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Translations: Gintama 679 by kewl0210 , One Piece 900 by cnet128

Major 2

Major Chap 2

+ posted by itsumobasho as translation on Jun 10, 2007 09:36 | Go to Major

-> RTS Page for Major 2

Vol 2

Doctor: We were able to recognize that something's wrong with your left arm.
Doctor: It's possible that the only thing we can do is perform surgery...

Honda: Surgery!?
Honda: If we go through the surgery will it fix me up?
Doctor: Yes, however, up until now you're only throwing at 80% of your power. Naturally, if you go

through with surgery, only after you rehabilitate will you be able to throw at full power.
Honda: Okay, so if I go through with the surgery right now, how long will I have to rehabilitate for?
Doctor: You'll have to go through two years of rehab...
Honda: N...N-No way...
Honda: There's no way I can wait until I'm 30 to make it to the big leagues...

Chapter 2: The Comeback

Honda: Why... Chiaki...
Honda: Why God... why did you rob me of everything?
Honda: Chiaki...
Honda: She's gone to heaven...
Honda: I can't do it... I can't do it...
Honda: I can't even take one step forward... I'm done...

Goro: Mornin' pops!
Honda: Goro...

Goro: And so, if it wasn't for those guys, I would've made it all the way across!
Honda: Wow, you almost did the whole thing, that's great, son.
Goro: And soon I'll be able to climb all the way up the slides!
Honda: Oh really...
Goro: And then, when I get stronger like you, pops, I'm gonna be able to throw a hard fastball!
Honda: Hey... son...
Goro: Oh yeah, and Miss Hoshino came to the house and made me some curry!
Honda: Heh...

Goro: Yea, if Miss Hoshino became my new mom, that'd be good, she's really nice.
Honda: GORO!
Honda: Do you remember what I was like last night?
Honda: Listen up, son.
Honda: I learned that I have an elbow injury...

Honda: If I have surgery, it can fix my elbow...
Honda: But it'll take over a year of recovery before I can play again.
Goro: Okay okay, but if you can play that's a good thing, right!?
Goro: I know you can do it pops, I just know you can!
Honda: It's impossible!

Honda: You probably can't understand because you're still a kid...
Honda: But if you were to get an injury while you were a young player, no one's gonna be around to take

care of you!
Honda: Don't make the same mistake as me, son!
Honda: Today I went to the team's office to talk to the management...
Honda: And because they told me that to find something outside of playing baseball quickly, I'm gonna

have to think how I'm gonna put food on the table for us...

Goro: That's... That's a lie...
Goro: You... not being able to play baseball...
Honda: You think I'm lying!?
Honda: GORO!

Honda: Wait! Hold it!
Honda: GORO!
Kid: Miss Hoshino! Look!
Momoko: Oooh, that's a big worm, isn't it!

Momoko: What's wrong, Goro?
Momoko: You don't seem happy. Don't you wanna play with your friends?
Goro: No, I don't.
Momoko: Hm, how strange. I wonder if you have a fever.

Momoko: Oh, how about we play catch? I'll play with you!
Goro: I don't wanna play catch! Just leave me alone! You're not my mom!
Goro: Get away from me!
Momoko: ... okay...
Momoko: Play by yourself.
Teacher: Miss Hoshino? What's wrong?
Momoko: Ah, it's nothing.

Sign: Yokohama Marine Stars Team Office
Manager #1: I see... well, Mr. Honda, thank you for coming here to tell us the news.
Manager #2: It's nothing but a poison, that elbow injury... I guess there's no other choice but to


Honda: Yes...
Manager #1: Well, concerning what you can do from now.. perhaps you can be a physical education

Honda: Hmmm...
Manager #2: Hmm, well, you can't be a training coach, but I was thinking about having you become part of

our scouting department.
Honda: R-Really?
Honda: Please! I'd love the opportunity!

Man: Hmm?
Man: Yo! Well, if it isn't Honda!
Honda: Shigeno?

Shigeno: Geez, it's been a while, man.
Honda: Yeah. By the way, how's your back?
Shigeno: It's seen better days. I've heard that you made it to the big leagues, eh?
Honda: Eh, not really. It didn't work out.
Shigeno: Eh? What kind of answer is that!?
Lady: Hey, look! Isn't that the Marine Star's Shigeno!?
Lady #2: Who's that?
Lady: What!? You don't know Yokohama's ace pitcher from the past year!?
Lady #2: Oh, really? I haven't seen anything other than the J-League...

Shigeno: Retirement!?
Honda: Yeah, I just dropped by the team's office today.
Shigeno: What the hell!? An elbow injury!? Can't surgery fix something like that!?
Honda: Don't you get it? Do you know how many years the team is gonna have to wait till surgery is done?

I'll be 30 by that time.
Lady: Umm... sorry to bother you, but could I get an autograph...?
Shigeno: What the hell is wrong with you, woman? This isn't the time!
Lady: Hya....
Lady: Waaaahhh! *SOB*
Man: What the heck..!?
Man: Isn't that Shigeno from the Marine Stars?
Man #2: Did he make that girl cry!?
Shigeno: For fuck's sake...

Shigeno: Is this okay?
Lady: Ah, thank you so much!
Honda: I guess it's for the best.
Honda: No one's gonna remember a guy like me, so I might as well retire.
Shigeno: You stupid idiot!
Shigeno: Haven't we had some good luck together!?
Shigeno: Ever since high school we've been playing baseball together, and now you wanna tell me this

garbage!? It's enough to make me vomit!
Shigeno: You're seriously pissing me off!
Honda: Ha.. sorry man.

