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Translations: One Piece 926 by cnet128 , Gintama 698 (2)

One Piece 910

To The Wano Country!

+ posted by cnet128 as translation on Jul 19, 2018 19:18 | Go to One Piece

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One Piece
Chapter 910: To The Wano Country!
Tales of the Unwanted Great Straw Hat Fleet Vol 40: Orlumbus Arc
"16:30 - They Were Poorer Than We Expected, So We Donated Supplies"

[Insert text: The Sunny sails onward!!]
[Box: The waters of the New World]
Luffy: The Levely?
Nami: That's right! Kings from around the world are gathered right now... // ...in Marie Geoise!!
Luffy: Huh......!
[Text: Captain of the Straw Hat Pirates / Straw Hat Luffy / Bounty: 1.5 billion Beli]
Nami: Apparently the big draw this time is a country attending for the first time in 200 years.. / The Ryuuguu Kingdom! Neptune and the Princes are all going to be there!! // Apparently there were cheers all through Red Port for Shirahoshi! ...What a big step!!
Luffy: She's come up to the surface, huh?! Sounds like Cry-hoshi's got stronger!!
Nami: Apparently your grandpa was her bodyguard!
Luffy: Wow...
Sanji: Vvvvivi~♡♡ // ~ccchwaaaaannnn!!♡♡♡ // You've grown into an even more beautiful princess~~~~!♡ // Who'd you do that for?! For me?!♡♡
Nami: Move it!!! // Vivi...!! That brings back memories!! I haven't seen her in ages!!
Chopper: It's Vivi~~~~!!
Nami: Apparently this is "Social Courtyard". The other royals and their guards are pictured too.
Sanji: I...If Dresrosa are attending too...

Sanji: There she is!! Viola-chan!♡
Chopper: Guehh!! There's Wapol!! / And the old chestnut guy! Rebecca! Sai!! There are so many people we're met!
Sanji: Ahhhh... All my beloved princesses...!! // I bet they're all talking happily about me!♡
Nami: Yes, wouldn't that be nice. / Look, Chopper! Over here!
Chopper: Whooaaaaaaaaaaa!!!
Carrot: What's up, Bropper?
Chopper: ...Doctorine~~~~~~!!
Sanji: Huh, she's still alive...?
Chopper: Hiyahh!!!
Sanji: Urbbhh!
Chopper: Eheheh......!♡
Sanji: Hey!! Don't you chop bits out, Chopper!!

Nami: Hey!! I haven't read the page on the other side yet!!! / Who made all these holes?!!
Chopper/Sanji: Eheheheheheh...♡
Nami: Huh...?! Isn't this article about Kaidou? / ......? Big Mam...did what?? I can't read it!! // Sanji-kun, Chopper, give me those!
Chopper/Sanji: Naww... Eheheheh...♡
Luffy: It's great to see everyone's doing well!! / Once we've gone all round the world, let's go see them again!!!
Brook: Yes! Everything in the proper order! / How's the Den-Den Mushi, Luffy-san?
Luffy: Oh right, I forgot. / Hey~~~~~!! This is Luffy!! Respond!! // Hmmm... Nobody's there... / Well, we've waited enough! Let's carry on!!

Nami: I'd love to do that if we could... / But these waves like nothing I've ever seen around the waters where the Wano Country is meant to be... I can't help but get a bad feeling about them.
Brook: The wind is growing stronger the closer we get, as well... / And the waves are only growing higher...
Nami: The way they surge and roll... They don't seem like ordinary wind-generated currents. // And it's not just the sea that's acting up... / Look! In the skies over there, the weather looks awful!!
Brook: It would be best to avoid a storm... Should we wait a little longer...?
Luffy: Hey, Brook, what're you saying?!! Let's go to the Wano Country right now!!
Brook: Why must you always insist on getting your crew mixed up in obvious dangers?!!
Nami: ...But the thing is, Brook......
Brook: Hmm?
Nami: Kin'emon actually said something about this......
Kin'emon: I shall explain further via the "snail" at the proper time... / But making entry will not be easy... / The entire country is constantly surrounded by terrible weather... / The waves are violent, and the currents swift...!!

