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One Piece 912

Amigasa Village

+ posted by cnet128 as translation on Aug 3, 2018 22:13 | Go to One Piece

-> RTS Page for One Piece 912

One Piece

Chapter 912: Amigasa Village
[Insert text: Memories of his brother...!!]
Luffy: Is the Ace you're waiting for... // ...Portgas D Ace? / Tama.
Otama: ...*cough*..... D'you mean you know him......? // Aniki......!!
Luffy: Yep. // Ace is dead.
Otama: ?!!

Otama: ............... // You're lying~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~!!! // Aniki, you're a liar~~~~~~~!!!
Luffy: She went and fainted...... // So Ace came to the Wano Country too, huh...?!!
Hitetsu: ..................

Hitetsu: What are you, a demon?!! // Even if what you say is true, how can you just say it like that?!
Luffy: ...But Ace isn't going to come, no matter how long she waits.
Hitetsu: Even so, there must be a better timing and way of saying it!! // Who in blazes are you, man who knows no delicacy?!!
[Box: Katana Bladesmith / Tenguyama Hitetsu / (Collector of Cute Girl Kokeshi Dolls)]
Luffy: .................. // I'm Luffy, the man who's going to be Pirate King!! Now who are you, old man?!!
Hitetsu: A pirate~~~~~?! I'm not fond of your kind, as a rule!!! // My name is Hitetsu. // I'm a blacksmith specialising in katana. I have also been long waiting here for someone.

Hitetsu: Though it is just the two of us now, there was once a settlement here by the name of Amigasa Village.
[TN: "Amigasa" = "Hat-Weaving"]
Hitetsu: Over a year ago... / A new "Headliner" by the name of X Drake joined Kaidou's army. // He defeated the five samurai who were this village's prime defenders... / ...and destroyed the entire village. // There is only one prosperous place left in all the Wano Country... / The Flower Capital where the Shogun Orochi dwells. // At the hands of Kaidou and his men, all of our other regions... / ...have been turned into lawless wastelands...!!
Luffy: Wastelands?

Hitetsu: It must have been nearly four years ago now... / Even then, this village was lacking for food... // People even starved to death from time to time... / But just when we thought there was no hope left... // A pirate ship washed up on the shore nearby. // The villagers tied up the weakened pirates... // ...stole all of their food and water, and consumed it to prolong their own lives. / And yet the pirates, after watching all of this happen... / ...broke out of their restraints with no difficulty whatsoever!! // The villagers feared the pirates would take their revenge, but all that man said was... // "Where can I find some dessert?" // Everyone was lost for words. Their lives had been saved by these washed-up pirates... // Ace and his crew stayed here for a few weeks after that... // Otama in particular became very attached to him.
Luffy: ...Huh! // That's nice!

Luffy: Is there a doctor nearby? / Food and water, too!! // I'll take Tama to them!! / I gotta repay her for that meal!! // Ooh... A kimono!! // I like samurai armour too, you know!
Hitetsu: What kind of idiot would wear a thing like that while out and about?! At any rate, your strange clothing would stand out too much. // I have my own reasons for not visiting the city. Please take good care of Otama! I cannot pay you now, but I swear I will when I can!
Luffy: Hey, if I run into my crewmates on the way... // ...the food and treatment won't cost anything! They'll be able to sort us out!

Luffy: I'll borrow this katana, too. It looks so samurai-y! // Well then... / See you around!!
Hitetsu: Hold it right there, fool!! You can't do that!!
Luffy: C'mon, Tama! I'll find you a doctor in no time!
Hitetsu: That is not a blade to be handled lightly!! / It is a blade famed across the world, forged by my own ancestor Kotetsu!!
Luffy: ?
Hitetsu: It is counted among the 21 Great Wazamono!! Its name... // Kitetsu the Second!!!
[Text: Wazamono // Amongst all the katana (swords, spears etc.) in the world, those priceless works made by the most revered of smiths are known by these names: / "12 Ultimate Wazamono" "21 Great Wazamono" "50 Fine Wazamono"]
Luffy: ......"Kitetsu"?! I've heard that somewhere before...

Luffy: Well, whatever. I'll be borrowing it!
Hitetsu: No, no, no, no, no! I tell you, you cannot!!
Luffy: Then I'll trade it for your katana.
Hitetsu: This is also a famed blade, you fool!! / At any rate, that is a demon blade! I would rather not carry it!! // You will be cursed if you carry that demon blade, you know!! / I won't forgive you if anything happens to Otama!!!
Luffy: Gotcha!!
Hitetsu: You'd better bring it back, hear me~~~~~~?!!! / ......!! I didn't hear your response?!!
KomaChiyo: Ruff! Ruff!!
Luffy: Ah! That dog!! // You're gonna let me ride you?! // Wow, lucky me!!
KomaChiyo: Ruff!!

Otama: Ah...Aniki...
Luffy: Oh! Tama! / D'you think this dog knows where it's going? We're looking for a doctor!!
Otama: You're a liar, Aniki~~~~~~~!!
Luffy: Hey, stop that. You'll fall off!
Otama: Ace is gonna come for me!!!
Luffy: He can't come!! Everyone in the world knows about what happened at the Ultimate War!!
Otama: But we made a promise...!! // ...............!!
Flashback!Otama: Ace! You gotta take me out to sea, too!!
Flashback!Ace: Oh, Tama! You're still only five years old! // We'll come back another time! Once we've become an even bigger pirate crew!!
Flashback!Otama: Then when you do...will you let me join up?

