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Translations: One Piece 929 by cnet128 , Gintama 699 by kewl0210

One Piece 908

The Levely Begins

+ posted by cnet128 as translation on Jun 23, 2018 02:09 | Go to One Piece

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One Piece
Chapter 908: The Levely Begins
[TN: I couldn't keep ignoring the official spelling when this chapter writes it in such big letters... RIP Reverie, you looked so much nicer]
Tales of the Unwanted Great Straw Hat Fleet Vol 38: Orlumbus Arc
"15:00 - Piracy Scheduling"

[Insert text: The Holy Land is alive with talk and commmotion...]
[Box: Pangea Castle]
People: There are a lot less people around now...
[Box: Social Courtyard]
People: Well, after an incident like that...
Manshelly: How is it now? // Shirahoshi-san!!
Shirahoshi: The bruises are completely gone! / Thank you so much, Manshelly-chan-sama!♡ You have a wonderful ability!
Manshelly: Eheheh!♡
Someone: Hahaha... They must be the world's biggest princess... / ...and the world's smallest princess.
Manshelly: I'm sorry I was scared of you to start with!

Neptune: There are bad people and there are good people... / That is no different from we merfolk! // Thanks to you, Mjosgard, I was able to avoid giving up.
Mjosgard: I will watch over Princess Shirahoshi for the seven days this summit continues. / If the status I was born with can be of use to others, nothing would make me happier.
Leo: So can we beat up anyone as long as we say it was your orders?!
Mjosgard: ! // Y...Yes!! // If you need fight to protect the Princesses, I will take all responsibility!
Pell: I am so sorry, Princess Vivi!! I should have been by your side!!
Vivi: Pell... Where is Father?
Pell: It seems he is speaking with the Marine Admiral Fujitora who gave us that...letter, / along with King Riku of Dresrosa...!!
Vivi: ...............?

[Box: Meanwhile... / Outside the Main Gate of Pangea Castle...]
[Label: Tenryuumon Gate / (To the Land of the Gods)]
[Box: ...there lie three further gates, all carefully guarded.]
[Label: Pangea Castle]
Connie: Weheheheh...
[Box: Sorbet Kingdom / Queen Dowager / Connie]
Connie: Heheheheh...
People: Oh my, if it isn't our esteemed guest from the Sorbet Kingdom...
[Box: This is the Tenryuumon Gate.]
People: Queen Dowager Connie. / Beyond this gate is the Land of the Gods. // I'm afraid passage through is not permitted. It is dangerous for you to be here, so please return to the castle...
Charlos: It hurts so!! Unforgivable!! That damned Mjosgard!!!
People: !

People: Saint Charlos, please remain calm! / You will only worsen your wounds!!
Charlos: I will not let this...end here...
People: Huh...?!! What is all this...?!!
Someone: Open the gate! Saint Charlos is injured!! He requires immediate treatment!!
Rosward: Ahhh, Charlos!!!
People: !!
Rosward: So you are all right!! // I heard about the incident and was just on my way to pick you up!!!
[Text: World Noble (Tenryuubito) / Saint Rosward]
People: Saint Rosward!!
Charlos: F...Father...!!

Connie: ...............!!
Rosward: Oh, but look at the state of you!! // My poor beloved son!!
People: Hmm...? Where is the Queen Dowager......?
Rosward: Donquixote Mjosgard is a most bizarre fellow... / ...who does not keep a single slave despite being a Tenryuubito!! // Between him and that strange man Homing who descended to the mortal world thirty years ago... / There's something awfully wrong with the Donquixote family, if you ask me!!
Charlos: Why, Father, that's...!! The invincible slave, Kuma!!
Kuma: ..................
Rosward: Indeed it is. I finally got my turn to rent him out!!
[Text: Current Royal Shichibukai (Former Officer in the Revolutionary Army) / (Also former King of the Sorbet Kingdom) / Bartholemew Kuma]

Rosward: I can strike him!!
People: ?
Rosward: And I can stab him!!
Bonney: *pant* // *pant*...... // (I didn't expect to run into him all of a sudden.........!! // Anyway, infiltration complete. // I won't forgive them......!! // Not ever......!!!)
[Text: Pirate of the Terrible Generation / Captain of the Bonney Pirates / Jewelry Bonney]
Rosward: And still he doesn't let out a single cry!! Truly the highest quality of slave!!
Bonney: (Not ever!!!)
Charlos: Ooh, that looks like fun, Father!! But more to the point, I'm dying here~~~~!!

[Box: Meanwhile... // ...beneath their feet!!]
Lindbergh: Don't make such a fuss, Sabo!!
Morley: Aw, jeez! Boys can be so scary~~~~~!!
Sabo: How do you expect me NOT to get worked up right now?!! // You saw what they're doing to our comrade!!! // That kind man, Kuma!!!
Lindbergh: We know. Everyone feels the same way. / And we won't let them keep treating him like that!!
Morley: Is it too cramped? Want me to widen it some more?
Karasu: That's why we came here, is it not...?!!
Sabo: ..................

