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Kurogane (Ikezawa) Oneshot

+ posted by cookie_on_fire as translation on Aug 14, 2011 06:17 | Go to Kurogane (Ikezawa)

Reserved for Lazy Ass Scans. Do not use without my permission.

I do kendo, and I have to say...everything really does stink to high heavens. And wearing the thick uniform in the middle of summer...ugh. Anyway:

Page 1
Sayuri: "Sakura One-Strike Style",
Sayuri: Toujou Sayuri!!
Guy: Oi oi...
Guy: You can't really be---
Sayuri: Let us exchange,
Text: What appeared in front of him are the falling sakura...And the glint of the dangerous yet beautiful blade...!!
Sayuri: ---The first blow!!

Page 2
Young man---
Hold up the shinai!!

Page 3
Teacher: ---Now then, the last question.
If you can solve this, then you'll be Tokyo University-bound.
Teacher: Anyone wants to give it a try?
Teacher: Well then---
Teacher: Hey you, the one looking away-
Teacher: Kurogane Hiroto!
Teacher: Since you have nothing to lose, give this a---
Kurogane: Make k a whole number, and in order to satisfy p, it would be 4k+2, and (equation).
Kurogane: Therefore, the answer is (equation).
Teacher: ---Correct.
Teacher: ...Then let's stop here for today---
Student: Kurogane is amazing!
Student: He was looking away the whole time...
Kurogane: ...
Student: If I'm as smart as he is, then school would probably be fun---
Kurogane(thought): ...It's no good.
Just to be good at studying---

Page 4
Guy: Ooh! Homerun!!
Guy: As expected of someone from the baseball club!!
Kurogane: ...
Shiratori: What are you looking at, Kurogane-kun!?
Kurogane: !!!
Kurogane: Shiratori-san...
Shiratori: Hey, hey, did you hear!?
The rumor about "Toujou Sayuri"!!
Kurogane: ...Toujou...what?
Shiratori: Toujou Sayuri!
You don't know?
Shiratori: She's a ghost!!
Shiratori: A woman with long hair, who wears a kimono with sakura patterns---
And she holds a katana in her hands!!

Page 5
Shiratori: She is seen at night, at the third block from the East station exit.
Shiratori: They say that she suddenly attacks passerbys!!
Kurogane: ...All that rubbish even when you're in high school...
Shiratori: Ah!
You don't believe me-!?
It'll be too late once you get attacked!!
Kurogane: ?
Shiratori: Strike before the other strikes you!!!
Shiratori: Kurogane-kun, why don't you try joining the kendo club as well!?
Kurogane: So this was your intent all along...!
Kendo is impossible for me!!
Shiratori: We don't have enough male students! Please!
Kurogane: There are plenty of other guys!!
Shiratori: But---
Shiratori: The other day you helped me pick up my eraser!!
Kurogane: And what about it!?
Shiratori: So I thought that you are a really good person!
Kurogane: Are you stupid!?
Kurogane: A...
Anyway, I won't join the kendo club!!
Kurogane: I would just embarrass myself if I gave it a try.
I have to go to cram school now, so ask someone else!!
Shiratori: Sigh---

Page 6
Kurogane: ...Sigh.
Kurogane(thought): It's gotten quite late...
Kurogane(thought): Can I make the last train...?
Kurogane(thought): ---And,
Kurogane(thought): From here---
Kurogane(thought): ...So I have 15 minutes.
Kurogane(thought): ...I guess,
Kurogane(thought): I'll take a little shortcut---

Page 7
---Now that I think about it,
From the East station exit,
The third---

Page 8
Sayuri: "Sakura One-Strike Style",
Sayuri: Toujou Sayuri!!
Kurogane: ...I should've...
Kurogane: Joined the kendo club...
Sayuri: You seem calm, young man...
Sayuri: Are you strong?
Sayuri: ...Let us exchange,
Sayuri: The first blow!!

