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One Piece 911

Adventures in the Land of Samurai

+ posted by cnet128 as translation on Aug 3, 2018 22:12 | Go to One Piece

-> RTS Page for One Piece 911

One Piece

Chapter 911: Adventures in the Land of Samurai
[Insert text: On a certain beach....]
Hihi: Kiiii kiii!!
Komainu: Grrrrrrr...!!
Luffy: ........................
Hihi: Kyaoooohhhh!!!
Komainu: Ruff!! Ruff!!!
Luffy: I dunno what you two stray creatures are.... // But you better not go bashing into our ship, all right?! // Oh yeah, I remember now!!

Luffy: When we went up the waterfall, land came into view... / But before we got to it, we were swallowed by a whirlpool...
Flashback!Sanji: Nami-san!♡ Carrot-chan!♡ / Grab onto me!! I'll jump to the land!!
Flashback!Chopper: Hold on a minute, Sanji, let us come too~~~!!
Flashback!Sanji: No can do, you're too heavy!!
Flashback!Chopper: Don't just abandon us~~~~!!
Flashback!Luffy: Use my belly, Sanji! / I'll follow soon after you!!
Flashback!Sanji: Then we'll go on ahead!!!
Flashback!Luffy: Yeah!! // Right! Time for me to get outta here too!! Sunny!! // We'll make sure to come back and find you later!!! // Hmm?? // What the heck's up with you?! Don't you ever give up~~~~?!! // Oooooooctooooo...
Luffy: ...............!!

Luffy: ...And then... / When I came to, I was here. // So is this...above the waterfall? Or did I fall down? / Have I made it to the Wano Country...? // Huh?! / Where's my Vivre Card gone?!! / I always keep it tucked in here!! // I've lost it~~~~~~~~!! / It must be in the sea~~~~~!!! // Ah well, can't do anything about that!!
[Box: A little further inland...]
Otama: Give it up already!! Let me go!! // I didn't say anything like that!! // And please, gimme my rice back too!!
Rider: Don't try that. I heard what you said. // You're a servant of that evil clan, the Kouzuki Family...!! // That's a serious offence! You'll be sold off to the pleasure district...or else sentenced for your crimes! There'll be no mercy for you!

Otama: That's not...mmph!
Rider: Shut up a moment, would you? We're on a mission here!!
Otama: ...............>!!
Rider: Look! There's a ship on that beach!! // Ah, and this is where our Hihi's gotten too, as well!! / Still hasn't managed to take out that Komainu, eh?!! / And to think we call the guy our elite bodyguard!
Bag: (Ahh!! "Koma-Chiyo".......!!)
Rider: Hey, Headliner!! It really is here!! / It's the ship that entered illegally!!
Transmission: And the crew?
Rider: I can see one from here! // I'll tranquilise him and bring him back!! / He'll make decent labour, at least! // Hmm?

Rider: !!! // ?!!
Otama: ?!!
Luffy: Who're you, butting in all of a sudden?!!
Rider: Why, that...
Transmission: Hey, what's going on?!
Rider: No, it's nothing......!! // ?!

Rider: !!! // Uaaaghhh!!
Otama: Ahh!
Luffy: Talk about a rowdy beach.
Rider: Dammit......!! // Hihi!!! That Komainu can wait - grab this guy first!! / No, kill him!!! I don't care!!!
Hihi: !! // Kiiii?!
Luffy: ..................

Hihi: Kyaooooooohhhh~~~!!!
Luffy: What's your problem?
People: ?!!
Hihi: Kiii...
Luffy: That's better.
Rider: WHAT'RE YOU BEING ALL COWARDLY FOR~~~~~~~~~?!!! // !!
Otama: *pant* // *pant*

Luffy: What're you doing?
Otama: What am I...? // I'm surrendering!! This is me surrendering!!
[Box: Otama]
Luffy: I'm not gonna hurt you or anything!
Otama: Oh, for real? ...Then could you give me a moment here? / Th...this is kind of an opportunity.
Luffy: ?
Otama: Kibi-dan... // ...go! // Here you go! Eat up, Hihi!
Luffy: Whaaaa?! Her cheek came off!!

Hihi: Gyaoohh!!!
Otama: Aaaaahhhhhh~~~~~!!
Luffy: What're you doing??
Otama: Hyup!!
Hihi: Kyaohh...!! // *gulp* // ......!!
Otama: Shake.
Hihi: Kiii!♡
Luffy: Whaaa?!! The monster became obedient!!
Otama: I went and did it!! I finally made an ally of that infamous "Raging Hihi of the Mountains"!!
Luffy: Have you got a Fruit power?! That's a pretty handy ability! // Now what I want to know is, is this the Wano Country?
Otama: Oh, yes!! This is Kuri in the Wano Country, Aniki!!

