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Translations: One Piece 926 by cnet128 , Gintama 698 (2)

One Piece 913

The Grateful Crane

+ posted by cnet128 as translation on Aug 10, 2018 15:13 | Go to One Piece

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One Piece
Chapter 913: The Grateful Crane
Tales of the Unwanted Great Straw Hat Fleet Vol 41: Orlumbus Arc
"17:00 - Departing Amidst Cheers of Gratitude, Their Pirate Debut a Failure"

[Insert text: A Terrible Generation faceoff...!]
Hawkins: If you're here as tourists, I would suggest you go elsewhere... // Do you have any idea who it is... / ...that truly controls this country?
Zoro: ...I don't know what you're talking about!!
Luffy: It's Kaidou, right?!! / I came here to beat that Yonkou up!!
Zoro: Hey, Luffy! Kin'emon said... / ...we're not supposed to talk about that either!
Luffy: That was a lie just now!! I don't know anything!!
KomaChiyo: Grrrrrr...
Otama: *pant*... *pant*...
Hawkins: Chances that you will still be alive... // ...one month from now... / 19 percent.
[Text: Member of the Terrible Generation / Basil Hawkins / Bounty: 320 million Beli]

Zoro: ......... // By the way, where did you get that katana?
Luffy: Hm? / It's a fine sword, ain't it?!
Zoro: ...That's the thing, I really do feel an aura of greatness from it. Lemme take a look at...
Hawkins: Attack!!!
Luffy: Bring it on, you asshole~~~~~!!!
Zoro: Seriously, Luffy, let me have a look at that thing! / It's not like you can use a sword, can... / Hey, don't throw the scabbard!!!
Luffy: I can use it just fine!! Gomu Gomu no~~~~~~~~~!!!

Luffy: PISTOL!!!
Zoro: What's a pistol got to do with the sword?!!!
Lizard: *hisssss*!!
Luffy: Whoah!! / Even this lizard's biting at me now!!
Lizard: *hissssssss*!!!
Luffy: Why, you little...!!

Luffy: Take that!!!
Hawkins: Warabide-Tou...!!!
People: !!!
Luffy: What's up with that sword?!! // I feel bad for the lizard now!!

People: Waahhh!!! // Aaaghhh!!! // !!!
Luffy: Whoaa~~~~~!! // That suddenly?!!
Zoro: Hm?! // !!
SomeGuy: Aaarghhhh!!!
Hawkins: ..................
Zoro: Huh?
Hawkins: Most impressive...!!
Luffy: Eh??
Hawkins: I lose one "life".
People: ?!

Zoro: What the heck was that just now?!! / ..................
Hawkins: My "Strawmen" are counterparts of my subordinates. // With my Wara Wara powers, I infuse my body with my own subordinates... / ...thus taking no damage!!! // If I bear ten men, I can die ten times... // Now, shall we begin the game......?!! // With my Strawman's Guard...
Zoro: ...............?!
Hawkins: I am not so upstanding that I would fight fairly against two members of the Terrible Generation!!
Luffy: Whoaa!! Something came out!!

Zoro: This guy's more of a pain than I thought... Well, I guess it figures...!!
Luffy: Game?
Hawkins: Let us begin...!! // The Fool reversed. // Alas... This card represents discord among comrades.
People: Hahhhh~~~~~~~~~!! // Whaaaghh!!
Hawkins: My apologies... I will draw a better card next time. / I must accept risks such as these in order to seize the opportunity... / ...to draw cards that grant power beyond my own limits...!!
Luffy: What are those guys doing?!
KomaChiyo: Ruff!! Ruff!!
Luffy: Heeeeey!! What're you doing, dog?!!!
Zoro: ...............?
KomaChiyo: Hrff!! Rrff!!

People: Mr Hawkins!! / They're getting away!!
Hawkins: ......... // Do not fret...!! / This time, I have drawn well...
Luffy: Tama!! Her fever's really bad!!
Tama: *pant* // *pant*
Zoro: That must be why the dog's in such a hurry...
Hawkins: The Hierophant... // ...reversed...!! // It represents a pursuing attack!!!
Luffy: Whoaaa, it's coming after us!!
Zoro: You protect the kid!! I'll handle this one!!! // !! // Urghh!! Where's it get all this power?!!

Zoro: Nails...?!! // Uorrghh!!
Luffy: Zoro!!
Zoro: ...Why, you little...!!! // Nigiri......!! // Tourou... // ...Samon!!!
People: !!!
Strawman: Hrrooooaaghhh!!!
[BubbleSFX: *kshumphh!!*]
Dude: Guaaahhh!!!
OtherDude: Sh...!! Should we go after them?! / Mr Hawkins!!

Hawkins: The Hierophant... / This card represents "backup". // Somebody will take their hand and lead them to safety...
Otsuru: My, what strong samurai you both are......!!
Luffy: Huhhh?!! Who the heck are you?!!
Otsuru: To think you would face that Hawkins and come out on top...!! // I am the woman you saved a short while ago, my green-clothed friend. / My name is Tsuru.
[Box: Teahouse Proprietor / Otsuru]
Zoro: Were you inside that tail the whole time?!!
Otsuru: Forgive me if I am mistaken, but might I inquire... Is that child young Otama of Amigasa Village...?
Luffy: You know her?!
Otsuru: She drank the streamwater?! Just as I feared...!! / Then please, take her not to a doctor but to my teahouse...!!

Zoro: This ain't the time to be sitting around drinking tea!! / I don't really know who this kid is, but...
Otsuru: Oh, you misunderstand! The best remedy for the poison in the streams... / ...is to drink a brew of a certain herb! I will show you the way. // Please, allow me to repay you...!! // I will treat your words also, friend in green clothing...!!
Luffy: Oh, I see!! Then please do help us out!! / Thanks a lot!!
[Box: Wano Country - Kuri - Leftovers Town]
Urashima: Can't pay the fare for the premises, eh? / Well, I might be able to help you out there! // Ain't that right, Okiku~~~~~~~!♡
Okiku: ..................
Urashima: If you become my wife... / You won't have to work at all! You can eat your fill of tasty food from my farm every day...

Okiku: That would not be proper for one of my status. / If you have nothing to order, I would kindly request that you leave...
Urashima: I don't wanna eat anything from this old place!! // What would I want with dumplings or tea made from "Leftover" supplies?!! / Now listen here, don'tcha know who I am? I'm a famous yokozuna in the capital!
[Box: Teahouse Girl / Okiku]
Urashima: They call me Urashima, the greatest sumo wrestler in all of Wano!!!

Otsuru: Okiku-cha~~~~~~n!!
Okiku: Ah! Otsuru-san!!
Urashima: Tch... Talk about bad timing...
Otsuru: Please prepare a brew of Jagan-sou at once!! // Otama-chan has drunk the water from the stream!!
Okiku: Ahh! // How awful! I will prepare it at once!!
[Box: Atop a certain mountain...]
People: (..................)
Dude1: It's gotta be, right?!! Those are the Straw Hats, aren't they?!
Bepo: Should we go and call them before they make too much of a fuss?!
Dude2: You do kind of stand out, Bepo!
[Insert text: Signs of another Terrible Generation member...?!!]

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#1. by Hazard786 ()
Posted on Aug 11, 2018
Nicely done.
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