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Kurogane (Ikezawa) Oneshot

+ posted by cookie_on_fire as translation on Aug 14, 2011 06:17 | Go to Kurogane (Ikezawa)

Reserved for Lazy Ass Scans. Do not use without my permission.

I do kendo, and I have to say...everything really does stink to high heavens. And wearing the thick uniform in the middle of summer...ugh. Anyway:

Page 1
Sayuri: "Sakura One-Strike Style",
Sayuri: Toujou Sayuri!!
Guy: Oi oi...
Guy: You can't really be---
Sayuri: Let us exchange,
Text: What appeared in front of him are the falling sakura...And the glint of the dangerous yet beautiful blade...!!
Sayuri: ---The first blow!!

Page 2
Young man---
Hold up the shinai!!

Page 3
Teacher: ---Now then, the last question.
If you can solve this, then you'll be Tokyo University-bound.
Teacher: Anyone wants to give it a try?
Teacher: Well then---
Teacher: Hey you, the one looking away-
Teacher: Kurogane Hiroto!
Teacher: Since you have nothing to lose, give this a---
Kurogane: Make k a whole number, and in order to satisfy p, it would be 4k+2, and (equation).
Kurogane: Therefore, the answer is (equation).
Teacher: ---Correct.
Teacher: ...Then let's stop here for today---
Student: Kurogane is amazing!
Student: He was looking away the whole time...
Kurogane: ...
Student: If I'm as smart as he is, then school would probably be fun---
Kurogane(thought): ...It's no good.
Just to be good at studying---

Page 4
Guy: Ooh! Homerun!!
Guy: As expected of someone from the baseball club!!
Kurogane: ...
Shiratori: What are you looking at, Kurogane-kun!?
Kurogane: !!!
Kurogane: Shiratori-san...
Shiratori: Hey, hey, did you hear!?
The rumor about "Toujou Sayuri"!!
Kurogane: ...Toujou...what?
Shiratori: Toujou Sayuri!
You don't know?
Shiratori: She's a ghost!!
Shiratori: A woman with long hair, who wears a kimono with sakura patterns---
And she holds a katana in her hands!!

Page 5
Shiratori: She is seen at night, at the third block from the East station exit.
Shiratori: They say that she suddenly attacks passerbys!!
Kurogane: ...All that rubbish even when you're in high school...
Shiratori: Ah!
You don't believe me-!?
It'll be too late once you get attacked!!
Kurogane: ?
Shiratori: Strike before the other strikes you!!!
Shiratori: Kurogane-kun, why don't you try joining the kendo club as well!?
Kurogane: So this was your intent all along...!
Kendo is impossible for me!!
Shiratori: We don't have enough male students! Please!
Kurogane: There are plenty of other guys!!
Shiratori: But---
Shiratori: The other day you helped me pick up my eraser!!
Kurogane: And what about it!?
Shiratori: So I thought that you are a really good person!
Kurogane: Are you stupid!?
Kurogane: A...
Anyway, I won't join the kendo club!!
Kurogane: I would just embarrass myself if I gave it a try.
I have to go to cram school now, so ask someone else!!
Shiratori: Sigh---

Page 6
Kurogane: ...Sigh.
Kurogane(thought): It's gotten quite late...
Kurogane(thought): Can I make the last train...?
Kurogane(thought): ---And,
Kurogane(thought): From here---
Kurogane(thought): ...So I have 15 minutes.
Kurogane(thought): ...I guess,
Kurogane(thought): I'll take a little shortcut---

Page 7
---Now that I think about it,
From the East station exit,
The third---

Page 8
Sayuri: "Sakura One-Strike Style",
Sayuri: Toujou Sayuri!!
Kurogane: ...I should've...
Kurogane: Joined the kendo club...
Sayuri: You seem calm, young man...
Sayuri: Are you strong?
Sayuri: ...Let us exchange,
Sayuri: The first blow!!

