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One Piece 916

Great Sumo in the Wano Country

+ posted by cnet128 as translation on Sep 7, 2018 21:21 | Go to One Piece

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One Piece

Chapter 916: Great Sumo in the Wano Country
[Insert text: The pride of a Yokozuna, shattered...]
People: .................. // Urashima just...... // ...got rejected by a woman...and his topknot sliced off...!!
Urashima: ...............!!
Okiku: ..................

Urashima: OKIKU~~~~~~~~~~~!!! // YOU DARE BETRAY ME~~~~~~~~~?!!
People: So scary!! // His face is like a demon!!!
Okiku: !! / Aahhh!! // What am I doing, in front of all these people...?!!

Okiku: Please forgive me, Urashima-sama!
People: Crap, that stance!! // It's his obliterating "Higan Harite" attack!!!
[TN: "Nirvana Slap"]
Okiku: ...So you really are the kind of worthless man who would raise his hand against a lady......!!
Okiku: Aahhhhh~~~~~~~!!!
Luffy: Gomu Gomu no...

Luffy: Tsuppari~~~~~~!!!
[TN: A thrusting move in sumo]
Urashima: ...............!!
Luffy: Ngaaaahhh~~~~~!!!
Urashima/Luffy: Whoaaaahhhh~~~~~?!!

People: Yokozuna~~~~~~~!! // Who is that guy?!! // Hang in there, Yokozuna~~!!
Luffy: Ohhh crap- / crapcrapcrapcrapcrap~~~!!!
Okiku: You can do it!! // Luffytarou-san!!
People: They're still in the game~~~~~~~~~!!!

Urashima: Who the hell are you to Okiku?!! And what did you just do to my Harite attack?!! // Get outta my way...!! / If I don't tear Okiku to pieces... / ...my pride is ruined!!!
Okiku: .........
Luffy: All right! You can do that...if you beat me first!!
Okiku: !
Urashima: Ehh?
Luffy: Let'a have a sumo showdown~~~~~!!! // I'm great at sumo~~~~~~!!!
[Box: Sumo-Loving Pirate / Luffy-no-Umi / Match history: Undefeated against Usopp]
People: Pfffffft~~~~~~~!! // What's that guy thinking? He'll be slaughtered!!
Urashima: OUT OF MY WAY!!

Urashima: Bosatsu Harite!!!
[TN: "Bodhisattva Slap"]
Luffy: Hup... / Hup... / Hup hup!!
People: Huh?!! // He's so nimble!! // He's actually dodging Urashima's slaps! // Wahahah! Keep it up, runt~~~~~!! // You'll never win if all you do is run......!!
Urashima: Ear Crusher!!! // Eye Crusher!!
Luffy: Hey!! Isn't that against the rules?!!

Luffy: Not that... // ...I really care!
Urashima: ?!
People: Holdem-sama!
Otama: Waaaahhhhh!
Holdem: The Yokozuna had his topknot sliced off by a woman?
People: It's chaos out there!!
Holdem: ...I don't care. What do you expect me to do about it......?!!

Holdem: I'm busy tearing this brat's cheeks off... / ...so get outta here!!
Otama: It hurts!! That really hurts~~~~!! / Please, stop already!! I'll give back the Hihi!!! // Just stoooop~~~~~~~!!
Holdem: Brat...I heard you spoke the name Kouzuki, didn't you? / Quit chasing after a phantom.
Otama: ......!!
Holdem: The Kousuki Family tried to destroy the Wano Country 20 years ago... // They're an evil clan......!!!
Bepo: A...Am I going to die, Captain?
Law: I thought I told you not to eat the fish in the stream! Honestly, at a time like this......!!
Hawkins: He has a straw hat strung around his neck, yes? Don't try to fight those people!! / They're not on a level you can handle!!!
DenDenMushi: .........
Hawkins: I'm on my way.

