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Translations: Gintama 683 by kewl0210 , One Piece 904 by cnet128

Naruto 355

Naruto 355

+ posted by itsumobasho as translation on May 25, 2007 19:07 | Go to Naruto

-> RTS Page for Naruto 355

OMG I'm an idiot, this is Naruto 355, my bad. Please delete the other thread

I'm eating kalbi rice balls while writing this up. No Japanese this time since I want to finish this quicker.

Notes on this chapter: Since I'm not exactly the best translator (my own admission) there will probably be a few things that I can't really "get", whether it be deeper meanings or other inferences. One classic example being Juugo in this issue, where he goes "君らに聞くか?" which I interpreted as "You guys hear it..." but might mean "I'll ask you guys..." Since my Japanese is still not at a comfortable level, I don't really know whether this means to hear something or to ask a question. Any way, if you have any questions or you want to debate any of my translations, feel free to do so.

Naruto 355: Which one...?
Sidebar: Konoha's team of 8 starts their search for Itachi and Sasuke!
Kakashi: Alright then.
Kakashi: To start off, we'll make this our starting point, and search the surrounding five kilometers. North, South, East and West. We'll fan out in all directions.
Kakashi: If we don't find anything, we'll search out the surrounding five kilometers from another center point, and continue as such.
Sakura: 5 kilometers? But if we fan out that far, we can't use our wireless communication devices, right?
Sakura: And if that happens, we'll be isolated and that'll definitely be bad news.

Sakura: For patrols, it's recommended that we move in two-man teams at the very least in case we encounter the enemy
Yamato: Sakura, you don't really see it...

Ninja Dogs: Our voices can reach much further than any wireless contraption!
Ninja Dogs: We can sense danger the fastest with our noses!

Naruto: Pakkun!
Kakashi: Alrighty, I'll explain the team makeup now.
Kakashi: For this mission, each of you will have two of my ninja dogs by their side
Sakura: Two? But....
Kakashi: So then, make sure you little kids play nice and get along.
Right Ninja Dog: You can count on me, Sakura-chan!
Left Ninja Dog: Jesus, can't you just shut up for one second?

Right Ninja Dog (With Shino): I'll go with Shino。
Left Dog: ... Terrific.

Sai: Pleasure to make your acquaintance. (edit: didn't see this was Sai saying this)
Left Ninja Dog: kekekeke.

Naruto: And what about me?
Kakashi: You're the targeted Jinchuukuri. The Akatsuki are aiming to take you down. Taking into account that, Yamato and Hinata will be going along with you. Hinata has great perception so she's a good fit for the job.

Pakkun: You'll also get the big guy (Edit: ooh, he's talking about the big dog on this page, my bad.)
Ninja Dog: Woof!
Hinata: I'll... I won't let you down, Naruto.
Naruto: ... OK!

Kakashi: Oh, and since you already have Akamaru, you'll only need one ninja dog, Kiba.
Kiba: No problem, we're already prepared!

Kakashi: Is that alright with everyone? First off, our top priority is to chase after Sasuke's scent.
Kakashi: And after that, we'll deal with the Akatsuki.
Kakashi: Also, if any of you happen to run into either of them, temporarily leave the area and return to this point.

Kakashi: Spread out!
Suigetsu: Well then, it's time to go.

Karin: SCORE!
Karin: Sasukeeeee!~ Just me and Sasuke, just the two of us!
Sasuke: You gotta go too.
Karin: ... damn.

Deidara: See, it's no problem at all.
Tobi: Well, who do we go after? Sasuke or the Kyuubi? (ed. Note: He looks silly.)

Deidara: Now then, I wonder who to go after... yeah.

Sign: Interrogation (Ed. Note: No idea on this but I'm guessing this is it)
Guard: Who the hell are you?
Suigetsu: Is it alright if I head down? (Ed. Note: I can't read the kanji on this sentence so I'm taking a guess on it)
Smoking man: Go and see who it is.
Man: What the hell... you...!?

Suigetsu: You're the guy who's the subordinate of Akatsuki's Kakuzu, who does all of his book-keeping, eh.
Man: Ugggh...
Smoking man: W... What are y.... just... just spare my life, please...
Suigetsu: If you want to keep living...
Juugo: You hear it? (Edit: Either he's asking if he can ask a question or asking if they can hear it... I can't really tell, it's really out of context)

Sakura: What's the matter?
Ninja Dog: It's faint... but it's Uchiha Sasuke's scent...

Deidara: Looks like we found 'em, Tobi... yea.
Tobi: Really!? That was quick!
Tobi: Eh? Which one?
Deidara: Hmph. Follow me, Tobi.

Sidebar: A shadow visits Konoha, and a shadow stalks Sasuke. But which one is Deidara after?

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#1. by bax ()
Posted on May 25, 2007
Thanx a lot :kkthumbs

*ps: btw, I deleted the other thread you made, as requested by you*
#2. by juUnior ()
Posted on May 26, 2007
thx itsumobasho for the trans :D

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