Page 9

Page 10
Kurogane: !!!
Sayuri: ...!!
Sayuri(thought): ...That was no accident.
Sayuri(thought): ---He parried it!!!
Sayuri: ...Heh!
Sayuri: ...I found him.
Sayuri: My successor---

Page 11
Woman: You sure are late, Hiroto---
Woman: Oh!
Woman: What happened!?
Woman: You seem like you were attacked by a ghost!
Kurogane: You hit the bulls-eye...
Woman: What about dinner?
Kurogane: ...Haha, just sprinkle some salts.
Woman: ?
Text: Did he really see a ghost?
Kurogane(thought): ...Hah. What would have happened if I was really cut...?
Kurogane(thought): Oh well. I managed to run away, so...
Sayuri: Fufu...
There is nowhere to run inside your dreams.

Page 12
Sayuri: "Kurogane"!!!
Kurogane: !!?
Sayuri: I'll be bothering you for a bit,
Kurogane Hiroto!!
Kurogane: !!? You're that woman---
Kurogane: And what is this place-!!?
Kurogane: Hot!!!
This is a dream!?
Sayuri: Ah--- shut up!!
Sayuri: Don't chatter so much, aren't you a man!?
Kurogane: Aren't you just in some sort of disguise!?
Sayuri: You're too noisy!!!
You think I'm a friend!!?
Sayuri: I'm telling you to shut up and listen to me.
Or I'll curse you.
Sayuri: Curse of hatred.
Kurogane: What an extremely simple curse...

Page 13
Sayuri: ...Look.
Sayuri: This is the hellfire---
That consumed the city of Edo 150 years ago.
Kurogane: Edo...!?
Sayuri: On that day,
A sword-fighting dojo was burned down.
Sayuri: I,
Was there, as the instructor.
Sayuri: The name of the strongest style of fighting at the time was...
Sayuri: "Sakura One-Strike Style".
Sayuri: Because of the fire, all of the disciples died---
Sayuri: And our name has even left the history books...
Along with the teaching of "Gekiken".
Kurogane: ...Gekiken?
Sayuri: You don't know?

Page 14
Sayuri: Something that was created with the end of the samurai era---
Fighting with wooden katana and shinai.
Sayuri: I guess now they call it...let's see, "kendo"?
Kurogane: !
Kurogane: In other words, this ghost...
Kurogane: Was an instructor of kendo near the end of the Edo era...!
Sayuri: As for why someone like that would become a ghost---
Kurogane: So uncaring!!
Sayuri: I don't really care about the fact that I died.
Sayuri: It's just...this style that has been passed down through generations,
Has been lost through me---
Sayuri: And that is why I can't move on...
Sayuri: ---And that's where you come in,
Kurogane Hiroto.
Sayuri: You---
Sayuri: Will succeed the Sakura One-Strike Style sword-fighting.
Kurogane: ...Huh!!?

Page 15
Sayuri: You will revive the style in the present day---
And make that name known throughout the world once again!!
Sayuri: ...That is my purpose.
Kurogane: Y...you're telling me to do kendo!?
Kurogane: This isn't funny! Why me---
Sayuri: You have talent!
Sayuri: During the past 150 years that I have been searching---
You were the first one to have parried my strike.
Kurogane: ...!?
Kurogane: That was just by chance---
Sayuri: You are saying that a sword strike can be avoided by chance?
Kurogane: ...That is absurd...
Sayuri: Besides, you are a man.
Sayuri: Do you not---
Sayuri: Wish to become strong?

Page 16
Kurogane: ...!!
Kurogane: ...!
Kurogane: Th-
Kurogane: That's irrelevant.
Kurogane: ...Things like that.
Kurogane: Anyway, I will never do kendo!!
Kurogane: In the first place, I---
SFX: *Riiiiiiig*
Kurogane: !!?
SFX: *Click*
Sayuri: ...Seems like it's time for you to get up.
Kurogane: Huh?!
Sayuri: Let's make a show of waking you up.
Sayuri: You would wake up after dying in your dream right?
Kurogane: Wha- You...!
Sayuri: Let us continue in the real world---
Kurogane: Wait,
One sec-
Sayuri: Good mooooooorrning!!!
Kurogane: Gyaaaaaaaaaaah!!!

