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Translations: One Piece 929 by cnet128 , Gintama 699 by kewl0210

One Piece 909


+ posted by cnet128 as translation on Jul 7, 2018 15:16 | Go to One Piece

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One Piece
Chapter 909: Seppuku
Tales of the Unwanted Great Straw Hat Fleet Vol 39: Orlumbus Arc
"16:00 - First Battle as Pirates! Begin the Attack!!"

[Insert text: In the shadows of the Levely...]
[Box: The New World]
People: I can't believe the seafaring skills... // ...of Master Cat-Viper!! // No less from someone who sailed with the Pirate King!! // So... How long do we have to sit around waiting in these ruins? // Just until the Master gets here with Marco the Phoenix! // You all were told to wait here because your faces are too scary, remember? // Is he such a weakling that he'd be scared off by our faces?! // Not him, the village!! So don't you go off there, got it?!
[Box: Marco the Phoenix Trivia]
[Text: Among the legendary Whitebeard Pirates who lost their Captain in the Ultimate War two years ago, Marco could be called the right-hand man of Whitebeard himself. After the death of the crew's "old man" Whitebeard, he challenged Whitebeard's killer Blackbeard to a duel, but was defeated. Currently, the crew has scattered and his whereabouts is unknown.]

People: Word is, through the cave that lies behind that waterfall... / ...is a kind and peaceful village. // It wouldn't be right to go charging in there with a whole army of warriors. // I see... But the Master's got a scarier face than any of us!! // If you make him mad, yeah. // His smile's pretty cute. // True enough!♡
Tama: Vohhh...
CatViper: ..................

Marco: There. That ought to do it. // He'll be all right now. // But don't push him too hard. My "Flames of Regeneration" don't have that strong an effect on other people. // I've given him basic treatment, / and the healing process should be faster now. // He'll be able to leap around again by tomorrow.
[Text: Former Ship's Doctor and First Division Commander of the Whitebeard Pirates / Marco]
Girl: Yayyy! It's Marco's magic!♡ // Isn't that great, Tama?!!
Tama: Vorrrhhh?!
Marco: I said tomorrow, remember?!! No leaping around!!
Girl: Thanks, Marco!!
People: Marco, my back's hurting again!! // Marco-chan, it's my knees...! // Marco, my little brother's being mean!!
CatViper: .........

Marco: Our old man created this village, you know.
CatViper: Old man Whitebeard...? What's the story there?
Marco: This land's people were too poor to pay the tribute to the Tenryuubito, so they couldn't join the World Government. / Like most non-member countries... / The place wound up as a lawless island where pirates and kidnappers roamed freely. // The country was laid to waste, with many children left tragically orphaned... // And Whitebeard was one of those children. // He set out for the open sea at a very young age, but even after becoming a pirate... / He never forgot about this land. / He kept sending his dirty money and supplies here for his whole life, while hiding where they came from. // Though his family were long gone and he had no friends remaining here... / This island... // ...was still his home.

CatViper: Dirty money, eh? As if there's any money that isn't tainted in this dirty old world...!!
Marco: ...Thanks for saying that... // After the Ultimate War... / We wanted to at least protect the things that our old man had held dear... / ...so when Blackbeard invaded his territory, we challenged him to a war to settle the score. // But with even the old man's powers on Teach's side... / We weren't able to stand up to him, and he took just about everything from us. / What I wouldn't have given to teach that ingrate a lesson...!!
CatViper: I see... So this place... / ...is the last memento you have left of the old man...?
Marco: That's right... Red-Hair built a grave for him not too far from here, too. // ...Our old man was a surprisingly stingy guy, remember? / He'd always be taking swigs from other people's grog, and I never saw him treat anyone to a meal! // But everyone knew it was because he always sent his whole share of the treasure... / ...back home to this island...!! Heheheh...

Marco: ...By the by, have you heard about that Weeble guy who's joined the Shichibukai lately? / He claims to be the old man's biological son, and he's been attacking folk with a Whitebeard connection.
CatViper: Ah yeah... Is that true?
Marco: I can't say anything for sure about the old man's romantic exploits... But it looks like this guy's after our old man's inheritance...!! // I doubt he'd believe me if I told him there's nothing to inherit... // ...so I daresay he'll set his sights on both me and this place sooner or later.
CatViper: I see... Makes sense why you don't want to leave this place, then.
Marco: Weeble's mother Bakkin is a former pirate. / It'll be thirty-something years ago now, probably close to forty... / ...but I do believe she sailed on the same ship as the old man...!!
CatViper: Then maybe he's another memento you should be protecting!
Marco: Hahahah!! Not with that attitude, he's not!! // If you're going to be meeting with Straw Hat Luffy soon... / I'd like you to deliver a message, Cat-Viper.
CatViper: Sounds fine by me.
Marco: You're heading to the Wano Country?
CatViper: Sure am.


