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Translations: One Piece 929 by cnet128 , Gintama 699 by kewl0210

One Piece 885

It's Brulee!!!

+ posted by cnet128 as translation on Nov 17, 2017 21:32 | Go to One Piece

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One Piece
Chapter 885: It's Brulee!!!
Tales of the Unwanted Great Straw Hat Fleet Vol 19: Ideo Arc
"Dropping Anchor on an Island, Time to Build a Ship from the Parts that Aren't Broken!"

[Insert text: They face off!]
Luffy: ...Ugh!! He's back to being strong like before!! / *pant* // *pant* / Gomu Gomu no......!!! // KONG GUN!!! // !!!

Luffy: ?! // Doughnuts!!
Katakuri: Chikara-Mochi!!!!
Luffy: !!!

Luffy: ......!!
Katakuri: What you verified... // ...was the fact that as long as I keep my cool... / ...I'm entirely unbeatable, yes?
Luffy: *pant*... *pant*...!! / You'll let your guard down again sometime!! / I know I can beat you!!!

Katakuri: It looks like you're about to shrink......?
Luffy: !! // Of course...Gear Fourth's time limit!! / Right, I'm outta here!!
Katakuri: ?!
Luffy: Thanks a bunch for warning me!!
Katakuri: !!
Luffy: I won't be able to use Haki for 10 minutes!! // Gotta get as far away as possible!!!
Katakuri: So, your power-up has its limits. // Nagare-Mochi!!! // You think I'd be fool enough not to exploit that opportunity?!!!

Luffy: !! // Ahh!! // Urgh!! // *pant* // *pant* / *pant* // *pant* // Gotta survive...ten minutes...!! / *pant* // There's no way I can match him without Haki...!! // It's no good......!! // I didn't manage to lose him!! / Crap! This is really bad!!
Katakuri: How disappointing. To think you're finished already.

Luffy: Huh?!
Katakuri: ?
Brulee: Aaaaaghhhhhhhh~~~~~~~!!!
Katakuri: Brulee?!
Brulee: Help meeeeee~~~~~!!! // Onii-cha~~~~~~~~~~~~~~n!!!
Katakuri: You utter fool...what are you doing there?!!!

Katakuri: Hold it, Straw Hat!!! // !! // Damn it!! // Brulee!!
Luffy: Whewww~!! // That was a close one!! Where's this, a city somewhere?!! // Thanks, Branch!!
Brulee: It's Brulee!!
Luffy: Great, now if I just wait here for my Haki to-
Amande: Mama, stop!! This is the city I govern!! // ?!!
BigMam: *CHOMP!!* / *munch munch* / THIS ISN'T IT~~~~~~~!!!
Perospero: Mama!! This is Nuts Island! There's no cake here... / ...and you won't find the Straw Hats here either!!!
Luffy: ...............!!!

Perospero: The Straw Hats are............!! / Hmm?
Amande: Straw Hat!! And Brulee?!
Brulee: Amande-oneechan!!
Perospero: Straw Haaaaat?!!
Luffy: Huh?! ??
People: What?! The pirate Straw Hat Luffy?!
Perospero: Mama, over there!!!
BigMam: STRAW HAAAAAAT~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~!!!!
Luffy: What's Big Mam doing here? / Where am I?! / Wasn't she out at sea chasing after the Sunny......? // !!!

People: !!! // Aaaaghhhhh~~~~~~!!!
Luffy: She's chasing me!!
Brulee: Mama~! Peros-nii~! Help me~~~~!!
Perospero: Hands off my sister... Candy Wall!!

Luffy: !!! // Gear Third! / Gomu Gomu no...!! // Gigant Pistol!!! // Ugh, it's no good!! ......!! I'm surrounded by candy!!
Amande: Slow Waltz!!

Amande: ! // Peros-niisan!! // This candy is in my way!!
Luffy: Mirror!! A mirror!!
Perospero: Candy Slug!!
Luffy: !!! // This must mean Nami and the others... / ...managed to get away and lose her completely, right...?!!

[Box: The Waters of Totland]
People: .........
[Box: The Golden Sunny]
Nami: ...It's very quiet......
People: Nothing to report!! // Nothing to report~!
Jinbei: Unreasonably quiet. But things won't keep going this smoothly... / Not with the pride of a Yonkou at stake...!!
Nami: At any rate, we have to get back on our direct course from before! // If we don't manage to meet up... / ...with Sanji-kun and the others when they bring the cake... // Not only will we be separated, but Big Mam... / ...will keep chasing us to the edges of hell in her rage.
[Box: Elsewhere in the ocean...]
Montd'Or: All Tarte Ships from all islands... / ...move out immediately!! // The crew responsible for dealing significant damages... / ...to our Big Mam Pirates... / The Straw Hats!!! // And the crew who guided them... / ...and betrayed their Queen in the process... // The Firetank Pirates!!! // Not to mention those fishmen who disappeared in the chaos... // The Sun Pirates!! // These three crews... // ...are currently on the run somewhere within the borders of Totland!!!
People: A search mission? What about the Territory Sea Slugs? // I heard they've all gone missing... // Whaaaaaaa~~?!
Smoothie: .........
Montd'Or: Any and all of their vessels are to be sunk on sight!!!

[Box: Cacao Island - Chocolat Town / Sweets Factory]
People: !! // Aaaaaghhhhhhh~~~~~~~~!♡♡ // Huh?! What happened just now?! Don't tell me...that groom poisoned...?!
Sanji: Ask him yourself.
People: ......S...So delicious...I could die......!♡ // He's half-dead from the sheer deliciousness?!!! // Just look at the joy on his face!!!
Purin: So this whipped cream is Sanji-san's secret plan...!! // The "pinnacle of sweetness"...!♡ I...I want to taste it too!
Sanji: It's complete!! The ultimate cream: Simsim Whip!! // Purin-chan, I'm afraid I can't let you taste it right now. / We can't afford to lose someone as talented as you.
Purin: !!
People: If a cream like this was spread on that cake... / Aaaghhhhh~~~~~~~!♡ // Don't imagine it!! You'll really die!!

Chiffon: Our fluffy chiffon cake is baked and ready too, Black Leg!!
People: Hold it down!! It's so fluffy, it's just about ready to float off into the sky!!
Purin: Me too!! I added some of your whipped cream, Sanji-san... / ...to make the smoothest and sweetest chocolate ganache ever seen!♡
People: Put a lid on it!! It's so smooth, it's practically leaping out of the pot!!
Sanji: Five minutes to six o'clock... We're right on time!! // Is the ship ready?
People: Ready and waiting!!
Sanji: We'll complete the cake on board the ship... // ...and meet up with the Sunny that's heading our way!! // Now, let's move!! Big Mam has tormented my crew long enough... // It's time to defeat her!!!
[Insert text: With an all-out culinary attack!!]
[Bottom text: Next issue, One Piece will be taking a break. It will be back in Issue 52.]

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