Page 17
Kurogane: ...Wha!
Kurogane: You---
Sayuri: I'm Sayuri.
Kurogane: !!?
Sayuri: There was a doll that was just perfect in the living room, so I borrowed its body.
Kurogane: Isn't that the traditional doll that my mom treasures~!!?
Mom: Ufufu- Komachi-chaan~
Sayuri: Once I possess something, I won't be able to get out until noon.
Mom: Hiroto-? What's with all the commotion in the morning---
Mom: !!!
Mom: Oh my, Komachi-chan!?
Mom: Your vital seems to be at its peak today!?
Sayuri: My name is Sayuri.
Mom: Oh?
Mom: Is that so?
I'm sorry for giving you a name without asking?
Sayuri: Don't worry about it.
Kurogane: ...

Page 18
Mom: It's almost time for breakfast!
Sayuri-chan, would you like some natto?
Sayuri: I'll gladly have some!!!
Kurogane: Wait-------------!!!
Kurogane: ...!
Mom: Sayuri-chan, would you like some more?
Sayuri: Yes please!
Dad: You seem happy now that you have a new daughter.
Kurogane: ...!!!
Kurogane: Don't.just.go.with.the.flow-----!!!
Kurogane: Aren't you in the least bit weirded out!!?
Mom: When the doll is really cute, a life is born from within.
Dad: That's right, there's nothing weird about-
Kurogane: What's weird are your brains!!!
Sayuri: Oh well, don't worry about the little details!
Look, if you don't eat some natto, you won't be able to use your muscles.
Kurogane: Huh?
I don't need to use my muscles!!

Page 19
Sayuri: Hm? But aren't you going to do it?
SFX: *Grip*
Kurogane: No I won't!! And don't talk as if you're pouring drinks for someone!!
Dad: That's good! I used to do it long ago.
SFX: *Grip*
Mom: He was born in a temple, so it's natural, right?
SFX: *Grip*
Kurogane: Don't go along with everything, you happy-go-lucky couple!!!
Kurogane: Geez! I'm going to school now, and don't follow me!!
Sayuri: Gr!!
A temple school? Wait!! TN: She's talking about something from the Edo period.
Dad: ...Sayuri-chan.
Sayuri: !
Dad: One moment please.
Dad: Despite how he acts, Hiroto has always been very self-conscious of how weak his body is.
Mom: Yes...
He is very good with his studies so we can't say anything though---
Sayuri: ...
Dad: Please use this chance to train him!
Text: I support you!!
Mom: I think kendo would be perfect for him~~~
Text: Me too~~~
Sayuri: It'll be simp...ah, no!!
Sayuri: Leave it to me!!

Page 20
Shiratori: So cute-!! She's just like a doll!!
Sayuri: Fufufu, is that so.
Then admire me to your heart's content.
Guy: She said that she's a relative---
Student: I see-
Kurogane(thought): Why did she say something like that...!?
Sayuri: Oh! This blister...
Young lady, you must practice kendo?
Shiratori: Wow, you can tell?
Sayuri: Swords are really nice, aren't they?
Shiratori: Yep!
Shiratori: That's why a certain someone should try it too---?
Kurogane: I.won't.do.it!! Don't be in such harmony!!!
Kurogane: Sigh...you still don't have enough guys?
Shiratori: Yeah.
Although I'm trying to recruit people everyday---
Shiratori: Of course you should join too!!!
Now, you just need to write your name here!!
Kurogane: Why are you always so prepared!!?
Kurogane: ...Sigh. So persistent.
...Well, you'll see soon enough.
Kurogane: How I'm not able to do stuff like kendo.

Page 21
Teacher: Alright, today is the first PE class---
So we'll do some physical assessments---
Teacher: The guys will start with throwing a ball---
Sayuri: Time to use your body!? Very good!
Shiratori: Kurogane-kun, do your best!
Sayuri: Let it fly--- Hi.ro.to!!
Kurogane: ...!!
Teacher: Minus three meters---
Both: ...!!!
Shiratori: I-it's the 100 meter dash now!!
Kurogane: ...!
Sayuri: Go beat them all- Hi.ro.to!!!
Sayuri: Oooooooooiii!!!
Kurogane: I gave it my all at start.
Sayuri: Were you just born or something!!?

