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Translations: One Piece 927 by cnet128 , Gintama 698 (2)

One Piece 878

Pedro, Captain of the Mink Guardians

+ posted by cnet128 as translation on Sep 22, 2017 19:56 | Go to One Piece

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One Piece

Chapter 878: Pedro, Captain of the Mink Guardians
[Insert text: For his one-time partner Zepo…]
Flashback!BigMam: Ma-ma-ma-mah! Well, what a fine man you are! // Just for that, I’ll leave it at 50 years. // Enjoy what’s left of your life!!!
Flashback!Perospero: Heeheheh… / You sure got yourself a sweet deal, la-lick!♪ // How old are you right now?
Flashback!Pedro: ………Twenty-seven……
Flashback!Perospero: So with 50 years off your lifespan, that makes you effectively 77 years old now. / Who knows how many years you have left, eh?
Flashback!Pedro: I’ll choose my own time and place to die.
Flashback!Perospero: Still, the “Nox Pirates”, eh…?
Flashback!Pedro: !

Flashback!Perospero: That means “night”, doesn’t it? // What a very negative sort of name to go by!
Flashback!Pedro: ………
DoubleFlashback!Pedro: Roger!! Oden-sama!! Take me with you!!
Flashback!Pedro: Every night… // …must come to an end eventually.
DoubleFlashback!Roger: Boy! I’m leaving you in reserve for now!!
DoubleFlashback!Pedro: !!
DoubleFlashback!Roger: I won’t be around forever, you know!! / Now listen up. Every person in this world has their time to shine!!
DoubleFlashback!Pedro: ?!
DoubleFlashback!Someone: Pedro!! They’re saying Roger’s… He’s dead…!!
DoubleFlashback!Pedro: Whaaat?!
Flashback!Pedro: …In other words, you could also translate “Nox” as…

Flashback!Pedro: “Before dawn”.
Flashback!Perospero: !
Flashback!Pedro: If I can become a stepping stone to the dawn… / …of the new world they’re waiting for, that’s all I can ask for. // I have enough time left for that.
People: PEDRO~~~~~~!!!

Luffy: Pedro!!
Carrot: Pedro~~!!!
Katakuri: It can’t be… Peros-nii…?!
Brook: Guorgh!
Chopper: Guerhh!!
People: The Devil Fruit candy is melting away!!!
BigMam: Urghhh…!!!

Jinbei: What have you done, Pedro…?!!!
People: Mama’s eldest son… / …Master Perospero was…!! // He was caught in the explosion…?!!
Brook: Hueguruehghehh!
Chopper: Bueeerghhhhh~~~~! I…I thought I was a goner~~~~~!!!
Jinbei: You two!!
Carrot: PEDRO~~~~~~~~~~~~~!!!
Nami: You mustn’t, Carrot!!

Nami: He did it to save us all!!! / Just moments ago, our chances of survival were zero!!
Carrot: Uerghhh……!!
Luffy: Can we jump, Nami?!!
Nami: !! / All the preparations are ready!!
Luffy: Time to set sail, men!!!
People: !!!
Luffy: If we waste this opportunity…

Luffy: …How can we ever face Pedro?!!!
Nami: Keep the sail right there!! // Chopper, Brook!! Are you conscious?! / We’re launching a Coup de Burst to the northwest!!
Chopper: ?! / Huh?! *cough*… Jinbei…
Jinbei: Tell me how!!! I’ll take care of it!!!
BigMam: Uuurghhh…
Katakuri: You’ve all got some nerve… // Getting fired up like this…!!!

Announcement: All ships, prepare to fire on the enemy vessel!!
People: How dare you do that to Master Perospero!!
Carrot: Get off this ship, Big Mam Pirates!!
Flashback!Pedro: She’s not cut out for the sword.
Flashback!Shishilian: That’s enough from you, Pedro!! / I’m going to make Carrot into a fine swordsman!!
Flashback!Pedro: It doesn’t matter how. What matters is that you become a fine warrior… // …and stay ready for when your turn to shine comes!!
Carrot: Electrical!!!

Katakuri: As long as I’m here… // This ship is going nowhere!!!
Carrot: Aaaghh!
Luffy: Carrot!! // We’re setting sail!!!
Katakuri: !!
Luffy: I’m the captain of this ship!!!
Katakuri: Let’s hope you have the skills to get rid of me, then.
Luffy: Gomu Gomu no…!!

Katakuri: !! // !! // ……!! I see… Sure enough, if you do that, there’s no way around it…

Luffy: Knowing won’t help if you can’t stop me!!
People: Fire!!! // Ahhh!! // Whoahhh!! // Aaghhh!! // Aahh!! // Wahoo! // Stop! Stop!
Jinbei: Here we go!!! / I can scarcely believe a ship can fly through the air, but…!!
People: !!!
BigMam: HOLD IT…!! / WHERE IS IT~~~~~~~?!!
Nami: Big Mam!!

Nami: Huh?! // That’s…!! // Ped…
Perospero: *pant* / Ughh… // Damn that Pedro……!!
People: !!!
Perospero: Damn it all… He gave me cold chills… My Candy Armour is in tatters…
Luffy: Nami!!!
Nami: !!!

Luffy: *pant* // *pant*
People: Get off me~~~~!! // ?!
Luffy: Jinbei!!
Brook: What in the world is happening here…?
Luffy: Brook!! // Chopper!! // Carrot!!!
Katakuri: ………
People: Brulee……?!
Luffy: I’ll be back!!! // You take care of the rest!!!
People: Huh?!

People: Cannonfire incoming!!!
Brook: W…we’re launching off, right?! Then don’t forget the Shark!!
Jinbei: Here goes nothing!!!
People: COUP DE…!! // BUUUUUURST~~~~!!!! // ?!! // Whoaahh!!
Amande: ……… // Amande here. // The enemy vessel has fled. // Into the sky.
People: The sky~~~~~?!

Nami: ! // Hey!! // Where’s Luffy? // ?!
[Box: Mirroworld]
People: It’s Straw Hat~~~~~~~!!
Katakuri: ………………

Katakuri: ……… // Well played, boy.
Luffy: In here, we can fight as much as we like!!
Katakuri: ………… // !!
People: Whoahhh!! The gateway back to the ship!!
Katakuri: ………………
[Insert text: Which will claim the future?!!]

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