Shigeno: You need a lift?
Honda: Nah, don't worry about it. I gotta kill some time before I go and pick up my kid from the park.
Shigeno: Heh, I see.
Shigeno: So you seriously can't play ball anymore?
Honda: Yeah. I wanna play, but my body just ain't up to the task.
Shigeno: Ain't up to it, huh?
Shigeno: Well, there's one thing you don't have to retire from.

Honda: Huh?
Shigeno: Well, you can always come back as a batter, y'know.
Shigeno: The baseball world ain't made up of just pitchers.
Shigeno: hahaha, I'm just bullshitting ya.
Shigeno: During high school you were batting fourth, so why not?
Shigeno: Even after 10 years you'll still be okay. With a kid to support, that might be the way to go.

Shigeno: See you around dude
Honda: .... haha...
Honda: A Designated Hitter, huh...
Honda: If I was only five years younger maybe, but...
Hoshino: Hey everyone! Listen up! Nap time is over!

Teacher: Hey, time to wake up!
Hoshino: Hey, hey, where's Goro!?
Teacher: Isn't he in the toilet?
Hoshino: His glove isn't here!?
Principal: Whaaat!?
Hoshino: If he was in an accident we're screwed!
Hoshino: Yes yes, I know. I'll search everywhere for him!

Sign says "Honda Residence"
Hoshino: Goro! Goro, are you there!?
Hoshino: What do I do!? He's not in the park or at his house... what the hell happened!?
Hoshino: You haven't seen a child with a glove and a baseball uniform around here, have you!?
Store owner: Nope, sorry...
Teachers: Bye bye!

Teachers: Ah, Miss Hoshino!
Teachers: Was he there!?
Hoshino: No... I can't find him
Teachers: What do we do!?
Teachers: Maybe we oughta call the police....
Hoshino: This is... this is all my fault.
Hoshino: That kid, he wasn't feeling well at all, and if I had only listened to him...
Honda: Umm...
Honda: I'm here to pick up my kid...
Principal: He's here already!?

Announcer: It's the 5th inning and the Giants are up to bat, with Yokohama leading 3 - 0.
Announcer: Shigeno is doing a spectacular job today, it's perfect!
Announcer: He's already racked up six strikeouts thus far!
Honda: What the hell... that kid, leaving before I got there.
Honda: Don't worry, Miss Hoshino, you can go home if you want.
Honda: Goro can handle himself well, so he'll be home soon, I bet.
Hoshino: But, but what about if he gets hit by a car or is kidnapped...!
Honda: Well if that's the case then someone will contact me soon, right?
Hoshino: But what if he drowns in a river!?
Hoshino: If something like that happens, I'd....
Hoshino: I'm sorry, it's just that everything is so crazy right now...
Honda: It's not your fault, Miss Hoshino.
Honda: To little Goro, the shock of hearing about me having to retire from baseball was too much for

Honda: Honestly, both him and I can't really handle what's happening right now...

Person: Hello? I have your boy here, although he's a little hungry.
Honda: See?
Honda: President!?
Hoshino: Goro!
Honda: President... why do you have...!?
President: Don't worry, he's just sleeping.
President: He's just really tired from today.
President: A little kid like that... I had no idea why he was there.
President: During the evening, he came to the office all alone, you know.
Honda: What...!?
President: Yup, he was at the office.. he stopped right in front of it and was totally shocked.

President: He told us not to fire his father.
President: He was just crying and crying at my feet.
President: "If my father has surgery he'll be alright!"
President: "Please wait until he gets surgery and is alright! Please!" he said.
President: While he was crying, I could feel my heart just sink to the ground.

President: I could see it in his eyes that he was your son.
President: He only came to save his father, that's why he came to the office.
Honda: Well, at any rate...
Honda: Thank you for going through so much trouble.

Hoshino: Goro... he really loves baseball... and his father.
Hoshino: Whenever we were at the park, he said that.
Hoshino: He said that when he grows up, he wanted to win a championship with you.

Honda: God took away Chiaki from Goro and I.
Honda: And now he's trying to take baseball away from us!
Honda: Is that fair!?
Honda: Is it!?
Shigeno: Well, you can always come back as a batter, y'know.
Shigeno: The baseball world ain't made up of just pitchers.
Honda: I'm...
Honda: I'm not going to give up my dreams so easily!
Honda: I'm going to do this! I'm not going to do this just for my kid!

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#1. by Nami (Queen of The Damned)
Posted on Jun 10, 2007
Great to see you doing new series too! :)

p.s. moved to Latest Translations ^^
#2. by itsumobasho ()
Posted on Jun 10, 2007
Ack, this isn't Chapter 41 of Major ^^; It's only Chapter 2, but it's part of the bigger Volume 1 set... that's why it starts off as 41... that's the page number. ^^;
#3. by bax ()
Posted on Jun 10, 2007

Thanx a lot for translating Major :wtf
#4. by neobody ()
Posted on Jun 10, 2007
Umm.. isn't major chapter 1 - 13 scanlated by other groups?
#5. by itsumobasho ()
Posted on Jun 10, 2007
It probably is translated, since it's an older series. I only recently started reading the series though, and I liked it enough to translate it. I really only translate stuff that I enjoy reading. No point in me doing stuff for recent series that I'm not particularly into. ;)
#6. by Crayola ()
Posted on Jun 12, 2007
woo thx dude, i'm gonna start on one this week
also, i was wondering if you could translate page 4, it's the table of contents

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