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Translations: One Piece 926 by cnet128 , Gintama 698 (2)

One Piece 871

Go For It, Caesar!!

+ posted by cnet128 as translation on Jul 14, 2017 19:41 | Go to One Piece

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One Piece
Chapter 871: Go For It, Caesar!!
Tales of the Unwanted Great Straw Hat Fleet Vol 8: Bartolomeo Arc
“Sell Straw Hat Pirates Stickers and Luffy-Senpai Pin Badges to the Ruffians at a Special Price”

[Insert text: Their last ray of hope: a flying Caesar…]
Bege: Just focus on getting over!!!
Caesar: As if I’d think of anything else!! // If we get over that wall, we can get away!! // Beyond the wall~~~~~~~~~~~!!!

Perospero: Candy Wall!!!
Caesar: Aaaghh!! It’s over!! It’s all over!!
Germa: Black… // …BUG!!!
People: ?!!

People: They did it! They made it through the wall of candy!! / That’s the Germa for you!! // Go for it, Caesar! Even though you’re scum~~~!!
Perospero: ……Dear me…
Caesar: I’m not dying here, dammitall!!! // If I get over that wall!! Freedom will be mine!!!
DuFeld: ……… // (Th…the hidden treasure of the ocean floor… // …the Tamatebako is right before my eyes, and yet… // How could it wind up caught in such a precarious spot…?!! / Sh…should I jump down…?!)
Stussy: What are you planning to do with that Tamatebako, Du Feld?
DuFeld: ?!! / Whoahh!! // Stussy!! You were watching…?!!

DuFeld: Ah… // Aaahhhhh~~~~~~!!
Stussy: ……
DuFeld: Owwww……ah…ahhhh…
Stussy: ……
DuFeld: How perfect! Now I can get at the contents…!! // Let’s see just how valuable… // !!!
Stussy: “Flying Shigan”…… // The World Government will be taking custody of that Tamatebako. / You poor fool!♡ // Although naturally, you’ll be the one shouldering the blame…!!!
[Text: “Pleasure District Queen”, also known as… / CP-Aigis 0 Intelligence Agent / Stussy]

Stussy: I trust that’s what you’ll put in your article? / Morgans.
Morgans: (She knows I’m here!!) // Very well…then at least let me publish a scoop on the contents!
Stussy: Certainly, if a picture will suffice. You’re very reasonable. / Just as I’d expect of a professional spin doctor.
Morgans: That’s “newspaper mogul” to you!! I’ll sue you, you know! // Hm?!
Stussy: Ahh…!
People: ?!! // Ahhhhhhh~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~!!
BigMam: What was it you said again, Straw Hat?! // To me, back on Fishman Island?!!!

BigMam: Didn’t you say you were going to “beat me up”?!!
Luffy: ……………!!
BigMam: And what was it you said here on this island?!! / “The ones who come out on top in the end will be us!”, was it?!! // After all that, you’re running away?! You little coward!!!
Sanji: Don’t let her taunts get to you, Luffy!!
Luffy: ……C……Cow……ard……?!!! // Just one punch!!
Sanji: Hey, Luffy!!
Luffy: I meant every word of what I said, Big Mam!!! // The one who’ll be Pirate King in the end… // …isn’t you!!!!
BigMam: ??!

BigMam: Haaaahahahah…
Luffy: IT’S ME!!!!
People: ?!! // Whoaahh!!

Luffy: After I take down Kaidou!!! // You’re up next!! Big Mam!!!
BigMam: ……………?!!
Sanji: Hurry it up, Luffy!!!
Luffy: Guehhh… My power’s draining away…
BigMam: Kaidou…?! Mahhhhhmamamah… You wouldn’t stand a chance of defeating that monster… // And at any rate… // Why are you lot still indulging the hopeless dream… // …that you’ll be able to escape from MY territory~~~~~~~~?!!!!

Sanji: ?!
Judge: Our dream has already been shattered…!!! // After living our dream for a mere 66 days…
BigMam: ?!!
Judge: …we were reduced to wandering spirits, never again able to stand on our homeland’s soil! / And how can I face my people now?!!! // I chose to stake the regrets of my kingdom, the bitter soul that has lived within us for 300 years, upon the likes of you… // For that, I hate myself!!!
BigMam: ……Judge~~~~~~! // You can die safe in the knowledge… / …that I’ll put your scientific prowess to good use…

BigMam: And bring peace…
Judge: Urghh!!
BigMam: …to the world!!!
Judge: ……!!
BigMam: RAI // TEI!!!!
Judge: ?!!

Reiju: Father!!
Yonji: Father!!
Caesar: Hey! Hold it, bodyguards!! // Are you planning to abandon us and- // ?!!
Bege: !!!
Katakuri: You came pretty close. // One more step, and you would have made it…

Ichiji: Sparking… // FIGURE!!!
Katakuri: ?!!
Ichiji: Hurry up and go!!!
Caesar: Whoaaahhhh~~~~~!!
People: All right!! We’re gonna make it!! // Keep it up, Caesar! Even though you’re trash!!
Caesar: Aaaghhh~~~~!! // ?!! // Huh?

Caesar: Hey! Get out of my way!! Who the hell are you?!!! // Me?! No, you can’t be me!! // !!
Brulee: It’s me, Caesar Clown. / And I have a mountain of bones to pick with all of you!
Caesar: ……!! Brulee!!!
Bege: This isn’t good… // Caesar.
Caesar: ……… // ?!!

Caesar: They’ve all…been taken out……!!
Bege: ………… / This is as far as we go……
Pedro: Let’s head out and fight!!
Jinbei: Quite right! I too will fight!! // If we do nothing here, it is beyond doubt… / …we will all be killed!!
BigMam: Time to begin… // …the execution.

People: ?!! // ?!!!
BigMam: Huh?
Peple: Huh??
[Insert text: The Chateau falls……?!!]
[Bottom text: Next issue is the series’ 20th anniversary! Big celebrations are in store, including colour pages!!]

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