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Translations: One Piece 929 by cnet128 , Gintama 699 by kewl0210

One Piece 887

Somewhere, Someone is Wishing For Your Happiness

+ posted by cnet128 as translation on Dec 10, 2017 14:22 | Go to One Piece

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One Piece
Chapter 887: Somewhere, Someone is Wishing For Your Happiness
Tales of the Unwanted Great Straw Hat Fleet Vol 20: Ideo Arc
"Make Up or Murder Each Other, It's Up To You"

[Insert text: Can they escape from Cacao Island?!]
People: Master Oven was shot by Bege~~~~~~~!!!
Oven: ...............!!
People: They're done for now!!! // Bege!! We have you completely surrounded!! // There's nowhere for you to escape to open waters!!!
Bege: ......
People: And no escape on land either!! Give up already!! // Come on, get off your ship and show yourself!!!
Oven: So you choose to fight... / Very well. I will execute you myself!!
Purin: What should we do, Nee-san?!! / We can't set sail like this!!
Sanji: .........
Bege: So you were all ready to set sail with the cake... // ...but that Oven went and got in the way, eh, Chiffon...?

People: Halt your ship, Bege!!! // What are you planning, a suicide attack?!!
Oven: What madness are you thinking, Bege?!!
People: They charged straight up onto the coast!! // Shoot 'em down!!
Bege: Move aside now, fellas. // My ship, the Nostra Castello... // ...sails on land as well as water!!!
People: Aaaaghhhh~~!!! // ?!! // Aaaarghhhhh!! // The paddles turned into caterpillar tracks!!!

Oven: !!! // I've never heard anything about a gimmick like that!!
People: Fire~~~~~!!!
Bege: Sure, 'cause I never told you!!
People: Aaaghhhh~~~~!! // What kind of idiot would reveal his secrets to the people he's planning to betray?!!!
People: Aaarghhhhh~~~~~!!
Bege: Chiffon!!
Chiffon: !
Bege: Move the cake onto here!!
Chiffon: Huh?!
People: Outrageous!! How's anyone meant to move a cake of that size... // ...onto a ship moving at that kind of speed?!! // ......Hmm?

People: ?!! // Whoaa!! The transport carriage is flying~~~~~~!!
Chiffon: What the heck is going on?!
Sanji: Clear out the deck, Bege!!
Purin: (Sanji-san!♡)
People: Mistress Purin!!

Bege: Black Leg......!! / All right, bring it on!!
People: Who is that man?!! With a single leg...! // Is he one of the chefs?? // Aaaaghhhh! // Clear out the deck~~~~~!! // Whoa, Black Leg~~~~!! You're amazing!! // It actually landed in place~~~~~~!! // Mmm, what's this delicious smell?♡
Chiffon: Bege!! Bege!!
Bege: Not hurt, are you, my wife?!!
People: Mistress Purin, stay with us~~~~~!!
Vito: Hmm... No less from a Germa!♡
Sanji: I'm no Germa!!

Oven: ......
People: Master Oven, please run!!
Oven: Bring it on!! // I'll stop you myself!
People: !! // He got run over~~~~~~~!!!
Chiffon: We need to set sail for the south-eastern waters, Bege!!
Pez: Ogyahhh~! Ogyaahh~!
Chiffon: There, there, little Pez. Was all that a little noisy for you~~?
Bege: It'll mean crushing more than a few chocolate houses...you all right with that?
Purin: If that's what it takes to get everyone out safely, then it'll have to do!
People: !!

Chiffon: He's still there... / Who is that man? ...A pervert?
Pez: ? // ............
Pound: (They look so happy...)
Pez: Hehehahaha!
Chiffon: Huh?! / What's gotten into you, Pez?
People: Don't let them get away!! They're almost at the water!! // Don't use the cannons, the cake will be blown apart!! // Fleet, head to the south-west of the island!! // And hurry!! // All right!! // We made it out of Cacao Island~~~~~~!!!
Bege: There's nobody who can catch this battleship now!!
Sanji: Thanks, Bege. You saved our skins!!

Bege: As if I did this for YOU, Black Leg!!
Sanji: Hmm? / Is it just me, or is it awfully hot here?
Vito: Father! There's something strange going on with the sea, la-lick!!
People: Eh?!
Vito: The fish are floating to the surface!! // Are they boiling from the ocean's heat?!!
Sanji: With all that salt, they should be pretty delicious...
Bege: We're next on the menu, idiot!! // There's only one man who could be responsible for this......!! // Look!!
Oven: Boiling Ocean... // ...Inferno!!
Bege: It's Oven... // ...with his Netsu-Netsu ability!!

People: So hot!! // Oh, no!! This will affect the temperature of the chocolate!! // The whipped cream will melt too!!
Sanji: That idiot... Big Mam's not going to be satisfied with a pile of boiled fish...!!
People: !! // The paddles have broken from the heat of the water!! // Whoa, whoa... Is he trying to sink the whole ship?!! // Has Master Oven forgotten just how important this cake is?!!
Pez: Heehaha! // Dahhh~! Dahhh~!
Chiffon: What in the world has gotten into you all of a sudden, Pez? All this laughing out of nowhere!
People: Master Oven!! Look out!
Oven: ?

Pound: Enough already~~~~~~~~~!!!
Oven: !!!
Chiffon: ?!
Pez: Heehehaha!
Chiffon: ?!
People: Just who is that guy? // Some sworn enemy of Oven?! // Father!! The temperature of the water is going down!! // Stow the paddles!! // We've got to get out of these boiling waters while we have the chance!!! // Yessir!!

Pound: Ah... // You didn't...fall into the ocean...
Oven: Are you trying to kill your own stepson...?
Pound: !
Chiffon: Hurry up! We must make our escape!!
People: Right, Mistress!!
Pez: Heeheeha!
Pound: (My grandson... // ...whose name I know not...!! // Is your life a happy one? Make sure you get plenty of love and care from your daddy and mummy. // For I could not even do that...!!)
Flashback!BigMam: They're born... I don't need you any more.
Flashback!Pound: Huh?! // Linlin?! // Linlin!! At least let me hold them just once!! // They're my children~~~~~~~!!

Pound: (That was 26 years ago... // Chiffon...... // I'm so glad to have at least caught a glimpse of you. / Though it seems you're being chased for some reason...)
Pez: Hogyahhhh~~~!!
Pound: (I'm glad to see you seem happy......!!)
Chiffon: What's wrong, Pez?!
Bege: Don't you worry, widdle one!! We're all out of that nasty hot water now!!
Pound: (I was always so worried about you... / Were there days when life seemed hard...? // Were there days when you felt lonely?)
Flashback!BigMam: Don't show that face in front of me!! I'll kill you!!
Pound: (I'm so sorry I couldn't be by your side... / ...during those times, Chiffon...!! // It may be a little late now, but let me tell you this...)

Pound: (Congratulations... // ...on your wedding!!)
People: We made it out~~~~~!!! // Keep going! We're gonna get away~~~~~!!!
Chiffon: Huh...?
[Box: Inside Big Mam's Territory - The Golden Sunny]

Jinbei: If we stop, we're done for!! // Sail as fast as you can!!!
[Box: Bege's ship]
Sanji: Time to start the decorating!! / And quickly - there's not a moment to lose!!!
[Insert text: To stop Big Mam!]

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