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Naruto 366 (2 comments)
Feel free to use for scanlations, but please give proper credit, thanks!

Naruto 366: The Brothers
Sidebar: The older brother snatched and taken away from his little brother. From that night, everything began.

page 1
"Come out now... Uzumaki Naruto"! What is Itachi's motive?

Naruto: Are you here to capture me?
Itachi: No, I'm not. I came here to talk with you for a bit.

page 2
Naruto clone: Urgh!
Naruto clone 2: Argh!
Naruto: You think I can trust someone like you!?

page 3
Sidebar: "If you encounter a Sharingan user in a one on one fight, you definitely have to run away." (Naruto is thinking)
Sidebar: "If it's a two on one, then someone can get him from behind" is what Chiyo... Read More " "
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Naruto 365 (1 comments)
As always, scanlators are free to use this so long as credit is given. :)

Naruto 365

page 2
Suigetsu: What's up with this chick... she's taking way too long to go shopping for new clothes...
Karin: Oooh, I can't wait for tonight!
Karin: As soon as Juugo and Suigetsu are asleep, I can finally get the jump on Sasuke! Hee hee hee... ooh, my heart's going pitter-patter!

水月:あの女遅いね。。。 買い物出しにいつまでかかってる。。。

page 3
Karin: That's...
Naruto: Kiba! Anything... Read More " "
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Naruto 364 (4 comments)
Naruto 364: The aim is...!!

Those thoughts, those wishes. Once again, they'll collide and their fates will intertwine.

Page 3
Kisame: Quite the storm, it hasn't let up one bit.
Kisame: It's quite strange for it to rain this much during this time of the year around here.

page 4
Kisame: Itachi, you ought to be careful out there in the rain....
Kisame: I'm not certain what a cold and ruthless man like yourself is thinking right now...
Kisame: But from my vantage point, it seems like you're crying.
Kisame: It's a shame about what happened to your brother.
Kisame: Now you're the only Uchiha left on this green earth...

page 5
Itachi: No...
Itachi: He's not dead... in fact...
Kisame: What are you talking... Read More " "
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Naruto 363 (14 comments)
I just had my wisdom tooth extracted. Yucky. Scanlators are allowed to use this, but please give credit to me, thanks!

Naruto 363: The Death of Sasuke...!!

Sidebar: Neglected comrades, a cast-away love, a village extinguished. All that's left is a name, and a memory.

page 2
Sasuke: Ugh!
Tobi: Wha...!

Sidebar: Deidara's final breath results in a fiery explosion!

page 2
Village Person: What the hell is that..!?
Pakkun: Kakashi, is that...?
Kakashi: This feeling and that chakra... it's definitely the Akatsuki...
Kiba: What in god's name is...?
Shino: Mmm?
Ninja Dog: What the...!?

page 4
Hinata(?): What's that...?
Naruto: Let's go check it out!
Suitgetsu: Over there is...
Karin: Wasn't Sasuke over there...!

page... Read More " "
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Naruto 362 (2 comments)
Notes: Sorry for the incredibly late translation on this. This past weekend in Japan was Marine Day and as such I had a fantastic three day holiday that was filled with laughs, games, drinking and other kinds of debauchery. I only got around to looking at this issue just this evening, so even though it's late, I figured I'd still translate it just to keep consistent. Hope people still read it though...

On a side note, for those who are wondering about Major, I have the half of the first entire volume nearly translated, which is why it's been more than a month since I've posted a translation for it. I've considered jumping to the current issues but I'm afraid of losing consistency and not... Read More " "
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Naruto 361 (3 comments)
As always, feel free to use this translation for your scanlations, but please give credit. thanks!

Naruto 361: The Weak Point...!

page 1
Once again, Deidara's C4 engulfs Sasuke!
Sasuke: Urgh!

page 2
Sasuke: Guh...!
Deidara: Seems that you're out of chakra too!
Deidara: You don't even have enough strength to break free, eh!?

page 3
Sasuke: Just as I thought...

page 4
Deidara: Inside my creation is the same trap as before... C4 that you can't spot! Hah!
Deidara: Crap!
Deidara: These cuts are killing me.
Deidara: My chakra has been used up.... I can't even mold properly.

page 5

page 6
Deidara: Well now, what are you going to do?
Deidara: You only have that Raikiri?
Deidara: With this distance, you haven't... Read More " "
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Naruto 360 (3 comments)
This ain't no Core Pack offer, suckahs! With the Premium Pack you get all of the benefits of Naruto Live, including integrated friend lists, marketplace and online play!

