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To-LOVE-Ru 155

Doki Doki E-mail

+ posted by Kaibayugi2002 as translation on Jul 3, 2009 19:19 | Go to To-LOVE-Ru

-> RTS Page for To-LOVE-Ru 155


Title: Doki Doki E-Mail ->Doki=Throbbing sound
Page 1
Panel 1
Rito: Kotegawa
panel 2
Yui: What do you want Yuuki-kun?
Rito: Uhm! Do you know that novel "Midnight Date"? The one where the main character is a cat?
Panel 3
Yui: Yeah, I'm currently reading it
Rito: ohhh so you’re into cats!
outside panel
Rito asking a favor/ to the cat loving Yui...

page 2
panel 1
Rito:Well my dad asked me to look for it, so that he can gather data for his work, but it’s sold out at the bookstores./ So if you don’t mind, after you’re finished with it, do you think you can lend it to me?
panel 2
Yui: ahh it must be urgent then
Okay, I’ll let you borrow it.
Rito: eh...is it really okay!?
panel 3
Yui: I don't read it that often
Rito: Yeah! Thank you!!
panel 4
Rito: Here I’ll give you my e-mail address/ so that you can e-mail me when you’re finished with it!
panel 5
Yui: E-mail? ah...sure...

page 3
outside panel
Her summer has already began

page 4
panel 3
Yui: Fuu.../I finished it faster than I’d expected.
panel 4
I wonder if I should go ahead and tell Yuuki-kun./ Maybe I should bring it to him tomorrow, in case he needs it before the weekend.
panel 6
outside panel
Now let's send some E-mails!

page 5
panel 1
Wh...when I think about it.../this will be the first time I have ever e-mailed a guy outside the family...

panel 2
Yui: Th...This is only communication!!/ There’s nothing obscene about it!!

panel 5
Yui: ...Uhn, It took me 30 minutes to think up one sentence./ I wander if I should go take a bath...

page 6
panel 2
Kyouko: Yeahh, Enter Magical Kyouko!!
panel 3
Lala: Go Kyouko-chan
Nana: Sis, I want to watch the program on animals
panel 5
Momo: Rito-san.../What a cute sleeping face...

page 7
panel 1
panel 2
Rito-san/ it seems that you have some mail.
panel 3
Rito:uhnnnn I’m so sleepy.../Momo...answer it for me...
Momo: Is it okay?
panel 4
Rito: I’m exhausted from pulling all the weeds from the garden. /Anyways, it’s probably from Saruyama.
Momo: haa...
panel 5
let's see...

page 8
panel 1
uhn? /It's from Kotegawa-san.
panel 2
"Good evening, Midnight Date was great. Since you said you needed it, I will let you have it. Take care of it, Okay Yui"
panel 3
Momo: Midnight Date!?/ Give... What did you give to RIto-san Kotegawa-
panel 4
...I Wonder how I should Reply to this.

page 9
panel 2
Yui: Yuuki-kun...Have you read my e-mail yet...
panel 3
beep beep/!!
panel 4
Yui:H-he replied!!

page 10
panel 1
"Thank you! I'm glad you’re happy!
This will be our little secret->Heart" Rito
panel 2
Yui: fuu...Our secret...?
panel 3
WH...What is he saying, Geez!!/!?
panel 5
Momo:Fuu...Who would have thought that the honest Kotegawa-san is.../ I've always thought she looked at him differently...

page 11
panel 1
Nana: MOmo!!
Momo: Kyaaa
Nana: Sis Said she going to take a bath!!
panel 2
Nana:Uhn? What are you doing?
Isn’t that Rito’s cell phone?
Momo: Ah...Rito asked me to reply to Kotegawa’s e-mail...
panel 3
Nana: to Kotegawa!?/ That’s perfect, I also have something I want to ask her.
panel 4
Give me that for a sec!
Momo: Ahh
panel 5
Momo: You shouldn't do just what you want Nana.

page 12
panel 1
beep beep
panel 2
Yui: Mail Again.../Yuuki-kun...What is it this time?
panel 3
Let's keep this between us. What do you think about small breast?"
Yui: Uhn!?
panel 4
Nana:Ahh, I sent it without putting my name on it!
Momo:Oh well
panel 5
Nana: A reply from Kotegawa

page 13
Momo: Give it here!
panel 2
"Hold on! What are you planning!?"
Momo:My my
panel 3
Rito:Uhmmm...Momo...Did you send the e-mail for me?
panel 4
Momo:I think I made (her) mad...
Rito: ehhh?
panel 5
What’s with him... is he mad because I didn't reply back immediately...? /Uhpp...

page 14
panel 1
Mikan: Ritooooo/ I get call from a friend, Would you mind washing the dishes for me.
panel 2
Rito:uhn.../Alright Mikan, I’ll do it
panel 3
Momo I'm sorry but will you send a suitable follow-up for me.
Momo: Ah...Are you sure that’s okay?
panel 4
Rito: PLease

page 15
panel 1
Nana: What should we do?
Momo: At any rate, We should tell her that the last e-mail was from you.
panel 2
Celine: mauuu!!
panel 3
Momo: Celine-san! Where have you been!?
Celine: Mauuu
panel 4
Nana: Hey, That’s not a toy
panel 5
Lala: Haa, What a refreshing bath, Kyaa!?

page 16
panel 1
Nana: Waa, I-I'm sorry Sis
panel 3
Celine: Mau

page 17
panel 1
Celine: Mauuu?
panel 2
Momo:did it...just click...
panel 3
Don't tell me...
panel 4
panel 5
Yui: Haa...

page 18
panel 1
Yui:I mustn't.... I have to stay cool./That e-mail earlier was probably just a joke from Yuuki-kun
panel 2
I...shouldn't always get mad at yuuki-kun like this...
panel 3
Yui: Alright! I'll reword my e-mail/Beep Beep/!?
panel 4
Yuuki-kun! YOu shouldn't have, I just...

page 19
panel 2
panel 3
Se...sexual harassment
panel 4
Momo: We'll apologize to Rito-san afterwards, okay?
Celine: Mauuuu

outside panel
The Marvels Phone Drama Explosion!!

bottom of page
Next issue, Nana and Haruna draw near to the secret of a girl!!

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