Brook: Whaaaaaaaat?! Always bad weather?! Then we have no choice but to go through this?! / With those strong samurai and this barrier to entry, no wonder the country is closed off from the outside world!!
Octopus: Iyooo~~~ // Pon!
Nami: ?! // Aaaghhh! What is this creature?!!
Luffy: It's an octopus~~~!!
Octopus: Iyooooo~!! / Popopon! Pon!!
Nami: When did this thing get on board?!
Octopus: Pon! / Popon~ / Ponpon!!
Chopper: Huh?! // Ahhhhhh! A torrent of fish!!
People: ?!! // A school of carp?!!

Sanji: Huh?! // Why are there carp in the ocean?! // They're a freshwater fish, right?! / How can they even survive?!!
Nami: When they're as monstrous as this, does logic even matter?!
Luffy: Hey, Sanji!! Are carp tasty?
Sanji: Well, sure... They're delicious as an "arai" dish, lightly washed with hot then cold water, or you can stew them in miso! // Carp tempura is good too, or a soy stew!
Luffy: All right! This guy'll be our banquet to celebrate meeting up with Zoro and the others!!
People: Stop, Luffy!!
Luffy: Hey! Don't thrash around like that!!
Nami: Of course it's going to thrash around!!
People: Luffy~~~~~~~!!!
Nami: Why does it always have to be like this with you?!!!
Sanji: Don't worry, Nami-san!! He can handle himself!! / Let's focus on protecting the ship!!

Octopus: Iyoooo!
Brook: So... / What exactly is the deal with this octopus?!!!
People: Aaahhhhhh~~~~!!
Nami: The wind's getting strong!! / Carrot, furl the sails!!
Carrot: Right!!!
Brook: Just look at how transparent this water is!! / It's like the water from a mountain stream!!!
Nami: I don't want to see it~~~~~!! // The giant fish below the surface are too scary~~~~~!!! // So what, is this a river?!!!
Sanji: Where are these carp going?!!
People: Hold on tight, we're getting swept along!! // Is Luffy still here~~~~~?!
Carrot: Aaahhhh!!! What is that~~?!!!
Chopper: It's no good!! We can't follow the carp any further~~~~~!!!

People: The carp are climbing the waterfall~~~~~~~~~~~~!!! // But why~~~~~~??!!
Nami: A sailing ship can't handle this!! It'll sink into the waterfall's basin!!!
People: A stream leading to a waterfall...?!!! What kind of current is that?!!
Nami: ...Oh, I get it!! I know why we're in freshwater!! This waterfall must mean there's a huge source of water up above!! // Is the Wano Country up there?!! // Luffy?!
Luffy: Whew!! These carp are strong!!
Nami: Luffy!! The ship's going to sink!!
Luffy: Yeah!! Leave it to me!!
Nami: Huh?
Luffy: Hang on nice and tight!!
Nami: You can't be serious~~~?!!
Luffy: I'm counting on you, carp!!

People: We're going up the waterfall~~~~~~~~~~~!!! // Uh-oh... Beyond here, the current's against us~~~! // A whirlpool~~~~~!!
Luffy: !! ...Uenghh!!

Luffy: Owwwwwww~~~~~~~~~~~~~!! // ...............!! // Hm? // Is this the Wano Country...? / Where did they go? // Ummm... What actually happened to us again...?
Creature: Kyaoooohhhh~~!!
Luffy: ?!
Creature: Kyaunn!!
Luffy: Heeeeeey!!! // Hey, you!! Don't destroy our ship!!!
Creature: Kyaoooohhhh!!
Luffy: What a big dog...!! Is this a fight between animals? / Is it a dog? // Or a boar?

[BubbleSFX: crack crack crack]
Luffy: Here comes another huge animal...
Creature: Woof!! Woof!! / Grrrrr...
[Box: Hihi]
Hihi: Kiiiiiihh!!
Luffy: That animal's got a katana!! // This really must be the Wano Country!!!
[Insert text: The scent of adventure!]

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