Page 9

Page 10
Kurogane: !!!
Sayuri: ...!!
Sayuri(thought): ...That was no accident.
Sayuri(thought): ---He parried it!!!
Sayuri: ...Heh!
Sayuri: ...I found him.
Sayuri: My successor---

Page 11
Woman: You sure are late, Hiroto---
Woman: Oh!
Woman: What happened!?
Woman: You seem like you were attacked by a ghost!
Kurogane: You hit the bulls-eye...
Woman: What about dinner?
Kurogane: ...Haha, just sprinkle some salts.
Woman: ?
Text: Did he really see a ghost?
Kurogane(thought): ...Hah. What would have happened if I was really cut...?
Kurogane(thought): Oh well. I managed to run away, so...
Sayuri: Fufu...
There is nowhere to run inside your dreams.

Page 12
Sayuri: "Kurogane"!!!
Kurogane: !!?
Sayuri: I'll be bothering you for a bit,
Kurogane Hiroto!!
Kurogane: !!? You're that woman---
Kurogane: And what is this place-!!?
Kurogane: Hot!!!
This is a dream!?
Sayuri: Ah--- shut up!!
Sayuri: Don't chatter so much, aren't you a man!?
Kurogane: Aren't you just in some sort of disguise!?
Sayuri: You're too noisy!!!
You think I'm a friend!!?
Sayuri: I'm telling you to shut up and listen to me.
Or I'll curse you.
Sayuri: Curse of hatred.
Kurogane: What an extremely simple curse...

Page 13
Sayuri: ...Look.
Sayuri: This is the hellfire---
That consumed the city of Edo 150 years ago.
Kurogane: Edo...!?
Sayuri: On that day,
A sword-fighting dojo was burned down.
Sayuri: I,
Was there, as the instructor.
Sayuri: The name of the strongest style of fighting at the time was...
Sayuri: "Sakura One-Strike Style".
Sayuri: Because of the fire, all of the disciples died---
Sayuri: And our name has even left the history books...
Along with the teaching of "Gekiken".
Kurogane: ...Gekiken?
Sayuri: You don't know?

Page 14
Sayuri: Something that was created with the end of the samurai era---
Fighting with wooden katana and shinai.
Sayuri: I guess now they call it...let's see, "kendo"?
Kurogane: !
Kurogane: In other words, this ghost...
Kurogane: Was an instructor of kendo near the end of the Edo era...!
Sayuri: As for why someone like that would become a ghost---
Kurogane: So uncaring!!
Sayuri: I don't really care about the fact that I died.
Sayuri: It's just...this style that has been passed down through generations,
Has been lost through me---
Sayuri: And that is why I can't move on...
Sayuri: ---And that's where you come in,
Kurogane Hiroto.
Sayuri: You---
Sayuri: Will succeed the Sakura One-Strike Style sword-fighting.
Kurogane: ...Huh!!?

Page 15
Sayuri: You will revive the style in the present day---
And make that name known throughout the world once again!!
Sayuri: ...That is my purpose.
Kurogane:'re telling me to do kendo!?
Kurogane: This isn't funny! Why me---
Sayuri: You have talent!
Sayuri: During the past 150 years that I have been searching---
You were the first one to have parried my strike.
Kurogane: ...!?
Kurogane: That was just by chance---
Sayuri: You are saying that a sword strike can be avoided by chance?
Kurogane: ...That is absurd...
Sayuri: Besides, you are a man.
Sayuri: Do you not---
Sayuri: Wish to become strong?

Page 16
Kurogane: ...!!
Kurogane: ...!
Kurogane: Th-
Kurogane: That's irrelevant.
Kurogane: ...Things like that.
Kurogane: Anyway, I will never do kendo!!
Kurogane: In the first place, I---
SFX: *Riiiiiiig*
Kurogane: !!?
SFX: *Click*
Sayuri: ...Seems like it's time for you to get up.
Kurogane: Huh?!
Sayuri: Let's make a show of waking you up.
Sayuri: You would wake up after dying in your dream right?
Kurogane: Wha- You...!
Sayuri: Let us continue in the real world---
Kurogane: Wait,
One sec-
Sayuri: Good mooooooorrning!!!
Kurogane: Gyaaaaaaaaaaah!!!