Karasu: Although, even if we do free him... / It's not as though he'll return to his old self...
Sabo: .........
Morley: Even so!! Kuma-chan's life is the very embodiment of the World Government's sacrifices!!
Lindbergh: They made an example of him in the first place precisely because he was the King of a member country. // To show how even the most powerful of men can end up if they defy the Gods!! // The Tenryuubito have both CP0 and Marine HQ on their side!! If we mess up and get caught...
Sabo: No, there's no room for "messing up" here. We succeed, or we die...!!!

[Box: Thus the day of the Levely arrives... // In the first place, / the world's seas... / ...are divided into four areas by the great wall known as the Red Line...]
[Labels: Red Line / North Blue / East Blue / New World / Holy Land of Mary Geoise / West Blue / South Blue / Grand Line (including the New World)]
[Box: ...and the cruel waters including the New World which Luffy and his crew are currently traversing: the Grand Line. // The World Government is a great organisation formed from the vast majority of the many countries scattered across those seas... // ...numbering 170 member countries in total!!! // Amongst these, Kings are sent from 50 representative countries...]

[Box: ...to gather here at the Holy Land once every four years...]
People: Take your seats, everyone!!
[Box: ...for a great summit known as...]
People: Still, that Wano Country is a non-member, yes? / Essentially a lawless zone... // Who can say if it can even be considered a real country at all? // Mobilising the Marines requires significant funds... // A failed assassination of Big Mam... / ...and next he's going after Kaidou?
Neptune: .........
People: I don't know how he manages to cause one major incident after another... / This "Straw Hat Luffy"...
Elizabello: To be sure!! Wahahah!!
People: What's so funny, Prodence?!!

Cobra: The chair of the council is on a rotation system... // (Luffy-kun...)
Mororon: Whose turn is it this time?
HamBurger: It is mine. // Allow me to do the honours.
Riku: Ballywood, eh...?
VeryBritishKing: Please proceed.
SomeWoman: Well, this should help things go quickly...
DudeGuy: Even with seven whole days, we will never be short of topics to debate...
HamBurger: Well then, as usual, let us debate to our hearts' content. // About this beautiful world we live in!!! // Kings of the world's nations!!!

Gorousei: So, the summit has begun... // During this period, the King Alabasta, Cobra, too... / ...is requesting an audience with us. // The House of Nefertari is a bloodline... / ...descended from the only one of the Original Twenty to remain in the mortal world below, 800 years ago...!! // One might consider them traitors... // Has he realised something...? Let us pray that things do not become difficult. // The same goes for the situation with Big Mam and Kaidou... / Two years on from the Ultimate War... The swelling of the ripples cannot be stopped. // This world's balance cannot be maintained forever. // It may be time to perform a great cleansing.

Im: ..................
[Box: Inside Pangea Castle - The Chamber of Flowers]
Someone: Im-sama... / Everyone is now assembled.
Im: ......... // (..................) // ..................

Gorousei: Ahh, Im-sama......!! // ......... // The Gorousei...
Im: ............
Gorousei: ...are at your service!!! // Have you decided upon another light... // ...to be extinguished from history? // If so... / ...simply give us their name!!
Im: ............
[Insert text: Upon the "Empty" Throne......?!!]
[Insert text: Next week, One Piece will be on a break. It will be back in Issue 31.]

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#1. by TheRoyalOP ()
Posted on Jun 23, 2018
Hi, first of all thanks for your awesome work every week.
I was wondering why you translated the title of Connie as the "queen mother" instead of "queen dowager" of Viz version and other translations. The meaning changes quite a lot and could be a hint at the true identity of Bonney.

Keep up the good work and greetings from Spain.
#2. by bmjy1000 ()
Posted on Jun 23, 2018
As expect of cnet. Giving out better translations than Viz and the other translations that copy Viz or assume what Viz is going to translate it as. Making the proper translations by being simple and literal instead of unnecessary complicated and indirect. You are the OG of translations and the only one that translates like it was back in the day. Don't ever change.

PS: Leave it to cnet to be the one only not to forget to translate that Chapter 909 is coming next week.
#3. by cnet128 (MH's Best Translator)
Posted on Jun 24, 2018
I confess I'm not particularly familiar with the specificities of royal titles. When I looked up this one, I saw "queen mother" listed as an equivalent, which is a title I'm readily familiar with, so I used that.

On further investigation, it seems the situation is a little more complicated. It looks like the Japanese title 太后 is actually somewhat ambiguous - it's most closely associated with the widow of a former monarch, but apparently it has also been applied to the mother of a current monarch.

Of course, in most cases this distinction isn't very important, since the same person is likely to hold both statuses. If we had more information, I'd probably still go with "queen mother" since it's the more usual title to be actually used in English, but since we don't really have sufficient information here, I'll go with "queen dowager" for now since it's strictly a closer equivalent to the Japanese term.
#4. by TheRoyalOP ()
Posted on Jun 24, 2018
Thanks for the answer. If both meanings can be correct, I agree with you that the title could refer to the mother of the queen. Cause if we suppose that Bonney is trying to create a false identity to infiltrate into the Holy Land, it makes sense to tell the guards that she is the mother of the queen, not the queen dowager.

However, the guard seems to recognize her before she says anything, so we can't confirm it yet.
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