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Translations: One Piece 901 by cnet128 , Gintama 679 by kewl0210

One Piece 850

A Ray of Light

+ posted by cnet128 as translation on Dec 30, 2016 16:47 | Go to One Piece

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One Piece
Chapter 850: A Ray of Light
Cover Page Request
“A Snake (Hebi) and Smoker Are Taken To The Smoking Area Because They’re Heavy Smokers”
Nakahara Michi, from Tottori-ken

[Insert text: Screams ring out across the city…!!]
People: Ahhhh! // Aaaahhh! // Whoahh!!
Chopper: Nope…
Woman: Aaaaghhhh!!
Chopper: Nope…!
Dude: Aaaahhhh!! A ghost~~~~~!!
Carrot: Not here, either.
Girl: Eeeeek!!
Man/Chopper: Aaaarghhhhh!!!
People: Ahhhh! // Aaaaahhh!

Carrot: Maybe it’s even further away… Wake up, Brulee!! / Where are the mirrors in the castle?!
Chopper: It’ll take forever for us to find them searching on our own!! / Diesel, don’t you have any idea?!
Diesel: Why would I?!! Dammitall…
Chopper: As long as we’re physically touching Brulee… / We can freely travel between the “inside” and “outside” of the mirrors!! // Luffy and Nami said they were going to the castle… / Do you think they managed to find Sanji yet? // This place is connected to every mirror on Wholecake Island! / It should be able to get us into the castle in an instant!! // Brulee, will you wake up~~~~?!!

[Box: Wholecake Chateau - Sanji’s Room]
Sanji: Oh, no……!! / I made it the same as usual, out of habit!! // Purin-chan won’t be able to eat all this… / What am I playing at? // ……Oh, well…… / If she can’t eat it all, I’ll just eat what’s left over.
Fantasy!Purin: I can’t possibly eat this much! / Here, you have some, Sanji-san!♡
Sanji: “Say ahhh~~!♡” Eheheh……
Dude: What are you doing, eggplant? // Heading out somewhere?
Sanji: Yeah. // To bathe in the one ray of light in this world!
Dude: ?

[Box: Library of Prisoners]
Nami: Stop, Luffy!!! What are you planning to do?!!
Opera: ………… // How pointless……
Nami: Stop it already!! You’ll tear your hands off!!!
Luffy: Hrggghhhh…!!! // That’s what I’m trying to do!!!
Nami: Whaaaaa~~~~~~~~?!!
Luffy: Do you see any other way of getting outta here?!!! // I’d rather have both my arms torn off than die!!!

Luffy: While we just sit here hoping someone’ll show up and save us!! / We’re gonna lose everything!!! // And then Big Mam’ll come along and kill us!!! / That’s pathetic!!! I don’t want to die in a way like that!!! // So you tear your hands off too!!
Nami: Whaaaaaa?!! Are you stupid?!! No way!!
Luffy: Then I’ll figure some way to get you out. / So you just sit there and stop yelling!!!
Opera: …
Nami: I don’t want to see you tear yours off either!! So stop!!!
Luffy: Don’t be selfish!!! // I’m not the kind of man… // …who’s going to die in a place like this!!!!
Nami: Aaaaghhhh!!!

[Box: Wholecake Chateau - 3F Courtyard]
[Box: Former Captain of the Nox Pirates / Pedro / Bounty: 382 Million Beli]
[Box: Knight of the Big Mam Pirates / Baron Tamago / Bounty: 429 Million Beli]
People: !!!

Flashback!Pedro: So you’re a member of the Big Mam Pirates now, Pekoms?!
Flashback!Pekoms: Big Bro Pedro!! Big Bro Zeppo!!
Pedro/Tamago: You’ll lose more than your eye this time!!
Flashback!BigMam: You led me on a merry chase, thieves!!!