Page 17
Kurogane: ...Wha!
Kurogane: You---
Sayuri: I'm Sayuri.
Kurogane: !!?
Sayuri: There was a doll that was just perfect in the living room, so I borrowed its body.
Kurogane: Isn't that the traditional doll that my mom treasures~!!?
Mom: Ufufu- Komachi-chaan~
Sayuri: Once I possess something, I won't be able to get out until noon.
Mom: Hiroto-? What's with all the commotion in the morning---
Mom: !!!
Mom: Oh my, Komachi-chan!?
Mom: Your vital seems to be at its peak today!?
Sayuri: My name is Sayuri.
Mom: Oh?
Mom: Is that so?
I'm sorry for giving you a name without asking?
Sayuri: Don't worry about it.
Kurogane: ...

Page 18
Mom: It's almost time for breakfast!
Sayuri-chan, would you like some natto?
Sayuri: I'll gladly have some!!!
Kurogane: Wait-------------!!!
Kurogane: ...!
Mom: Sayuri-chan, would you like some more?
Sayuri: Yes please!
Dad: You seem happy now that you have a new daughter.
Kurogane: ...!!!
Kurogane: Don't.just.go.with.the.flow-----!!!
Kurogane: Aren't you in the least bit weirded out!!?
Mom: When the doll is really cute, a life is born from within.
Dad: That's right, there's nothing weird about-
Kurogane: What's weird are your brains!!!
Sayuri: Oh well, don't worry about the little details!
Look, if you don't eat some natto, you won't be able to use your muscles.
Kurogane: Huh?
I don't need to use my muscles!!

Page 19
Sayuri: Hm? But aren't you going to do it?
SFX: *Grip*
Kurogane: No I won't!! And don't talk as if you're pouring drinks for someone!!
Dad: That's good! I used to do it long ago.
SFX: *Grip*
Mom: He was born in a temple, so it's natural, right?
SFX: *Grip*
Kurogane: Don't go along with everything, you happy-go-lucky couple!!!
Kurogane: Geez! I'm going to school now, and don't follow me!!
Sayuri: Gr!!
A temple school? Wait!! TN: She's talking about something from the Edo period.
Dad: ...Sayuri-chan.
Sayuri: !
Dad: One moment please.
Dad: Despite how he acts, Hiroto has always been very self-conscious of how weak his body is.
Mom: Yes...
He is very good with his studies so we can't say anything though---
Sayuri: ...
Dad: Please use this chance to train him!
Text: I support you!!
Mom: I think kendo would be perfect for him~~~
Text: Me too~~~
Sayuri: It'll be simp...ah, no!!
Sayuri: Leave it to me!!

Page 20
Shiratori: So cute-!! She's just like a doll!!
Sayuri: Fufufu, is that so.
Then admire me to your heart's content.
Guy: She said that she's a relative---
Student: I see-
Kurogane(thought): Why did she say something like that...!?
Sayuri: Oh! This blister...
Young lady, you must practice kendo?
Shiratori: Wow, you can tell?
Sayuri: Swords are really nice, aren't they?
Shiratori: Yep!
Shiratori: That's why a certain someone should try it too---?
Kurogane: I.won'!! Don't be in such harmony!!!
Kurogane: still don't have enough guys?
Shiratori: Yeah.
Although I'm trying to recruit people everyday---
Shiratori: Of course you should join too!!!
Now, you just need to write your name here!!
Kurogane: Why are you always so prepared!!?
Kurogane: ...Sigh. So persistent.
...Well, you'll see soon enough.
Kurogane: How I'm not able to do stuff like kendo.

Page 21
Teacher: Alright, today is the first PE class---
So we'll do some physical assessments---
Teacher: The guys will start with throwing a ball---
Sayuri: Time to use your body!? Very good!
Shiratori: Kurogane-kun, do your best!
Sayuri: Let it fly---!!
Kurogane: ...!!
Teacher: Minus three meters---
Both: ...!!!
Shiratori: I-it's the 100 meter dash now!!
Kurogane: ...!
Sayuri: Go beat them all-!!!
Sayuri: Oooooooooiii!!!
Kurogane: I gave it my all at start.
Sayuri: Were you just born or something!!?

