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Translations: One Piece 924 by cnet128 , Gintama 698 (2)

One Piece 874


+ posted by cnet128 as translation on Aug 11, 2017 21:24 | Go to One Piece

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One Piece

Chapter 874: Kingbaum
[Insert text: Target within range!!]
[TN: There is a wood pun in this insert text but I really can’t be bothered to think of a good English one right now.]
People: Big Mam!!! // She’s already here~~~~~~~!!! // Mama’s on the front lines!!! But look at the state she’s in…!! // That’s no ordinary Mama……!! // Can it be……………?!!
BigMam: Wedding cake…!!! // Take this…!! Spear of Elbaf…
Luffy: ?!

People: Something’s incoming!!! // Dodge quick, Kingbaum!!
BigMam: Ikoku!!!
People: ?!!

People: ……………………!!
Luffy: This attack…!! // It’s like the moves the Giants use! / How come?!!
BigMam: ……………!! // KINGBA~~~~~~~~UM!!!
Kingbaum: Aaaaghhhhhhh~~~~~~~~~~!!! / Mama!! I beg your forgiveness, ju~~~~~!! I was threatened into it, ju!
Luffy: Oh, crap…she’s about to launch another one!!! / Let’s get off and fight!!
Nami: Wait, Kingbaum!! // Who was that girl back there?! / Your girlfriend?!
Kingbaum: ?! // (Ladytree……!!) // Sh…… / She is my fiancée!!

Nami: Then don’t you need… // …to stay alive?!!
Kingbaum: !! // …You are right, ju. / I cannot afford to perish here……!!
Nami: Run for your life, Kingbaum!!!
BigMam: !!
Kingbaum: Guoooohhhhh~~~~~~~~~~!!!
Pedro: Like some kind of demon…
Luffy: It’s no good! We can’t dodge the next one!! // I’ll go and…!!
Nami: Wait, Luffy!! I have a plan.
Luffy: ?!
BigMam: We…dding…!!!
Luffy: What are you doing?!!

Nami: Black Ball!!
Zeus: ?! // Hmm?
Nami: Lightning loves lightning!♡
BigMam: IKOKU!!!
People: !!!
Zeus: Wowee~!!

Zeus: So tasty~~~!♡
People: !!
Sword/Prometheus: Ahh!! Mama!!
Prometheus: What are you playing at, Zeus?!!
Zeus: Yummy, yummy…
Sword: It’s no good! He’s entranced!!
Prometheus: Hey, look!! They’re getting away!!! // They’re heading into the Seducing Woods!!!
Nami: If we make it into the woods, we’re home free!!

Nami: After all, Kingbaum….
Homies: ! // Ah!
Nami: …is the master of these woods!!!
Homies: It’s Master Kingbaum!! // Make way~~~~~~!!
Luffy: Ahhh!! Look!! It’s the Sunny!!
Pedro: A clear path straight to the coast!!
Carrot: Your plan’s amazing, Nami~~~~!!
Sanji: That’s my Nami-saaaaaan~!♡
Jinbei: If Big Mam is not riding Zeus, we can shake her off!!
Nami: He’s called Zeus, is he?
Jinbei: Yes. That cloud is formed from Mama’s soul, and…
Zeus: Yep, I’m Zeus! That’s me!!
People: ZEUS~~~~~!!!
Kingbaum: Master Zeus!!
Jinbei: Watch out!! He’s a formidable foe!!

Zeus: Hey, hey!! Listen! / That little thundercloud just now… // Have you got any more?!!
People: ?!
Nami: Huh? My Black Ball? // Was it tasty?
Zeus: I’ve never tasted such a rich and fulfilling thundercloud before~~~!♡ // C’mon, please? / Have you got some more?
Nami: ………
Luffy: Hey, cloud!! Forget about that, give us a ride!!
Zeus: Sorry, no can do! Only Mama can ride on me, since she gave me her soul!
Luffy: Aw, so you’re just a cloud…
Nami: Then, Zeus… Would you like… // …to become my servant?
People: Eh?!
Sanji: YES, PLEASE~~~~~~!!!
Jinbei: She wasn’t talking to you.