Flashback!BigMam: I spun your partner here on my roulette… / …and the punishment that came up was “100 Years Lifespan”.
Flashback!Pedro: ZEPPO~~~~~~~~~!!!
Flashback!BigMam: Sadly, he only had 30 years left to give. / So hand over 70 of yours instead……!
Flashback!Pedro: ZEPPO~~~~~!!!
Tamago: You can’t match my reach, mais non!! // And what’s more……!!
Flashback!Pekoms: Rrrghh!! Mama, this guy’s my big bro!!!
Tamago: I am wearing tights that counter the effects of Electro!
Pedro: ?!!
Flashback!BigMam: Don’t cry, Pekoms! All right, I’ll lessen his punishment by 10 years. / But we can’t let him off too lightly for taking one of Tamago’s eyes!! I’ll take 60 years.
Flashback!Pedro: ……

Flashback!Pedro: How many more years can I buy with this, then? // This death is meaningless!! // The Dawn of the World will soon be upon us!! I must return, no matter what!!!
Flashback!BigMam: ?!! // Ma-ma-ma-mah… You are quite the fellow. I’ll settle for just 50 years. // Now, let’s see you survive!!!
Tamago: Legg Benedict!!!
Pedro: !!!
Tamago: Answer my question, Pedro!! // Why did you return here?! // To this nightmare island where you lost your partner and 50 years of your own life?!!!

Pedro: ………*cough*!! I owe the Straw Hats much. They saved my home. // And what is more… I believe they are the ones who will one day lead this world to its Dawn!!! // They will surpass your crew, and change this world for the better!!!
Tamago: ?!
Pedro: As long as I believe that, what better use could there be for what little life I have left?!!
Tamago: ……
Pedro: But do not get me wrong……!! It is not here that my life will end!! // Their objective on this island has not yet been fulfilled!!!
Tamago: !!!
Pedro: So I will not perish yet!!!

[Box: Outside Purin’s Room]
Sanji: C’mon, you can let me in!
Door: No no no, you silly boy!♡ // Purin-sama is very… / …busy right now, you see!♡
Sanji: I just want to give her something.
Door: No no, silly boy!♡ It simply won’t do!! Now hurry along!♡
Sanji: (If I recall correctly, Purin-chan’s room had a balcony area…) // Found it! // I’ll hand it through the window… // (This feels kind of wrong… Like I’m peeking on her…) // Ohhh, but we’ll be married tomorrow, after all! / So even if she’s changing…or n-naked…that wouldn’t be a crime, would it…?♡

Purin: Ahahahahaha!
Sanji: ! / (Thank goodness… She’s still has the spirit to laugh. // There she is! My Purin-chan!♡)
Purin: Ahahahahahah……
Sanji: Hmm? Who’s she talking to? // ! // ?!! // (Reiju!! What’s she doing here?! // And Purin-chan……)
Purin: Ahahahah! This is hilarious!
Sanji: Huh?

Purin: Ahahahah!! Keep dreaming, you morons!!! / Me, marry a hoodlum like him?!! // Not in a thousand years!!
Sanji: ?!!
Purin: I’m Mama’s special favourite, you know. Particularly my acting ability!♡ / Hell, lately she’s been doting on me so much it’s driving me crazy! // Deceiving a man because Mama wants me to? That’s child’s play. I even fooled his whole crew! // Nobody but my family knows my true nature.

[Box: Library of Prisoners]
Nami: Luffy, stop!!! You really are going to tear them off!!
Luffy: Ughhh!! That Purin, too!! / I won’t forgive her!!!
Flashback!Purin: You don’t have to worry now. Because…I’m not going to marry him.
Luffy: ……………!!
Flashback!Purin: Listen… // I’m not going to marry him… / …because I’m going to take that idiot who’s fallen head-over-heels for me… // …and I'm going to shoot him dead… / …in the middle of the ceremony!! // You’ll never get out of here alive, either, you know.
Flashback!Luffy: ?!!!

Flashback!Luffy: Hold on!! Purin, what are you saying?!!
Flashback!Purin: Farewell… // You pitiful little rats.
Luffy: She was trying to set us up from the very beginning!! // What the hell did Sanji ever do to her?!!! That sneaky bitch!!!
Purin: Ahahah! / You know what’s wrong with you lot? You’re all too soft! And you call yourselves an evil army!!
Reiju: ……
Purin: You morons can all just keep living in your little fantasy world……!! // All Mama has ever wanted from you is your clone army… / …and your technology!!!
Reiju: ……You’re a twisted one, all right.
Purin: See? You’re such a little rebel. You lot would never have really submitted to us. / So we don’t need you.

Reiju: The entire Germa Kingdom is anchored within our territory right now. // All it took was the sugary-sweet promise of a political wedding… / …and you all flocked to us like flies to a corpse. Just as Mama planned!♡ // At the wedding tomorrow… // …the entire House of Vinsmoke… // …will be slaughtered!!!
[Insert text: Not a single ray of light to be found in this world…]

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