Page 22
Sayuri: I see...So the reason you flatly refuse---
Is because of this...
Sayuri: Zero power, speed, and stamina...
Sayuri: What utterly hopeless physical conditions...
Kurogane: Now you should understand...
Kurogane: That I have no talent---
Sayuri: No!! Even in that heap of waste, there must be at least one good thing!
Kurogane: Think about your word choices!!!
Guy: Woah!
A wild throw!!
Kurogane: ---Well, if I have to say one thing,
Kurogane: It would be that my eyes are kind of good---
Sayuri: !?
Oi oi, don't make fun of me. Even I know it.
Kurogane: ...
Sayuri: About how people with bad eyes like you wear glasses-

Page 23
Guy: Hey!
Watch out for the ball-!!
Kurogane: ...Lueva.
Pat. Pending.
Sayuri: ?
Kurogane: Hand Medicine Ball.
Kurogane: 440g---!
Sayuri: ?
Sayuri: ...!!!
Sayuri: You...! You saw this!!?
Sayuri: What kind of kinetic vision do you have!!?

Page 24
Kurogane: ...Also,
These are just normal frost glass.
Sayuri: Huh!?
Kurogane: If I see too much, I get really tired---
Kurogane: These help to repress my sight.
Sayuri(thought): !!!This is it---!!!
Sayuri(thought): He dodged by strike with his eyes!!!
Sayuri: This is a huge deal!!!
Sayuri: That is quite an amazing talent---
Kurogane: ...It's useless.
Sayuri: !?
Sayuri: I couldn't use it...
Sayuri: ...
Kurogane: ...It's not...
Kurogane: That I don't want to do sports.

Page 25
Sayuri: ?
Kurogane: "Heroes", you see.
...In this school.
Kurogane: Those who are really good in whatever sports they do---
Kurogane: will make whichever team they are in win.
And that's why they're really popular.
Kurogane: I have always been envious,
Kurogane: Of those heroes.
Kurogane: I can't become a hero even when I do well in school.
Kurogane: I thought that I could at least do one thing, so I tried many things.
Kurogane: Karate, table tennis, soccer, basketball...
Kurogane: But you see,
No matter how good my eyes are, it's no use.
Kurogane: Even if I can see what my opponents are doing, and where they are---
Kurogane: My hands...and body can't keep up.
With zero physical strength, the talent is wasted.

Page 26
Kurogane: What I can see clearly,
Kurogane: Is just myself losing pitifully.
Kurogane: ...That why,
I won't do sports anymore.
Sayuri: I see, so it's not that...
Sayuri: You don't want to become strong---
Kurogane: ...But I,
Kurogane: Can't become that hero.
Sayuri: ...You're wrong!
If it's kendo, then you-
Kurogane: Stop it!!!

Page 27
Kurogane: I told you it's hopeless!!
Kurogane: Stop bothering me...!!
Kurogane: Just...
Kurogane: Leave me alone---
Sayuri: Hiroto!!!

Page 28
Shiratori: It's the kendo club!!!
Shiratori: Sweaty!! Strict!! Stinky!! The three S's of youth!
Shiratori: Won't you consider joining the kendo club---!?
Shiratori(thought): I can't get anyone to join---
Text: It's such a good catch phrase too...
Shiratori(thought): I should try asking Kurogane-kun again after all...
Guy: Hey you, from the kendo club!
Guy: We think that kendo is pretty awesome---
And are considering joining the club,
Guy: But can we ask you some questions over there?
Shiratori: Really!?
Shiratori: Gladly!

Page 29
Kurogane(thought): ...Sayuri,
Kurogane(thought): In the end, didn't come after me.
Kurogane(thought): Maybe...I said a bit too much.
Kurogane(thought): I should probably look for her---
Kurogane(thought): She's probably at the kendo club anyway.
Kurogane(thought): The martial arts gym is---
Shiratori: Please stop!!!
Shiratori: This is wrong!!! I'll call the teacher!!!
Guy: Oi, shut her up.
Shiratori: !!!
Kurogane(thought): Woah~~~~!
Kurogane(thought): It's best that I don't get involved in this, but...
It feels like I've heard of that voice somewhere before---

Page 30
Guy: To think-
That you followed us all the way out here. You must be stupid----
Shiratori: Nn--!!!
Guy: Who wants to go to the club after you said those kinds of things!!?
Guy: We got our hands on something nice again today-
Shiratori: ...!!!
Kurogane: Shiratori-san!?
Guy: Get it done before someone comes.
Guy: Sure thing.
Shiratori: Nn...!
Guy: The uniform is pretty nice...hehe.
Shiratori: !!!
Kurogane: St...
Kurogane: Stop that!!!

