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Translations: One Piece 908 by cnet128 , Gintama 687 (2)

Kurogane (Ikezawa) 2


+ posted by cookie_on_fire as translation on Sep 25, 2011 08:15 | Go to Kurogane (Ikezawa)

-> RTS Page for Kurogane (Ikezawa) 2

Reserved for Lazy Ass Scans. Do not use without my permission.

Page 1
Chapter 2: Shidou
The "katana" will become your "power"!!

Page 2
Sayuri: ...Up.
Sayuri: ...Get up.
Sayuri: Get up, Hiroto!!!
Hiroto: Hm...?
Text: An extreme good morning!!
Sayuri: When are you going to stop dreaming?
Hiroto: !!?
Sayuri: You'll be late!!
Hiroto: Wha!?
Hiroto: ~~~~~~!!!
SFX: *Gulp*
Hiroto: Daaaaaaaaaaah!!!

Page 3
Hiroto: Why did you show me that kind of dream!!?
Sayuri: Haha, don't be shy!
Well, you've been working hard lately, so I gave you---
Sayuri: A reward?
Hiroto: Don't say it with that face!!!
Hiroto: Ugh!
Sayuri: !?
Hiroto: Muscle pain...
Sayuri: From 2 days ago!!?
What are you, an old man!!?
Sayuri: Come on, don't drag your feet!! We'll start practice again at school!!
Hiroto: Ow ow ow ow!! Don't pull!! That's dangerous!!
Hiroto: I told you it's dange---
Hiroto: Rous!!!
SFX: *Trip*
Text: Aaaaaaaaaaa

Page 4
Hiroto: ...!!!
Hiroto(thought): Owww...I grazed my skin...
Hiroto: !
Hiroto: Hiii!!!
Hiroto: I-I-I-I'm sor---
Hiroto: !
Hiroto: Huh!?
Hiroto: Wah!
Hiroto(thought): Such strength...
Hiroto(thoguht): A shinai...he's from kendo club?

Page 5
Guy: ...
Hiroto: !!
Hiroto: Ah...
Hiroto: My wallet...and,
Hiroto: ...
Hiroto: Thank you.
Guy: ...You could say,
Guy: That I have never judged people based on their outer appearances...
Hiroto: ...

Page 6
Tsubame: When I think about it...
Doing kendo and yet not joining the kendo club...
Tsubame: Is weird, isn't it, Kurogane-kun!?
Tsubame: Don't you think that's a problem!?
Hiroto: ...What is?
Sayuri: That's right, Hiroto. You can't do kendo by yourself!!
Hiroto: I know that, but...
Sayuri: Could it be that you are worried about what that senpai said, how he doesn't need beginners?
Hiroto: ....
Sayuri: Don't worry about it---I'll be doing the introductions!!
Sayuri: Listen up, Hiroto.
Sayuri: By having a rival around the same age, you'll grow faster.
Isn't it good to become stronger!?
Hiroto: I know that...but...
Text: Sayuri-chan, you sure know a lot for a child!
Text: Because I ran a dojo in my previous life.
Hiroto: I...I'm going to go home today after all.
Sayuri: Gah---!! You weak-willed good-for-nothing!!!
Hiroto: Ah...
Sayuri: ?

Page 7
Hiroto: ...I have to,
Hiroto: Return this.
Girl: Look, isn't Hazakura from class 3 really good looking?
Girl: He's a bit scary, but he's my type---
Hiroto: !
Hiroto: There he is!!! In the courtyard!
Sayuri: Seriously!!?
Sayuri(thought): I guess his sight is really on-par with that of a wild animal...
Guy: How about it, Hazakura!!?
Hiroto: ?

Page 8
Guy: It's a waste for you to be in that weak kendo club!!!
Guy: Come to karate club!! With your reflexes, you'll already be as good as the regulars!!!
Hiroto: ...He's really enthusiastic with the recruiting...
Sayuri: Is he really that good?
Hazakura: ...?
Guy: At least listen to people!!!
Guy: Hazakura, karate is great!!
Guy: A man should fight fight bare-handed!!
Guy: Drop the playing around with wooden sticks and---
Guy: !
Hazakura: ...Just now,
What did you just say?
Guy: Huh?

Page 9
Hazakura: "Playing around"?
Everyone: ...!!!
Guy: Fu...fufu!
Guy: If you disagree, then come at me!!
Guy: I'll show you the might of kara---

Page 10

Page 11
Guy(thought): Wha...what did he do to me!!?
Guy(thought): Just what---
Hazakura: ...
Hiroto: He swung...twice...?
With glasses on, I couldn't see---
Sayuri(thought): ...!!
Even Hiroto couldn't see it---!?
Sayuri(thought): His flowing blade...how amazing!!!
Sayuri(thought): In this era, at his age, that is really good. At this rate---
Sayuri(thought): ...But,
Sayuri(thought): He's a good swordsman.
Sayuri(thought): I want to fight him...!! Right away...!!!
Hiroto: ...Oi, Sayuri?
Don't tell me you're scheming something again---

Page 12
Sayuri: Hey you---!!!
Hazakura: !!?
Sayuri: I heard what sounded like a cheap match of make-believe swordfighting...
Was it you?
SFX: *Pfft*
Hazakura: ...?
Hiroto: Sa.yu.ri---------!!?
Sayuri: ...You,
Why didn't you actually strike him?
Hazakura: !
Sayuri: Did you stop at the last second out of pity? How cheap...
Sayuri: Real swordfighting is all about cutting your opponent---

Page 13
Hazakura: ...What are you trying to say?
Hiroto: You're making him angry!!
Hiroto: What are you---
Sayuri: With that kind of soft fighting style---
Sayuri: Can you take on the best disciple of Sakura One-Strike Style?
Hiroto: ...
Hiroto: Huh?
Hazakura: Sakura One-Strike Style...?

