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Translations: One Piece 924 by cnet128 , Gintama 698 (2)

Naruto 361

Naruto 361

+ posted by itsumobasho as translation on Jul 7, 2007 16:34 | Go to Naruto

-> RTS Page for Naruto 361

As always, feel free to use this translation for your scanlations, but please give credit. thanks!

Naruto 361: The Weak Point...!

page 1
Once again, Deidara's C4 engulfs Sasuke!
Sasuke: Urgh!

page 2
Sasuke: Guh...!
Deidara: Seems that you're out of chakra too!
Deidara: You don't even have enough strength to break free, eh!?

page 3
Sasuke: Just as I thought...

page 4
Deidara: Inside my creation is the same trap as before... C4 that you can't spot! Hah!
Deidara: Crap!
Deidara: These cuts are killing me.
Deidara: My chakra has been used up.... I can't even mold properly.

page 5

page 6
Deidara: Well now, what are you going to do?
Deidara: You only have that Raikiri?
Deidara: With this distance, you haven't got a chance to hit me with your

Deidara: This dance is over!

Katsu Kanji

page 8
Deidara: Ugh!
Deidara: Argh....

page 9
Deidara: I won... I won!
Deidara: My art is victorious!
Deidara: hahahaha...

page 10
Sasuke: haha... what's wrong?

page 11

page 12
Deidara: arrghhh!
Deidara: w... what's the meaning of this!?
Deidara: This isn't Genjutsu... if it isn't that, then...
Deidara: How did you ... my C4 explosives....

page 13
Deidara: You... you... no way... you noticed...?
Sasuke: From the very beginning.
Deidara: You... when fighting the Sharingan the foundation of anyone's gameplan is to conceal one's seals, because no matter how fast you are, my eyes can see everything.
Sasuke: And I saw that all of your techniques were using Earth elements.
Sasuke: Oh yeah, my Chidori is a lightning-based attack.
Deidara: Just as I suspected... you noticed it...
Dediara: Impossible... with your last Raikiri... you...

page 14
Sasuke: Earth element cannot stand a chance against Lightning.
Sasuke: If your little explosives are filled with electricity they can't explode.
Sasuke: That's their weak point, isn't it?
Deidara: You....
Deidara: I see, so you filled your body with that last Raikiri...
Deidara: By doing that you defused all of the C4 that was in your body.
Sasuke: You got it. Thanks to you, my body is all worn out... Oh yeah, my technique is called Chidori, not Raikiri.
Deidara: He completely figured out my art's weak point in such a short length of time...
Deidara: ... when did you figure all of this out?

page 15
Sasuke: Right after you sent out those land mines... but I started analyzing your attacks from the very beginning.
Sasuke: After I repeled your attacks with my Chidori Blade...
Sasuke: When you detonated the explosives that you had created, there was a few that didn't go off.
Sasuke: From there I started building my theory...
Deidara: Theory...?

page 16
Sasuke: When you detonated those explosives, the one that you used to avoid my counterattack was a fresh explosive, if you will.
Sasuke: At that time the explosive that I ran my Chidori Blade through didn't explode.
Sasuke: Also, your partner in crime was in the area, so I could've thought that you didn't set them off because of him.
Deidara: To put it simply, you didn't know if it didn't go off due to your Chidori or because I simply didn't detonate it.
Deidara: I see... so that's why you tried to set off the mines?
Sasuke: That's right.
Sasuke: You said it yourself, those mines are self-detonating.
Deidara: All around you are landmines, and just by walking on them, you'll blow yourself up!

page 17
Sasuke: If they were self-detonating then you wouldn't be able to detonate them yourself.
Sasuke: So there was a way that I could check to see if my lightning attacks would be able to defuse your earth-based explosives.
Deidara: Ah....
Sasuke: That's right, when I drove my blade into the ground.
Sasuke: I wasn't doing that to find a spot where your mines weren't...
Sasuke: To test my theory, I used my blade and pierced one of your landmines.
Deidara: But...but how!?
Deidara: How could you know where my mines were!?
Sasuke: Everything shows up in different colors with these eyes.
Sasuke: Didn't I say that before?

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#1. by ketwaroo ()
Posted on Jul 8, 2007
wheeeee! explosion of thanks expressed by inarticulate ramblings and haphazard flapping of extremities! here! have some!
#2. by bax ()
Posted on Jul 8, 2007
I always admire your works :)

Thanx ^^
#3. by GrayFoxx ()
Posted on Jul 8, 2007
Thank you so much ^^

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