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Byousoku 5 centimeter 8

End Theme_2

+ posted by cookie_on_fire as translation on Jul 20, 2011 08:58 | Go to Byousoku 5 centimeter

-> RTS Page for Byousoku 5 centimeter 8

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Page 1
Chapter 8: End Theme_2

Page 2

Page 3
Risa: Takaki-kun...
Risa: Um...
Risa: I'm s-
Touno: Don't apologize.
Touno: I was using being busy as a reason to not respond.
Touno: Call or text,
I can do those if I wanted to.
Touno: Even though it'll be hard, meeting up isn't impossible.
Touno: I think I was being unfair.
Touno: I...
Touno: Thought that I could still fix things.

Page 4
Touno: That's why we're going to a place that I want to take you to the least.
Touno: ...Tochigi's...
TN: It's the name of a prefecture.
Touno: Iwafune.
Risa: Hey...
Risa: Are you angry?
Risa: That I tried to rush things.

Page 5
Girl: Gyahahaha!
Girl: What is this? It's so funny!
Girl: So gross.
Girl: I know right-?
SFX: *Vibrate*
SFX: *Vibrate*
Screen: I thought it would be hard to say it out.

Page 6
I'm not angry.
I was just not in the proper state of mind.
The job at SE is what I wanted to do, and I liked it.
Even if I get no holidays, and I have to work overtime everyday,
As long as I keep thinking like that, I didn't think I would want to quit.
Risa, you have complained about this many times,
At how I handle the situation,
After I took charge of this project that gives no sense of accomplishment.
Going against the leader,
And taking on all the workload by myself.
From there,
My heart,
I can't really describe it,
But almost as if it has lost its flexibility.

Page 7
Like the sense of fulfillment,
The ability to be moved by things I see,
Or desire.
It feels as if those are being scrapped off.
I don't even know when I have lost all of my love for my job.
I think that I'm now at a dead-end.
I try to move on forward,
But even with understanding, I still feel like I've lost.
It feels like I'm running away again.
I can't describe it well.

Page 8
Screen: I have never really told other people of my feelings before.
Text: Is that because I can't trust anyone?
Text: Without letting people know my true feelings,
Text: Saying only nice things, even if it hurts myself, give me an empty feeling.
Text: What's more,
Text: I wanted to say "stop calling me" because it bothered me.
Text: Even though it's fine if you get angry at me,
Text: And there's no reason I should suppress my feelings.
Text: Then, let me tell you what I'm thinking.
Text: Sometimes I'm scared of how much you're pushing me.
Text: It was really scary how you went all the way to my work.

Page 9
Risa: I'm really sorry,
Risa: For doing that.
Text: I'm also bad at expressing myself.
Text: The feelings inside me build up,
Text: And I thought that I wasn't trying hard enough to understand you, Takaki-kun.
Touno: ...
Text: I'm the one at fault here.
Text: "I don't know what you're thinking."
Text: "Don't be so nice to me."
Text: Is what people kept on telling me.

Page 10
Text: Those people you dated with?
Touno: ...
Text: Even when they say that, I can't counter with anything because I'm self-conscious.
Text: Probably ever since I lived in Tanegashima,
Text: While living with the flow,
Text: Always thinking that who I was,
Text: Wasn't the real me.
Text: The superficial me would like different people,
Text: And would try to treat them well.

Page 11
Text: I would devote myself to work,
Text: And try to live a nice life.
Text: It always felt like the real me always looked on from outside.
Text: Monitoring to see if I'm making progress.
Text: And accusing me when I turn away from important things.
Risa: ...?
Risa: I'm sorry,
Risa: But what do you mean?
Box: When I was told to meet the parents, and I thought about marrying the girlfriend,
Box: An opposition, never before so strong, within me sprung up.

Page 12
Box: I blamed it on the timing of everything,
Box: But that's not it.
Box: It's not that the girlfriend is the problem.
Text: "Someday in the future,"
Text: "If by some chance that I see you again,"
Text: "I want to be someone,
Text: "Who won't be embarrassed to be seen by you..."
Speaker: Thank you for riding with us.
Speaker: Next stop-
Speaker: Koyama-
Speaker: Koyama-

Page 13
Touno: When I was young,
Touno: I ran through here all by myself.
Touno: At the time, I transferred at Oomiya.
Risa: Ok...
Touno: Even though it was March, the heavy snows delayed the trains...
Touno: ...

Page 14

Page 15
Risa: Takaki-kun?
Risa: ...Um,
Risa: Which train are we taking?
Touno: ...

Page 16

Page 17
...That's right.
Not being able to face them because I quit my job...
Is only part of the reason.
Obssessing over making progress...
And being able to like other people,
I have failed in both.

Page 18
Touno: I used to have some sincere feelings.
Touno: Sincere...
Touno: And serious.
Touno: Because I have lost those feelings,
Touno: I never did
Forgive myself.
Touno: And without forgiving, I pretended to not notice,
Touno: While living through the days...

Page 19
Risa: What was it?
Risa: Those sincere feelings of yours?
Touno: I would see her again.
Touno: Or that she is waiting for me.
Touno: I didn't think those would be true.
Touno: But...
Touno: Even so,
Touno: To think that I would give my future to someone else...!

Page 20
Touno: That I would...
Touno: Come here with someone else.
Speaker: Next is Iwafune.
Speaker: We will soon arrive at Iwafune-

Page 21
Speaker: Please exit from the right side.
Risa: Takaki-kun...
Risa: Let's go.
Risa: I don't know what you are talking about,
Risa: But I won't ask for all the details.

Page 22
But there is something that covers up your heart.
If it can be found here,
I don't want it to be the end between us.

Page 23
The door is closing.
Please be careful.

Page 24
Risa: ...Takaki-kun.
Text: "Takaki-kun!"

Page 25

Page 26
I'm sorry...!

Page 27
I'm sorry...

Page 28

Page 29
SFX: Riiiing
SFX: Riiiing
Phone: The number you dialed is currently unavailable.
Phone: Please leave your name and message after the beep.
SFX: *Beeeep*
Risa: ...Takaki-kun.
Risa: There's more than 30 minutes before the next train.
I don't know what to do...
Risa: I'm sorry.
Risa: For making you go through this.

Page 30
Risa: But,
Risa: You did something that you never wanted to do,
So you finally accepted me.
Risa: I...
Risa: Ever since the beginning,
Risa: Never did,
Risa: At all,
Risa: Understand you.
Risa: Takaki-kun,
Risa: Looking at the scenery here,
Risa: I can only think of things like,
Risa: It's so quiet here,
Risa: Or how it's the middle of nowhere.

Page 31
Risa: With you quitting the job,
Risa: I...
Risa: Thought that you may collapse from exhaustion if you kept it up,
So I thought it was a good thing.
Risa: I was relieve...
Risa: But I didn't think,
Risa: I was driving you to the corner so much...
Risa: ...
Risa: ...
Risa: Probably,
Risa: You don't have enough of the sincere feelings that you mentioned for me.

Page 32
Risa: I'm sorry.
Risa: When it was like that,
Risa: I thought that I always wanted us...
To be together.
Risa: I'm sorry...

Page 33

Page 34
What am I doing...!?

Page 35
Screen: Mizuno Risa
Phone: The number you dialed is not available, either because the phone is out of power,
Phone: Or it is currently outside of your service area.

Page 36
Phone: Mizuno Risa
Phone: The number you dialed is not available, either because...
Touno: ...!
Touno: Huff!
Touno: Huff!
Touno: Huff!

Page 37

Page 38

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