... um, yeah. :0

Page 1
sidebar: Deidara's awakening C4 is...!/

Tobi: Hurrrrrrrrryy!
Deidara: I was saving this masterpiece to kill off Itachi, but using it on his bratty little bro will be alright.
Sasuke: Is that thing also explosive?
Sasuke: If it is...

Page 2
Sidebar: In the shadow of the colossus! This is C4!
Sasuke: This thing is huge, what the hell's going to happen if it blows

Deidara: Aw, are you running away all of a sudden?
Deidara: Do you really think you can get away? From the colossus, Karuda!?

Page 5
Sasuke: Was it... Read More " "
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Naruto 359 (5 comments)

Translator Notes: The Karura is a mythical bird-man creature of Hindu lore who was later adopted into the Buddhist pantheon as a protector deity. The gold-colored "Karura" had a human body but the wings and face/beak of an eagle. In early Hindu literature, Karuda appears as the mount (avatar) of Lord Vishnu, and is thus semi-divine. In Tibetan tradition, Karura (Khyung) is a mythical bird, similar to an eagle, but of gigantic proportions, able to block the sunlight with its size. Remember those statues that had the three-eye Tomoe Sharingan behind them during the Deidara vs. Itachi fight? That's similar to Karura, I guess. I'm guessing Karura will be a summon type of some sort.

One... Read More " "
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Naruto 358 (2 comments)
Feel free to use this for scanlations, but please give credit if you are, thanks!
Note: Not too much time to do a lot of translating this week. Went to Den Den Town for some shopping as well as a visit to the dentist, so my time has been next to nil today. This week is the bare minimum, I guess.

Naruto 358: C2, Cornered!!

Page 1
Sidebar: The Colossal Dragon, and C2...!!?

Tobi: Yes, we'll go with that!
Deidara: That's right! Do it, Tobi! Yea!

Page 2
Deidara: I'm leaving it up to you, Tobi!
Tobi: You got it, dude!

Sasuke: That huge thing can produce explosives?
Sasuke: And using that "art" jutsu, he can attack from the sky...?
Sasuke: This is gonna be trouble!

Page 3
Tobi: He's here!
Tobi: Let's... Read More " "
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Major 2 (6 comments)
Vol 2

Doctor: We were able to recognize that something's wrong with your left arm.
Doctor: It's possible that the only thing we can do is perform surgery...

Honda: Surgery!?
Honda: If we go through the surgery will it fix me up?
Doctor: Yes, however, up until now you're only throwing at 80% of your power. Naturally, if you go

through with surgery, only after you rehabilitate will you be able to throw at full power.
Honda: Okay, so if I go through with the surgery right now, how long will I have to rehabilitate for?
Doctor: You'll have to go through two years of rehab...
Honda: N...N-No way...
Honda: There's no way I can wait until I'm 30 to make it to the big leagues...

Chapter 2: The... Read More " "
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Naruto 357 (6 comments)
Edit: Feel free to use this translation as long as you give credit. Thank you!

Naruto 357: Deidara vs. Sasuke!
Sidebar: Pero, Pero, Pero! When his three tongues peek out at you, it's all over! Yeah!

Page 2
Sidebar: Inside Kabuto, Orochimaru lives!
Naruto: You took him inside you?
Kabuto: Heh... I took Orochimaru-sama's corpse when Sasuke defeated him....
Kabuto: And transplanted a little bit of his body into mine!

Page 3
Kabuto: And now, my own power is more powerful than before.
Kabuto: Eventually my body will be consumed more and more though.
Yamato: This is madness....
Hinata: Madness? What?
Hinata: Byakugan!
Hinata: About 30% of his body has been consumed already....

Page 4
Kabuto: By not allowing... Read More " "
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Naruto 356 (1 comments)
Japan is good for drinking. Woo. :D Yes, I went drinking before I came home and sat down to translate this. 300 just opened in Japan (yes, very late) and I had a blast. It was really good! Any way, enjoy the translation.

Page 3
Sidebar: The strongest explosive arts member, and the fresh, new face! The hastily put together combination follow behind Naruto... or are they?

Sidebar: Before Sasuke's feet appear....!?
Sasuke: Come out, whoever the hell you are.

Sakura: What is it?
Ninja Dog: The scent isn't too clear, but it's getting closer.
Ninja Dog: It's close by...

Ninja Dog: It's no good, the scent is gone.