Otama: What happened was, I was on my way home from shopping in the city... / ...when I was spotted by those evildoers with that Hihi in tow. / Koma-Chiyo leapt at the Hihi to protect me...
Luffy: Oh, so that's why they were fighting.
KomaChiyo: Ruff!!
Hihi: Kiii!!
Otama: But while they were fighting... The bad guys stole all my stuff!! I was so mad....
Flashback!Otama: You'll pay for this when the Kouzuki Family return!!!
Otama: ...I went and blurted out something that's against a certain law!!
Luffy: ......Huh.
Otama: I thought I might never be able to go home again!! // You gotta let me repay you somehow!!! Aniki!!
Luffy: Well, that sounds great!! I've got loads of things I want to ask!
Luffy'sStomach: *rrrrrrrrrumble...*
Otama: So it's food you want, huh? I can do that!!!

Otama: Your boat'll be safe there, Aniki! // The enemy won't find it!
Luffy: Thanks a bunch. Actually, I think there should be food on board...
Otama: No no no, you must let me treat you!! // There are pirates I like and pirates I hate! / You're a strong and nice guy, Aniki!
KomaChiyo: Ruff!!
Luffy: Either way's fine by me. // Is there a village up in the mountains?
Hihimaru: Kiiii!!
Otama: Not any more, there isn't!
Luffy: ?
[Box: Komainu / Koma-Chiyo]
[Box: New Friend / Hihimaru]
Otama: These days it's just me and my Master! / I'm gonna become a ravishing kunoichi someday!!
Luffy: ??

Luffy: It's messy, it's cramped... / ...and it stinks!! Ahahah!
Otama: Aniki, that's a tiny bit rude!!
Luffy: Is it ready yet, Tama~~~?!!
Otama: Just a little longer!! // Here you go! / Eat up to your heart's content, Aniki!!
Luffy: Ooh, steaming hot rice!! / Don't mind if I do!! // Mmm, that's good!! / Aren't you having any?
Otama: Not right now! A kunoichi needs to be light and nimble!
Luffy: Seconds, please!!
Otama: So fast!! / But...that's all the rice I cooked!! / Those were the last pickles, too...
Luffy: !!

Luffy: Oh, I see! I was joking about seconds!! I'm totally full!! Thanks.
Otama: What an awful liar!!! // .........!!
Luffy: ?
Otama: Oh...I'm just going to the ladies' room!
Luffy: Whewwww... It may not have been much, but it sure was nice of her to make it! // That Tama's a real nice girl!
Tengu: Who are you, interloper?!!!
Luffy: ?!! / Wha...?! No way... Who the?!
Tengu: !! // Could it be......?!! / You ate this rice?!
Luffy: Hmm? // Well, yeah. / But who are...

Tengu: Insolent fool!!!
Luffy: Whoaahh!! // Hang on! Who are you, anyway?!! All I did was eat the meal Tama made for me!!
Tengu: And why should Otama make food for you?! / Do you have any idea how many days she has gone without food?!!
Luffy: ?!! // Huh?
Otama: Stop grumbling, stomach!! Stop!! // I'm ashamed as a warrior!!
[SFX: *rrrrrumble~~~~~*]

Tengu: Day in, day out, she weaves hats for a living!! / Even if she could sell them all, it would barely make enough for a person to live on!! // Ordinarily, she can only afford an occasional meal of millet! / But twice a year at least, for her birthday and New Year's, I want to let her eat rice...!!
Luffy: ...............?!
Tengu: Today I sent her into town to purchase rice for her eighth birthday celebrations!! // So why have you eaten it instead?!!!
Luffy: ...............!!!
Otama: M... / Master, please, stop this!!!
Tengu: !!
Otama: I'm the one who cooked it without permission!! // But I owe this man my life!!! // Please don't shame me in front of him!!!
Tengu: !

Otama: I'll weave even more hats, so... / Please forgive me!!!
Tengu: ..........
Otama: Let me do what I can to repay Luffy-aniki...!!! // *cough*
Tengu: What foolishness!! Otama!! / Did you drink the water from the stream to quell your rumbling stomach?!
Luffy: Hey, Tama!! ...Did you say water??
Tengu: The waterways of this country are tainted by the sewage from Kaidou's factory!!! // For a girl as young as her, it is like drinking poison! // There are places where she could have a slightly easier life... / ...but she insists on waiting here...!!

Tengu: For a pirate by the name of Ace... // ...who promised he would return......!!
Luffy: !! // Wha...
People: I believe it was Kurigahama Beach where we lost the transmission. / What should we do, Headliner?!! // Though it's not clear how many of them there are, / it seems certain that someone came ashore!
Hawkins: .................. // Don't tell Kaidou-san... / ...about this just yet. // I'll go myself..
[Box: Headliner of the Hundred Beast Pirates / Basil Hawkins]
[Insert text: The Magician of the Terrible Generation makes his move...!]

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