Page 31
Shiratori: Kurogane-kun!!?
Kurogane: Hah...!
Kurogane: Hah...!
Kurogane(thought): Wha...what am I doing!?
Kurogane(thought): Against those guys---
Guy: The hell do you want!?
Kurogane: Ah!
Kurogane: No!
Guy: You want a piece of us!!?
Kurogane(thought): What can I do!? Run away!!!
Kurogane(thought): Run---
Shiratori: I thought that you must be a really good person!
Kurogane(thought): Ah...
Kurogane: Won't you please...
Kurogane: Please her go...!?

Page 32
Guy: Retard!!
Guy: ...Hm.
All bark and no bite.
Shiratori: Kurogane-kun...!!
Kurogane(thought): Shit...! ...What am I doing, it's so uncool---
Guy: Hey, take her to the back.
Guy: Sure.
Shiratori: NO!!
Kurogane(thought): Shit...! Shit!! I can't do anything---
Kurogane(thought): Not to mention being a hero,
Kurogane(thought): I can't even protect,
Kurogane(thought): One single girl---!!?

Page 33
Sayuri: Is it frustrating?
Shiratori: !!!
Kurogane: Wha...
Kurogane: Sa-!
Kurogane: Sayuri!?
Sayuri: ...I'm glad that you didn't run away.
Sayuri: ...My view of you has improved a bit.
Sayuri: But...let's get something straight, Hiroto.
Sayuri: Stuff like running 100km/hr or fighting bare-handed---
You have absolutely no talent for!!

Page 34
Sayuri: What you do have---
Sayuri: Is that shinai!!!
Kurogane: !!!
Guy: You want another beating, you glasses weakling!?
Guy: If that's how it is, then we have katanas too!!!
Kurogane: Glasses weakling...!?
Sayuri: ...Look, they're coming.
What are you going to do?
Kurogane: ...If I had this---
Kurogane: Would I be able to become one?
Sayuri: !!--- Yes.
Sayuri: If you used those "eyes".

Page 35
Kurogane: ...I got it, Sayuri.
Kurogane: I---
Kurogane: Will become a hero!!!
Sayuri: ...Well-said, Hiroto.
---You have good eyes.
Sayuri: Ones fitting the Sakura One-Strike Style---
Sayuri(thought): I knew that I was right.
Sayuri: I can't be helping you all the time, but...
I'll give you just a tiny bit of support.

Page 36
Sayuri: Let's go--- "Sakura One-Strike Style".
Sayuri: Kurogane Hiroto!!!
Guy: Picking a fight with a shinai, of all things.
Guy: You realize that we are all ranked kendoists!!?
Kurogane(thought): They're not scared at all!!
Sayuri: Of course not. I didn't show myself to them.
If I did that, this would be meaningless.
Kurogane: But heavy...I'm tired.
Sayuri: It's only 500g!!!
What am I going to do with you, seriously!!!
Sayuri: Oh well, no need to worry.
Sayuri: With those "eyes"---
There is no need to swing.
Kurogane: ...!!!

Page 37
Text: If you can see,
Text: Then there is no need to use any power.
Text: Just by slightly shifting...
Text: The movement of your opponent---
Guy: !?
Guy: !!!

Page 38
Kurogane: ...!!
Sayuri: In the first place, Sakura One-Strike Style---
Was created for us women with inferior strength.
Text: It's not something that requires control of power or speed.
Kurogane: !!
Text: Above all else, we try to "see"!!
Text: ---By limiting movement to the bare minimum,
Text: With the opponent;s force, and the excess energy---
Text: Cut into the vital points!!!

Page 39
Sayuri: ...How is it?
Guy: !!!
Kurogane: Hah!
Kurogane: Hah!!
Sayuri: With the "katana" and "eyes", you don't need super strength or speed.
Don't you think that it's perfect for you?
Kurogane: ...
Sayuri: Well, you'd need at least some physical strength---
But there's only one person left!!
Kurogane: ...!!
Guy(thought): ...
How sad, even though those two came from winning schools...
Guy(thought): After all, this is just beginner's luck, right?
Kurogane: !!!
Guy(thought): Don't insult us!!!
Kurogane: Ow ow!!!