Flashback!Ace: A pirate needs to be strong! / If you've grown into a ravishing kunoichi or something next time I come here... / Then I'll take you with me!!
Flashback!SomeGuy: Ace!! Is the "ravishing" part really necessary?!
Flashback!Otama: Then it's a promise!!!
Luffy: ...............!!
Otama: We were really good friends, you know?!! / And he said he'd come back!! // You don't know what a nice guy Ace is! / That's why you don't understand how I feel!! / You can't just say he's "dead" so easily...!!
Luffy: Quit hitting me! Not that it hurts! // Ooh! We're about to come out of the bamboo forest to the north!! // Just like that old nose guy said!

Luffy: Wow......!! // It really is a wasteland......!!!
Tiger: Grrrrrrrr!!!
Luffy: A tiger!! // A boar!!
Boar: Hrnghh...
Luffy: What is THAT one?!!
Otama: Ahh!! It's a croco-shark!!
Luffy: Talk about wild!!

Luffy: Why don't you eat THAT thing?!!
Otama: All the strong samurai who could do a thing like that have either been captured or turned into bandits...!! // Besides, even the animals drink the tainted water from the streams... / So they're poisonous for humans to eat.
Luffy: But they look so tasty!! That's awful!! / Is the "factory" that place with all the smoke?!!
Otama: That's right! Over there is the mine and the weapon factory... / And they're packed full of Kaidou's men...
Luffy: What do they eat, then??
Otama: The Shogun and Kaidou have a special farms for their own personal use. // That's why they have plenty of clean water...rice...fish and even meat...
[SFX: *rumble~~~~~~~~*]
Luffy: Huh?! So there IS good food around here somewhere!!

Luffy: ! // Hey!! Tama!! // Urk! Is her fever going up?! / Hang in there, Tama!! I'll get you to a doctor in no time!
KomaChiyo: Ruff!!
Luffy: If the enemy's got food and water, that's just perfect!!
Woman: Aaaaahhh! Please, forgive me, I beg you!!
Luffy: !
Someone: Gyahahahah! Hold it, woman~~~~~~~!!!
Luffy: "Hold it, woman"? // Is that Sanji?
Woman: Somebody, help me!! Anybody, please!!
Someone: Leave all your clothing and possessions on the ground, woman~~~~~~!!
Luffy: Is that Sanji?! / Nah, it couldn't be!! // Hmm?? Who's that...? Someone's running up alongside them?!

Luffy: Whoa...
Someone: Gyaaahhhh~~~~~!!!
Luffy: He took 'em out!! / That guy's really strong! Is he a samurai?
Zoro: Whew...
Woman: I do not know who you are, but thank you...!! Thank you so much!!
Zoro: Ah, don't memntion it. I was merely after...
Luffy: Hey, dog, stop here a second!
KomaChiyo: Ruff!
Zoro: ...the sake these guys were carrying.
Woman: Even so, please, allow me to thank you somehow!
Zoro: Got any sake?!
Woman: Um, I'm afraid not...
Luffy: Hmmmm~~~~~~~? // Hey!!! // Is that you, Zoro~~~~~?!!

Zoro: Eh?
Luffy: Zoro~~~~!!
Zoro: Huh?
Luffy: Zoro! It's me~~~~~!!
Zoro: Luffy~~~~~!! // When did you get here~~~~~?!!! // It's great to se-oonghph!! ......!!
Luffy: It's great to see you again!! It's been ages!!
Zoro: Are the others with you?!
Luffy: Yeah!! We got split up, but eh, they'll be fine!

Luffy: Ooh, have you got meat?!
Zoro: There are fish and animals all over this place - it's free hunting, Luffy! // No worries about food here, that's for sure!!
Luffy: Watch out, though. The water around here's poisonous. / Apparently all this meat and fish are meant to be poisoned too!
Zoro: Huh. So that's why my stmoach was aching.
Luffy: Anyway, Zoro! You get on too!! / All sorts of stuff happened! I've gotta take this girl to a doctor!
Zoro: That kid's not looking too well!! / Should you really be standing around eating?!!
Hawkins: Is this the ronin wanted throughout the land, Zorojuurou that I see before me?
Luffy: ! // Huh?! That guy's...!!
Hawkins: Straw Hat......!! // I was just on my way to Kurigahama Beach, but I suppose you must be the interloper I sought?
Zoro: Oh yeah... Apparently that guy's working for Kaidou now...!

Hawkins: Two of my subordinates and their Hihi have gone missing. / Probability that this is your doing...98 percent!! // ...But that is of little consequence. // Here in the Wano Country, one either sides with the strong... / ...or refuses to obey, and must flee endlessly. That is all.
Zoro: These are Kin'emon's orders, Luffy! / "Don't cause a ruckus"!!
Luffy: Gotcha! I guess we'll have to... // ...apologise to him later, then!!
[Insert text: Teaming up for the first time in ages!!]
[Bottom text: Next issue, One Piece will be on a break. It will be back in Double Issue 36-37.]

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