Nami: I’ll let you eat Black Balls every day!
Zeus: Whaaaa~~?! Really~~?! Ooh, I don’t know~~~!
Jinbei: Does he have no loyalty to his mistress…?
Nami: You can become a thundercloud so huge it covers the sky, right?! / That’s so cool~~~~!♡
Zeus: Ahhhhhh~~~!! Really?! Nobody’s ever complimented me on that before!♡
People: ?!! // Ahh!!
BigMam: SEDUCING WOODS~~~~~~~~~!!! // STOP THEM AT ONCE~~~~~~~~!!!

People: !!!
Zeus: Uh-oh. // Mama got mad.
People: !!!
Luffy: Aaahhh!! It turned back into a nasty forest~~~~~!!
Sanji: ……?! Can’t we just kick them all aside and keep going straight??
Carrot: That’s no use! While we’re beating them up… / They’ll make it so we don’t know which way we were going!!
Sanji: ??!
Jinbei: Indeed. These woods toy with all who enter…!!
Kingbaum: Even I can’t overcome an order from the Queen, ju!! // But……

Kingbaum: Outta my way~~~~~~!!! // I can’t afford to die here, juuuu~~~!!!
Homies: Aaagghhhh~~~!! / Why, Master Kingbaum~~~~?!!
Prometheus: Hey, Kingbaum.
Kingbaum: !
Prometheus: Looks like you’ve… // …betrayed our Mama…
Kingbaum: ?!! // ……M…!! // Master Prometheus!!!
People: It’s no good! Run for it~~~~!!!

People: ?!! // Aaaaghhhhhhh!
Luffy: TREEEEE~~~~!!!
BigMam: We……dding… // …caaaaaake……!!!

[Box: The Capital - Sweet City]
Montd’Or: What of Bege?
People: We’ll catch up with him sooner or later!!
Montd’Or: The Seducing Woods are alight…!!
People: It looks like Mama is engaging the enemy there.
[Box: Mirroworld]
Brulee: Mirroworld here!! / Mont-d’Or-niisan! / I have ten thousand soldiers ready to deploy… / …whenever and wherever you like!! Wih-wih-wih!!
Montd’Or: Understood. I’ll be in touch. // Chocolate, Cheese, Nuts… // I want the fleets from each island… / …to keep the southwest coast in their sights. // Don’t allow the Straw Hats to set sail!!
People: Yessir!!
Montd’Or: You can be the first stage of the defensive formation. // Behind you will be the Tarte Ships of Flavour Island and Liqueur Island. // Make preparations and standby in the port. / Wait for the telepathic signal from the Territory Sea Slugs.
People: Understood!

[Box: Southwestern Coast - The Golden Sunny]
Katakuri: ……… // There seems to be a commotion in the forest.
Crocodile: I do not doubt it… // Mama is pursuing them directly, after all… // I cannot imagine they have the slightest chance of reaching us here.
Katakuri: …Agreed.
Crocodile: …I see… Then why are we preparing an ambush?
Katakuri: ……… // Just in case…

Homies: Fire~~~~~~!!!
Bege: They’ve brought out the Tarte Tanks now, have they?!! // But we’re almost at the coast!! They won’t catch us in time!! / Ahahahah!!
Purin: Bege-niisan!!
Bege: Whoaahhhh~~!! You scared the living daylights out of me!!! // Purin-sa… // No, Purin!! I won’t hold back just because you’re a girl, got that?!
Purin: I need to speak to my sister Chiffon!! // Bring her out here right now!!
Bege: ?!

[Box: Inside Bege…]
Chiffon: Purin! What are you doing here?! // Mama has fallen into another of her “food heartbreaks”?! // So you must need my chiffon cake! // ……………!! // But I’m sorry, Purin. / I’ve decided to leave this place, just like Lola…!! // I don’t care any more what happens to Mama or this country…
Bege: That’s the deal!! If you heard her, then get lost, Purin!!
Purin: That’s not it…
People: ?
Purin: Saving Mama, or this country…that’s not really why I’m here, either!!
People: ?!
Purin: I have to stop Mama as soon as possible…!! // Or she’ll kill him!! // And all his crew!!!
People: ?!!
[Insert text: Passion in those eyes…!!]

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