special, you know? So take it, Namizou. // As proof of our bond!
Nami: ………Lola…
BigMam: That accursed girl……!! / If only she had obeyed me and got married back then…!! // Unfathomable power would have been mine…!!! // I would have crushed Kaidou, and Red Hair, and even Whitebeard!!! If it weren’t for her, by now…

Nami: ………!!
BigMam: Friend of Lola… “Cat Burglar Nami”. / You will tell me where that girl is.
Nami: !!
Luffy: Enough talk about pointless stuff, Big Mam.
BigMam: ?!
Luffy: All Lola did was not get married……!! // If you failed to become Pirate King, that’s on you!!! // I’m feeling ready to pick a fight with you all over again!! / Don’t sit back and think you’re safe just ‘cause you’re a Yonkou!! // I’ll take back Sanji, you just wait. / The ones who come out on top in the end… // …will be us!!!
BigMam: !!!

[Box: Guest Room]
Sanji: ……… // (Please, guys… // Just turn back… / …and save yourselves…)
People: !!! // Intruder alert!!! // Baron Tamago!! / It’s a Tiger Mink!! // No, a jaguar!!
Tamago: Pedro… / So you really did infiltrate the castle!
Brook: Now then… Since I’m here in the heart of the Yonkou Big Mam’s castle… // I think it’s time to start… // …a very special concert!!!
[Insert text: Striking back with a solo!!!]

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