Page 22
Sayuri: I see...So the reason you flatly refuse---
Is because of this...
Sayuri: Zero power, speed, and stamina...
Sayuri: What utterly hopeless physical conditions...
Kurogane: Now you should understand...
Kurogane: That I have no talent---
Sayuri: No!! Even in that heap of waste, there must be at least one good thing!
Kurogane: Think about your word choices!!!
Guy: Woah!
A wild throw!!
Kurogane: ---Well, if I have to say one thing,
Kurogane: It would be that my eyes are kind of good---
Sayuri: !?
Oi oi, don't make fun of me. Even I know it.
Kurogane: ...
Sayuri: About how people with bad eyes like you wear glasses-

Page 23
Guy: Hey!
Watch out for the ball-!!
Kurogane: ...Lueva.
Pat. Pending.
Sayuri: ?
Kurogane: Hand Medicine Ball.
Kurogane: 440g---!
Sayuri: ?
Sayuri: ...!!!
Sayuri: You...! You saw this!!?
Sayuri: What kind of kinetic vision do you have!!?

Page 24
Kurogane: ...Also,
These are just normal frost glass.
Sayuri: Huh!?
Kurogane: If I see too much, I get really tired---
Kurogane: These help to repress my sight.
Sayuri(thought): !!!This is it---!!!
Sayuri(thought): He dodged by strike with his eyes!!!
Sayuri: This is a huge deal!!!
Sayuri: That is quite an amazing talent---
Kurogane: ...It's useless.
Sayuri: !?
Sayuri: I couldn't use it...
Sayuri: ...
Kurogane: ...It's not...
Kurogane: That I don't want to do sports.

Page 25
Sayuri: ?
Kurogane: "Heroes", you see.
...In this school.
Kurogane: Those who are really good in whatever sports they do---
Kurogane: will make whichever team they are in win.
And that's why they're really popular.
Kurogane: I have always been envious,
Kurogane: Of those heroes.
Kurogane: I can't become a hero even when I do well in school.
Kurogane: I thought that I could at least do one thing, so I tried many things.
Kurogane: Karate, table tennis, soccer, basketball...
Kurogane: But you see,
No matter how good my eyes are, it's no use.
Kurogane: Even if I can see what my opponents are doing, and where they are---
Kurogane: My hands...and body can't keep up.
With zero physical strength, the talent is wasted.

Page 26
Kurogane: What I can see clearly,
Kurogane: Is just myself losing pitifully.
Kurogane: ...That why,
I won't do sports anymore.
Sayuri: I see, so it's not that...
Sayuri: You don't want to become strong---
Kurogane: ...But I,
Kurogane: Can't become that hero.
Sayuri: ...You're wrong!
If it's kendo, then you-
Kurogane: Stop it!!!

Page 27
Kurogane: I told you it's hopeless!!
Kurogane: Stop bothering me...!!
Kurogane: Just...
Kurogane: Leave me alone---
Sayuri: Hiroto!!!

Page 28
Shiratori: It's the kendo club!!!
Shiratori: Sweaty!! Strict!! Stinky!! The three S's of youth!
Shiratori: Won't you consider joining the kendo club---!?
Shiratori(thought): I can't get anyone to join---
Text: It's such a good catch phrase too...
Shiratori(thought): I should try asking Kurogane-kun again after all...
Guy: Hey you, from the kendo club!
Guy: We think that kendo is pretty awesome---
And are considering joining the club,
Guy: But can we ask you some questions over there?
Shiratori: Really!?
Shiratori: Gladly!

Page 29
Kurogane(thought): ...Sayuri,
Kurogane(thought): In the end, didn't come after me.
Kurogane(thought): Maybe...I said a bit too much.
Kurogane(thought): I should probably look for her---
Kurogane(thought): She's probably at the kendo club anyway.
Kurogane(thought): The martial arts gym is---
Shiratori: Please stop!!!
Shiratori: This is wrong!!! I'll call the teacher!!!
Guy: Oi, shut her up.
Shiratori: !!!
Kurogane(thought): Woah~~~~!
Kurogane(thought): It's best that I don't get involved in this, but...
It feels like I've heard of that voice somewhere before---

Page 30
Guy: To think-
That you followed us all the way out here. You must be stupid----
Shiratori: Nn--!!!
Guy: Who wants to go to the club after you said those kinds of things!!?
Guy: We got our hands on something nice again today-
Shiratori: ...!!!
Kurogane: Shiratori-san!?
Guy: Get it done before someone comes.
Guy: Sure thing.
Shiratori: Nn...!
Guy: The uniform is pretty nice...hehe.
Shiratori: !!!
Kurogane: St...
Kurogane: Stop that!!!