Page 14
Sayuri: Well, he's still soft too...but he already struck down 3 people!!
Sayuri: You think he'll lose to someone who has only struck protective equipment...?
Hiroto: What are you saying---!!?
Sayuri: here, take off your glasses!!
Hiroto: Oi!!!
Sayuri: The best way to train is to fight against strong opponents!!
Sayuri: As your instructor, I can't let such a good opportunity slip by!
Sayuri: I won't be helping you at all,
Sayuri: So go exchange some blows!!
Hiroto: Don't be unreasonable---!!!
Sayuri: Didn't you start just for that---
Hazakura: Are you screwing around?
Hiroto: !!!

Page 15
Hazakura: If you insult kendo,
Hazakura: ...I won't forgive you.
Hiroto: ...!!!
Guy: What an idiot...
He's done for...
Girl: Don't say such mean things to Bazakura-kun!!!
Girl: Go beat up a guy like that!!!
Hiroto: But I didn't say any---
Hiroto: !!!

Page 16
Hiroto(thought): So fast!!!
Hiroto(thought): But since I'm not wearing my glasses---
Hazakura(thought): !?
Hazakura(thought): He dodged it--!?

Page 17
Hazakura: !!?
Hazakura(thought): ---He can see it?
Sayuri(thought): ---That's right.
Sayuri(thought): Fundamentally, it's the same.
Sayuri(thought): Place it---
Sayuri(thought): At the opening!!!

Page 18

Page 19
Both: ...!!!!
Hiroto: ...!!

Page 20
Hiroto: ...!!
Guy: ...Geez, he's no good at all!
Girl: He didn't hit on purpose again!!
Girl: He's so nice <3
Hazakura: ...
Hazakura: ...!
Hazakura: ...!!!
Hiroto: Oww...
Hazakura: What...
Hazakura: Is your name?

Page 21
Hiroto: ...
Sayuri: ---
Sayuri: Your name.
Hiroto: ...
Hiroto: ...Ku,
Hiroto: ...Kurogane!!
Hiroto: ...Kurogane Hiroto!!
Hazakura: ...
Hazakura: "Kurogane".
Hazakura: ...Today is a draw,
Kurogane Hiroto.
Hiroto: !

Page 22
Shidou: I'm Shidou.
Shidou: Hazakura Shidou!!!
Shidou: ...Remember that.
Shidou: Let's fight again.
Tsubame: Hazakura-kun!?

Page 23
Tsubame: Where where where where where!!?
I have to go and invite him to the club right away!!!
Hiroto: ...You know about...Hazakura Shidou?
Tsubame: O-of course!! Because---
Tsubame: He's the champion of last year's municipal tournament!!
Hiroto: !!
Tsubame: He has never lost any matches in all of the municipal tournaments---
Tsubame: In his 3 years of middle school, no one has ever scored a point against him.
He's the hero of all kendoists in Tokyo!!!
Hiroto: ...!!
Tsubame: I heard that he received recommendations for the prestigious "Rakuyou".
But then why is he in our school...
Sayuri: ...Must be an injury.
Hiroto: Huh?
Sayuri: ...You didn't notice?
He---pretty much only used his right hand to fight.
Hiroto: !?

Page 24
Woman: Ah---!!!
Woman: Shidou-kun, you swung the shinai again, did you!? You shouldn't do that.
Hazakura: ...I didn't use my left arm.
Woman: You can't!!
Don't join any clubs until the doctor gives you the ok!!
Woman: You lost the recommendation because of that injury, didn't you? You have to be careful---
Hazakura: ...
Woman: If you must swing it, use just half of your strength---
Hazakura: ...I can't afford,
To do something like that...
Woman: Huh?
Hazakura(thought): He looked like a complete beginner from his movements and stance...
Hazakura(thought): But,
Hazakura(thought): Just one more step,
Hazakura(thought): ---Had he just taken one more step...

Page 25
Hazakura(thought): He would have struck me down.
Hazakura(thought): ...I wanted to use...both hands.
But still, who was that guy?
Woman: ...You seem really happy today.
Hazakura: ...
Hazakura: I have more things,
To look forward to now.
Hiroto: Hm?
TN: He's holding a letter of challenge, of the old-fashioned kind.
Hiroto: What is this...?
Text: A letter of challenge, in the 21st century!?
Sayuri(thought): Hohohoho...
Sayuri(thoguht): This is becoming interesting...!!!

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Posted on Sep 25, 2011
thanks... :D
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