Carpenter: Hey, hey, hey now, rookie~~~~~!! Were you the one who did this bit here?!!
Franky: Sure was, boss!! Something the matter?!
Carpenter: Damn spiffy, ya eejit!!! // It's per-to-the-damn-fect!!! You done some mighty fine work here, ya big damn eejit!!!
Franky: Of course I... / I mean, thanks for that, Boss!!! // It's an honour to hear it!!! / You mighty piece of shit!!!
[Box: Carpenter / Franosuke]

Usopp: Roll up, roll up!! Feast your eyes, my friends!! See this blade slice through paper!! / One sheet becomes two! Two become four! // Eight to sixteen to thirty-two to sixty-four! / Like snowfall at sunset, it's a shower of white!! // See now, a gentle touch and it cuts right through!
People: Aaaahhhhh!!
Usopp: But what's this now?! Oh my!! A single dab... // ...of this fine toad-oil on the wound... // And would you believe it?!! No blood to be seen!!
People: Whoaaaahh~~~!! // Give me some of that toad-oil!! // I want some too!!
Usopp: You have some fine taste, good sir! Roll up, roll up!
[Box: Toad-oil Salesman / Usohachi]

Woman: Very good!! // That's right!! // Lower your stance a little more!! Your hand needs to be higher!! // You're asking the impossible of us here, so you better give it your all!!
Robin: *pant*... *pant*...
Woman: At this rate, you don't stand a chance... // ...of being summoned to a dinner party... / ...with the shogun any time soon!! Oh no!!
Robin: I understand...
[Box: Geisha / O-robi]

Flashback!Kin'emon: Now listen up, all of you...!! // This is the Wano Country. The ruling Shogun is Kurozumi Orochi!! / And all the officials working for him are under the influence of Kaidou!! // This means the officials here can be unreasonable in their rulings... But if you raise a hand against them... / Word of any trouble will reach Kaidou in no time!! // Until all our comrades are gathered and our preparations made for battle, we must not allow word of our presence here to get out!!! // So first, we must disguise ourselves as locals, and slowly but surely... // ...make progress in our mission...!!!
People: The magistrate has finally captured the killer who's been terrorising the streets! // The culprit is going to commit seppuku!!! // Thank goodness... There were three victims struck down on the streets at night just this month! // That absolute monster~~~~~! He took my husband's life, you know~~~~~!

Magistrate: The street killer has been a great weight on the people's minds.
Zoro: .........
Magistrate: Not only will the city be peaceful once more... / ...but could it be that on top of your crimes, you are a graverobber as well?! // 23 years ago...
Zoro: .........
Magistrate: They were thought lost in that awful pirate incident... // The body of the legendary swordsman Ryuuma... // ...and his named sword "Shuusui"!!!
[Box: Ronin / Zorojuurou]

Magistrate: Though I confess, street killer... / You don't seem all that advanced in age. // Did you steal the blade from a thief? // Hahah... // What a beautiful blade. How well does it cut, I wonder? // To think that the famous Shuusui is in my very hands!!
Zoro: What's up with this knife? It's got no handle.
People: That's a seppuku dagger. They're supposed to be short and handleless. // They're not made for fighting, after all. They'll do the job well enough. / Are you even familiar with the proper ceremonies of seppuku?! // If you call yourself a warrior, you will admit your crimes... / ...and honourably take your own life!! // When you do... I will end your suffering swiftly!!
Zoro: .........Well, then... // So long......!!
Magistrate: ......Hmph. I hope you won't wail too loudly...! // Have some pride in your final moments!! // We have witnesses to your crimes!! The evidence is clear!! / This honourable death is more than you deserve!! Rejoice that you are permitted this final dignity!!
Zoro: .........

Zoro: I smell the scent of blood... You're the culprit, aren't you?
People: Whaaaaaaa?!! // With the seppuku dagger~~~~?!!
Zoro: I'm sorry, Kin'emon!!
[Insert text: Chaos is afoot in the Wano Country!!]

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