Page 31
Shiratori: Kurogane-kun!!?
Kurogane: Hah...!
Kurogane: Hah...!
Kurogane(thought): Wha...what am I doing!?
Kurogane(thought): Against those guys---
Guy: The hell do you want!?
Kurogane: Ah!
Kurogane: No!
Guy: You want a piece of us!!?
Kurogane(thought): What can I do!? Run away!!!
Kurogane(thought): Run---
Shiratori: I thought that you must be a really good person!
Kurogane(thought): Ah...
Kurogane: Won't you please...
Kurogane: Please her go...!?

Page 32
Guy: Retard!!
Guy: ...Hm.
All bark and no bite.
Shiratori: Kurogane-kun...!!
Kurogane(thought): Shit...! ...What am I doing, it's so uncool---
Guy: Hey, take her to the back.
Guy: Sure.
Shiratori: NO!!
Kurogane(thought): Shit...! Shit!! I can't do anything---
Kurogane(thought): Not to mention being a hero,
Kurogane(thought): I can't even protect,
Kurogane(thought): One single girl---!!?

Page 33
Sayuri: Is it frustrating?
Shiratori: !!!
Kurogane: Wha...
Kurogane: Sa-!
Kurogane: Sayuri!?
Sayuri: ...I'm glad that you didn't run away.
Sayuri: ...My view of you has improved a bit.
Sayuri: But...let's get something straight, Hiroto.
Sayuri: Stuff like running 100km/hr or fighting bare-handed---
You have absolutely no talent for!!

Page 34
Sayuri: What you do have---
Sayuri: Is that shinai!!!
Kurogane: !!!
Guy: You want another beating, you glasses weakling!?
Guy: If that's how it is, then we have katanas too!!!
Kurogane: Glasses weakling...!?
Sayuri: ...Look, they're coming.
What are you going to do?
Kurogane: ...If I had this---
Kurogane: Would I be able to become one?
Sayuri: !!--- Yes.
Sayuri: If you used those "eyes".

Page 35
Kurogane: ...I got it, Sayuri.
Kurogane: I---
Kurogane: Will become a hero!!!
Sayuri: ...Well-said, Hiroto.
---You have good eyes.
Sayuri: Ones fitting the Sakura One-Strike Style---
Sayuri(thought): I knew that I was right.
Sayuri: I can't be helping you all the time, but...
I'll give you just a tiny bit of support.

Page 36
Sayuri: Let's go--- "Sakura One-Strike Style".
Sayuri: Kurogane Hiroto!!!
Guy: Picking a fight with a shinai, of all things.
Guy: You realize that we are all ranked kendoists!!?
Kurogane(thought): They're not scared at all!!
Sayuri: Of course not. I didn't show myself to them.
If I did that, this would be meaningless.
Kurogane: But this...is heavy...I'm tired.
Sayuri: It's only 500g!!!
What am I going to do with you, seriously!!!
Sayuri: Oh well, no need to worry.
Sayuri: With those "eyes"---
There is no need to swing.
Kurogane: ...!!!

Page 37
Text: If you can see,
Text: Then there is no need to use any power.
Text: Just by slightly shifting...
Text: The movement of your opponent---
Guy: !?
Guy: !!!

Page 38
Kurogane: ...!!
Sayuri: In the first place, Sakura One-Strike Style---
Was created for us women with inferior strength.
Text: It's not something that requires control of power or speed.
Kurogane: !!
Text: Above all else, we try to "see"!!
Text: ---By limiting movement to the bare minimum,
Text: With the opponent;s force, and the excess energy---
Text: Cut into the vital points!!!

Page 39
Sayuri: ...How is it?
Guy: !!!
Kurogane: Hah!
Kurogane: Hah!!
Sayuri: With the "katana" and "eyes", you don't need super strength or speed.
Don't you think that it's perfect for you?
Kurogane: ...
Sayuri: Well, you'd need at least some physical strength---
But there's only one person left!!
Kurogane: ...!!
Guy(thought): ...
How sad, even though those two came from winning schools...
Guy(thought): After all, this is just beginner's luck, right?
Kurogane: !!!
Guy(thought): Don't insult us!!!
Kurogane: Ow ow!!!

