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To-LOVE-Ru 155

Trouble 155 Doki-Doki ☆ Texting

+ posted by Finestela as translation on Jul 4, 2009 02:02 | Go to To-LOVE-Ru

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Read This First!! Notes about my translations

Proofread by: Binky

Rito: Kotegawa---!

Yui: What is it, Yuuki-kun?
Rito: Well! Do you by any chance know the fantasy novel titled "Dating in Midnight"? The one with cats as the protagonists.

Yui: Ah, yes. I'm reading that book right now.
Rito: Oooh! As you would expect from a cat-lover!

Side Text: Rito is asking for help
Side Text: From the cat-loving Yui...

Rito: My dad is looking for it as a reference material for his work, but all of the bookstores are sold-out.
Rito: Would it be OK for me to borrowi it once you've finished reading it?

Yui: Ah, I see, so you need it in a hurry? Alright, I'll lend you the book if you want.
Rito: Eh...? You sure!?

Yui: It's not like I would read it multiple times anyway.
Rito: Awesome! Thank you!!

Rito: Well then! I'll give you my text address.
Rito: And you can let me know when you've finished reading the book!

Yui: Text address?
Yui: Oh... Sure...

Upper Text: Sorry for keeping you waiting.

Huge Text: Special Report!!

Title: Trouble 155 Doki-Doki ☆ Texting

Left Horizontal Text: Jump Comics Vol. 16~18 with OVA DVD scheduled for release!! Vol. 16 now available for pre-order (heart)

Manga: Yabuki Kentarou

Script: Hasemi Saki

Bottom Horizontal Text: Please enjoy the New OVA series!!

Left Side Vertical Text: ---The hot summer is about to start---

*Yui in her room*

Yui: Phew...
Yui: I managed to finish it earlier than I thought.

Yui: I should contact Yuuki-kun right away.
Yui: It's already the weekend, and he needs it in a hurry. It might be better for him to come pick it up tomorrow.

Cellphone Bubble SFX: Flap

Yui: ......

Yui: C... Come to think of it...
Yui: It's my first time texting a guy outside of my family...

Yui: I... I'm just contacting him!!
Yui: It's nothing to be ashamed of!!

Cellphone Screen: Sending

Yui: ... It took more than 30 minutes just to think about what to text.
Yui: I'm going to take a bath now...
Kyoko : YA~Y!
KyoKo: Magical Kyoko is here---!!

LaLa: Go get 'em, Kyoko-chan---!
NaNa: Ane-ue, I want to watch Animal Planet---!

Rito Bubble SFX: Snore------
Rito BUbble SFX: Snore------

MoMo: Rito-san...
MoMo: You look so cute when you're asleep...

MoMo: Hmm?

MoMo: Rito-san.
MoMO: It seems that someone has texted you.

Rito: Mmn~~~ Let me sleep... MoMo... Just answer it for me...
MoMo: You sure?

Rito: I'm too tired from cutting the grass in the yard today.
Rito: And it's probably just Saruyama anyway.
MoMo: Well...

MoMo: All right...

MoMo: Hmm?
MoMo: It's from Kotegawa-san.

Text Message:


Good Evening.
Dating in Midnight, It's
really nice.

I would like to go ahead
and give it to you.
Please take good care of it


MoMo: ......

MoMo: Dating in Midnight!?
MoMo: And give it... Wait, what are you going to give Rito-san, Kotegawa-san!?

MoMo: ... How should I reply to this?

Yui: Yuuki-kun... I wonder if he's read my text...

Phone: Riiiiing
Yui: !!

Yui: I... I... I'm coming!!

Text Message:


Thank You!
I'm so happy to know about your feelings!
Let's keep it as a secret between us (heart)


Yui: A... A secret between us...?

Yui: W... What is he talking about!? Jeez!!
Yuu: !?

MoMo: Phew... I didn't know the normally serious Kotegawa-san would...
MoMo: But I've always felt there's something different about the way she looks at Rito-san...

NaNa: MoMo!!
MoMo: Kyah!
NaNa: Ane-ue went ahead to take her bath---!!

MoMo: Huh? What's that? Isn't it... Rito's Cellphone?
MoMo: Ah... Well, Rito-san asked me to reply to Kotegawa-san's text...

NaNa: Did you say Kotegawa!?
NaNa: Let me see that real quick. I have something I wanna ask Kotegawa.

NaNa: Let me borrow it for a bit.
MoMo: Hey!

MoMo: You shouldn't do that without asking, Nana!

Phone: Riiiiing

Yui: Another text...?
Yui: Yuuki-kun... What is it this time?

Text Message:


I want you to keep this
a secret
But what do think of
small breasts?

Yui: What!?

NaNa: Ah! I didn't put in my name before sending it!
MoMo: Oh, well!

NaNa: Here comes Kotegawa's reply.
Cellphone: Beep Beep

MoMo: Let me see!

Text Message:


Wait a sec!
What are you talking about!?

MoMo: Oh, my.
Rito: Unmm... MoMo... Have you sent the text yet~~?
MoMo: Ah... Rito-san...

MoMo: For some reason the reply seems angry...
Rito: Eeeh~~~?

Rito: What's with Saruyama...? Did he get mad because I didn't reply to it myself...?
Rito: Argm...

Mikan: Rito----!
Mikan: I got a call from my friend. Can you do the dishes for me then---?

Rito: OK...
Rito: I got it, Mikan. I'll do it right away.

Rito: MoMo, I'm sorry to ask you this, but can you reply to that for me?
MoMo: Oh... You sure about that?

Rito: Yeah, thanks~~~~

NaNa: What should we do?
MoMo: Firstly, let's tell her that the previous text was from NaNa.

Celine: Mawu!!

MoMo: Celine-san! Where did you come from!?
Celine: Mawu~~

NaNa: Hey, that's not a toy!

LaLa: Phew... It feels great to take a bath~~

LaLa: Kyah!?
NaNa: Waah...
NaNa: S... Sorry, Ane-ue!

Celine: Mawu!
Cellphone: Click

LaLa: !?

Celine: Ma-wu?

MoMo: C... Click...?
MoMo: Could it be...?

Cellphone Screen: Message Sent

Yui: Sigh...

Yui: Hold on... I have to calm down.
Yui: I don't know if that was just a joke from Yuuki-kun or not yet.

Panel Text: I... Always get mad at Yuuki-kun... No, I can't go on like this...

Yui: Alright! I'll resend him another text!
Cellphone: Riiiiing
Yui: !?

Yui: Rito-kun!
Yui: Oh, no, he sent ano...

Yui: ......

Yui: T... This is sexual harrassment-----!

MoMo: We all need to apologize to Rito-san after this.
Celine: Mawu---!

Side Text: Almost miraculous texting explodes!!

Trouble 155 The End
Next Issue, NaNa and Haruna are being pressed for their girls-only secret!!

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#1. by zahir2035 ()
Posted on Jul 4, 2009
Thanks for working on a holiday ;)
#2. by mayoi ()
Posted on Jul 4, 2009
Thanks! for the translation!

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