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Translations: One Piece 929 by cnet128 , Gintama 699 by kewl0210

One Piece 901

Survive, Even If It Kills You!!!

+ posted by cnet128 as translation on Apr 20, 2018 21:14 | Go to One Piece

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One Piece
Chapter 901: Survive, Even If It Kills You!!!
Tales of the Unwanted Great Straw Hat Fleet Vol 32: Hajrudin Arc
"Buggy Deliveries Escapee List: Gerth, Ship's Doctor of the New Giant Warrior Pirates"

[Insert text: After the feast...]
[Box: Fluffy Island]
People: Mama!! // Mama!! // Master Perospero... // ..................
Perospero: Mama is back to her usual self... / That must have been one hell of a cake... // I've never seen her with such a delighted expression, la-lick!♪ // Mama!! You are the Captain!! I'd better at least give you a situation report! // First, that Bege. He should still be pretty close by...
BigMam: So happy...♡

[Box: Cacao Island]
People: ?!! // Hm? Hang on!! // Hey!! Something's not right!!! // !! // That's not the Straw Hats' ship at all!!
Daifuku: Ehh?!
Smoothie: .........?!

People: It's the Sun Pirates' ship!!! // When the hell did they...?!! // Where did the Straw Hats go~~~~~?!!
SunPirates: Hurry, Wadatsumi!!! // Take them as far as you can~~~~~~~!!!
Flashback!Wadatsumi: Y-you sure?! // Dat's da legendary ship made by Fisher Ti'er!!
Flashback!Aladine: I don't care!!

Flashback!Aladine: Just hurry! There's no time!!
Flashback!Wadatsumi: Owie owowow...
Flashback!Nami: (Wha...?! What the?!)
Flashback!Luffy: ??
Flashback!StrawHats: Aaaghhh~~~~!!
Flashback!Wadatsumi: Imma run away!!
Flashbask!StrawHats: Aaaghhhh~~!
Smoothie: They're beneath the water!! I thought I saw something odd... // It was the hand of that Oonyuudou!!

People: All vessels!! Change course by 180 degrees!!
Luffy: Where are we?!
Jinbei: We're inside Wadatsumi's mouth.
Oven: Nekkai... // ...Gyorai!!!
[TN: "Boiling Ocean Torpedoes"]
Oven: You're not getting away, fishman!!!
Wadatsumi: !!!

Wadatsumi: Hothothothothotttt~~~~!!!
StrawHats: Aaahhh~~~~~~~~!!
People: !
StrawHats: !!
Luffy: Wada-kichi~~~~~~~!!!
Wadatsumi: Go, you guys!! // Uu... // Uughh... // Straw Hat!! I... I did lotsa bad stuff back a' Fishman Island... / I'm real sorry...!!
Luffy: !!
Wadatsumi: But Boss Jinbei took great care o' me anyway... / I...really owe 'im for dat......!!!

Oven: Out of my way, umibouzu!!!
Wadatsumi: Owwwwww~~~~!!
People: !!
Wadatsumi: Ever since da Boss started sayin' he wan'ed to go join Straw Hat... / We'd all made our minds up!!!
Flashback!Praline: Mama slaughters anyone who tries to leave her crew. / Shashasha!!
Flashback!Aladine: Then the only thing for us to do is......!!
Flashback!People: You mean we have to die as Captain Jinbei's shield?! // Gyahahah!! We'd better not all die. Someone has to live to tell our tale!! // I can't deny that, hahahah!!
Flashback!Aladine: I won't blame anyone who decides to run...!! / But to anyone who chooses to come with me, I say... // Be prepared for the worst!!! // We're not going to let those brutes...

Flashback!Aladine: ...get in the way of Jinbei's new journey!!!
Flashback!People: Yeahhhhh~~~~~~~!!
Wadatsumi: We all decided toge'er!!
Luffy: ...............!!
Aladine: Fall back, Wadatsumi!!!
Wadatsumi: Blublub...!!
Jinbei: Aladine!! // All of you!!

Aladine: Get outta here, Jinbei!! Straw Hat Pirates!!
Jinbei: !!!
Aladine: We wish you the best on your journey!!!
Jinbei: Waterlogging is the bane of any sailing vessel! / Hurry and clear the hull of water!!
People: ?!
Jinbei: The ship will be heavier and slower right now. / Patch the holes in the sail, be sure to catch the wind at a favourable angle. Do everything in your power... // ...to sail at the maximum possible speed!!!
Brook: Eh...?
Jinbei: It will take a number of hours before you are out of her territory entirely...!!
Luffy: What're you talking about, Jinbei?!! / What's this explanation for?!!!
Jinbei: Luffy...
Luffy: !!

Jinbei: I'm afraid... // ...I can't leave them behind!!!
Luffy: !!! // ...All right!! Got it!! Then we'll stay too, and - !!
Jinbei: We are your rear guard!! We fight so you can escape!!!
Luffy: !!
Jinbei: If that mothership and its fleet are allowed to pursue you... / All your efforts will be for nothing...!!! // Allow me to serve as your final line of defence!!!
Luffy: !!

Jinbei: I will perform my duty... // ...and return alive!!!
Luffy: Don't you forget... // ...Jinbei!! // You're already part of this crew... // And I'm your Captain!!!

Luffy: This ship will keep sailing......!! // I'll wait for you in the Wano Country!!! // So you better show up!!!
Nami: ...............!! // Luffy!!
Jinbei: You have my deepest gratitude!!!
Luffy: Survive, even if it kills you!!!

[Box: Open waters - Big Mam]
BigMam: Jinbei and the Germa 66 too?!! // That Straw Hat brat is still alive and on Cacao Island?!
Perospero: A...Admittedly, he's not dead yet... / But he has nowhere left to run!!
BigMam: If he's not dead as a doornail, I'm going after him myself!!! // I'll take his soul and make it serve me as a powerful Homie...!!! Hahahahahah! / Mahmahmahmahmah!!!
Bege: .................. // Looks like our lives have been spared... // Life's not always bad news, eh? // Let's take this opportunity to scarper.
Vito: I worry about the Germa, la-lick...
Bege: Shaddup!

Flashback!Jinbei: Nami!! Sail as fast and as far as you can!! // When fishmen go all-out, we can change the very currents of the ocean!!
Flashback!Nami: All right... Got it!!
Nami: Incredible......!! // The sea, it's......!!
Aladine: Honestly, what are you playing at......?!! // Are you doubting our abilities?!!
Jinbei: Wahahahah! Don't be like that, brother...!! // Let us all survive together......!! // So you can give me a proper send-off!!!
Announcement: Leaving Jinbei behind as his rear guard, Straw Hat Luffy makes his escape!! / The fleet are stopped completely in their tracks......!! // It cannot be long before they lose sight of the Straw Hat vessel!!
Morgans: Kwahahahah! That's right, Straw Hat! Sail onward!!
Stussy: You certainly seem to have taken a liking to that boy...
Morgans: But of course. Straw Hat too is one of the candidates... / I have a theory, you see, my dear Stussy. // From amongst those known as the Terrible Generation, there will soon arise... // ...a new Pirate King!!!
[Insert text: A bold declaration...!]

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