Page 40
Sayuri(thought): ...I see.
Sayuri(thought): So that's a ranked kendoist...
Sayuri(thought): This guy fights differently.
Sayuri(thought): He must be very good in his era.
Sayuri(thought): However---
Guy: !!?
Sayuri: Don't insult me,
Sayuri: With a few years of non-proper training.

Page 41
Sayuri: Resurrected after 150 years---
Sayuri: The strongest of them all, "Gekiken"!!!
Guy(thought): !!? What bullshit---
Guy(thought): There is no such stance---
In kendo...!!!
Sayuri: Sakura One-Strike Style's first attack:
Sayuri: "Early Summer Rain".

Page 42
*The technique of taking the blade out of an opponent's hand has become obsolete.
Guy: ...!!? A "makiwaza"!!? TN: Name of the technique.
From a beginner...!
Guy: Shit...!
Guy: Ooooooh!!!
Kurogane: !!
Sayuri: ...Heh.
Sayuri: Still not giving up? In that case---
Sayuri: !

Page 43
Sayuri(thought): So he's at his limit---!!
Sayuri: ...What's wrong, Hiroto?
You can't swing it anymore?
Sayuri: Don't worry.
Kurogane: Hah!
Kurogane: Hah!
Sayuri: Didn't I tell you?
There is no need to swing that thing---
Sayuri(thought): Like you said,
Sayuri(thought): If you can see where your opponent is and what he's doing---
Sayuri(thought): Then all you need to do,
Sayuri(thought): Is to place your sword,
Sayuri(thought): And not move it---

Page 44

Page 45

Page 46
Guy: !!!
Shiratori: ...!!
Kurogane: ---Sayuri,
Could I...
Kurogane: Through kendo,
Become one?
Kurogane: ...A hero I mean.

Page 47
Sayuri: ...Yeah.
Sayuri: Well,
Sayuri: As long as I'm around.
Kurogane: ...
Kurogane: Hah...!
Shiratori: Kurogane-kun!!!
Kurogane: Guh!
Shiratori: Thank you~~~~!!!
Kurogane: ...Well,
Kurogane: I think I tried harder than picking up an eraser---
Shiratori: ...*Sniff*
I guess so.

Page 48
Shiratori: Kurogane-kun!
Shiratori: Hey, did you hear?
The rumor about Toujou Sayuri!!
Kurogane: ...You told me about it already.
Shiratori: No--- There's a followup to it!
Shiratori: She was trapped inside a doll,
By a hero with glasses and shinai!!
Shiratori: I wonder how much of it is true-?
Both: Believing that even in high school...
Shiratori: Speaking of which! I'm recruiting for kendo club!!
Kurogane: There is no logical connection!!!
Kurogane: ...You really are persistent---
Shiratori: Huh!?
Shiratori: Huh!!?
Shiratori: HUH!!?

Page 49
Kurogane: ...Here.
Kurogane: It's your win!!
Kurogane: ...It's your fault that I have club activities now.
Sayuri: ...Do you not like it?
Kurogane: Yeah.
I'll curse you...
Sayuri: That's my line!!
Sayuri: ...
Sayuri: Will I get natto today?
Kurogane: ...No.
Kurogane: Instead---
Kurogane: ...I will be doing kendo.
Text: And then, the young man becomes a swordsman!!
Sayuri: Ooh!?
In that case, I'll take a serving!!

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Jun 22, 2018 Gintama 687 en kewl0210
Jun 19, 2018 Yakusoku no... 91 fr Erinyes
Jun 17, 2018 Yakusoku no... 90 fr Erinyes
Jun 17, 2018 Yakusoku no... 89 fr Erinyes
Jun 17, 2018 Shokugeki no Soma 267 fr Erinyes
Jun 17, 2018 Shokugeki no Soma 266 fr Erinyes
Jun 17, 2018 Shokugeki no Soma 265 fr Erinyes
Jun 17, 2018 Mahou Shoujo of... 57 en Lingwe
Jun 16, 2018 Gintama 686 en Bomber...
Jun 16, 2018 Gintama 685 en Bomber...