Yamato: Naruto, Hinata... you know what to do.
Naruto: Yeah.
Hinata: Understood.
Naruto:... Read More " "
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Major 1 (2 comments)
I don't know if many people are interested in this series, but I just started reading it because some scanlators asked me if I was interested in translating for them. I'm not really interested in translating for one specific group, but I've been finding Major to be quite an interesting read. I like baseball, so reading it is actually helping me build up my Japanese baseball vocabulary. :D

At any rate, I'll be tackling this series for as long as I can. I know that there are TONS of volumes but the series seems interesting enough for me to sit down and translate all of it, time permitting. Any way, here's the first chapter. I'll be translating this regularly, so I hope you guys enjoy it.

Some... Read More " "
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Naruto 355 (2 comments)
OMG I'm an idiot, this is Naruto 355, my bad. Please delete the other thread

I'm eating kalbi rice balls while writing this up. No Japanese this time since I want to finish this quicker.

Notes on this chapter: Since I'm not exactly the best translator (my own admission) there will probably be a few things that I can't really "get", whether it be deeper meanings or other inferences. One classic example being Juugo in this issue, where he goes "君らに聞くか?" which I interpreted as "You guys hear it..." but might mean "I'll ask you guys..." Since my Japanese is still not at a comfortable level, I don't really know whether this means to hear... Read More " "
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Naruto 354 (4 comments)
Heyo. Wasn't able to translate last week's chapter because I was in Tokyo for the Square-Enix event. If you'd like pictures, check out this link :) Any way! To further complicate things, I actually had to buy a new laptop two weeks ago because my old one crashed and I couldn't save anything. Luckily I backed up all of my passwords and stuff onto a flashdrive. Any way, I digree, here's #354.

354:Their first step

The Serpent was created with one motive. However, their world, their era, revolves around them.

Sidebar:The chase after Itachi leads... Read More " "
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Naruto 352 (4 comments)
Holy crap I'm tired. It's 4:20am and I just finished this. I started at 3am (I was playing some FFXII on DS) and my brain is fried. My apologies if there are any spelling errors or translation errors. I'll try to correct them as soon as I wake up tomorrow. for now, enjoy! Anyone can use this in their scans, but please give proper credit.

352:The Motive...!!

The beast inside the cage. Inside, a soft sigh. The endless battle to control his urges.

Juugo refuses the offer...!

Juugo: I don't know when I'll want to kill... Read More " "
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Naruto 346 (1 comments)
Someone in my Naruto 351 thread asked me for a link to my older translations that I did for Naruto. Unfortunately those translations are on mixi, and they require an account to see, so I'm just copying and pasting it here. If anything, it brings me one more issue closer to getting my own forum, ne? :) Feel free to use this translation, so long as you give proper credit.

Naruto 346: The Mystery of the New Jutsu

Uchiha Sasuke. In order to go down that road, he begins his... Read More " "
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Naruto 345 (1 comments)
Someone in my Naruto 351 thread asked me for a link to my older translations that I did for Naruto. Unfortunately those translations are on mixi, and they require an account to see, so I'm just copying and pasting it here. If anything, it brings me one more issue closer to getting my own forum, ne? :) These are all recent too, so feel free to use them if you'd like.

Copied/pasted from mixi.

Note: I always read manga but I've never translated them before. So, in order to practice, I'm going to try and translate my favorite manga. If there are any mistakes, let me know. So, first off...... Read More " "
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Naruto 351 (7 comments)
Note: I don't have the first page of the RAW, so it's not translated, sorry. As always, the Japanese is present for scanlators to match up the text and all that jazz. Feel free to use this, but be sure to credit me, thanks!

A man to man talk!

A delicateness that sees everything clearly and calmly.
A boldness that lives with passion.
A person that Sasuke recognizes as the strongest kunoichi!

Tricked by Karin, Suigetsu wanders aimlessly.


I guess I gotta go... Read More " "
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Naruto 350 (7 comments)
Long time lurker, first time post! I've been posting my translations on mixi for a while but I figured that I should bring them here, if any one wants to use them. Feel free to use them, too. I do translations as practice (I need to keep in shape, so to speak) so I don't mind if anyone uses it, so long as credit is given. I also included the Japanese, as I don't really like typing in who's speaking what. Scanlation people can probably recognize the Japanese and figure out who's speaking, I guess. :) Any comments or suggestions would be appreciated!


Naruto, how can you eat such a heavy breakfast!?

It's our day off... Read More " "
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