Page 40
Sayuri(thought): ...I see.
Sayuri(thought): So that's a ranked kendoist...
Sayuri(thought): This guy fights differently.
Sayuri(thought): He must be very good in his era.
Sayuri(thought): However---
Guy: !!?
Sayuri: Don't insult me,
Sayuri: With a few years of non-proper training.

Page 41
Sayuri: Resurrected after 150 years---
Sayuri: The strongest of them all, "Gekiken"!!!
Guy(thought): !!? What bullshit---
Guy(thought): There is no such stance---
In kendo...!!!
Sayuri: Sakura One-Strike Style's first attack:
Sayuri: "Early Summer Rain".

Page 42
*The technique of taking the blade out of an opponent's hand has become obsolete.
Guy: ...!!? A "makiwaza"!!? TN: Name of the technique.
From a beginner...!
Guy: Shit...!
Guy: Ooooooh!!!
Kurogane: !!
Sayuri: ...Heh.
Sayuri: Still not giving up? In that case---
Sayuri: !

Page 43
Sayuri(thought): So he's at his limit---!!
Sayuri: ...What's wrong, Hiroto?
You can't swing it anymore?
Sayuri: Don't worry.
Kurogane: Hah!
Kurogane: Hah!
Sayuri: Didn't I tell you?
There is no need to swing that thing---
Sayuri(thought): Like you said,
Sayuri(thought): If you can see where your opponent is and what he's doing---
Sayuri(thought): Then all you need to do,
Sayuri(thought): Is to place your sword,
Sayuri(thought): And not move it---

Page 44

Page 45

Page 46
Guy: !!!
Shiratori: ...!!
Kurogane: ---Sayuri,
Could I...
Kurogane: Through kendo,
Become one?
Kurogane: ...A hero I mean.

Page 47
Sayuri: ...Yeah.
Sayuri: Well,
Sayuri: As long as I'm around.
Kurogane: ...
Kurogane: Hah...!
Shiratori: Kurogane-kun!!!
Kurogane: Guh!
Shiratori: Thank you~~~~!!!
Kurogane: ...Well,
Kurogane: I think I tried harder than picking up an eraser---
Shiratori: ...*Sniff*
I guess so.

Page 48
Shiratori: Kurogane-kun!
Shiratori: Hey, did you hear?
The rumor about Toujou Sayuri!!
Kurogane: ...You told me about it already.
Shiratori: No--- There's a followup to it!
Shiratori: She was trapped inside a doll,
By a hero with glasses and shinai!!
Shiratori: I wonder how much of it is true-?
Both: Believing that even in high school...
Shiratori: Speaking of which! I'm recruiting for kendo club!!
Kurogane: There is no logical connection!!!
Kurogane: ...You really are persistent---
Shiratori: Huh!?
Shiratori: Huh!!?
Shiratori: HUH!!?

Page 49
Kurogane: ...Here.
Kurogane: It's your win!!
Kurogane: ...It's your fault that I have club activities now.
Sayuri: ...Do you not like it?
Kurogane: Yeah.
I'll curse you...
Sayuri: That's my line!!
Sayuri: ...
Sayuri: Will I get natto today?
Kurogane: ...No.
Kurogane: Instead---
Kurogane: ...I will be doing kendo.
Text: And then, the young man becomes a swordsman!!
Sayuri: Ooh!?
In that case, I'll take a serving!!

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Nov 30, 2015 Match Girl 4 en lynxian
Nov 28, 2015 Innocent 93 en kewl0210
Nov 27, 2015 One Piece 807 en cnet128
Nov 27, 2015 Bleach 652 en cnet128
Nov 26, 2015 Happiness 3 it AleTheS...
Nov 26, 2015 Happiness 2 it AleTheS...
Nov 25, 2015 Warau Ishi 9 en Willeke...
Nov 25, 2015 Innocent 92 en kewl0210
Nov 24, 2015 Koi wa Hikari 4 en katsudon
Nov 23, 2015 3-gatsu no Lion 80 en kewl0210