People: What the heck's this? // I have no idea...
Urashima: Outta the way, runt!! Okiku crossed a line that should never be crossed!! // She threw away her chance to become the honoured bride of a noble like myself...and insulted me!! // I'll break her head open and make an example of her!!
Luffy: Shaddup already!! Like I said, go ahead if you can!!!
Urashima: Nguahhhh~~~~~~~~~~~?!!
Luffy: You'll never beat me, though!
Urashima: ?!! // What did you say~~~?!! // I'm the greatest sumo wrestler in...
Luffy: And I'm... // ...the man who's gonna be Pirate King!!
Urashima: ?!
Luffy: Gomu Gomu no... // Gigant... // TSUPPARI~~~~~~~~!!!
Urashima: ?!!!

People: !!! // Whoaaahhhhh~~~~~~~~~~!! // Yokozuna~~~~~~!!! // Urashima was sent flying~~~~~~~~~!!! // It can't be!! He couldn't possibly lose to a runt like that!!! // Waaaaghh!!! // Huh?!

People: That man!! He's the Magistrate Killer!! // Ahh... It's Zorojuurou~~~~~~~~!!!
Zoro: So what if I am?
People: Aaaaghhhhh~~~~!! // Don't tell me he's with this guy too?! // Along with the crazy strong swordswoman and sumo runt?!! // Just who are these people?!!
Luffy: Hey!! Bring out the boss of this town!!!
People: ?!
Luffy: I'm here to take back Tama!!!
People: Aaaaaghhhhh~~~~!! This is bad!! // They're rebels~~~~~~~~~~~~!!!

People: Forward, men~~~~~~!!! // "Tama"... That's the brat Holdem-sama's captured!! // Here to steal her back, eh? Just try it!!!
Okiku: What should I do?
Zoro: Don't play dumb. I'm not going to protect you!!
Okiku: !
Urashima: !!!
Luffy: Bring her here already~~~~~!!!
Okiku: Sh...should I cut them down...?
Zoro: Cut 'em all down!! If you want to save the kid, that is!!
Okiku: I do want to save her!!
People: Guoehhh!!!
Okiku: I'm coming for you, Otama-chan!!

Zoro: If you don't bring her out here quickly, there's not gonna be any of you left!!!
People: Ueeeeggghhh~~~~~!! // Aaaaaggghhhh~~~~!!!
Luffy: What's your boss's name?!
People: H...Hhvoldembbhhu...
Luffy: Get out here, "Balldebu"!!! // If you do anything to Tama, you're gonna pay~~~~~!!!
People: Fire! Fire in the streets!! // Somebody call the fire extinguishers~~~!!
Holdem: If you're looking for me, boy, I'm right here!!!
Luffy: !!
Holdem: My name is Holdem!!!

People: Holdem-sama!!!
Luffy: You finally show yourself, huh?!
Holdem: How the hell could I not, at this point?!!! // You smashed up my house with your damn sumo show!!!
Lion: Grrrrrr!!
Otama: Aniki~~~~!!
Luffy: Tama!!!
Okiku: Otama-chan!!!
Holdem: My house is in ruins after you sent Urashima crashing through it!! // Who the hell are you people?!

Holdem: If you're making enemies of us... / Are you working for the thief Shutenmaru?! // It seems like this brat's what you're after... // For the moment, none of you move an inch!! I can crush this brat between my teeth whenever I like!
Otama: Aniki...
Luffy: His belly's a lion...
DenDenMushi: Right now, Holdem-sama is...
Hawkins: I'll be there soon!! / I'm right outside Bakura Town......!!
People: Captain... Hawkins is at the entrance... / And there's fire in the streets...
Law: Whaaa?!!
People: Captain, don't abandon us~~~~!!
Luffy: I'll save you in a jiffy, Tama!!!
Holdem: I'm not handing her over, you dumbass!!!
Hawkins: ......!!
[Insert text: The chaos expands...!! / Next week, One Piece will be on a break. It will be back in Issue 42.]

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